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Glen Scott Fenske
Scott Fenske

of Granite Falls, Washington

This May be the Dumbest, Most Dishonest
Son of a Bitch on God's Green Earth

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Civil Suit


Scott Fenske was given the opportunity to settle this mess for $712, IF such payment was received within one week. That was many months ago. At that time we weren't aware of about a hundred other unconscionable stunts Fenske had pulled with regard to the representation of this boat. In any case, the time-limit passed without a word from Fenske (big surprise). He was then given another ultimatum for a somewhat higher price if paid within a certain time-frame and before we had to pay our attorney. Fenske ignored that as well (no one is saying this guy is smart). So we went ahead and told our attorney to simply file the suit. Of course attorneys are duty-bound to try other remedies before taking up the court's valuable (yeah, right) time, so ours sent Fenske one more letter demanding a paltry $1400, or she would file the suit. Fenske then sent her a check for $712, stating that he had sent it within the first week he was contacted by us about this mess, but it had come back to him marked "addressee unknown". It was our regular, legal, registered address, at which we receive far, far too much mail every single day without the slightest problem, so Fenske's tall tale about his check having bounced back is seen as just that. Besides, if it really had, he could have shown our attorney the envelope it came back to him in, complete with postal markings and stamps. But that envelope is mysteriously missing because, of course, it doesn't exist. Our attorney simply sent Fenske's $712 back to him, reminding him that he had until January 15th, 2007, to pay the full amount of $1400. The sum of $1400 is a mere drop in the bucket, of course, compared to what this man's stupidity and dishonesty has cost us. But it's something; it's all the law will allow us to collect from Fenske given the purchase price of the boat, and it's the very least we're willing to settle for at this late date. Not one Goddamned penny less. Fenske has now ignored this final demand, and so be it. What he'll ultimately pay will be far higher than a lousy $1400.

Fenske did, however, send a letter to our attorney along with his check for $712. It is an amazing document, and it shows just how narcissistic this idiot is. He actually believes people will believe this crap. That demonstrates to us a stupidity that is absolutely staggering. Without further ado, here's Fenske's masterpiece to our attorney:

Fenske #1

Fenske was given the opportunity to settle for $712 ONLY on the condition that it was to be paid within one week. Fenske utterly ignored this offer and did not respond again for many months. Fenske claims that his check was returned to him marked "addressee unknown". Let's see the envelope! It doesn't exist. If it did, Fenske would have provided it to our attorney as proof that he'd tried to accept the deal. If he HAD sent the check when he claimed, and it bounced back to him as he claimed, he could have tried again, or he could have called. He did neither. But even so, that offer was only for the lies about the fuel tank. Once we discovered the engine was shot, we would have gone back to Fenske with a second demand, and a third, and fourth, and fifth, until he had reimbursed us for ALL of his misrepresentations. Fenske expects us to believe that HIS, and ONLY his letter, which supposedly contained his check, is the ONLY piece of mail that has EVER been returned from that address. It simply is not so, and no court will believe his nonsense either. Fenske could also have shown proof that he had actually made out a cashier's check within the specified time-frame. Cashier's checks have paper trails. Where's the trail on this one? It is mysteriously absent from this case. He did not send the check as demanded months ago and made no follow-up attempt to do so. We must conclude that in this instance, as in many others, Fenske is a liar.

Fenske #2

Fenske claims that there was no attempt on his part to modify the engine dipstick. Unfortunately, Fenske admitted to us many times, in front of witnesses, that he, himself, personally had installed the engine. Fenske also admitted to installing many other items, such as the fuel tank. All of these items were covered (read: slathered) with copious amounts of a certain type and color of non-petroleum-resistant silicone sealer (which all subsequently fell off because it was, of course, not petroleum resistant. Yes, this kind of stupidity applies to every single aspect of this boat). So let's think about this: Fenske claims that he installed the engine, but didn't install the dipstick tube. Who did? Fenske did, of course. In fact, as we've done in the past, we will probably offer to pay for Fenske's polygraph test on the condition that we can post the results right here on this site. How could Fenske refuse that? Fenske claims he used this particular silicone on all of his other work on the boat, but not on the dipstick tube, which was covered in exactly the same substance. Fenske is a liar.

But Fenske then tries to go one further and claim that "even if he had" (gouged out the dipstick tube hole in the pan) it wouldn't have mattered because the engine oil filter would have cleaned up all his shavings before they went through the engine. Remember four months ago when we wrote the following?

Of course there was no way to keep all his filings and grindings from falling down into the pan. And we doubt he was even intelligent enough to try. If he thought about the filings AT ALL, Fenske probably figured the "oil filter" would pick them up. Of course the oil filter only filters a token percentage of the oil that the engine circulates, so the metal shavings from Fenske's haphazard grinding in the pan would have circulated through the engine for a long time before being eventually filtered out. Fenske, being the lying, irresponsible, dishonest piece of shit that he seems to be, will never tell anyone what REALLY happened to this engine. Hell, he's probably too damned dumb to know.

--And this dumb-ass didn't disappoint us. He claimed that VERY THING in his outrageous letter to our attorney. Everyone knows this. Five year old kids know this. Your little sister probably knows this: The oil filter in an engine filters only a TOKEN, maybe 5-10% of the total oil flow that goes through the engine at any given time. The screen Fenske mentions, which comes before the actual filter in the lubrication system, will pass HUGE sized objects -- certainly every single metal shaving that Fenske gouged out of the sheet metal of the pan. Not a single shaving would have been caught by this screen, and that's a fact. The metal shavings left in the pan by Fenske's Goddamned stupid gouging ran through the engine over and over and over, probably twenty, thirty, fifty times before each particle was, one by one, eventually picked up not by the screen, but by the filter. By that time the damage to the bearings was done. Their surfaces were destroyed, the crank journals were gouged, and the two surfaces just grated against one another until, in short time (8 hours) the bearings were completely reamed out and the engine was a complete and total write-off. We got $150 for it as junk.

Fenske states in his letter above that since I have extreme amounts of commercial boating experience we should have known that no vessel that size could hold 80 gallons of fuel. That's an absurd statement. Lots of vessels this size have been outfitted with tanks that size, especially in Alaska, and with tanks much larger (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8, example 9, example 10) (this man is as moronic as they come). I mentioned to Fenske the size of the fuel tank in this boat many, many times, verbally, through email, and in front of witnesses, and in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE Fenske reiterated his assertion that it was an 80 gallon tank. This was no typo as this liar has tried to convince our attorney. This was a premeditated lie by Scott Fenske, perpetrated with forethought for the express and explicit purpose of making this boat seem as though it was worth far more than it was. The truly amazing aspect of this guy's disgusting dishonesty is that he actually believed he would get away with this. Scott Fenske is a liar, and we're prepared to prove it both in criminal and civil courts.

Fenske claims (above) that I never mentioned to him an engine failure. This is a lie, and I am prepared to prove it in court. Scott Fenske is a liar. We can't help but wonder how many people this jackass has driven to total apoplexy, and who have, in returned, knocked his Goddamned teeth out. What a miserable piece of shit.

Fenske 3

Fenske states (above) that he is such a nice human being that he will pay to us the pittance of $712, just so we won't have to endure the expense of litigation. Scott Fenske can go fuck himself. This is far beyond just a monetary matter at this late date. This is a matter of principle. This jackass purposely set out to screw over the buyer of this vessel. If he thinks we're going to roll over for it, he's even dumber than we think, and we already think he qualifies for a world record.

Fenske closes by stating I am in breach of my own offer. This man is delusional. He needs psychiatric help, though he is not even close to intelligent enough to seek it. Even if he were, we feel it's far too late for redemption, and he is doomed to live out his life as a pathological liar, with his relatives and acquaintances laughing at him in private. He actually thinks he is fooling people. Fenske lamented to us while we were in his house that he was "without a girlfriend at present". What a fucking surprise.

This suit goes forward, with one thousand times the determination now, than we ever had before reading Fenske's utterly inflammatory letter to our attorney. This man is one Goddamned piece of worthless shit.

Odds are the reader's experience with being shafted has left them at this or a similar boiling point when trying to gain satisfaction from any dishonorable imbecile. How would YOU handle this problem at this particular juncture? We'll post a poll later on.

UPDATE 4-16-07:

We're still waiting for some documentation from Craigslist in order to file the civil suit and criminal charges. The Attorney General's office is now rattling CL's cage for the paperwork. Every day that Fenske fails to cough up the $1700 makes us that much angrier and that much more determined to nail his fraudulent Goddamned ass for an even larger amount. We already know he's a moron; if he thinks this is going to go away, he's documentably retarded. Every single chore that Fenske forces us to undertake to bring this to trial, is one more thing he owes us for. This piece of shit is, in our opinion, the Scott Peterson of liars.