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How important is the subject of good or bad eBay Buyers and Sellers to the
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THIS important:

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Bad eBay Buyers



You have a few things to sell on eBay.

You post some auctions, things sell, buyers pay, and life is good. Right?

Not so fast.

Have you ever herded cattle? I have. The bovines are stupid and obtuse. No matter how carefully you arrange their pens and chutes, they WILL find a way to go the WRONG way. It's the one and only thing they're good at. Like eBay bidders.

I'm not even going to comment much on the following spectacle of humanity. The exchange speaks for itself. Suffice it to say I am sick to the gills of eBay bidders and buyers. I think everyone is.

The auction was for a simple Samsung Galaxy Tablet in pristine (perfect) condition. The price was low. There were several bidders. The auction stated clearly that the shipping cost would only be $11.80. The ACTUAL shipping cost was $14.10, but I like to eat a bit of the shipping on all sales as a break to my buyers. The buyer, "oneinfo", was charged only $11.80 when he won the auction.

eBay bidder "oneinfo" on this item and won it for $195. Simple. Done deal. Shipping was advertised as "within 4 days" to leave our location. Shipping was advertised as "economy" in the auction. All clear and straightforward. A transaction doesn't GET any simpler.

I'm sick of stupid bidders. I really am. Read some of the eBay Sucks pages to find out how many other sellers are sick of stupid bidders, and read about some of the mind-boggling stunts these bidders pull. It'll make you cancel your eBay account today. Sellers can be sh*tholes too. Take the case of this hairball: theoabma

It seems the first thing stupid people want to do is to try to convince you that YOU are the one that's stupid. The auction had to be relisted because of this dolt. eBay has a relatively new policy which prevents sellers from leaving anything but "positive" feedback for buyers. WHAT? Yes, it's true -- buyers can do no wrong in eBay's eyes, even though it's sellers who fund their paychecks. I might have been able to spot this idiot buyer BEFORE he/she ruined this auction, had I been able to see this bidder's feedback -- ALL of this bidder's feedback. But I couldn't. Because eBay doesn't allow it. Thanks so much again, eBay, you really make life miserable for sellers.


Two days after "oneinfo" won this auction, with the item packaged and sitting on the table ready to go out the next time we ran an errand, we received the following mastyerpiece from "oneinfo, eBay buyer extraordinaire:

i hope item is not coming on the 30th. a flat rate box is around 12.00 to ship. very poor. - oneinfo.

We refunded oneinfo within 30 seconds of recieving this. Being full to the gills with stupid, moronic, rude, foolish, insane eBay buyers, we fired back as follows

To: oneinfo:

You hope the item isn't coming on the 30th, but (1) you made no such specification when you bid, and (2) you don't state why that would be a problem. Next, you state that the item could have been shipped for $12. In point of FACT, the item cost $14.10 to ship with insurance (at MY expense) and signature confirmation. That is MORE than I charged you, and additionally, you knew what the shipping cost was BEFORE you bid, yet you are bitching about it now!? At the end you say "very poor". Very poor WHAT! At this point it's clear you are a walking Go--d-mned problem and I have been fortunate enough to catch this item before it shipped to you. Are you absolutely mentally retarded? You begin complaining before you even receive the item, about things you were made aware of in the auction BEFORE you bid! You are an absolute imbecile. I am refunding your money NOW, I am filing a complaint against you with eBay, and I am posting your asinine message on a web page that is all your own. Give it three weeks and Google your eBay handle. I have never, ever witnessed such a whiny, problematic little son of a b*tch in my entire life. Get some professional help. You positively need it. Now I'm going to warn you. Our interaction is DONE. Any further communication from you will be considered an instance of interstate electronic harassment and I WILL file with your local prosecutor in Hawaii. I am a retired Federal agent. I know every procedure. There is something mentally wrong with you and I will nail you to the proverbial wall if you ever, EVER intrude upon my life again and you can by God take that to the bank. One more contact, just one, even to say you're sorry, and I will file a formal criminal complaint and append it to your web page. You sir, are insane and I am SO glad I caught this problem before I shipped you the item. YOU are precisely why so many decent sellers have abandon eBay. You are a liability to eBay and I hope they dump your sorry ass. Remember: ONE MORE CONTACT.

A complaint was filed with eBay. This page has been posted publicly, and we will append in minute detail any further trouble we have with this foolish jackass. Good bloody grief. This is our THIRD similar problem with buyers from hawaii. And this is our LAST problem with buyers from Hawaii. We will henceforth remove any bid from any auction that comes from any buyer located in Hawaii.

UPDATE 5-10-2012

Of COURSE buyer continued to harass us (you knew he would). We submitted the following complaint to eBay:

This is our second complaint re this buyer. The buyer began complaining before the item was even shipped. We instantly refunded and blocked the shipment. Buyer is now threatening negative feedback. No transaction was consummated. We have filed a police complaint for harassment. You MAY NOT allow this buyer to engage in criminal harassment using YOUR SERVERS. eBay must CEASE AND DESIST allowing this. Buyer was warned to stop contacting us or we would call police. He continues to contact us. STOP IT or we will include eBay in the criminal complaint to the Honolulu prosecutor.

eBay has opened case number: KMM55484693V92314L0KM

A copy of the criminal complaint will be appended below when appropriate: