This web page details our opinions of and experiences with:
Glen Scott Fenske
Scott Fenske

of Granite Falls, Washington

This May be the Dumbest, Most Dishonest
Son of a Bitch on God's Green Earth

You Decide


The vessel we purchased from Scott Fenske was advertised to have a "brand new engine". Fenske's story was that he had allowed the original engine to sit through a winter without antifreeze, and that the block had cracked, and that his insurance company had paid for a new engine. Who knows if there's even a shred of truth in this tale. In any case, Fenske claimed the engine was built by S&S Rebuilders in Spokane, Washington:

S&S Engine Remanufacturing Inc.
North 1023 Monroe St.
Spokane, WA., 99201
Fax: 509-326-8245

We've contacted S&S many times either by direct email, or through their online form, advising that we'd be happy to publish their comments re this situation. All attempts have failed. We've also called them twice and asked for a return call. No return call was ever received. We begin to wonder if this company's rebuilding techniques are as sloppy as their communication systems. A typical error when trying to contact S & S electronically:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

----- Transcript of session follows -----
554 5.2.2 Mail system full.
554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

Fenske bought a rebuilt short block from them, had it shipped to Granite Falls, and bolted on the rest of the engine (heads, manifolds, carb, pan, etc. It's not a difficult job -- unless you're an F'ing moron. When we were looking at the boat we never dreamed that such a simple task would be so utterly beyond this human being. This engine lasted 8 hours, 25 minutes:

Scott Fenske's Engine #1


Some have claimed this is oil contamination. Some have claimed it was that the bearings were mic'd too close by S&S. Here's a possible scenario: Dumb-ass Fenske put the engine together around the short block (we shudder to think how this was accomplished) and he dropped the engine into the engine well. Amazingly, he bolted the engine down using rusted, bent lag bolts which had almost no threads left, and for engine mount pads he used broken 2x4s (each actually found in two pieces, split down their middles where the lags had been forced through holes too small for them). At some point in the installation, possibly before the engine was put in the boat, possibly after, the dipstick that is Scott Fenske himself discovered, to his horror, that his dipstick didn't match the dipstick hole in the pan. Probably in a panicked state, never once thinking of simply going and buying the proper dipstick (or pan), Fenske filed or dremeled out the dipstick hole in the pan. --Not so he could thread the dipstick tube bushing into the pan, but so he could CRAM it in there. Which he did. Of course there was no way to keep all his filings and grindings from falling down into the pan. And we doubt he was even intelligent enough to try. If he thought about the filings AT ALL, Fenske probably figured the "oil filter" would pick them up. Of course the oil filter only filters a token percentage of the oil that the engine circulates, so the metal shavings from Fenske's haphazard grinding in the pan would have circulated through the engine for a long time before being eventually filtered out. Fenske, being the lying, irresponsible, dishonest piece of shit that he seems to be, will never tell anyone what REALLY happened to this engine. Hell, he's probably too damned dumb to know.

Scott Fenske is, in our view, the dumbest piece of shit on God's Green Earth. He truly is. Add to that staggering level of stupidity a colossal, mind-bending arrogance and pomposity, and you have the makings of a World Class Fool. And that, we submit, is exactly what Scott Fenske is. Fenske has purchased himself a much larger boat. Can you even BEGIN to imagine the jeopardy that his passengers will be in when he finally gets it running. There oughta be a law, and we mean that with all sincerity.

This engine failed after 8 hours and 25 minutes -- just about the right amount of time to support our hypothesis. First to go was the number 2 hole. We removed the engine and pulled it apart, and #2 was the worst, but all other bearings, rods and mains, would have gone in another hour or two. This engine was doomed and shit-canned from the moment Fenske started grinding on that dipstick hole. We didn't want anything, not an engine, not an outdrive, not one screw or length of wire on this boat that had ever been touched by this madman. The engine was sold for scrap and replaced by a long block from WaterHouse. The fuel system was rebuilt. Every hose, every fitting that this stupid son of a bitch installed in this boat was torn out and thrown away. We sold the outdrive for scrap, purchased a new steering system, replaced the shift control, rewired the boat from stem to stern, replaced the "recent" (so Fenske said) battery that failed after one week, replaced the bellows and the leaking raw-water supply hose from the outdrive pump (how stupid can a person (Fenske) be to bolt an outdrive onto a boat yet not bother to check the supply hose for leaks at that time?). What's left from the original boat that Fenske sold us is the hull. NO MORE.

Scott Fenske's Engine #2

Scott Fenske's Engine #3

The pics above show the rod and journal with the LEAST amount of damage. Pics below show the number 2 cylinder, which has the MOST amount of damage (and was knocking loudly for the last 25 minutes).

Scott Fenske's Rod Bearing #1

Above and below, rod bearings after 8 hours, 25 minutes gentle running on a rebuilt engine from S&S Rebuilders in Spokane, Washington.

Scott Fenske's Rod Bearing #2