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ScrewedThere probably isn't an American alive and over the age of 8 who hasn't purchased something that s/he felt they got screwed on. Maybe they only imagine they got screwed. Maybe they really did. If you've ever tried to extract compensation or, God forbid, actually a little "Justice" from the person who bamboozled you, you know it's an uphill battle every inch of the way. The perpetrator will lie, cheat, connive -- do ANYTHING to keep you from getting your due, and just about everyone's experience has shown that appealing to law enforcement or civil court is really no more than a toss of the dice. It's almost always a waste of time, a backwards, sneaky, Planet-of-the-Apes kind of environment where the only entities who win are the attorneys.

Still, you've been royally screwed. What do you do? What CAN you do? What steps should you even attempt? This site is posted in more or less real time as events unfold and as remedies are tried. This fiasco began in mid 2006. We have no idea how this will turn out. But on this one occasion we are absolutely determined to exhaust every single, bar-none, possible mode of remedy that exists in the United States of America today. Let's see if we're successful. But whether we are, or we aren't, this website will provide absolutely invaluable information about what might, could, probably will, probably won't, and seemingly SHOULD work when you've been SCREWED.

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This page list all known lies put forth by Scott Fenske
in his sale of a 19 foot Fiberform runabout

Under Construction

1. Side Windows for canvas top
Just before we purchased this boat from Fenske, we asked him [witnessed] if he had the clear side windows, which were not present on the boat at the moment, and if yes, what condition they were in. Fenske "huffed" and looked surprised and indignant; he then answered as though he was insulted to have been asked: "Yes, they're 'perfect'". Click below to view the side windows Fenske Supplied us a day after we paid him for the boat; they are riddled with holes and splits and nearly completely opaque. They are unusable by any stretch of the imagination. Scott Fenske lied. Scott Fenske is a liar:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3







5. New Top
During the initial inspection of the boat, the forward portion of the rag top was installed on the boat and Fenske was asked if he also had the rest of the top that would extend to the stern. Fenske replied [witnessed] that not only did he have the portion that extended to the stern, but he had a complete new top, forward and aft portions, that was brand new and had never been installed on the boat. Obviously this increased our interest in the boat significantly. When pressed for details Fenske changed his claim and said that he didn't actually have the whyole completed top, he only had enough raw material to make a complete new top. This material was unavailable for inspection, but Fenske promised to include it with the boat and deliver it with the boat the following day. When we took delivery of the boat we noted a roll of material which Fenske indicated was the material for both the fore and aft portions of a new top. Upon further inspection several weeks later we discovered that (1) this was not "top" material in any case, it was an old roll of "mello hide" which can ONLY be used in covering seats, and even then is considered an inferior fabric, and is never, ever suitable for a top of any description. (2) This material was covered in stains. (3) This material had numerous seams already sewn into it, which made it utterly unusable for any application whatsoever. The top was replaced at a cost of $2306. Scott Fenske lied. Scott Fenske is a liar.














12. Fuel Tank
Fenske stated to our attorney, in writing, that his Craigslist ads specifying a new 80 gallon tank were "typos", and that we were stupid for beliving the typos because no boat of this size could possibly have an 80 gallon fuel tank. Fenske had spoken of the 80 gallon tank about two dozen times in all, in writing, in front of witnesses, even detailing exactly why he needed an 80 gallon tank and no less, and drawing a pattern in the carpet of the boat with his toe to show us where he had installed the 80 gallon tank. Of course we discover that Fenske personally installed a 36 gallon tank because it was cheaper, and simply lied to try to inflate the value of the boat. Re his imbecilic assertion that no boat in the 20 foot range could ever have an 80 gallon tank, spend three minutes perusing used boat ads on Craigslist to prove the man is a Goddamned imbecile (and a liar).
The cost to install an 80 gallon tank is $1750 (lowest bid). The original tank is worth nothing since Fenskle butchered it by cutting off pieces.

Image 1


13. Outdrive
Scott Fenske told us repeatedly [witnessed] that the outdrive (Mercruiser 888) had been rebuilt by a local shop at his direction at a cost of about $1200. Fenske promised to include receipts for that rebuild upon delivery of the boat the following day. Fenske also advertised at least twice on Craigslist that the outdrive had been rebuilt. The outdrive began to fail within two hours of use (skipping out of gear) and we discovered that no receipts for ANY work were included in the paperwork Fenske supplied with the boat. A marine mechanic examined the outdrive and could find no evidence that it had ever been dissassembled. The outdrive was sold for scrap and a new one installed at a cost of $1561. Scott Fenske lied. Scott Fenske is a liar.


14. Battery
When asked the condition of the boat's main battery Scott Fenske replied that it was "very recent" [witnessed]. Since the battery had no labels or dated stickers on it we had no choice but to take him at his word. The battery failed within two or three hours of use and was found to be so old that it would not take a charge. A new battery was installed at a cost of $121. Scott Fenske lied. Scott Fenske is a liar.