This web page details our opinions of and experiences with:

Glen Scott Fenske
Scott Fenske

of Granite Falls, Washington

This May be the Dumbest, Most Dishonest
Son of a Bitch on God's Green Earth

You Decide



Like most people who get screwed by dumb, dishonest sellers, we want to know what makes these people tick. We want to know the psychology that works in a liar's mind that tells them it's "ok" to lie, cheat, steal, con, scam, just to make a few bucks. Toward that end we are initiating a fairly comprehensive investigation into what makes Scott Fenske, as our sample case, tick. We are preparing a mass-mailing to the residents in much of Fenske's local Granite Falls area (and any other area he may have spent time in), asking for the opinions of those who knew him, through grade school and beyond, and in any business dealings or transactions, interpersonal affairs, etc. We've also hired an investigator we've used in the past to find out what kind of environment this guy (Fenske) comes from, and what he's been up to for the past forty or more years. In this way we hope to help the reader learn to spot the tell-tale signs of a liar and con-artist, so they can, to a larger degree, be dealt with more effectively, or avoided altogether. To date Fenske had ignored all requests to compensate us for items he blatantly lied about. We want to know, and a large portion of the population of this country wants to know, just where people like this come from, how they get to be how they are, why they seem to possess not a molecule of conscience or really any sense of decency or right or wrong, and why they feel they can bamboozle others with impunity. Is Scott Fenske the very definition of "socially psychopathic"? We also want to know why people of this ilk feel they can (and often feel they SHOULD) get away with these types of acts. It is our prediction that Scott Fenske, and people like him, open themselves to not the mere possibility, but the probability, that, should they continue onward through their lives lying and conning folks, they will sooner or later con the wrong person, who will not bother with attorneys, or courts, or websites -- who will not bother to try to understand the errant, socially-deviant thinking of this type of human being, but will, instead, use other means to gain compensation. This would be a tragedy. Our prediction is that Fenske, if he continues to treat people as he's treated us, will sooner or later screw-over the precisely wrong type of person. Folks are sick of being screwed over. They're tired of being lied to and conned by their own government, by law enforcement, by their neighbors, by the jerks they must avoid on the highways, by retalers and vendors, eBay thieves, Internet shysters, by their co-workers, their bosses, by huge corporations who steal their wages and pollute their environment--- people are TIRED of being screwed. They're tired to the bone. To learn to stop being conned, and learning to avoid those who would con us, may be THE most important lesson for Americans in the 21st Century. If American society wishes to evolve, to grow, to become a better, more productive place, it has NO CHOICE -- it MUST begin to learn to change its behavior and the bahavior of its most unsavory citizens. Outside of the threat of terrorism, there may be no topic more important than this in the daily lives of every American. This website will work to dissect one incident of such dishonesty, in an informal psychological study of how and why some people lie, cheat and con. Frankly, we're as curious as to how this will turn out, as are you.