Seattle Office for Civil Rights
700 3rd Ave.  Suite 250
Seattle, WA.

             To whom,

             Enclosed, please find two polygraph tests.

            I quit a job as a truck driver on 12-15-00. My employer was T&L Leasing, a company which procures class-a drivers for Dart Trucking. Both companies are based out of L.A.; both companies share the same office in Kent, Wa.

            I quit because I was tired of drugs, dishonesty and incompetence on the part of my two supervisors, Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland. Although I was not the victim of racial discrimination (being Caucasian), a number of their black drivers almost certainly were victims of it.

            I have experienced an extreme amount of trouble from this company since quitting, partly because I have maintained a website which details a few of their activities. In the past year I have come to believe, based on behavior exhibited by this company during that time, that the bizarre shenanigans of these companies need to be brought to your attention. Since this is largely a case of he-said, she-said, and since both supervisors are known to me to be nearly pathological liars, I decided to document a few of my allegations by taking polygraph tests. Two of those tests are attached. Roughly four more tests are pending. Many of the issues dealt with in the tests are not germane to this complaint. You’ll have to pick through the questions and decide which issues are of interest to you. I have, additionally, made a formal offer through the attorney representing these folks, to pay for their polygraphs, and to also pay for their time away from work, and to kick in $200 each, besides. They refused my offer.

            You may have additional questions for me. I prefer contact by email (I like to keep written records of just about everything these days). My address is:


I am willing to meet with you in person if you desire. I live in downtown Seattle.