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KEY BANK Sucks, fraudulent overdraft charges


Key Bank
9735 Holman Rd NW
 Seattle, WA (Washington)  98117-2042


Re: Checking account 47282-------

Registered receipt # 9410 8036 9930 0012 6593 97 0067 0000 -------


On 11-1-2010 a deposit was made to my checking account in the amount of $1500. Key bank placed $100 of that amount into my account and withheld the remainder. This is standard procedure and we accept the policy.

On 11-2-2010 the remaining balance of $1400 was credited to my account and listed under “available balance”.

On 11-2-2010 I therefore initiated a transfer of $600 from my available checking balance, to my savings account. I also made a second transfer on this date of $150.

On 11-3-2010 I was notified of two overdraft fees of $32 each.

  1. You advertise your overdraft fees as being a $28 charge, not a $32 charge.
  2. I had ample funds to cover both transactions according to my checking account balance listed under “available balance”.
  3. Months ago I completed and submitted your hard-copy form in which I chose the option to NOT have ANY withdrawals or debits honored that would result in an overdraft. I also checked the appropriate box for this online, and on 11-4 I made a screen print of that page from your website showing that my choice was, indeed, registered properly in my account.

Despite all this, you have still fraudulently removed $64 from my account.

Small Claims in District Court in Seattle no longer requires us to give any defendant 30 days to make restitution before they will accept the filing of a suit. We therefore give you five (5) working days. On the 6th business day, failing a resolution, I will file in district court against you in the amount of $64 plus court costs. The local branch on Holman Road will be listed as the defendant. We have gathered all the documentation necessary to win the suit.

The moment this case is resolved I will terminate all accounts with Key bank. You are thieves, plain and simple. This is the ninth (9th) similar problem I’ve experienced with you. That’s enough. No one could be expected to endure more.

I do actually believe that there is something mentally wrong with those Key bank employees making these policy decisions. I believe that absolutely. I consider whoever at Key Bank is responsible for this and this type of nonsense to be on precisely the same level as any other pick-pocket.

Lastly, I require the name and address of the government agency that directly oversees your bank.




CC: Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, Public  Internet Post




Developments will be appended below:


UPDATE 11-5-2010:

Savings account was closed out on this date. Checking account was withdrawn almost completely, leaving only enough to cover outstanding checks. I should be able to close out the checking within two weeks. Key Bank on Holman Rd in Seattle was served with the above letter; it will be served again on Monday, 11-8. Despite numerous emails to Key Bank customer service, beginning 11-2, regarding the errant overdraft fees, I have received NO RESPONSE to date. Maybe next week.


UPDATE 11-6-2010:

Key bank has reversed the fraudulent overdraft charges (see below). We received no reply from Key bank; Key bank will, however, be required to reply to the Washington Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and the Banking Commission (those complaints have already gone out). We have terminated our Key bank savings account (we withdrew the rather large amount in cash), and we have drawn the checking account down to almost nothing. When all outstanding checks have cleared, the checking will be terminated as well.

ADVICE: Stay as far from this company as you can get. Seriously -- we saw the "Key bank sucks" sites before we signed up too, but we dismissed them. Now we know. Just say no to these people; they will steal your money. This was the 9th problem we had with Key bank. Enough is enough. We suggest trying a credit Union such as BECU. Unfortunately, not all credit unions are good either. The problems we experienced with AlaskaUSA, for instance, make Key bank look like Boy Scouts.


Key Bank Sucks (fraudulent overdraft fees reversed)