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I Hate __________


This editorial review website features, contains

and includes my best recollections, hunches,

beliefs, suspicions and opinions, along with

numerous court records and trial transcripts


The original page appears little more than

half-way down the page and is so marked.


Beyond the quest for basic food, shelter & health,

I know of nothing more important to any society

than how its law enforcement and judicial systems

work. This website is an important glimpse into

that rusty, jammed, broken mechanism and it should

positively terrify any serious reader. I said terrify.


Who IS Littler-Mendelson P.C.

"Lawfirm", Seattle, and

what makes them tick?

Try this.

And this.

Littler's behavior in many cases is similar to

their behavior in my case. These are simply

bad people. Look beyond the tip of the

iceberg; we can't do all the digging for you.

Is Littler-Mendelson P.C. a "good firm"?

It is by several orders of magnitude the

worst I have ever interacted with,

or heard of (and I beat them).


After all these years I have one
main unanswered question:
Who in THE FUCK did these people
think they were dealing with.
Did they really, truly believe
I would be a push-over for
their childish insanity?
That's exactly what they believed.
They mistook my kindness
for weakness.
That was their fatal miscalculation.
This website represents one tenth of
one percent of what I'd have done,
had their disgusting plot to
pre-emptively shut it down
been successful.
1/10th of one percent.
Believe it.

This editorial review website features, contains

and includes my best recollections, hunches,

beliefs, suspicions and opinions.

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Littler-Mendelson P.C.


This website is NOT currently particularly

"mobile friendly". Maybe someday we'll

convert it. It was originally written in

a day when cell phones were little

more than a fad.



This website details the stunning, jaw-dropping and thoroughly dishonorable efforts by Dart International Trucking (Dart-Entities) and Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson "lawfirm" (Seattle) to stop this website, or ANY website written or posted by me, that showed, depicted, detailed or proved Dart's unspeakably demented behavior over three years before I quit driving for them in profound disgust, BEFORE IT WAS WRITTEN!

They failed.

But let's say, just for the sake of argument, that they had succeeded, and the first appeals judge had upheld that order, and the next appeals judge had upheld that order, and the next one on up the ladder had upheld the order, etc. etc., I would have taken it all the way to the Supreme court and I would have won there.

Fortunately the first appeals judge overturned the idiot part-time pro-tem POLITICAL APPOINTEE "judge" John Lawson and I didn't have to go any further.

But let's say that I had gone all the way to the Supreme court and lost. Would this page still exist and be publicly available?



Because I would have forfeit all copyrights and submitted all pages to the Public Domain for anyone to copy and post for themselves, forever, and Dart and Tift and Littler-Mendelson could have spent the next thousand years trying to sue each and every poster.

Lies run sprints; Truth runs marathons.

How do you chase away a coackroach?


By the way, all pages and images contained in these page ARE strictly copyrighted with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, and yes, we would instantly sue for copyright infringement. We're just a little fucking tired of thieves and scumbags at this stage.


This page is approved and monitored by our US First Amendment Attorney

If you've been to court in the past twenty years you probably already know it's a crap-shoot. You might as well roll the dice as go to court. Due to staggering incompetence, dishonesty, and downright stupidity on the part of judges and attorneys, our legal system simply does not work. The necessary laws have been drafted and are in place, but a system of laws is worthless if administered by a gang of chimpanzees. Everyone who's been to court knows this. It's difficult, however, to get hard, cold evidence of just how screwed up the system is. We have a piece of that evidence which pretty-well tells the story. It's only one piece among many billions of pieces, but it is indicative of just how screwy our government has become. Did you know that, according to Washington State Governor Gary Locke's office, perjury is not a crime in Washington state? In fact, according to their words, it is not even a matter worthy of a law enforcement investigation. Read More


UPDATE, September 23, 2021:


IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the president of Dart International Trucking:

The "President" of Dart International Trucking, at the time of this travesty in 2001, Paul Martin, probably Paul G. Martin or G. Paul Martin, and the man who showed up at my anti-harassment hearing unannounced, demanding a protection order against me but not knowing why he wanted one or why he deserved one and who was summarily dismissed in four minutes or so for his trouble, may be dead of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. There is a Paul G. Martin in the obituaries, listed as the President of Dart until around 2006 and deceased as of January 2007. We believe this is probably the asshole.


Excerpt from the official obit:

"G. Paul Martin

...Then, in 1987, he joined Dart

International as Vice President,

and later as President, where he

worked for more than 19 years.

From 1998 onward, he was a resident

of Claremont, California."


We regret that this updated website did not post until well after his death; we prefer he'd read it again and again, like we prefer Lawson had lived to read it. Martin did read the ORIGINAL website here, many, many times, as did many others at Dart-Entities way back in 2001 and onward (we tracked the IP addresses to known Dart IPs).


When someone DIES, the "Christian Way" is for people who knew them to make complete fools of themselves and SWEAR the deceased was God's gift to humanity, even when they know they weren't. Given that tradition, one might expect us to at least clean up our thoughts and insults to the man in this text.


Because he's dead?

Does that automatically somehow erase his sins? --Excuse him from trying his best to ruin a life for absolutely no valid reason? When someone dies, does that mean they DIDN'T DO WHAT THEY DID?

No, it doesn't mean that at all. It means merely that they won't be doing that bullshit any longer, and that's a good thing for society. Martin was a rank fucking asshole and that's all he ever deserves to be called. I don't CARE if he did some other good deeds in his life; the fact remains that he did THESE DEEDS in his life and dying doesn't get him off the hook for them. Doing good things (if indeed he ever did) doesn't erase bad things. Our assessment of him all through this website STANDS.

Fuck G. Paul Martin.

Here's a crazy Paul Martin (and John Lawson) analogy that isn't so crazy after all. Why? Because of a Super-Asshole named Polpot (kind of like a Super-Hero but in reverse). I took a special hatred to this demon in the early 1970s because I knew the Khmer and the atrocities that Polpot was committing were eleven thousand orders of magnitude beyond anything any human should tolerate and I was desperate to go back there and kill the man with my own bare hands. Unfortunately, the US government wouldn't let us go (because they were "mad" at Cambodia). I should have gone anyway and that I didn't is a black mark on my immortal soul, along with a few other things. Yes, his army would have taken me out long before I even got close to Polpot, probably, but it would have been a worthy goal and an honorable end if that's how it turned out. This guy figures heavily in my list of life's regrets and always will. I think about him more than I should and I hope to go someday to Hell and have a discussion with him but of course the queue is long. I've walked his killing fields repeatedly and extensively over the decades and cried -- far worse than this (killing seven babies) actually happened; I have a hole in an old Converse tennis shoe where a broken rib bone of one of the babies poked up through the ground after a heavy rain, as if reaching out to me in agony, and I stepped on it, and that's an absolute fact. The kicker was that Polpott's insane army didn't kill the babies with machetes (up to 5 million innocent people were murdered -- probably really only 2.5 million but perhaps 5 mil) -- because the army had run out of machetes, so then they started using reeds that were razor sharp to slit the throats and throw them into mass graves (where I got the bone through my shoe). But after awhile they were too lazy to go cut the reeds because you could only kill a small handful of folks before you had to go get a new reed, and besides, the reeds were truly the sharpest damned things you'll ever encounter and one might accidentally nick a finnger while slitting thousands of throats. The babies were small, and lightweight, and so they just swung them by their feet until their heads contacted a big tree and that was that. Splat. Numerous trees were used, but one became famous. Go put your hand on it and close your eyes for a few moments and see what happens. Point is this: Out in the real world, "guys" do infinitely worse than killing only seven babies with machetes. Polpot, by the way, lived out his life on the Thai-Kumboosha border -- not in "comfort" per se, but not miserable, either. I remember a reporter, I think from the BBC, interviewed him not long before his death just before 2000, and he said he didn't order the killing of ALL those children (only most). Then he got a defiant look on his face and turned accuser: "You think I'm a BAD man??!!" The reporter didn't answer, probably in fear of her life. I suspect Martin would have the same putrid attitude if questioned about his actions and antics in Aukeen Court-Kent in 2001. Lamb ands McFarland would respond similarly. Evil and Arrogance are a bad combination. What were the crimes committed by Polpot's victims? They refused, or tried and failed, to work his farms. Polpot was American-educated.


Man walks into a bar and says -- Oops. Wrong joke.

Guy murders seven babies with a machete for fun.

They strap "the guy" to the gurney for the baby-killing convictions after four trials and seventeen appeals, and in the shadowy basement of the prison they stick the needle in the vein and they're just about to push the plunger when his wife runs into the room yelling,

"Stop! Stop the execution! I just found this old Super-8 home movie! Look! He rescues a kitten from a tree when he's nine! Look! This is a good, good man!"

A Warden leaning one way politically walks over and pushes the plunger himself which saves future babies.

A Warden leaning another way politically, screams:

"Stop the execution!" and he unstraps the man, gives him the contents of his wallet, apologizing profusely and tearfully all the while, and sends him home in a Limo and back into society, where he will promptly kill more babies for fun and kicks.

"We'll have a parade for this Hero tomorrow!" that Warden shouts.

The New York Times and the murderer's friends and family cheer and cheer in demented ecstasy.

And more babies are killed almost immediately.

--And still they cheer! (you know, the kitten thing).

Would Leigh Ann Collings Tift cheer as well? Of course she would. She'd be the one in front with the pom-poms.

Let me reiterate: Fuck Paul Martin. He doesn't get off.

We will, however, do this one small thing for Martin. This does not in any way whatsoever excuse his putrid, disgusting, adolescent behavior in Aukeen-Kent Court back in 2001. He acted more foolish and childish than I think I have ever seen any adult male act -- at least one that was not mentally handicapped. But let's make this notation anyway:

We know that the silly Dart office tart, Sarah, lied and lied and lied to Lamb and McFarland about absolutely anything and everything, and about absolutely everyone, for as long as she was employed at Dart. She was and probably still is a serial liar. She lied in order to create drama and tension and strife and she somehow perversely GOT OFF on those things. We've all seen that personality type and it's easily recognizable early-on. She was addicted to that artificially manufactured drama. Lamb and McFarland both said they had disciplined her in the past (2001) and would be disciplining her in the future (2001). Given those facts, we wonder how much of Lamb's and McFarland's anxiety over this entire issue of me quitting and refusing to visit them when they asked, was fueled by Sarah's mental problems and lust for drama. We wonder what outrageous BS Sarah fed them, just to create some fun and to feed her own character deficiencies. Even if that's the case, neither Lamb nor McFarland are excused even to 1/1000th of 1% in this but it may explain where some of the impetus came from to go insanely rabid. Regardless, they still acted as they did and, like Martin, nothing can or will ever erase that when they finally meet their Maker.

Then we must wonder, given that Sarah was certainly feeding Lamb and McFarland with bullshit (it was daily, even hourly, about other people at Dart and beyond and it had become....tedious), were Lamb and McFarland then adding their own outrageous lying bullshit spin to the story and feeding THAT to Martin? We think that's a likely scenario. That being the case, can Martin or Butler be forgiven even to the tiniest degree for their heinous, outrageous, embarrassing actions in 2001? No. No, they can't. Because they acted as they did regardless, and even when my polygraphs began making the rounds, and they received them, and when Lamb and McFarland refused to take theirs (and earn $5000 each for doing so), and Martin and Butler were made aware of THAT ALSO, these two, Butler and Martin, but particularly Martin, never once mustered the simple Goddamned guts any man should naturally possess and come back to me and apologize and make it all right with the world. That he couldn't figure out how to do that, means he is absolutely everything we say he is/was in this website, and probably far, far worse. He was -- how can we say it politely but accurately -- a piece of shit.

No, Paul Martin, President of Dart International Trucking, or Dart "Entities", or whatever hare-brained thing they're calling themselves now, didn't as far as we know try to physically kill any babies; he merely tried to ruin a life for less than no reason, because, perhaps, it seemed like fun at the moment, or perhaps he was one gullible son of a bitch and he believed the rancid, doped-out fools Lamb and McFarland lock, stock and barrel, and without checking ANYTHING for himself, acted upon that pathetic gullibility in a most heinous way.

Sorry Paul; let's say it again: Fuck you. You ain't Polpot, but you don't deserve our kind words, either.

I'm sorry you're dead because I wanted more years of embarrassing you.

I always find it odd and amusing that some people are careless enough to cruise through life starting fights for fun, never once grasping that sooner or later they'll stumble upon someone who never, ever, ever backs down. They're shocked by that! Didn't they think this through before they embarked on that path? No, they did not. Because they're what you call, STUPID.


Below: random thoughts and observations on this case, more than 20 years later, written before we knew Martin had gone to that great septic tank in the sky. Or wherever.

HINT: It's far worse than I remembered:


I stumbled across this page recently; it was written and posted many, many years ago. I wondered if it was still relevant. Here's a long sentence:

I thought about it for a minute and came to realize that in my long and extremely active life, having raised 131 shipwrecks off the sea bottom, having rescued 321 vessels in the North Pacific (including the United States Coast Guard TWICE); having flown every kind of small aircraft and survived numerous engine failures; having worked in Federal Narcotics enforcement for years and having seen both crooked crooks and whole gangs and herds of crooked police, prosecutors and judges do jaw-droppingly terrible things; having owned several sawmills; having worked as a tree-faller and helicopter logger and pilot; having sailed a square-rigged sailing cargo vessel from the US mainland to Alaska and back exactly 20 times delivering freight; having hitch-hiked over 110,000 miles as a runaway teenager in the 1960's; having owned countless small businesses, 99% of which were successful; having lived on and owned businesses on several SW US Indian reservations that were as rough and backwards as humanity gets; having written for national and International magazines for decades; having stopped the kidnapping of a young girl at gunpoint and marrying her when she grew up (we were married exactly 40 years until her death); having ridden rustler patrol alone over 1100 sections of high desert for years and delighting in knocking out the engines of their cattle-thieving semi-trucks from 500 meters (40-70% of the rustlers we thwarted out on the range were local Sheriff's Deputies); having survived and escaped the Khmer Rouge in 1969 (dealt with in 2017 on the banks of the Mekong, Lao-Cambodia border); having been forced to legally shoot two different men on US soil on two different occasions; having worked for the state for years as a poacher patrolman dealing with loud, drunken yuppies (many attorneys in that disgusting bunch) in pastel-hued designer SUVs and mini-vans armed with color-coordinated rifles of a caliber always far too large for their prey (and for their flinch-factors), who careened through the forests and back-lands indiscriminately blasting and wounding (and leaving to die) every kind of animal they encountered and laughing hysterically about it as they spun out for their getaway -- which only routed them straight into me and my video setup 200 yards further on; and having survived two ship sinkings and three fires at sea; having been called out to rescue two deep-sea divers trapped at 245 feet and then watching the United States Coast Guard kill them both through jaw-dropping incompetence minutes before we arrived on scene and erase all audio recordings of radio transmissions and then lie about it in court (I still want them prosecuted); it occurred to me that in all those activities and far, far more, dealing and interacting with every kind and type and strata of low-life, low-class, scum-bag, douche-bag, sub-human human-looking being piece of Goddamned rancid shit trash literally around the world, I have still never, ever, come across any people, person or group even remotely as dishonest, dishonorable and downright evil as Delann Todd Lamb and the foolish idiot Mark Steven McFarland of Dart-Entities/Dart International Trucking in Commerce, California, and I never, ever will, because there's only a tiny handful of people that putrid in all the world. I've never heard of people that low. Not even close. Not by a country mile, and that's God's honest truth. I've never encountered any criminal, many of whom I sent to prison for life, as despicable as these two piles of human compost. Never. They are truly wastes of biological material, compared to all that I've seen and experienced in this world, and that's truly saying something. Would it be a loss to a society struggling for legitimacy for either of these shameless pukes, or all five for that matter, to stick the barrels of revolvers into their lying fucking pie-holes and pull the fucking triggers? Or would it be a net gain? Maybe we'll post a poll.


The answer is:

Hell yes, this site is still relevant.

It will be relevant as long as dishonest humans walk the earth.


The families of these five people will never, ever, not in a thousand years, grasp nor understand their brilliant good luck in having the Dart anti-harassment orders overturned. They truly didn't need nor want the kind of publicity that would have arisen out of this had it gone further, and which would have haunted the family tree reputations for generations.

ALL people have limits. ALL people have red lines. These jackasses pushed me as far as I was willing to be pushed and I am actually beginning to regret allowing them to get away with as much as they did. Truly beyond the pale.


Lamb and McFarland?

These two fools extraordinaire are presumably still alive, and presumably still out there, working overtime and imaginatively, making the world and society as miserable as they are able. They both had kids; I'm terrified to think how they might have turned out. Society and humanity has a right to know what they might encounter in their daily lives; should society be pre-emptively warned about the kids? I'd sooner encounter Killer Clowns from Space than these soft, warm lumps of feces, the parents. I wish I had the vocabulary to say what I REALLY think of them. I treated these mindless, backwards, back-woods hillbilly fucks very, very well. And they repaid me with the actions described in this website, apparently merely because I had the audacity to quit my job and refuse to go visit them when they asked me to. Maybe pedophiles, serial killers, and child-murderers are worse, but I'm not sure. I think, at least, THOSE wastes of biological material sometimes, sometimes, experience guilt and remorse. Neither Lamb nor McFarland do nor will they ever because not even the scent of those qualities are contained within their souls. Ask those two (or five if you count the rest of the rat pack in this) what the words "guilt" or "remorse" mean; they'll simply stare at you slack-jawed, because they don't have a Goddamned clue nor do they care to know. I am not aware of any word or phrase in the English language which properly describes my feelings for these two bags of rotting, virus-laden pus.

And let's never, ever forget the amazingly gifted Leigh Ann Collings Tift (Seattle attorney extraordinaire)(Littler Mendelson P.C.), who actually helped cause this entire mess for her unfortunate clients by advising them stupidly and selfishly. We see she is still up to her old tricks in the "legal" community as of 2021. Dumb dogs never learn. She was only one woman but she was still like Daryl Daryl and Daryl all rolled into one. When I went back to court against Tift in 2001 for the last time, with my attorney (finally), my attorney, just before court came into session, very patiently and politely showed Leigh Ann Collings Tift the actual law, right there on the books, that specifically and explicitly prevented Tift from pulling the asshole-ish, illegal, unconstitutional, harmful-to-her-clients, counter-productive damned stunt she was trying to pull "on behalf of her clients". I was looking exactly at Tift's face at that moment, and listening to my attorney's words closely, and I saw Tift's face go slack. Her expression was classic "Deer in Headlights". Stunned out of her wits, I think, and rendered utterly immobile for a moment or two, I know she was thinking to herself,

"Oh my God, how could I have ever, ever missed this? I have cost this company tens of thousands of dollars, and I have accomplished exactly ZERO for my clients, and I have given this terrible man (Me) uncounted reams and volumes of classically negative material about me, and Lamb, and McFarland, and the two other mindless twats from Dart, and I have really, as they say in astronaut lingo, 'screwed the pooch.'. How can I ever get out of this mess?"

You could almost see the LED leader-board prompter in her tiny reptilian brain scrolling off those words while she poured herself mutely into a chair and stared at the air. A few minutes later she was effectively done, beaten, overturned, and I don't honestly think her hare-brained clients (Dart-Entities) ever figured out exactly how that came to be. No doubt Tift never brought THAT up in their future pow-wow sessions, but instead maneuvered expertly around that topic altogether, and the fools at Dart, brain-pans full only of sticky rotting sawdust, just never got around to unraveling the actual mechanics of what caused their downfall. Dart should have sued her for incompetent representation but they were too stupid to ever try to understand what happened. Moral: If you are of a mind to try to use Leigh Ann Collings Tift, or her stupid law firm (the name seems to morph slightly, periodically -- Google her for the most current), think long, long and hard. Do due diligence. Be careful. Shop around. Ask questions. Read ALL the reviews and CULL THE FAKE ONES. There is no shortage of ex-employees asserting that the good reviews of Littler-Mendelson -- say 2.5 stars and above, are pretty-much exclusively fake plants by upper management. That would be, after all, perfectly in line with the "attorney culture" in the United States. This woman, Tift, was her clients' worst nightmare and still is today! This page would not exist without her. Yes, Littler-Mendelson P.C. has whole herds of this type of "attorney" to choose from in their lineup, but ask yourself this: If that lawfirm recommended Tift to Dart, what are the odds YOUR FIRM will draw a competent clown when you need one?

Let's say that again in case the significance of it was lost on the reader the first time:


It would have no reason to exist. There would be no content to post. Without Tift swirling her hammy fists in this mess like a drunken ox in a China shop, there would be not one single thing here to report! Has Dart thanked Tift for her "service"? To whit: I simply quit my job and went on my way. I wanted to never think about these imbeciles again in this lifetime. Tift created it all, all of this, every page of it, every line of it, and she profoundly exacerbated my resolve to make it a warning to the public by her relentless, putrid, insulting demeanor. She acted like a fourth rate (fourth grade) paralegal and we believe that's her level of expertise today. Pathetic cow masquerading as the savior of wronged employers, indeed. Yes, far too many employees are real pieces of work; I dealt with tens of thousands of them in our restaurants all over the central and western US over a full 35 years and I know first hand that any employer MUST have competent legal representation ON RETAINER so as to be in a position to act quickly and effectively when little snakes rear their ugly heads and attempt to strike. That presumes, of course, that it's not the EMPLOYER who's in the wrong, and attorneys like Tift don't ever seem to make that distinction because they don't bloody care who's right or wrong.


If employers hire the likes of Leigh Ann Tift or probably any other "attorney" at this zoo of a firm, they'll risk ending up just like Dart, forever branded by this website or websites like it.

I'm not sure if Tift herself committed actual perjury (I believe she did but at this late date I'm not going to go back through the transcripts to pin it down in quotes) but at the very least she came as close to it as one can get by parroting the insane, untrue claims of her clients without ever having done the slightest due diligence to see if they were factual. A dilly comes to mind: Mark McFarland told the court that it was "patently untrue" that he ever used illegal drugs (I had listed McFarland's out-of-control drug use and the resultant negative effects on his cognitive abilities as one of my reasons for quitting (same for Lamb)). Tift sat there and listened to him and presumably she had gone over his testimony to be presented at some point before court because I had made this allegation to the court previously, and Tift MUST have been aware that she needed a strategy to counter it. Yet McFarland's multitude of failed drug screens from California to Washington were the very specific reasons he was stopped from driving Class-A. I never remotely dreamed he would deny these FACTS so I didn't bring the documents to court (moral: take an ATTORNEY to court when you go against ATTORNEYS), thinking Lawson would see through this nonsense in ten minutes flat and throw the four bums out of his courtroom. But did Tift even ask McFarland basic questions about this in any pre-court conference? If yes, and she knew about the failed screenings, then she was complicit to perjury by allowing McFarland to lie. If she never bothered to ask him about it, then she was derelict in her duty by not providing the best possible representation and counsel. If McFarland lied to Tift, did she at least mention to him that lying to the court, also, might be, uh, bad? Could it be that LYING TO THE COURT is just part of Littler-Mendelson's Modus Operandi? Based on what I saw of this law firm's repeated behavior in my case, I swear, these people will gleefully lie, or support lying, when the truth would serve them better. Lying, and/or facilitating, protecting and defending lying, is their culture. In the case-link above, lying cost them some $60,000; in the Dart case, lying or facilitating and protecting lies cost them this website on behalf of their victims -- er, I mean, CLIENTS. CLIENTS (Dart-Entities). Even when my polygraphs began to be delivered and circulated to various partners and principals in this firm (Littler-Mendelson), they kept right on hammering and supporting the same perjurious bullshit spewed forth by Lamb and McFarland, apparently never once calling a pause in the assault to confer with their clients and to ask,

"Gee, uh, wait a second here -- these are legitimate polygraphs by a recognized and esteemed examiner, and they're pretty damning, and this bad, BAD man (me) is offering to pay for YOURS and also pay you each $5000 cash if you pass them -- so, uh, let's think about this for a second. Just for a second, ok? Maybe, just maybe, just sayin' here you know, maybe you want to rethink some of your testimony? Just a little? Maybe clarify just a few little DETAILS?"


Based on the actions of Littler-Mendelson even from that point forward, this was never done. My guess is that they STILL thought they would succeed in preemptively blocking this or any website and no one on earth would ever see my polygraphs or the heinous stunts they were pulling and attempting to pull. Oh, that pesky First Amendment: The bane of cockroaches everywhere. Their arrogance and stupidity was their undoing, just as it was in the case linked to above and probably countless others. I have no choice but to conclude this is an organization of liars and those who think nothing of allowing AND ENCOURAGING their clients to lie to the courts -- and maybe even encourage their attorneys themselves to outright lie under oath just to see if it works. Because often times, as in the McFarland case, IT DOES! (at least for a few months).

Let's explore this whole "perjury" notion a little farther, briefly:

If perjury is as idiot governor Gary Locke promises in writing, and not ever worthy of any law enforcement investigation, and perjury is A-OK in any court during any proceeding (and documentably it is), then I suggest, based on that one fact alone, the United States of America HAS NO JUDICIAL SYSTEM WHATSOEVER beyond eight year olds playing tag in the garden sprinkler and yelling out YOU'RE IT.

Here's a case I personally watched play out in explicit detail and I even reported on it because I was privy to every speck of the data:

A man inadvertently stumbled upon some incredibly damning evidence against a certain Seattle Mayor -- a real piece of work, that Mayor (but most PNW officials are "real pieces of work"). He turned the evidence over to authorities and forgot about it -- but that's when his nightmare began. The item of this case we're disseminating here and now is this: In order to try and stop this man from testifying, two City of Seattle employees (two vocal lesbians), went physically to the Seattle police department and filed two criminal complaints of forcible and somewhat violent rape, naming this man as defendant. Their reports were detailed and explicit and lengthy. SPD accepted those complaints. When they investigated, surely knowing this would be a slam-dunk for the city and SPD could earn Brownie Points for their hard work, they discovered, MUCH to their chagrin, that this man had been in Germany months prior to the alleged crime, and for many weeks afterwards. The case was abandon. The man, then, as you might imagine, tried his very level best to bring perjury charges against these two sociological prizes, and charges of filing false police reports and a slew of other crimes. SPD never once replied to him or his attorneys; the Sheriff's office (King County) never once replied to him or his attorneys; no prosecutor's office ever replied to him or his attorneys. The complaint had nowhere to go (which was the intent of law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest), and it died on the vine. The fix was in, and that is literally a fact. Let's say that again, FOR THE RECORD: The fix was literally in. I KNOW that to be a fact.

Can you spell C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L G-A-N-G? law enforcement in the PNW with special regard to the issue of perjury. That's how it works there and will until the population is genetically diluted by intelligent beings -- in other words, about a thousand years.

Yes, perjury is "somewhat difficult" to prosecute successfully as a crime (look how hard we tried, and we never so much as received a reply from any official or agency in YEARS of formally submitted complaints). That has come about over, really, generations as sleazy, perjury-loving attorneys have whacked away at various laws and penalties regarding perjury until they're so watered-down and diluted that they barely make sense anymore and are nearly worthless. Now they have a national free-for-all. Why would attorneys do this? Because they KNOW, if they have a dishonest client who is probably guilty, they can bring them to court and help and allow them and groom them and facilitate them and mentor them to throw out a whole scattergun array of absolute lies, like Mark S. McFarland's painfully dishonest sworn statement to the court, in session and on the record, that he didn't use illegal drugs (He said it was "patently ridiculous"). Sleazy attorneys know all too well that if a witness or petitioner or defendant just keeps shoveling this bullshit out onto the record, some of it will stick, because who's going to refute it? Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters? No one knew what the liars were going to say until they said it, and as we've seen in Judge John Lawson's case and most other cases, judges are loathe to continue a hearing so that the good guys can go get the evidence needed to kill the tall tales of the bad guys. Judges like to think they are SUCH good judges of character that they don't really need to rely on that outdated old inconvenience called FACT.

Judges think they're far too clever and worldly and street-wise to be tricked when the exact reverse is usually true. Indeed, in this case (it's in the transcript) as McFarland and Lamb sat there and submitted lie after lie after lie after bold-faced lie to the court, and I told the absolute truth in every instance, the imbecile John Lawson made a statement, on the record, to the effect that he was an "expert" in human psychology or some such foolish thing, and that everything he knew about life and had been taught in law school proved to him that I was a lying liar and Lamb and McFarland were telling the God's own truth when the exact, precise, polar opposite was true in every single instance AND was provable AND was proved right in front of this imbecile! Yet Lawson maintained to the end that I was lying. Imagine how many heart attacks my polygraphs would have caused him. That he never got to see them is a dagger in my heart.

Tift must have been astonished at her amazing good luck in drawing this stupid featherless pigeon of a judge. That's one big reason Lawson tried to stop me (and succeeded) from being granted a continuance in order to go fetch McFarland's myriad failed drug screens along with a whole pile of other evidence -- and to also hire an attorney (not bringing one initially was a reflection of my own stupidity), but honestly, this case was SO FUCKING SIMPLE A GODDAMNED PARAKEET COULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT IN SIX MINUTES FLAT. But Lawson wasn't as smart as a parakeet and who in the world would have ever anticipated that. Lawson really, REALLY didn't want me coming back with an attorney and a mountain of evidence that proved that arrogant statement of his to be beyond dead wrong and even incompetent. So he denied any and all continuances and forced this to go to appeal which generated a literal MOUNTAIN of documentation for this website, none of it making Tift look pretty (I still have maybe 1300-1600 pages that I never posted and Tift isn't the hero in any of them). Maybe it's time to add them to this website.

The point is, lawyers KNOW their clients lie and have lied and will lie (usually their entire lying lives) because lying liars lie, forever and always, and they KNOW how unlikely it is that any of them will ever be charged, let alone convicted of perjury, and they count on that. It's not often spoken about openly in lawyers' circles but it's actively a part of their skullduggerous strategy. Gee, with friends like these, decent society doesn't need Freddy Krueger -- it already has him, times about 37,000 clones, just in Washington state (41,000 "attorneys" in Washington presently and they breed like fucking rabbits because SO MANY SMALL PEOPLE crave power over others, like a crack whore craves a hot pipe. Eh Delann?). I believe Leigh Ann Collings Tift knew EXACTLY that Lamb and McFarland were lying through their dentures and saw it all as something that would benefit her career and nothing beyond that. Lying and perjury would benefit her career. If either McFarland or Lamb got popped for it, oh, well, dern the bad luck -- poor dumb bastards. Tift would have probably told the court she told them repeatedly not to lie (even though she smiled when they did). Think about the social ramifications of a "profession" where that is true. Think about the relative value of a human who would CHOOSE a profession in which that was true. Now think about the relative value, if any, of the human being named Leigh Ann Collings Tift. Is there any at all? No. She's a negative value, a burden upon respectable, honorable civilization. She's an anchor around its neck, making it ever more difficult to keep its head up above the swirling sewage -- until, one day society itself simply succumbs, and there will be specific "entities" to thank.

Here are a couple of comments from ex-employees, verbatim. You can find an unlimited supply by Googling in the right dark corners:

Referring to the work culture at Littler-Mendelson:

"Racism. Sexism. Attys' 'favored' staff impose blonde jokes and other comments not fit for a workplace."

And more:

"The good attorneys leave due to the fact they get tired of the bizarre work environment."

And more:

"And the firm has been SANCTIONED. Simple Fact." [It appears that sanctions there are not uncommon -- stemming from abysmally shoddy work product, perhaps?].

You can find literally hundreds of these IF you want to know badly enough.

Yes indeed, fired employees LOVE to mouth off, often untruthfully. But often enough, they tell the truth too, and we don't know that these were fired employees at all. "I", for instance, wasn't a fired employee of Dart or anywhere else -- I was begged to stay. For God's sake before you sign ANYTHING with this harem of nitwits, GOOGLE! If you aren't particularly good at Googling, PAY SOMEONE WHO IS. You'll soon glean a truer understanding of what makes this herd of monkeys tick, and why you want to be spending your money somewhere else.

I posit: "The Law", for many, for Littler-Mendelson, for most attorneys in the US -- Hell, for ALMOST ALL attorneys in the US, is simply a playground, a giant, never-ending test-bed to see WHAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. The practice of "law" has nothing to do with right or wrong or decency or the betterment of society or the advancement of civilization or fairness or truth, logic, or even common sense. It's about WHAT OUTRAGEOUS BULLSHIT CAN WE PULL TO WIN WIN WIN (even if we get caught later). It's the job of JUDGES to keep these rogue pieces of shit (attorneys) from running completely amok and making a travesty of the entire system. Unfortunately, only about 1 in 500 "judges" is up to even this task. Most, after all, were ATTORNEYS. And guess what: the system IS, now, a complete travesty. You go into this casino called court and you roll the dice and I mean that pretty-much literally. You're honestly far better off to formally arrange to do exactly that with your nemesis; the results will be EXACTLY as logical, and you'll save gargantuan amounts of money and YEARS of your time and countless points off your blood pressure. It might also save your sanity -- maybe your marriage too. Roll the dice. I am not remotely kidding. Roll the dice. Forget the "lawyers" and so-called "judges" and laws as clearly written as a Farcebook TOS, and simply make up a contract between you and your enemy and state what's on the line and roll the dice and winner takes all. You STILL think I'm joking! I am not. You could laugh at all of this if this insane system didn't wield the power to ruin lives, like a million loose cannons set upon the nation with unlimited ammunition and manpower. I swear to God, and I mean this sincerely: I saw more logic in the Khmer Rouge, at least pre-Polpot, but I was long gone by then.

About six lifetimes ago I had occasion to take some miscreants to court. I lost. The judge was absolutely dead wrong. He was black and white wrong. He was as wrong as wrong can get, and factually and documentably so. I concluded, as do all losers, that this judge so blatantly and clearly ruled against me wrongly because he simply didn't like me personally. Everyone thinks that. Unfortunately, sometimes it's true.

Three or four years later I had another occasion to take some different miscreants to court. I drew the same judge. I knew I would lose but I went through the motions anyway.

The judge, who remembered me well and said he had been following my career and accomplishments in the press, said he wasn't entirely clear about an aspect of maritime law that was brought up and upon which the case hinged, so he continued the case for a week while he studied.

Ok. Fair enough. I was happy he was careful but I saw it as a ruse, merely to be able to show he had "tried to be fair", when he ruled against me.

I also went home and studied.

What I discovered was that "I" was dead wrong. The law was EXACTLY against me and it couldn't be more clear. I was owed nearly nothing for the work I had performed underwater. I had brought a frivolous case without knowing it.

The following week we all went back to court. The judge instantly launched into a mini-tirade about how I was the winner and how dare those "miscreants" (standing right there in shock) not pay me, and he named a figure to be paid to me that was far higher than what I had asked for. I let him finish and then stated what "I" had learned over the week, and asked that I only be paid a small amount which was actually just a storage cost which the miscreants would have had to pay anyway, regardless of my work.

I remember the judge throwing his hands in the air and exclaiming, "WELL THEN I DON'T KNOW HOW I CAN HELP YOU!"

And he grudgingly wrote the order for the small amount I was asking, shaking his head the entire time.

Now, could it be that, in REALITY, the JUDGE was actually correct in this second matter?

No. He was dead wrong.

How do I KNOW that, sincerely and truly and documentably?

Because my entire career, after that and for twenty years, HINGED on that exact, specific and explicit law -- that exact law -- and once we knew how to use it correctly, we used it on a weekly basis, and on those occasions when we did have to go back to court to extract a judgment against some new miscreant, our top-of-the-line-in-the-world Maritime law firms used it (correctly) again and again and again.

The judge was wrong the first time for whatever reason under the sun.

The same judge was wrong the second time, EVEN WHEN HE TRIED TO HELP ME.

Did he try to help me out of some sense of guilt he'd harbored over screwing me over the FIRST TIME he was wrong? Perhaps. I never knew for sure.

The point is, it doesn't really matter if you draw a bad judge, or a good judge, or a well-meaning judge, smart judge, dumb judge, corrupt judge, petty judge, mentally handicapped judge (Lawson) -- none of it matters. What you must understand is that "the law" in the US is now so unspeakably convoluted and confusing and huge and --- it's like standing in front of a colossal kaleidoscope that's spinning like a top and being told to throw a dart at the image and if the dart hits the "correct" color, you win, and if the dart hits the wrong color, you lose everything, including maybe your freedom and maybe your life.

That's It Folks! That's All Folks! That's all there is!

That's our legal system today.

Sure, you can hire whole gaggles of "attorneys", and so will the other side, and what will that accomplish? One gang stands on one side of that giant kaleidoscope wheel and the opposition stands on the other side and each side jerks that wheel back and forth, back and forth, and the victim (you, even if you're the petitioner as we've seen with Dart) gets barked at again and again: THROW THE DART! THROW THE DART NOW! THROW THE DART! WE CAN'T WAIT ALL DAY AND THIS IS COSTING YOU THOUSANDS PER MINUTE! THROW NOW!

And so you do. You hire and file and shoot your shot--- And the result is just random happenstance. There's nearly no logic to it at all.

There was a case early-on in Afghanistan: Three men were accused of raping a young girl. They all professed innocence and they took it to "court". The administrator of the area law decreed that all three men shall be made to walk through hot coals, and if any of the feet are not burned, then it shall be deemed that Allah knew their innocence and protected that man or those men from suffering burned feet.

They all walked the walk.

All three were executed....because Allah was apparently busy with other things -- IEDs and stuff, you know, busy busy busy.

Who knows if the girl was even raped.

Welcome to America, where "the law" is vastly and immeasurably more complex than in the hills of Afghanistan, but often produces the SAME RESULT.

That is exactly, specifically, explicitly and expressly what it felt like to be in John Lawson's "court" in Aukeen-Kent, 2001, with the bizarre countenance of Leigh Ann Collings Tift acting as prosecutor, and me being prevented from even calling for a continuance to bring in EVIDENCE (and an attorney) which would shine a MILITARY-NIGHT-SUN-STROBE on the insanity that was being manifested therein. It was, utterly, an other-worldly experience. Silly me, I thought any judge would want to get to the bottom of anything that might have actually occurred, and rule based on that. Silly, silly me. In all my encounters with courts in the preceding 30 years I STILL hadn't learned.

Shouldn't I have sued Littler-Mendelson and Dart-Entities for everything they had for this behavior, this "setup", and shouldn't I have won an extreme and gargantuan award? Of course, and I did take the case to two quite prestigious firms, one of which was right there in Tift's own building. That one was painfully aware of both Tift AND Lawson and couldn't imagine having been so unlucky as to have drawn a dumber, shittier pair in such a simple case. Of course it shouldn't come down to "luck" in any case, but it does. ANY attorney representing me in the initial hearing, they said, would have knocked this original problem out of the ballpark in seven minutes flat. After careful consideration, I was told the same thing by both firms regarding a full-on lawsuit against Littler-Mendelson and Dart: Yes, I had a case, and yes I could win, but it would be mired in lies, lies and more lies, both by the defendants, Lamb and McFarland (and Tift also, they felt, because her professional life would be on the line and she'd be desperate), and it would be put through the wringer for years, and in the end, yes I would win something, but the damage to my psyche and soul would far outstrip any monetary award. My own attorneys, they said (speaking of themselves) would far and vastly be the biggest winners. I chose, instead, to post this website. And then I chose to leave the USA. Since that decision, I've found that almost all of the countries I've lived in -- dozens -- ARE BETTER, and some by wide margins.

"156 individuals have been exonerated from death row--that is, found to be innocent and released - since 1973.
In other words, for every 10 people who have been executed since the death penalty was reinstated in the U.S., one person has been set free."


How many innocent people WERE executed in the end? A lot. Try to imagine how they felt.

Some of these reversals were of guilty-as-hell people who were set free on technicalities, which is nearly as bad as killing the innocent because virtually ALL offenders REOFFEND.

Are you deathly afraid yet? If not, you're brain-dead.

There's a report floating around, made by an old guy maybe fifty years ago, who claims he met with aliens from space. "I" have never met with aliens from space, nor have I ever seen one, nor have I ever been knowingly "probed", and I prefer not to be, thanks. I probably don't even want to meet them. But this guy says he met them and the story has great value even if it was a post-whiskey-binge fever dream. The guy claims he met with the aliens when they landed their ship, saucer, whatever, near him and came out and just started to chit-chat. At one point in the conversation he asked them, instead of all this endless flitting around here and there, and appearing and disappearing to the extent that we can't even get a clear frikkin' picture of you, why don't just just forget and forgo all this energy-wasting nonsense and come land on the lawn of the White House and say, "HEY! HERE WE ARE! WE'RE HERE!?"

The aliens reportedly responded by saying, why don't YOU just go walk into your nearest asylum for the criminally insane, and announce "HEY! HERE I AM! I'M HERE!?" And see what happens.


It's like a Microsoft Operating System: Even the engineers can seldom answer a straightforward question about an error code. I remember Microsoft being submitted a list of, as I recall, 19 basic error-code questions regarding Windows; senior OS engineers answered how many correctly? As I recall, ONE. And the US legal system is vastly more complex and its "administrators" (judges and lawyers) are vastly less competent and if (when) it all comes crashing down you're not just prevented from playing Frogger until you reinstall, you may well LOSE YOUR LIFE.

In younger years I simply assumed (there's that four-letter word) that if you were ever wrongly accused of a serious crime, all you really need do is go turn yourself in, state your case, and it would be promptly and effectively investigated, and you'd be home for supper -- maybe a little shaken, but content in the knowledge that things mostly worked. Now, I would advise anyone in the same situation to RUN. You can't fight insanity and lies.

Honestly, you're pissing upwind to go to court, and you're only gambling in a casino where the House (the judges and attorneys) are the only real winners in the end, but if you're steadfastly determined to go to court because genetically, you're a glutton for punishment, at least be careful. Do your research. Hire someone else besides Littler Mendelson. Who? I don't honestly know. Look for HONOR and LOGIC in your law firm and attorney(s). Sleaze often DOES come in in First Place, and sleaze often DOES get disqualified after the fact. Honor and logic are nearly impossible to find in the practice of what passes for law these days -- Tift was a shining example of THAT assertion -- but it's still out there in little pockets and corners of any city. Look for it. For God's sake hire Ronald MacDonald if you must; he'll do you better.

And here's a weird interjection regarding Littler-Mental-Some:

On Sept 16, 2021, someone emailed us, anonymously, a link to what appears to be a YouTube video. We watched it. Unfortunately, we had a hard time making heads or tails of it. The narrator is certainly speaking about our very own Leigh Ann Collings Tift and he's clearly extremely pissed off, but for the life of us, we can't figure out exactly what his beef is. Maybe we were just low on patience at that time. Maybe it's legitimate; maybe not. We wish the poster would have sought some semi-professional guidance on how to make an effective video so that we could all learn from it in a coherent way. The poster claims, we think, that he filed a Washington BAR Association complaint against Leigh Ann Tift (as we did, and which was utterly ignored). Ok, welcome to the club. Get in line. So where's the complaint? He includes some static document images at the end of the vid -- what are they, exactly? We include this here in hopes that someone, somewhere can glean some value from the video; we didn't. --Except to note that this bag of a woman, Tift, has so supremely pissed off yet another human being with what appear to be lies, lies and mo' lies, that he felt compelled to go to the trouble to post the video. Again, welcome to the victim club and please move to the back of the line. If anyone can reduce this video down to its essential protein, please do and let us know. We're happy to mention it again, with discussion, if we could just figure out what the heck it's about.

Let's be very clear who we're talking about:


I think the bottom image is very old indeed, perhaps 20-30 years.


The WWW has brought to light the fact that the world is teeming with "Trolls". What's a Troll? We know them from childhood fables -- traditionally depicted as ugly, nasty little beings of some otherworldly sort who live under bridges and whatnot and who delight in causing trouble and mayhem to others as they innocently pass by. It's what they are and what they do. These leopards can't change their spots and don't want to anyway. Modern day psychiatry describes them this way:

"Trolls are sadists, usually lonely, usually narcissistic, usually spoiled. Trolls delight in causing pain to others. Trolls enjoy causing pain and misery. Trolls just want to have fun. It makes them feel better, temporarily, about their own failures and plight."

That doesn't fall far from the fairy tale descriptions.

There are Internet Trolls -- we all know them well. Make ANY innocent, innocuous, neutral, unbiased comment online (the sky is beautiful today) and you WILL be pounced on by an Internet Troll. Most Facebook "Community Standards Police" are, at their hearts, Internet Trolls. As employees (unpaid interns) of Farcebook or whatever, they can't file through your comments with grubby little fingers and reply to them -- they can do worse. They can shut down your account. And they do. Millions and millions and millions of times per week (research the Facebook "men are ugly" comment and a billion other perfectly legitimate opinions like it).

Trolls love what they do. It's their food and water and sustenance. It makes them grow and keeps them happy by nourishing their insecurities and inborn, innate meanness. It's who they are at their core, in their heart of hearts, and they are delighted to finally have an outlet which is more or less anonymous, where they won't get their fucking teeth bashed out for wrongly advancing on another human being out of pure nastiness and a hard-driven NEED to cause trouble.

And there are real life Trolls, driven by the same mechanisms.

Countless real-life Trolls, who deeply and profoundly crave the power and authority to truly cause trouble and harm, fail the psych evaluations required to get hired on in law enforcement. Sadly, too many who SHOULD HAVE been culled, slip right on through and then go on to commit truly heinous acts and crimes, sometimes for entire careers, before ever being brought down. YouTube is overflowing with examples of those witless turkeys.

Law enforcement jobs have the filter -- the psych eval.

To become a lawyer, or a judge, has no such filter, and it is reality that nasty, dishonest lawyers and judges may, may possess powers that far exceed those of the police. They can't shoot you outright -- they can do far worse. If you can qualify to become some witless Goddamned Real Estate Agent, you can become a lawyer or a judge and that oughta scare the daylights out of each and every citizen.

Any old Troll-at-Heart at all can become a real-life Lawyer-Judge/Troll. They share that craving for real power -- kind of like gangsters. And we believe that describes Leigh Ann Collings Tift to a "T".

There are a few people in the world who, when wrongly pushed, push back. Like me. I also apologize profusely when I am RIGHTFULLY pushed.

But there are billions who Troll through life, just looking for someone to push. Like Leigh Ann Tift.

And they are stunned when someone pushes back. They just can't believe it. It seems as though Leigh Ann Tift has at least a few humans pushing back.

Do they learn from these experiences, and look inward to ask themselves if they were actually justified in doing the initial pushing?

No. They just go look for more and weaker victims and push all the harder.

Sometimes, someone really stops them. But mostly they go through life causing little else but abject misery at every single juncture and interaction because it gets them off..

Like Leigh Ann Tift.

We'd pay a lot of money for a video of the original meeting between Lamb, McFarland, and Tift. It must have been epic. Here you had The Troll (Tift), who was going to get paid BIG MONEY to do what she loves best -- push people around using her "legal skills". Tift had Lamb and McFarland in a conference room somewhere and Tift HAD to know these two sociological prizes were dumb as fucking boards and that they had no case against ANYONE. No one could be so stupid as to not know that. They (Lamb and McFarland) were merely insulted because a valued employee had had the audacity to quit and then to refuse to visit them. That was the sole impetus at that point in the proceeding. Tift knew this. She had to. She's stupid but she's clever in the ways a reptile is clever and she KNEW there was no case. But never let that stop ya, Leigh Ann! She must have been rubbing her grubby meat hooks together fast enough to start a fucking fire, because she KNEW she was being given carte blanche to make up any case she wanted, and her clients (victims, as it turned out), would go along with any of it. Just GET THAT BAD MAN. WE DON'T CARE IF WE HAVE TO LIE. WE DON'T CARE IF WE HAVE TO COMMIT PERJURY DOZENS OF TIMES. WE DON'T CARE IF WE HAVE TO SUBMIT "EVIDENCE" THAT IS FALSE! WE JUST DON'T CARE! JUST GET THAT GUY! HE DOESN'T LIKE US AND THAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE! GET 'IM!" And Tift was right there -- I can almost see her snapping to attention and saluting, "YES SIR! I don't care what I have to do because I LOVE to 'get people' and I really, really want your corporate business in the future. In fact, I'll do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to get it!"

So we believe she "helped" Lamb and McFarland think up things that didn't happen but MIGHT HAVE in an alternate Universe, and to swear to the court that they did happen, and even when Tift knew they NEVER happened, she kept her fat mouth shut because, after all, who the Hell was she to ruin a good con-job on the court? To con the court is just normal lawyer stuff, right? Of course it is (it really is!). And this court was particularly con-able. Even when Lamb and McFarland submitted a handful of pictures to Tift, who then submitted them to the court, Tift didn't once ask, "Uh, are you SURE these pictures are of you guys because, uh, the bodies don't look even remotely similar?" Did Tift ask that question? No. She didn't want to know the effing answer. She only wanted to win. So Lamb and McFarland lied to the court and submitted images of OTHER PEOPLE, people they never even heard of, and told the gullible Dishonorable John Lawson that they were PICTURES OF THEMSELVES CREATED TO HARASS AND EMBARASS THEM! And in fact, Lawson was so mortally tortured and shocked by these images that he SEALED THEM INTO THE RECORD, never to be viewed by anyone outside that courtroom! Think about that! Think about the unfathomable stupidity of that! Even if these WERE images of Lamb and McFarland, why on God's Green Earth would you have them PERMANENTLY SEALED IN THE RECORD? Seriously, think about a "judge" so abjectly fucking stupid as to do that -- a man that stupid who had cleared all the hurdles required to become a JUDGE. Oops -- he didn't get there through accomplishments. He was APPOINTED. Kind of like a wink-wink deal. I'll appoint you; you do things for me. Got it?

Here are the images, below (the underline text is taken from a criminal complaint of perjury to the King County Sheriff back in 2001 or so, who, of course and predictably, never responded:

Lamb and McFarland must have sensed things weren't going in their favor when their company cohorts lost their cases against me in three minutes flat, for they then testified that I had been criminally harassing them for months before I quit. --Actually, both Lamb and McFarland told the judge I had been harassing them for three years. Lamb stood in front of the judge and told him I had been asking her out on dates and that she was tired of "refusing my advances". This was a blatant and clear-cut instance of perjury (see polygraphs). Delann Lamb is a serial liar.

McFarland testified in writing and verbally that he did not use illegal drugs, yet his failed drug screens are available in the files of clinics from California to Washington. I suspect that had I supplied them to the court, the court STILL would not have had McFarland charged with perjury after submitting that sworn testimony.

Lamb and McFarland testified that I had posted pictures of them on the Internet, although they told the court they didn't know where those pictures were located on the Internet (they had never seen them -- they just dreamed that it was true). In FACT, no pictures of anyone at Dart had ever been posted ANYWHERE by me or anyone I knew, but Lamb and McFarland swore under oath (under oath!) this had been done. They just didn't know where they were (!) and Judge Lawson ate that right up like slurpy chocolate pudding and said it was FACT this had been done AS AN INSTANCE OF CRIMINAL HARASSMENT!).

A number of images were submitted to the court, but I was not allowed to see them. I finally received copies of them some two years later (!), and discovered they were pictures of people Lamb and McFarland didn't know and had never met and had never heard of. The pictures below were submitted by Lamb and McFarland to the court AND SEALED INTO SECRECY BY JUDGE JOHN LAWSON BECAUSE HE CONSIDERED THEM TO BE SO HORRENDOUS THAT NO LIVING HUMAN SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO GAZE UPON THEM! Lamb and McFarland said these pictures were examples of my criminal harassment of them over a three year period AND Lawson AGREED! It doesn't GET ANY CRAZIER THAN THIS!

Honestly, when confronted with crap like this, one begins to wonder if he has taken a misstep on some ice, and fallen, and hit his head, and is now in a coma suffering some bizarre Halcyonic Fever Dream for all eternity. It was all truly just that bizarre! The very fabric of reality seemed to be slipping away.


These are the total of the images submitted to the court as instances of criminal harassment by me against Lamb and McFarland.

And these are the people Dart-Entities employed until recently, and in the case of idiot McFarland, still employs today.

Are you working under this piece of garbage? Advice: If so, be more careful than you would ordinarily be, wading through three feet of rattlesnakes. That's how backbiting and dangerous this man is.

From left to right: #1: A friend who lives in Romania, #2: My wife, #3: A friend who lives in Olympia, Washington. Neither Lamb or McFarland had ever met any of these individuals, nor had any of these individuals, except my wife, heard of Lamb or McFarland The composites were made for fun long before I ever heard of or went to work for Dart International or T&L Leasing. God only knows where Lamb and McFarland even got these. Note: The appeals court judge, Helen Halpert, wrote in the record, in her finding of fact(!), that these images constituted part of a long-standing history of criminal harassment against Lamb and McFarland This is a tiny glimpse into just how backwards and insane our court system has become. My attorneys would love to get Lamb and McFarland on the stand to explain why they lied about these images.


In the end, a nut-case judge, one "John Lawson" (almost every lawyer in King County was painfully aware of this man's insanity for many years before his death), believed Lamb and McFarland hook, line and sinker. I wanted to continue the hearing and and get to the bottom of this issue and many others. He (Lawson) refused to allow any witnesses I might bring in during a continuance to testify unless I paid everyone in the courtroom (everyone in the courtroom!) the cash sum of $1500 per day for each day my witnesses testified (it's in the transcript). He was one crooked son of a bitch, but he's a testament to so many incompetent and dishonest judges in the PNW region. It's an enigma, to be sure.


And people ask me why I left the USA.

Let's see -- maybe because it's an insane asylum?

When you try to use the "legal system" in the Pacific Northwest, THIS IS WHAT YOU'LL GET! Or even far worse. In a criminal matter, you may very, very well end up losing your life. Many have.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

We work with SE Asian orphans now. Mostly they're starving -- not like Americans think they're starving. I mean starving AND DYING FROM IT. They often live in a monsoon jungle under a single sheet of corrugated tin with holes rusted through the cheap galvanizing of junk Chinese materials. They want everything of course, like all living things. They have nothing. But their moral fiber isn't LARGELY mountains above that of US attorneys and judges and the Lambs and McFarlands and Lawsons and Tifts of society, it is COMPLETELY above that strata. The poor, at least the poor here, are decent in their souls.

Spending the last nearly twenty years somewhat immersed and the past decade being completely immersed in that society has shown me the contrast on an astronomical scale against the backdrop of the jackasses at Dart and Littler-Mendelson. You'd be hard-pressed to believe the two peoples are of the same race or come from the same planet. The difference between inherently decent souls and inherently demonic souls is startling. I'll take poor and virtuous any day as opposed to rabid, bloodthirsty monsters from Hell. Perhaps this past decade of relative logic and decency among the world's very poorest souls, is what ignited the passion in me to add this editorial content to this website when I stumbled across it recently. Honestly, reading back over the outrageous, illegal, anti-social, downright Satanic bullshit these people pulled and tried to pull twenty years ago, made me see them in a whole new light. I'd forgotten most of their antics. I knew they were lower than the lowest scum, way back in 2001. But today, in 2021, I am even more stunned, to the depths of my being, that humans like this exist and walk the earth. How is this even possible? I once spent 90 days in a real prison on an immigration technicality; the place housed thousands of the worst of the worst. But the little pod of pricks and prickettes outed in this website are worse.

Even that sentiment is a pale shadow of how I really feel about these fucking greasy rats now.

For God's sake, from what black, demonic dimension did they slither forth to pollute this world.

And how, oh how, can we make them just go back to the reeking sewer from whence they came.


I don't know what ever happened to McFarland. Hopefully he's dead, gone from the earth forever. I don't have the time or the interest to look him up (or maybe I do). Maybe he pulled this shit on someone else and got his stupid brains blown out for his trouble. Society deserves that small perk. I wonder if his wife ever found this website and didn't take kindly to him fucking Lamb while their phone was activated on speaker-phone and auto-dialing the office phone which was also on speaker-phone. That story is within these pages in some detail. I remember when they (Lamb and McFarland looking like two cats who ate the Canary) were confronted by office staff (more on that staffer later) and they tried to brush it off saying all the yelling and moaning about PANTIES was because....wait for it....THEY WERE SHOPPING TOGETHER IN A DEPARTMENT STORE FOR PANTIES FOR DELANN. During the middle of business hours. While their office phones rang off the hook with urgent business. But they were shopping together. For panties. For Delann. And she was just "excited to find some she liked" (to explain the moaning and squealing and "Get them off! Get them off!" type exclamations). And I have Real Estate for sale in Atlantis. Good deal. Bargain price. Cash only. Such a steal. Act fast! Maybe Tift will handle the sale. Maybe if McFarland's wife stayed with him anyway, she deserved to stay with him anyway.


Mark Mc Farland, Mark G McFarland, Mark S Farland, Mark Mc Farland Mark Steven McFarland

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Delann Todd Lamb, like some oozing black fungus, is still lurking around Orting, Washington State (good place for her, out there with the Pacific Northwest's most prolific and imaginative serial killers and Devil Worshipers and druggies and pedophiles and drunks and pot farmers and crack zombies and trailer-park burglars and motor-home prostitutes and good ol' fourth-grade-educated yellow-teeth hillbillies), trying her best to convince her little cadre of "genuine friends on Farcebook and Instagram" that she is now, finally, at long last, at this late date, somehow and in some obscure way, a worthwhile human being, though I suspect that's an uphill battle as most are hopefully intelligent enough to know the truth. Or not. The woman is unmitigated demon-spawn, concubine of Cousin Eddie in Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. No idea what became of her boyfriend after this website hit the fan in early 2000's. We had heard he was a decent sort. Smart man if he flushed her down the relationship toilet. I'm sure Lamb'd love to hear from you on her Facebook page in any case though, and you can ask her yourself. Maybe you can get her to flash her revolting breast implant scar at you, as she did at me right there in the lunchroom of Dart in Kent, Washington (she got the "under-insertion", as opposed to the armpit). Why, oh why, oh why, did she make me see that; it's something that can never be unseen. I was honestly nauseated by that. Then she goes to court and commits perjury to say I asked her out on a date and she was "tired of refusing my advances". That's what a fucking polygraph is for -- READ MINE. THAT story is within these pages as well.

At risk of belaboring the point I'll say it again (and again): I still have not run across any human being on this planet, even remotely as downright evil as these four wastes of human flesh -- Lamb, McFarland, and the two rotting geniuses at Dart International from Lost Angeles, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler. Count Tift as five if you wish. Maybe you can find them on Linked-In and invite them to tea? Maybe you'd like to hire them to clean your commode? No, they'd only screw that up too.

And by the way, who the fuck ARE these two Tweedle-Dees and Tweedle-Dums, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler? To this day I DON'T KNOW. Butler was listed as "Director". Director of WHAT? Director of chaos? "Director Chaos"? They worked for Dart out of L.A. and Martin is the "president". I had never heard of them until court day in Kent, Washington. I had never contacted them. They had never contacted me. I had never so much as uttered the name of either BECAUSE I HAD NEVER, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, HEARD OF EITHER except, possibly in passing in some unrelated context over the years -- and I don't even remember that. Surely their names would have been swirling around this septic tank from time to time. I had written to the corporate headquarters of Dart in order to finally bypass Lamb and ask for a written reference and documentation of dates worked -- maybe those requests ended up on one or the other's desks. Did they consider THAT harassment? Luckily the "judge" didn't see ANYTHING from them as harassment in any way, shape or form. But Tift handled both of their anti-harassment orders against me. She should have known better -- indeed she DID know better. But she didn't care, because she thought there was MONEY to be schlepped from a company of idiots. I was never notified of any hearing where they were involved. They simply showed up on the day of the hearing with McFarland and Lamb with anti-harassment requests -- documents all properly and professionally completed. Do YOU have words for something like this? No, and no one else does either. GOOD and COMPETENT and HONORABLE judges around the country (yes, there are a very few) look at these records and just shake their heads -- but what we've seen is that this kind of behavior is commonplace for Tift and Dart and Littler-Mendelson P.C.. THIS is how Dart-Entities operates at its core, and how Leigh Ann Jackass Tift operates at HER core, and apparently how Littler-Mendelson operates at ITS core as well (do the research). This is who these people are. And do you work for them? May God have mercy on your souls because sooner or later, by design or by happenstance, their loose cannons will turn on you.

How can all of this be, you ask? Indeed. How can this be! I suggest you ask Tift -- maybe she knows. She's still skulking around Seattle somewhere like a three-legged alley cat. Or maybe she doesn't know and doesn't care. Let's go through it again in case you're not grasping this: Both of these stupid sons of bitches, Martin and Butler, showed up on court day and demanded that Idiot Judge John Lawson grant them "protection" orders against me. Protection from WHAT!? Lamb was the one crank-calling ME and my criminal harassment complaint was against HER! "I" was the one who refused to go visit THEM when they asked! Lawson essentially asked Martin and Butler why they wanted and felt entitled to these court orders. But they didn't know why. Let me reiterate that in obnoxious all caps: NEITHER MARTIN NOR BUTLER KNEW WHY THEY SHOULD BE GRANTED PROTECTION ORDERS BUT THEY WANTED THEM ANYWAY. They just wanted the orders, along with McFarland and Lamb, maybe as souvenirs. Probably they just thought it would be "cool" somehow to have matching anti-harassment orders with their dope-head friends so they showed up all the way from Los Angeles (!!!) apparently thinking they were just handed out like candy because they DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A REASON TO REQUEST THEM. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was a prime and classic instance of CRIMINAL HARASSMENT. Lawson was about as bright as a mentally handicapped fucking termite, but fortunately he was smart enough to see through these two idiots and tossed their requests in about three or five minutes. Then they sat in the back of the courtroom making snide and insulting comments for the rest of the hearing and Lawson never once admonished them and Tift appeared to me to mutely cheer them on -- as if this wasn't a COURTROOM with SERIOUS BUSINESS being conducted within its walls, but in reality a high school locker room and no teacher was present. I truly began to wonder what planet I had somehow been magically transported to. It was absolutely otherworldly. It was shocking. It was stunning. It was illegal. And Tift had orchestrated it all.

Let's look at the amazing Paul Martin ( for a second. This is, again, a man who flew 1100 miles to obtain an anti-harassment order against me (with sidekick Butler), but didn't have even REMOTELY any valid reason for such a thing and both requests were thrown out of court in minutes. To reiterate, they then went to the back row of the packed courtroom and sat there for the session uttering insults and innuendos, sometimes loudly, to me, and "Judge" Lawson did nothing, (and Tift seemed to think it was funny). Yes we've covered this before and will cover it again, but I sometimes try to disseminate the same information in different ways, in case the reader didn't really grasp it the first -- or third -- time. Let's think clearly about this behavior. This was a man who was "president" of a trucking corporation, but who, in reality, was an adolescent 13 year old punk. We're positive his mommy thought he was oh-so-cute, but I promise, no one else did or does. Has he grown up? Not a chance. Characters this immature can never grow up -- it's not in them to do so. Imagine, a spoiled 13 year old punk running a trucking corporation. Maybe this is the turkey who came up with the "Dart-Entities" name? How much further could this corporation have advanced itself WITH AN ADULT AT THE HELM? Had I been the parent of any spoiled child who acted as Paul Martin did in court that day, I'd have jerked him outside by his collar and we'd have had a memorable discussion, after which he'd have been put on house restriction for at least a month, and he'd have been sent to a special class in BASIC MANNERS. Maybe if Mommy had done this when he was five, he would have turned out to be a more valuable human being as an adult. But I'm betting you, and I'd bet a LOT, that this childish imbecile is proud of his behavior that day, thinking it accomplished some mysterious thing in the greater scheme of society and the world and showed him to be a "real man" in the eyes of -- the eyes of WHO? His Mom? Butler? The mortified victims in the courtroom? The Judge? the eyes of HIMSELF and absolutely no one else -- except, perhaps, Leigh Ann Collings Tift. Well, yes, in fact it DID accomplish something, Martin -- it accomplished this "honorable mention" and description of his behavior! Was it worth it to ya, Paul? The laughable thing is, it probably was! Narcissistic little son of a bitch that he is--. What a fine choice to lead a corporation where profit margins are thin as a razor and the slightest missteps and incompetent buffoonery can put you in the red in microseconds. Make no mistake: acting up and acting out in a formal courtroom are instances of incompetent buffoonery. And how many business missteps has this jackass made? We're betting, thousands. We're betting that screw-ups are his Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We're betting he's an office joke. This behavior is a beacon, a neon flashing sign illustrating the systemic Dart-Entities culture. If it was an hourly employee acting like this, one could not insist that the entire culture was like this, but this was the TOP MAN acting like this, and the actions of the TOP MAN enable and justify the putrid actions of those under them. Need to move some freight? There are vastly better options than Dart. My family was in the freight moving business for a generation (brokerage, mostly, but we owned and leased out many rigs). I KNOW the truth of this statement.

Maybe these two Goddamned miniature Satans (Martin and Butler) are still lurking around the halls of Dart International somewhere; I would not in the least be surprised. Stupid is as stupid does and this is the kind of outfit that would keep on fools and tools of this caliber, IQ and morality. I don't have the energy to look him up. But feel free to go visit their website and say howdy. I have always harbored the notion that Dart International Trucking (Dart Entities now, apparently - Entities? Entities? Like, what -- Ghosts? Spirits? Aliens? Entities? For Christ's sake, it sounds too much like creatures from another dimension that sometimes slip into this reality -- great start for a cheap Sci-fi. I could have thought up 35 vastly more business-like and professional-sounding corporate names in 35 seconds; anyone could) -- that DartEntities, even knowing these four idiots were stunningly detrimental to their business model, kept them on in spite of that knowledge, merely because I beat Dart in court, and that was their way to show me. Show me what? That they were imbeciles? But I already knew that! Everyone knew that. Cut off the nose to spite the face. No one ever claimed this bunch was bright. I submit that NO other company would have hired them and I'm betting they tried. --No. DartEntities wanted to SHOW ME that these "entities" were in some mystifying way valuable, and not ANYTHING like I described them (the polygraphs were all faked, right Dart? And Lamb and McFarland's unwavering refusal to take their own, at my expense, and also earn $5000 EACH -- well, that has no meaning at all, right Dart? Jesus fucking Christ give us a Goddamned break). Keep paying them for shitty, uneducated, incompetent, unprofessional, wasteful work and drug use on company time and endless sexcapades on company time (broadcast in realtime to the office no less) and theft of company supplies, freight and services for decades. That'll show that bad man (that these are just wonderful, wonderful people). It's hilariously sad. I KNOW what they were --I worked closely with them all day every day for three miserable years -- and they were every employer's worst nightmare and you can take that to the bank, but when an imbecile does the hiring, that imbecile can only hire more imbeciles, and once a little cadre of imbeciles has formed and bonded, they're installed for life. Read the polygraphs and the criminal complaints of perjury; then you'll know what they were too. I submit that Lamb, McFarland, Butler and Martin simply had no place else to go because no one else would hire them.

We think the world needs to know much more about Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, so as to be forewarned in case they turn their putrid behavior toward anyone else. -- When we have time....

To an intelligent brain, it is boggling that these kinds of things could ever, ever, ever go on in any modern courtroom in the United States of America. But they go on hourly, a million times per day. That means that the brain that thinks it's intelligent, may not be so intelligent, because that brain has not yet grasped the reality that is the American judicial system. Our hope is to educate you and to help your brain become more intelligent.

Let's distill this issue as it pertains to Leigh Ann Collings Tift and Littler Mendelson down to a few simple lines:

Lamb, McFarland, Butler, and Martin, conspired together to give Tift a dumpster-load of false information (ammunition), which she gleefully set ablaze.

Tift didn't give a rat's ass if it was all lies.

What did Tift and Littler-Mendelson ATTEMPT to DO?

They (Tift and Littler) tried their level best to help criminals commit crimes and get away with it.

What did Tift and Littler-Mendelson ACCOMPLISH?

They supplied the material for, and caused the creation of, this website.

It's theirs.

They own it.

Good work, morons.

You are bloody brilliant.

Has Dart Entities yet thanked you for your Service, Tift-Littler-Mendelson?

It is said that attorneys consider NO bad press about them to be bad.

We disagree.

I can't help but wonder what Lamb and McFarland have told their kids about this website; you know they've stumbled across it over more than a span of 20 years and asked about it. The "parents" can't say, "Oh, that was just some crazy disgruntled employee (who quit twice after we begged him to stay) who wanted to make up bad things about us." They can't claim that because there's the issue of those pesky polygraphs and Lamb's and McFarland's steadfast refusal to take and post their own, even when I offered in writing to their attorney to pay for them, and even when huge sums of money were offered to them additionally if they passed them (which, of course, they could not). So when the kids, who may also be amoral, drugged-out morons, ask about things like that, what's the comeback from Lamb and/or McFarland? Do they just say, "Oh! Well! You know! We were just 'too busy' to take an hour out of our lives and earn $5000 each and clear our names in public! Naw, we just couldn't be bothered! Busy busy busy you know!" That's pretty-much the line their fool of an attorney, Leigh Ann Collings Tift (Seattle), reported back when she signed for my legally binding offer. Is that what the kids are hearing all these years later? We wonder. There's no way the kids of both of these lying imbeciles could NOT know that both of them were abject fucking dope-heads. Maybe the kids are too. The fruit and the tree theory, etc. etc.

In any case, I just want to reiterate, for the record, that these two cocksucking, miserable, worthless pieces of shit lied about me more in the space of a few weeks, than have all of my enemies put together in nearly 70 years, and for not one single logical reason except that they were insulted when I refused to come and visit them when they asked me to, a few weeks after I quit. Lamb and McFarland, and the two embarrassingly imbecilic cockroaches, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler of Dart International Trucking, remain, by a factor of 2500, the worst, most dishonest, most amoral, immoral, rotten, worthless lumps of reeking dog shit I have ever, ever encountered or likely ever will encounter. They're vastly worse than all the people I sent to prison, put together. I'm not sure an author could even write a fictional novel about people this bad, because no publisher would market it, saying it was just too fantastical to be believable even as fiction! Yet this is all true! I now have, under my belt, many, many years of roaming the entire world since 2001, and, believe me, I've seen it all. But in all these experiences, before the year 2000 and since combined, Lamb and McFarland and Martin and Butler (and Tift and Lawson) remain the worst. By far, they are the worst, most corrupt, illogical, patently immoral human beings I have ever encountered in this lifetime. I only "hate" a small handful of people on this earth -- maybe three or four total. My feelings toward these four bags of pus from Dart Entities, however, are so far and vastly and astronomically beyond hatred that the English language does not contain sufficient words or phrases to document them. I was one of their best drivers -- maybe even the best driver, by their own admission. I worked HARD for these people. I worked PERFECTLY for these people. But I grew steadily and silently weary of the drug dealing and drug use and stupidity and unprofessionalism and the theft within the company and I simply, quietly quit. And for that, they ran me through the ringer described on all of these pages. Read for yourself and form your own opinions. The facts are all here.

I see now, Lamb has tried to convince her social circles that she is "Born Again". Born Again what? Born again a Goddamned Servant of Satan? Because that's what she was before and I have no doubt whatsoever that she's only gotten better and more effective at it through all these years. A leopard can't change its spots even if it wants to, and Lamb never wanted to; she was perfectly content being eighty three levels beyond evil. The word hatred has no meaning here. Rage? How can rage rage on for more than 20 years? Yet it does, stronger than ever.

IT. IS. STRONGER. THAN. EVER, even in 2021.

No one, no one, not any mortal enemy I ever had, not ALL OF THEM PUT TOGETHER, ever lied about me to a degree of 1/1000th of what these four Goddamned filthy, reeking cockroaches did back in 2001, nearly 21 years ago, and that's a fucking fact. And they did it under oath with Leigh Ann Collings Tift of Littler-Mendelson at the helm guiding every facet of their case! Dart International Trucking / Dart-Entities 2021 is a real class act from bottom to top, and so is Littler-Mendelson. Two peas in a pod. Lying liars lie. See also: Littler-Mendelson (read to the end). And more here. They are truly something to behold. Have they changed or improved in 21 years? No. Based on even elementary research, I believe they, both Dart and Littler-Mendelson, have only become sneakier, more dishonest, more amoral and more unprofessional. God help those business entities who ever are so misguided and unfortunate enough to become entangled with these dens of snakes called Dart and/or Littler-Mendelson, EVEN AS THEIR FRIENDS.

Oddly, one of my greatest regrets out of this whole mess was that the jackass of a judge who initially ruled in favor of Dart in the anti-harassment hearing, Lawson, died within minutes of being shown the documents that reversed his illegal ruling and chastised him roundly and soundly for making such a fool of the law and the court. I was told that he had just come out of his Chambers, there in the Kent, Washington court complex, and was going to walk to another location, when a court clerk handed him the packet of documents fresh from the Appeals Court; Lawson thumbed them quickly, probably expecting to see he had been upheld by the appeals court and that he had been supremely congratulated on his stunningly brilliant decision and ruling -- only to find that he had been reversed and spanked for his stupidity and for the dishonor he had brought upon his profession. I was told he took and few more steps, and fell to the ground, and was dead within seconds. I truly hope this happened as represented to me because I want to believe that the final unraveling of this man's incompetence and insanity which caused his end was effected by me. I say that this is one of my greatest regrets out of this entire mess, and it is, because I had fully anticipated ramming this entire case up his fucking hairy, incompetent ass for the rest of his life, in a jaw-droppingly public way. Too bad the rest of his life was only four minutes. That.....truly sucks. I feel cheated. I mean that seriously and literally. The man was a menace to law and logic long before my little case ever came along on his docket (like so many other politically appointed judges across Amurica); he was a rank embarrassment to the entire legal system and every single attorney and judge and legal professional reading this, who knew him and of him, knows this. I suspect the clinking together of bar glasses all over King County in the aftermath of his untimely demise was loud and musical.

Interestingly, at the time I was driving for Dart "International" Trucking in Kent, Washington, USA back in 2001, I also had a side business that was earning a regular living. I also had royalties coming every month from International magazine literature, which was, by itself, providing a meager living. I also had royalties from artwork that was providing enough, by itself, to feed a nest of mice. I also had income from a diving company I had sold and I'd just sold a rescue tugboat, and I had income from other investments. I also consulted for insurance underwriters on shipwrecks (how to salvage them). I also worked when I felt like it as an industrial diver. How much did I make doing that? My deepest and most hazardous dive earned $2600. per hour with a one-hour minimum, and that was slightly under Union scale. It was not uncommon to net $10,000 per day diving, and exactly $10,000 per day had also been the rate for my main tug. On pure rescue work we often invoked arbitration to claim percentages of the values of the vessels saved. We never charged a single cent for saving only lives. I was driving for Dart merely and only because I had always enjoyed driving big rigs and because they allowed me to stay local. I made pennies driving for Dart (literally, pennies) but I didn't care. I did it well, I was given every possible raise and credit, and it was fun. I had always immensely enjoyed skippering big tugboats on rescue work in the northeast Pacific and I similarly enjoyed driving big rigs. I would have enjoyed driving truly big airplanes too, though I never got to ;-).

When I quit Dart because of the rampant drug use of Lamb and McFarland (and Martin and Butler too?), and the theft and rank, startling incompetence, I didn't need to work at all, but my online business was growing every month and I decided to see what it could do. I then had the time. Within a couple of years it was making millions (small "m"), and I eventually sold it for enough to retire and to travel the world in a very nice level of comfort. I wasn't rich, but I sure as hell didn't have to worry about anything financial, ever again. As they so often say, when one door closes (or is purposely closed by you), another opens and that is absolutely true.

Due to the lying, doping, and/or thieving lumps of human garbage, the four people named above, Delann Todd Lamb, Mark McFarland, and the two rotting geniuses at Dart International from Lost Angeles, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, I was transformed into a life of incredible adventure and relative affluence. I won't say thanks to these miserable, life-sucking, brain-killing, soul-nuking fucks, because their active intent was to cause the polar opposite. But I will say to them, Fuck you up the asses with rusty razor-wire, because that's what you fools deserve, and I am happy to see you're Livin' da Dream.


OOPS: Here the son of a bitch is -- Mark McFarland (Mark S. McFarland, Mark Steven McFarland), "Terminal Manager", Dart-Entities, 2021, still slogging it out in a sleazy office in a sleazy city, probably still stoned 89% of the time, probably still stealing from the company, can't afford to retire because all his spare money over the decades went up his nose, boinking the aging office staff at Motel-6 when they'll let him, and fucking over good employees through sheer stupidity and incompetence and rudeness. I'd bet on it.


This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions.

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There is one other "Dart-Entity" (oh for God's sake, that remains the creepiest and most inappropriate corporate name I've ever, ever seen; how about Mr. Hankey Enterprises for Christ's sake?) in this mess who has thus far remained unnamed within any of these pages for all these decades. She knows exactly who she is. and in truth, she was an active and energetic instigator to this entire charade, even to the point of doing Lamb's bidding in trying to set me up later to perform a criminal act. Her disappointment when I refused (about 18 times) was palpable and almost sad. She was one of those disturbing "entities" you meet occasionally who delights in playing both ends against the middle purely for the entertainment value the resulting drama creates. Lamb and McFarland knew this well and told me numerous times they had disciplined her repeatedly for exactly this and planned to more seriously discipline her again (and again) in the near future, though Tift (as usual) is clueless to this component. I strongly suspect that she wasn't fired because she was obnoxiously, vocally lesbian (yes, one of those) and Delann Lamb was about 50% openly lesbian and I suspect Lamb simply kept her around so they could play together. Remember that Delann Lamb had asked me repeatedly over many months to create a Photoshop composite image of her and this office girl, in a lesbian sexual act, and that I refused, repeatedly over months (it's in one of the polygraphs)(are you gleaning the slightest insight into these people yet?). I haven't as yet decided how to handle this final piece in the puzzle, this trouble-making office staffer, because she didn't come at me face-to-face; she stayed in the shadows, feeding bullshit and lies to Lamb and McFarland like a Goddamned Grima Wormtongue to fuel discontent, and that is as accurate an assessment as you'll ever find of this girl's character and soul. I may elect to devote a whole page to this office staffer in the future; she deserves no less. I wonder if she ever grew up. Answer: No. She was born eleven and will remain eleven forever. Regarding "vocal lesbians", I find that behavior odd in the extreme. Never once in my long, long life, have I felt the slightest need or desire to tell even one single human being that I am heterosexual. Not once. Such a thing would never occur to me because it's utterly irrelevant to ANYTHING, and it's none of their business. This mention is the first time. Yet people of other sexual persuasions, male or female, seem to very often want to carry around a neon signboard exclaiming their sexual preference. But of course NO ONE CARES. Are they merely seeking attention for the sake of getting attention?

To the current and future "DartEntities" employees (suckers/victims) I give the following advice:

You must record every single interaction with these people -- ALL OF THEM, no matter how seemingly innocuous at the time. At least use a voice recorder but preferably a small camera like a GoPro. Make a record of absolutely every single interaction bar-none, whether that's a brief in-office conversation, a formal interview, a procedural radio transmission, a cell phone call -- it doesn't matter. THESE PEOPLE LIE, and I swear to God they will lie when the truth would serve them better. This company is A CULTURE OR LYING AND LIARS. And...THEY WILL LIE ABOUT YOU if/when the mood strikes them. They may lie FOR NO REASON, or for some reason only they are privy to in the dark depths of their tiny brains. Try to get everything in writing -- if you can't, at least, AT LEAST get a voice recording or better yet, as I said, a video. It may, and probably will, serve you very, very well in the future. Is recording legal? I don't bloody care. Is lying under oath legal? DART DOESN'T BLOODY CARE. If these people take an airy notion to fucking you over by lying, and you have the recording of their lies, post them publicly. If that's illegal in your state, post them anyway and take the consequences, because the tiny legal consequences of that are likely to be infinitesimally smaller than the penalties you'll pay after these pieces of human garbage lie about you in some significant way, probably in court. This is the world now -- but it's more so the Dart and Littler-Mendelson world. It's dog-eat-dog. Your job is to SURVIVE people like this.

With regard to McFarland, clearly, this company deserves this level of "talent", all of it and all of them, and I am delighted they kept this mentally handicapped imbecile on the payroll. I wonder how much he has stolen from them now, and how many corporate customers and accounts he has quietly driven away through incompetence, lunacy, illogic, stupidity, dishonesty and thievery. And maybe there are also a few who have a problem contracting with or working for dope-heads.

The SOLE purpose of these shenanigans by liars Lamb, McFarland, Butler and Martin, was to keep me from creating ANY website. A stunningly sleazy attorney in Seattle, Leigh Ann Tift (read much more about that bizarre sociological prize within these pages), convinced Dart that the way to accomplish that was to file anti-harassment orders against me for purely fabricated tall tales (go straight to the polygraphs and perjury complaints), reasoning that a judge would PREEMPTIVELY rule that I was to be prevented from speaking publicly about Dart or its employees. Of course I had no intention of doing so to any extent at that time. But Tift convinced Lamb and McFarland, and Dart et al., that I MIGHT do this in the future, so better to shut me up BEFORE I said anything about them. Of course in so doing, they created this huge website about themselves. But the point of this aside is this: Many states have now recognized that this is a popular ploy among dishonest attorneys and law firms (Tift), and have legislated laws to stop people from doing exactly what Lamb and McFarland and sleaze-bag Tift tried to do. In those states, they can go to jail for this attempt. Too bad those laws weren't on the books in Washington during this period. Yes, I did overturn the anti-harassment orders, but they should have also gone to jail -- all five of them. If you're a sleazy corporation or attorney who is thinking you'd like to try to use this ruse to prevent people from talking about you, think again. It won't go well for you.


To Lamb, McFarland, Butler, Martin and Tift, I say this and I say it plainly and bluntly and clearly. I am saying this as honestly and as plainly as I can, and it's for their own benefit:

Come at me again Motherfuckers.

You've seen my nice side.

I don't have any more cheeks to turn.


Now, decades later, with the experience of living in countless countries around the world, having been involved in two bloody coups, 153 dead on the grounds of my hotel in one instance (the government only admitted to 117), I can say from that broad and varied perspective that in the entire world I have only seen corruption and stupidity as bad as Seattle in one other place, both of them (Seattle and the other) in the USA. It is NOT that bad in frikkin' Cambodia. I lived in Mexico for awhile for God's sake -- it wasn't as bad as the US. The corruption and stupidity in the USA isn't open and glaring like it is in Third World countries -- it's far more of a sneaky, underhanded, slithering, viperous variety. US authorities won't usually outright murder you; they'll just ruin your life and make you wish you were dead. They'll do it all through "channels" and "procedures" and "technicalities" that they like to call "the law". What place was worse than the Pacific Northwest for corruption and skulduggery and illogic and back-stabbing and back-biting and thievery and incompetence and -- it was a horrendous little berg called Gallup, New Mexico. Look up the crime rates. We were robbed 9 times in three years in our corporate chain restaurant. Plenty of witnesses. Everyone knew the robbers -- they didn't even wear masks! They were ex-employees. We had fired them for drug sales. No convictions for the 9 bold, in-your-face gunpoint robberies. Why? Because the three (3) local judges were splitting the proceeds of the robberies with the robbers as they had split the proceeds of the drug money and that's a proven, documented fact, and it's barely one grain of sand on a beach of what really goes on there even today in 2021.

When things got BAD ENOUGH, I called in a marker. It was my Ace in the Hole. I hadn't been particularly worried about anything up to that point because I had, as I've said, an Ace in the Hole. I had worked in Federal law enforcement in the "Number 2" region of the US which included Colorado, just north of New Mexico. I called the head of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who had been a friend (Suttlecheck), but discovered he had rotated out years before. It was my intention to call in a strike -- to set these mutherfuckers up and take out about twenty of them in one fell-swoop. I found that all my old partners and contacts had rotated out as well but I spoke with "another" top official in Colorado and he woke me up pretty mercilessly. He detailed his own experiences growing up in New Mexico with this same strata. His father, a Federal Judge south of Albuquerque, had been arrested on a bogus charge and murdered in his cell when he got too close to taking down a part of a cartel, and he related dozens of similar events while he and his family lived there. It was what propelled him into law enforcement as an adult. Unfortunately, he said he couldn't help me. He was literally, physically afraid to get involved and he admitted that out loud and readily. He was viscerally scared of the place and the system. He said he refused to cross the border into the state of New Mexico, not even to have lunch at a Burger King, and his children and family were also similarly admonished. He was more scared of New Mexico than he was of Mexico. He said there was no point in trying to bring about justice or change in that state because it was impossible; the corruption was too entrenched. Indeed, our parent corporation hired an investigative team (actually they hired about five, but all quit within days except the last one, who lasted months) just to look into our robberies in our restaurant and after several months the retired FBI agent who owned the agency called and told us to go to a phone booth a mile away and wait. We did so. It rang. We answered. He told us he was dropping the investigation because it had become too dangerous for him and his team. He said the problems all traced back to the Mexican drug cartel operating in New Mexico, and that cartel traced back to people far and vastly above his pay scale in Washington D.C. Big names. Washington D.C.

He told us to get out. Now. That very day. He said he could get us out if we couldn't get out on our own, but that day was our last opportunity to depart the state alive. We would be gunned down in a set-up raid on our home the following evening -- yes, even our 8 year old son. We did leave, but eventually got the last laugh. Some of the worst perpetrators were eventually arrested and convicted, effected remotely by us, though it took about ten years, and two that we know of were murdered in prison -- hopefully more. One was ceremoniously gutted while alive and conscious; I still have the coroner's report. What had been responsible for stirring up this hornet's nest in New Mexico and invoking the white-hot ire of the Chicano drug cartel? We had stopped the illegal drug trade in our restaurant. Just that, and we'd even done it politely with no police involved. But that was enough to assault and insult the supreme arrogance of the local cartels. Unfortunately, even sending a big handful to prison and a few to Hell was like waving s swizzle stick to swat away the million flies on the carcass of a dead beef in the desert. The vacuum was filled in seconds and absolutely no one noticed.

The point of this story is to illustrate that that region was only SLIGHTLY worse than the Pacific Northwest. Look at the extreme and profound corruption of the Kent, Washington police department for instance. It's beyond the pale, operating so far beyond any semblance of honor or law that it can only be called an outlaw gang and I mean that absolutely literally and in every sense of the word. Please try to grasp what I'm telling you if you live or work in that area. It's virtually certain you don't understand the threat you're living under and would never, ever believe it until you, too, get accidentally vacuumed up into that black quagmire of insanity. Then you'll understand. Then you'll wish you'd moved away. Numerous times the FBI has set up giant sting operations in the PNW (often the Tacoma to Kent to Orting areas, and to a degree in Everett (Snohomish County) and have netted thousands of bad people. But it barely makes a dent. The stupidity, backwardness, corruption, malfeasance, incompetence -- it runs miles deep in the veins of the Pacific Northwest; think Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and, honestly, it's unbeatable. Many joke that the perpetual rain of the region is responsible for so many moldy brains; maybe that's even true in a sense.

You can't legislate out the genetic stupidity of people like Judge John Lawson or Attorney Leigh Ann Collings Tift or the geniuses running her lawfirm. Federal law enforcement recognizes this fact well. And they do try on occasion to tamp it down, and they do succeed, slightly. But it's like removing a handful of polluted water from the ocean. It needs to be done; if you're a contributing member of society you can't just ignore the pollutants -- it's not in you to do that. But the ocean doesn't notice. When we left the Pacific Northwest we thought maybe the entire world was just like that. Seattle, New Mexico -- that was just the world, right? But it's not. Yes, the world is largely fucked up. But it's not largely as fucked up as the Pacific Northwest. I knew and interacted with a few truly great judges in that region. Here's an example of one NOT so great whom I fortunately never interacted with, but she's kind of the norm -- she stands out publicly ONLY because she got caught. Many others get caught daily, but they pay their ways out with perks and favors and markers -- not usually money in the PNW. My guess is that Bridge had been caught SO MANY TIMES that she had no more perks or markers to offer, and law enforcement had simply had enough, so what people see in her DUI debacle is just the tip of the iceberg if her real file were ever to surface.

A few judges ARE smart, clever, intelligent, forthright, honest, honorable, street-wise -- but only a small handful. Most are like Judge John Lawson. Just rank, mentally handicapped fucking imbeciles. I grew up with a kid who ended up relocating to the PNW and became a judge in Seattle. He was my best friend through several schools. Fat kid. Always picked on. I forever lament that I didn't do more to protect him and that's a profound black mark on my immortal soul; I'm sorry forever and I mean that every single day. He was a decent kid in his heart at any rate, a loyal friend, but fucking clueless about logic or life. As much as he was my best friend, he's no more qualified to be the judge of a Goddamned pie-eating contest than I am qualified to be an astronaut on the Moon. Yet he is a powerful judge today. And his ludicrous, uninformed, wild, il-concieved, limp-wristed, backwards, clueless, counter-productive decisions, just like the bad and unqualified decisions he made all through school, are ruining the lives of good people all day, every day, and there's no way to stop him until he dies of coronary artery disease -- only to be replaced by yet another judicial buffoon. Judges are paid to MAKE DECISIONS. No one says they must make GOOD decisions and if they don't, well, who ya gonna call? Oh -- THOSE people!? Oh -- THAT agency!? Try it and see how that works out for ya. Sure, sure, if a judge gets overturned ENOUGH TIMES, s/he MIGHT, eventually receive some discipline. But try getting ANY bad and truly crazy judge actually off the bench? Ain't gonna happen. THAT is America, but much more so in the Pacific Northwest. As King of Amurica about the first thing I'd do would be to unceremoniously kick 70% of the present judges OFF THE BENCH across the US and 92% of the rats in the PNW, and then while I was on a roll I'd replace them with -- replace them with -- er, I'd repla-- Well wait a second. There's not a surplus of intelligent life in the USA! I'd replace them with WHAT, exactly? Jackrabbits? Coyotes? For God's sake the coyotes are at least smarter! Again, yes, bad judges and just plain bad people are everywhere, but nowhere so plentiful and so blatantly fucking stupid as in the Northwest US and that tiny shithole in the outback of New Mexico (and then, of course, there's Louisiana)(And New Jersey). Is it a surprise, then, when the PNW (and New Mexico) breeds SO MANY serial killers and pedophiles? No surprise at all. It's inevitable. End Rant.



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"Some" Trucking Companies, like Dart International Trucking, Seem to Have Policies Just Like These..


This Site Describes My Experiences with the Following Two Companies,
Specifically Relating to Delann Lamb, Mark McFarland, Paul Martin and Colleen Butler


T&L Leasing, 4180 Noakes St. #B, Los Angeles, Ca. 90023
Dart International Trucking, 4501 E. Washington Blvrd., Los Angeles, Ca. 90040

Kent, Washington Offices:
21838 84th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032
(253) 395-5545

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Delann Lamb and Mark Steven. McFarland
AKA "Dumb and Dumber"

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions:



Note that "Delann D Lamb" and "Delann T Lamb" show up as the same person in many public databases. The correct middle name is "Todd". She has a LOT of alternate names; why?

Click image to go to Delann's Public Facebook page
(valid as of Sept. 8, 2021)
Delann T Lamb, Featured liar and doper on
I believe this is the most dishonest, dishonorable and most downright evil individual I have encountered in this lifetime; only a child rapist or a serial killer could be considered on a lower level. I believe rampant illegal drug use, on a virtually industrial scale, accounts for some of Delann's loss of decency and morality, but chances are without those influences she'd still be a lying pig. Even after all these years I am still considering further action against these people. Their behavior was so far beyond the pale that it can never be excused or forgiven. (this remains my sentiment in September of 2021).

Possible name change to or from Delann Todd at following address
(cut and pasted from various public databases) :


Schrenkengost, Scott

135 9th St SE

Auburn, WA 98002

(253) 804-4218

Also Known As




Most Likely Current Address(es):

135 9TH ST , AUBURN , WA 98002

First reported: 3/1998



135 9TH ST , AUBURN , WA 98002

First reported: 7/2000



135 9TH ST , AUBURN , WA 98002

First reported: 3/1998




First reported: 2/2004



First reported: 2/2004


Delann Dee Lamb was born in 1969. Delann currently lives in Orting, Washington. Before that, Delann lived in Auburn, WA from 1998 to 2007. Before that, Delann lived in Kent, WA in 1997.

Delann Dee Lamb is related to Carin Graham, who is 41 years old and lives in Ridgecrest, CA. Delann Dee Lamb is also related to Larry Lamb, who is 47 years old and lives in Idaho Falls, ID. Delann Dee Lamb is also related to Gregory Todd, who is 41 years old and lives in Ridgecrest, CA. Delann Dee Lamb is also related to Sharon Todd, who is 69 years old and lives in Ridgecrest, CA.

When was Delann D Lamb born?
Delann Lamb is 52. She was born on May 17, 1969.
What's the current address of Delann D Lamb?
The residential address for Delann is 309 Whitley Str NW, Orting, WA 98360-9455.
Who are the residents at 309 Whitley Street Northwest Orting, in addition to Delann D Lamb?
Scott A Moore and Scott Schreckengost spent some time in this place.
Is there a way to contact Delann Lamb by phone?
(253) 255-6645 is her phone number.



Mark S McFarland 

was born in 1957. Mark currently lives in Orting, Washington. Before that, Mark lived in Covington, WA from 1998 to 2001. Before that, Mark lived in Kent, WA from 1996 to 1999.

Mark S McFarland is related to Beverly McFarland, who is 52 years old and lives in Orting, WA. Mark S McFarland is also related to Nellie McCain, who is 57 years old and lives in Lakewood, CA.


Mark Mcfarland purchased a 2007 KIA SORENTOAddress:919 Riddell Ave NE, Orting, WA 98360-7458VIN: KNDJC736475716076

(It warms me to see McFarland is still living the good life, a product of his brilliance and strong work ethic)



26308 184TH PL SE KENT WA

(253) 631-8030


17625 272ND ST KENT WA

(253) 630-0312


14901 272ND ST KENT WA

(253) 630-0312


26308 184TH PL SE KENT WA

(253) 630-0312

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions

The phrase "can't see the forest for the trees" is no more apropos in any area of human endeavor than in the American legal and judicial system. sgn

Governor Gary Locke's Office Says Perjury in Washington State:
" not an activity worthy of a law enforcement investigation."

Editorial: The Morality of Judge Helen L. Halpert

Final Hearing in this Phase, 4-25-02

More Stupid Dart Tricks (3-26-02)

Latest Stunt by T&L Leasing (1-29-02)

Polygraph #1 (actual photocopy)

Polygraph #2 (actual photocopy)

Polygraph #3 (pending)

Polygraph #4 (pending)

Polygraph #5 (pending)

Very first no-contact demand to Dart

Offer to pay Lamb and Mcfarland to take polygraphs

Full discussion of every question in every polygraph test

Crank-Calls from Dart

"Attorney" Leigh Ann Tift (experiences with this woman and her firm)

Judge (pro tem) John Lawson (now deceased)

Judge Helen L. Halpert (complaint to the bar, discussion of possible suit for defamation)

King County Prosecutor (copy of perjury complaints re Lamb and Mcfarland)

Kent Police (their complicity, prior problems with this office) (complaint to State Police)

Defense Testimony (formally submitted to courts (5)X---not read by any court as of 2-12-03)

King County Sheriff's Office Complicity

Complaints to Seattle Office for Civil Rights re racial discrimination within Dart

Sound files of entire hearing (03-23-01)

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More Dirty Tricks by the Washington BAR Association



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FACT: I worked for T & L Leasing for three years. T&L Leasing procures employees, generally Class A truck drivers, for a closely related company called Dart International Trucking. Both companies are based out of Los Angeles, but have an office in Kent, Washington.

FACT: I was a good or better employee. This is not an "opinion", it is a fact which has never been disputed by anyone. I was told repeatedly and often over three years, by my two superiors, Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland, that I was a good employee, or one of their best employees. I was told often and repeatedly by the company's customers that I delivered to, that I was one of the best drivers my company had ever dispatched to them. My company gave me every raise available over three years. My bosses asked me to promote up several times (I refused). I was never reprimanded. I never caused damage to any vehicle. I was late on one occasion in three years, due to a vehicle break-down. I quit in the fall of 2000 but was vigorously asked to reconsider---which I did. I quit again, in disgust, for good, in mid December, 2000. Only many months after I quit, and in a pile of unrelated court documents, did I discover a T&L Leasing document which stated my rehire prospects as being "excellent".

FACT: Some while after I quit, my immediate supervisor, Delann Lamb, emailed the following words to me from (email with header data is intact and is verifiable):

"As you wish, I will not try to change your decision [to quit].....I hope in time, you'll feel better about me, and having worked with me, than you obviously feel now.....I have a great deal of respect for you and will always consider you a friend as well as a co-worker." –[Delann Lamb]

--Doesn't exactly sound like a supervisor who had a problem, does it? More text along these lines will be posted here in time. My hunch is that Lamb never dreamed I had saved her letters and emails.

Remember that the above lines were written AFTER I quit. I was also told AFTER I quit that I would have been offered a new route had I desired it. I was told I would be missed AFTER I quit. I was told the company wished I HADN'T quit. These are FACTS and are not disputed.

FACT: I quit because I was tired of three problems with my superiors: 

(1) drugs, 
(2) dishonesty, 
(3) incompetence. 

I said nothing of these concerns when I quit, even though I was asked repeatedly by Lamb and Mcfarland to submit an "exit interview", simply a short document which listed my reasons for quitting. I resisted this because I did not want to cause anyone trouble. I simply wanted to be done with this group of individuals. 

Delann Lamb made no bones about the fact that she was angry that I had quit. She vehemently expressed this sentiment to a number of employees on numerous occasions, in front of witnesses. My route fell apart after I quit, and many jobs that I had performed, went undone for a year or longer. This caused problems for Lamb and Mcfarland. It was reported to me that Lamb threatened to fire anyone who had had anything to do with my quitting. Sarah, the secretary, told me that Lamb had refused to speak to her for three days, saying that she (Lamb) thought Sarah might have talked me into quitting. I was told by several employees that Lamb was angry because I had not stopped by to see her after I quit. Doesn't sound like an employer who had a problem with me, does it?

Several things began to concern me after I quit.

(1) I began receiving reports from other Dart or T&L employees (and Sears employees) that Lamb and Mcfarland were defaming me aggressively, often, and mercilessly. I could see no motivation for this, except that they were angry that I had quit. I now know they had done this to other valued employees who had quit.

(2) I was unable to find another job. I applied to dozens of companies, showing strong, clean references from pre-T&L/Dart employers. But after the prospective employers presumably contacted Lamb or Mcfarland, I was denied the job. (Interestingly this state of affairs continues 22 months after I quit T&L, and will be addressed through the labor board, and via civil suits, along with other issues). 

(3) I received a number of hang-up calls which traced directly to the main number at Dart/T&L (see polygraph #2). When I served Delann Lamb with a written notice to cease and desist crank-calling me (view that document here), she acknowledged the calls, then called me again within minutes of receiving my demand, and continued to call and email me over a period of weeks after that (again, refer to polygraph #2).

(4) Delann Lamb had boasted to me on several occasions over the years that she had "many ways" of making sure an ex-employee couldn't get a new job if that's what she desired (see polygraph #3). Delann Lamb had also told another employee, in my presence, twice, that she was "stalking" an ex employee who had also quit against her wishes (see polygraph #3). When this employee appeared shocked at the statement, and asked for clarification as to why Lamb would stalk the ex-employee, Lamb replied: "I just am; I just want to". There was no humor in her demeanor, in her voice, or on her face. The other employee who was present looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and changed the subject. 

I never dreamed Lamb's tactics could be directed at an employee who had quit on good terms. But in the weeks after I quit, it seemed clear to me that's exactly what she was doing. Finally, fearing that Lamb and/or Mcfarland were giving me poor references when prospective employers called them, I asked Lamb and/or Mcfarland, in writing, to write a simple reference for me. They refused several times. On several occasions Delann Lamb told me that my request for a reference had been accidentally thrown away and that I should send another; or that my faxed request had been ruined by the fax machine, that my mailed request had been destroyed by spilled coffee, etc. Not once, at any time, did anyone from Dart or T&L Leasing tell me that a written reference was against company policy and could not, therefore, be supplied. Finally, beginning to see the light, I wrote a brief reference myself, and submitted it to them. The actual text is below. I asked that it be put on my employer's letterhead, signed, and returned to me. I felt that would stop the bad references Lamb and/or Mcfarland seemed to be giving me. I also saw it as the last interaction I needed to have with these people, so that I could purge them from my life forever:

To Whom it may Concern,

Employee worked for T & L Leasing in Kent from 4-20-98 to 12-19-00.
Employee drove Class-A tractor-trailer equipment.
His attendance shows that he took three sick days in nearly three years.
He is not known to have damaged any equipment whatsoever.
Employee was not late for work on any occasion. (this is an error; I was late once; could have been corrected, then signed)
Employee’s starting wage was $9.50 per hour; ending wage was $11.50 per hour.
His termination was voluntary.

Delann Lamb

If the company was unwilling to sign this reference, they were free to modify it as they saw fit and sign that. I simply needed something in writing to demonstrate where I stood with this company. They refused even to do that; (over a year after the fact, I still have no reference, though it was inferred to my attorney that if I would stop fighting for the right to post this website, a written reference "might" be forthcoming) (sounds like extortion to me).

I was informed that Delann Lamb, in response to this last request for a reference, made the following statement in front of witnesses: "You know, whatever [he] asks for, we're going to do the exact opposite."

What a fine way to thank a man for three years of good work.

At this point I began to understand the mentality I was dealing with in Dart Trucking and T&L Leasing. I did, then, complete the "exit interview" Lamb had been requesting. I submitted it to Dart and T&L by registered mail. Then I posted a copy of it on the internet. That document stuck only to a few of the points regarding my reasons for quitting my job. The document was relatively short and pulled my punch by a huge, wide margin. I was, and am, prepared to prove every single allegation and nuance of my statement. The site was posted on a "free server" which purges (rolls off and deletes) unattended sites after 90 days. The site was only a few weeks from being automatically erased when Mark Mcfarland and Delann Lamb filed two anti-harassment complaints against me seeking to shut the site down.

On their complaints and in court Lamb and Mcfarland lied. I'm not saying it's "my opinion" that they lied. I'm stating it as a fact, a fact I am willing and anxious to demonstrate in court. Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland lied to the court in an ill-conceived and poorly executed ruse to trick the court into shutting down the internet site which spoke ill---albeit truthfully---of them. The court, presided over by part-time pro-tem judge, a man who seems to be little more than a clear and present danger to logical society (John Lawson of Aukeen Court, in Kent, Washington), bought it, hook, line and sinker. And they were granted two identical restraining orders which totally and completely stripped me of any and all First Amendment rights, and the original site was shut down. Lamb and Mcfarland even suggested in their complaints that their wish was to strip me of my First Amendment rights, which is, of course, an eminently actionable offense.

This site remained shut down for roughly eight months. Then, both orders were largely overturned on appeal. The bits of the orders which were allowed to remain in effect will be taken back to court and overturned entirely after perjury convictions have been obtained against Lamb and Mcfarland. Once those blocks on this Rubik's Cube of insanity have fallen into place, I'll bring civil suits against all parties. The suits will be detailed on this site.

I have a real problem with people who lie about me.
Mark Mcfarland and Delann Lamb lied about me because:

(1) I had the audacity to quit their employ, and this made them angry

(2) I wanted no contact with either of them and made that clear, and this made them angry

(3) I threatened them with a criminal complaint if they continued to crank-call me at home, and this made them angry

(4) I posted my reasons for quitting on the Internet, and this made them angry

I took two polygraph tests at my expense, with several more drawn up, which can be taken at any time. Those tests are accessible throughout this site. I also offered to pay for tests of Lamb and Mcfarland, and to pay them a tidy sum for their trouble, and to apologize to them publicly if they passed their tests. They declined my generous offer.

The polygraph examiner on the first test, John Ketchum, now retired, is a well known and highly regarded examiner in the Pacific Northwest. His work was comprised primarily of specific testing in criminal areas, by contract with the government of the State of Washington. If he's good enough to represent the state in thousands of tests over a period of decades, he's good enough for our purposes here. The examiner in the second test also tests for the state of Washington.

These polygraphs, and their associated graphs and records, have been made available to the King County prosecutor's office for use in the investigation of the crime of perjury. A good deal of documentation has also been submitted, and will be submitted in the future. The prosecutor's office is also being supplied a list of witnesses whose testimony may be used in the investigation of charges of perjury against Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland, and whose testimony may be used in any resulting trials.

Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland were unable to suppress the original site merely because it existed. In order to suppress the original site they needed to demonstrate to the court that it was somehow part of a bigger picture of harassment. At least that's what their attorney told them. So Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland went to civil court with a sleazy and dishonest attorney, Leigh Ann Tift (my opinion) spewing forth a story that included the following allegations. 

As we all walked into the courtroom on 3-23-01, Lamb turned to me and gave me a big smile, as if to say, "We're going to screw you like you've never been screwed before." Mcfarland just scurried by, ferret-like, and refused to meet my eyes. Polygraph tests are expensive, as are attorneys. I now live in a one-room apartment with no furniture and no belongings. I have sold everything I own and gone into debt, in order to keep Lamb and Mcfarland from getting away with this grand scheme. In civil suits, I'll seek to recover those losses, and more.

Here are just a few of the outrageous claims Lamb and Mcfarland made in court. Those who've worked with me, especially Sears employees, know how utterly fantastic and despicable these allegations are. I submit that if these people (Lamb and Mcfarland) are capable of doing these things to me, they're capable of doing them to any one of you.

Accusation #1: Delann Lamb stated on her complaint and in court that I had asked her out on a date in December of 2000 before I quit, and that she had to thwart my unwelcome advances. (This, she maintained, was one form of harassment I had perpetrated against her, which should convince the court to shut down this site). When Lamb was in court spouting this nonsense, she looked at the floor and made her statement in a squeaky voice which caught halfway through the sentence. Then she said between darling sniffles, "I just wanted it all to stop." The judge apparently thought she was just so cute and helpless. This particularly putrid accusation burns through my guts like the China Syndrome, since I had spent three years diligently and properly keeping this skanky woman at arm's length.

What's the truth of this? Delann Lamb lied to the court. See polygraph 1 and 2.

Accusation #2: Lamb stated in her complaint and in court that she had "reason to believe" I had posted "distorted pictures of her" on the Internet. She never came right out and said I had done that, because I had done no such thing. She apparently just wanted to see if the court would buy the insinuation. Lamb and Mcfarland tried to convince the court that the same pictures everyone has seen pinned on the walls and corkboards in the Dart office for the three years that I worked there, were made against their will as some sort of harassment against them.

What's the truth of this allegation? Delann Lamb and Mark Mcfarland lied to the court. See polygraphs 1 and 2.

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions.


Accusation #3: Delann Lamb stated that it was a fact that I had a collection of AK assault rifles. She and Mcfarland attempted to make the court believe that they were afraid I might use them on them (therefore they should be granted an anti-harassment order so this site could be shut down) (one thing doesn't really follow the other, does it?).

What's the truth? From the polygraph:

Polygraph Test 2, Question #71

(71) Have you ever owned, borrowed, held, or touched an AK rifle or anything that looks like one?

Answer: NO.

Delann Lamb lied to the court.

Delann Todd Lamb committed perjury.



Accusation #4: Lamb states in her complaint to the court: "Prior to that time [of employee’s quitting] and subsequent, he [employee] began to make statements to me that I believed were threatening, abusive and alarming.”

What's the truth here? The truth can be found in Lamb's own written words, words written and emailed to me after I quit! Here they are again:

"As you wish, I will not try to change your decision [to quit].....I hope in time, you'll feel better about me, and having worked with me, than you obviously feel now.....I have a great deal of respect for you and will always consider you a friend as well as a co-worker." –[Delann Lamb]

Those are not  the words of a woman who has been "abused, threatened and alarmed". So now Lamb can defend herself against another perjury charge. It is a long and tortuous pattern of precisely this kind of behavior by Lamb and Mcfarland that finally drove me from my job a week before Christmas, 2000. Over three years of employment I came to see these two as the lowest possible form of hillbilly trailer trash.

Lamb and Mcfarland made a number of other accusations, all of which were just about as stupid. I believe that charges of conspiracy (to commit perjury) may be brought, as opposed to simple perjury. Please read all of the polygraph tests in order to understand the larger picture. In point of fact, neither Lamb or Mcfarland had any problem with me at all, except that they were angry I had quit, and then, later, they were angry that I had posted my opinion of only a few of their policies. They could do nothing about my "opinion", as this is still America, where folks have a right to their opinions. So Lamb and Mcfarland simply made up lies, to try and make me look like some sort of monster, as part of a concerted and conspired ruse to trick the court into shutting down my website.

As we know, this utterly terrifying judge didgrant orders which shut the site down. His order was absolutely, utterly, totally unconstitutional. It wasn't a gray area, open to interpretation. It was black and white. The Dart attorney, Tift, must have known this to be the case, yet she continued to charge Dart a handsome sum for her efforts to do their bidding. I have to believe judge Lawson knew this too, but simply didn't care. His order was overturned on appeal, and he was quite roundly reprimanded for his attitude and stupid comments during the hearing.


The reader may also wish to peruse my official offer to pay for polygraph testing of Lamb and Mcfarland (and their response):
Offer to pay Lamb and Mcfarland to take polygraphs


Unfortunately, the story doesn't end with the two little stinkers, Mcfarland and Lamb. Enter, stage left, their bosses (two more little stinkers) from Los Angeles, California, who both also filed anti-harassment complaints against me because they didn't like my web site.

The two anti-harassment complaints from Paul Martin and Colleen Butler were so frivolous, so asinine, and so stupidly conceived and executed that they were both thrown out of court in a few minutes. Paul and Colleen were exiled to the back of the court where they presumably sulked for the rest of the session.


Paul Martin and Colleen Butler were well aware of my repeated offers to pay for polygraph testing of Lamb and Mcfarland. Let's see now: as President of the company, how do you (Paul Martin) treat such an offer? Well, maybe you'd naturally want to see if there was any merit to this employee's story (my story). If he'd been fired, you might be a little suspicious, figuring that he was a disgruntled employee, trying to make up a story to hurt his employers for firing him. But he wasn't fired; he quit. He quit amongst loud and very public protestations of his employer. This guy who quit is alleging that the office manager is incompetent. He's alleging that there are drugs in the office. He's stating flatly that he has personally seen and handled illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia in the office. He's stating flatly that the male supervisor and the female supervisor (Lamb and Mcfarland) vanish and cannot be reached for up to 4.5 hours per day that he is personally aware of. He's stating flatly that Ms. Lamb's cellular phone one day "spontaneously" called the office (the auto-dial button was probably pushed by some unknown force), and much questionable conversation was heard from her and Mcfarland. He's stating bluntly that when Lamb and Mcfarland were made aware of the conversation and associated sounds, they (Lamb and Mcfarland) stated that the transmission was being taken "out of context". This ex-employee is alleging that the male supervisor (Mcfarland) is doctoring his expense account and that Mcfarland has made at least one employee use company equipment to assist him in this activity on at least two occasions, and he's supplying his own polygraph test results to back it up. He's alleging that the male supervisor (Mcfarland) has stated flatly and repeatedly that black employees are no good, that a Sears employee named Lilly is "a worthless Goddamned niggar", that his Bulgarian employees were "almost as bad as the blacks" and he wished he didn't have to hire them. He's stating that his supervisor, Mark Mcfarland, has made to him, personally, this comment: It's not worth one hour of my time to save the company $1900 per month. He's stating that he's aware of Mcfarland's failed drug screens, and that he also believes Paul Martin is aware of them and has been for several years, but chooses to keep Mcfarland as an office manager AND Class-A driver WHO IS PROHIBITED FROM DRIVING CLASS-A!! 

Well, it just goes on and on. Either this employee is off his rocker, or there's something to his story. And if there's even the slightest chance that there's something to his story, you certainly want to get on top of it before it (a) bankrupts the company, or (b) fosters lawsuits against the company from other employees.

So what do you do?

Let's see--- Oh, I know---you could take this crazy man up on his offer of paying for a bunch of polygraphs! If he's telling the truth, then you've got a real problem on your hands that needs rectification immediately if not sooner, and you should thank the whistleblower for bringing these matters to your attention. If he's lying, you can squash him like a bug and be rid of him---and it didn't cost you a dime---after all, HE paid for the polygraph tests which ruined him!

That's option "A". Option "A" is what intelligent people choose.

Option "B" is what guilty people choose. 

Option "B" goes something like this: You call the man a liar without even asking for his evidence. You make up outrageous stories about him. Then you quietly fly in to Sea-Tac and file a couple of anti-harassment complaints against him in a stupid and ill-conceived attempt to shut down his website. Never mind that the guy has never heard your name, never contacted you once. Who cares? File an anti-harassment complaint. Naw, file two. That will really scare the guy and get him off your back, right? (How freaking stupid can you get).

The truth? What's the TRUTH about your two management employees, Mcfarland and Lamb, in your Kent, Washington office? Aw, heck, who cares about THAT. Once this whistleblower has been scared off, you can stick your head back in the sand and live happily ever after---at least until your company goes broke because it's been sued out of existence by the next disgusted employee. So which option did Paul Martin and Colleen Butler, of Dart International Trucking, choose? Option "B", of course. 

Silly me, I thought that upper management would be appalled by the behavior of their subordinates 1300 miles away. Instead, these people seem to be positively supportive of it. I find consolation in the notion that employees like Mcfarland and Lamb are exactly what these companies deserve. 

FACT: Neither Paul Martin or Colleen Butler replied in any way to my offer to pay for polygraphs---not to accept the offer, not to discuss the offer, not to modify the offer, not to refuse the offer. Instead, they quietly flew from L.A. to Seattle, and each filed for an anti-harassment order against me. Their stupid and frivolous demands were thrown out of court in five minutes. And both employees, Mcfarland and Lamb, remained at work. Only their lawfirm replied to say that NO ONE would take a polygraph at my expense (but that didn't mean they were lying). Jesus Christ give me a fucking break.

This kind of nonsense is occurring in far too many offices around the country, though I submit that this particular case is just about as blatant as they get. This kind of despicable, illegal and dishonorable behavior by employers must stop. And, as with the cockroach, the most cost-effective way of making it scurry back into the shadows where it belongs, is to TURN ON THE LIGHT.

This editorial review website features, contains and includes my opinions.