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Glen Scott Fenske
Scott Fenske

of Granite Falls, Washington

This May be the Dumbest, Most Dishonest
Son of a Bitch on God's Green Earth

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ScrewedThere probably isn't an American alive and over the age of 8 who hasn't purchased something that s/he felt they got screwed on. Maybe they only imagine they got screwed. Maybe they really did. If you've ever tried to extract compensation or, God forbid, actually a little "Justice" from the person who bamboozled you, you know it's an uphill battle every inch of the way. The perpetrator will lie, cheat, connive -- do ANYTHING to keep you from getting your due, and just about everyone's experience has shown that appealing to law enforcement or civil court is really no more than a toss of the dice. It's almost always a waste of time, a backwards, sneaky, Planet-of-the-Apes kind of environment where the only entities who win are the attorneys.

Still, you've been royally screwed. What do you do? What CAN you do? What steps should you even attempt? This site is posted in more or less real time as events unfold and as remedies are tried. This fiasco began in mid 2006. We have no idea how this will turn out. But on this one occasion we are absolutely determined to exhaust every single, bar-none, possible mode of remedy that exists in the United States of America today. Let's see if we're successful. But whether we are, or we aren't, this website will provide absolutely invaluable information about what might, could, probably will, probably won't, and seemingly SHOULD work when you've been SCREWED.

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Scott Fenske -- Blows up an Engine (real good)
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Glen Scott Fenske
POB 725
Granite Falls, Washington

Glen Scott Fenske
13118 Lost Lake Road
Snohomish, Washington

Glen Scott Fenske
11426 200th Ave. NE
Granite Falls, Wa., 98252

Various contact points include:


DOB 1952 -- Current age 54



In March of 2008 we finally filed suit against this steaming pile of human dog-shit. Within about 15 hours of being served, Scott Fenske paid off completely. As time allows we'll continue to pursue criminal charges against Fenske. But Snohomish County, Washington, is the fourth most corrupt county we've ever encountered in the United States -- they've already demonstrated a clear and documentable course of corruption in our initial efforts to bring charges in this case and in one other unrelated case, several years ago. In order to legally force Snohomish County to actually do its job (oh, the horror), it's almost guaranteed we'd have to file suit against the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, and since the entire system up there wallows in a "Dukes of Hazard" Halcyon Dream-state mentality, a successful suit would be hard to come by without greasing a lot of palms. Still, if we get the time, it'll be fun, and morally correct to bring charges, and we'll take it step by step and disseminate the case in these pages. Read more about Snohomish County corruption by using this search string in Google just as it appears below:

"snohomish county" washington corrupt

You can read even more by clicking here.

Oh -- you want to know what counties are worse than Snohomish?: King (including Seattle, but especially Kent, Des Moines, , Auburn, etc.), Pierce (south of Seattle) and one other along the US / Mexican border south of Truth-or_Consequences, New Mexico. We personally know law enforcement personnel (high-level employees of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation whom we worked with 25 years ago) who will not drive one mile through any corner of the state of New Mexico), and we've come to that conclusion regarding Snohomish County. It's a dark, dirty, backward, stupid, violent, depressing place, from which sprouts little, or nothing, good. It's overflowing with drunks, pot-heads, pedophiles, hillbillies, mental cases, and Fenskes.