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This page briefly details my reason for leaving Thailand and the disposition of my belongings.

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I'm pushing ten years in Thailand. The first 2 were fun, interesting, exotic -- fascinating, really. But in time you'll always drill down to the seamy underbelly of any society, and I've discovered that Thailand's is bigger and nastier than any country I've lived in, and that includes Mexico. Thailand is now miserable, and I see that very, very few expats ever come to any other conclusion given enough time here. They just get too old to do anything about it. By the time they realize they've retired in an insane asylum awash in the slurry from a cesspool, they don't have the energy to start all over again. Fortunately, I do. I wasn't that old when I came.


I knew the day the Thai police in Soi 9, Pattaya, commented on my nice iPhone, then stole it off the desk of the high-ranker I was consulting with, and then two or three days later sold it back to me because they couldn't crack it -- I knew then Thailand was far more corrupt than I had ever dreamed. Now, nearly a decade later, I understand that that minor incident wasn't even a grain of sand on the beach. I did later find someone in that department who had witnessed the entire affair from a corner office. A female Pattaya officer had come into the room and spotted the iPhone on the desk. She looked around, then at the police captain seated at the desk, who smirked and shrugged, and she slipped it into her pocket. I was contacted by a man a few days later who claimed he was a motorbike taxi driver, and he'd had a fare that amounted to about $200us, and that customer had run away. Of course a taxi fare in Pattaya to go from one extreme of the city to the other is about $6, so he would have had to drive a fare to Laos and back to have racked up a bill like that, but Thais will say anything because they think we're as stupid as they are. He wanted $100 for the phone because, he said, he was a nice guy. He'd obtained my number from the big message that appeared on the iPhone when you tried to boot it up, which said, "THIS PHONE IS STOLEN. CALL 094-XXX-XXXX". I met him in a dark place and got the phone back, minus the casebattery booster case, and then he demanded a tip, and then he needed dental work. The man was a well-known drug dealer in Pattaya, who had never once been a taxi driver, but who was the then-boyfriend of the female officer who stole the phone.

When I discovered the phone gone off the captain's desk I made an issue of it. You don't ever want to raise your voice to a Thai, and especially not to a Thai police captain, and especially not to a whole room of Thai police inside their own station, but I did. I pushed it right to the ragged edge of getting arrested for whatever. I knew they all knew what happened. And they knew I knew. And so I got a little extra leeway for knowing they knew. That, and the captain had previously asked me what I had done in America, and I told him Federal narcotics enforcement. He thought we were buds. He probably thought I was also corrupt. But sooner or later they would have lost so much "face" that they would have had no choice but to jail me and probably beat me. I stopped and stormed out, mere seconds before that could happen. Welcome to Thailand.

The iphone thing was, as I've said, not even one grain of sand on the beach. I include it here only to demonstrate that after many thousands of experiences like this in my interactions with Thais all over Thailand, it has an abrading effect on your soul, like sand in the wind over a mountain. Sooner or later, it will wear down the toughest stone.

The current problem we're facing is that we have leased a large shophouse in Naklua, and we've been here some time. We have a shop, and we rent to other shops in front. Dozens of small soi children play in the paved area between our shop-front, and the street, about six meters. The problem was that about ten times per hour, cars and motorcycles who didn't want to wait for slow traffic out on the street, would careen off the city street, across the sidewalk, and onto our paved front shopping area, through it at 30kph, and then careen back out across the sidewalk, over the curb, and into traffic again, in the street. No, there is no traffic enforcement here. They seldom gained anything, but they're Thai, and Thais are stupid, and that's a fact. Officially, Thailand is the third deadliest country in the world to drive in -- if you believe independent numbers, it's number one. The Thais are stupid. Fact.

There were any number of close calls with the soi kids, and we learned in the first week that we needed to stop the problem. Besides, it was damned annoying. They would even run through the centers of the restaurants when they were open out there, hitting tables and knocking over chairs, honking at customers who were carrying drinks back to their seats. We're talking spaces of a meter between tables. Thais are a real class act. Like ALL other shops, we placed a number of flower planters to block vehicles from driving through what is essentially our front yard. Each plastic planter weighs about five kilograms or less -- maybe 8 pounds. There were four of them. This largely stopped the motorcycles, though not always. Often enough they'd try to squeeze through between some pots, and miss, and hit them and knock them over, and speed away. We vowed to eventually put out bigger pots. But this in no way impeded anyone from walking through. Indeed, we wanted the customers to have easy access to our shop, and we wanted them to not be killed by a speeding vehicle while they were walking to us.

All was mostly well with the world.

But on June 8, 2021, an old Thai man approached my girlfriend, who was working in the shop, and nastily informed her that he didn't like the flower planters being placed there. He made no mention of any of the other hundreds of flower planters in front of all the shops up and down the soi. Only ours offended him, which was curious, because it was later learned he lived miles away and had no reason to be here anyway. It turned out that he had owned this complex twenty years ago, but sold it twenty years ago, but had been harassing the owners and tenants ever since. He's just a worthless old bastard. His name, address and photo will appear here in time.

Girlfriend argued with him that he had no standing to make any such demand, but he was used to getting his way, and he threatened her in many different ways, the culmination of which was to state clearly, for our security cameras, that if he saw the planters there again, he would personally take them and throw them in the bin.


In any normal country in the world, in this situation you call the police, and they come and talk to the fool, and inform him matter of factly that he is not the owner of the building nor any other property in the region, and that he has no authority to make such demands, not to mention threats, and that he needed to go away and never return, or face legal and criminal consequences. That's how it's done. Simple. It works. That's the barrier between society and the jungle. But in Thailand, there is no barrier at all. Not even cheesecloth. In America, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore -- hell, MOST other countries (except Zimbabwe) have at least cheesecloth.

Done. Easy. Takes about ten minutes. Chances are he'd never come back.

In Thailand, however, it doesn't work that way. Not even close. Because Thais are stupid.

He was ONCE a powerful land owner, and that gives him, even to this day, almost total immunity from any kind of prosecution by the law. He knows this. He enjoys it and has for decades. That's why he screamed at my girlfriend for seven minutes and forty seconds on security video when she refused to remove the planters. He's a jackass on steroids, enabled further by a corrupt and imbecilic system.

We called the building owner and laid it out for her, and she immediately informed us that this man was the reason she stopped living in this shophouse and rented it to us. He harasses absolutely everybody hereabouts and always has, and will until he dies, or until someone waterboards him for a weekend. Hopefully that's soon, and hopefully it's painful.

The building owner agreed to call the man, and she did, and he stuck to his threats, and she came back to us shaking her head, saying there was nothing she could do -- the planters must go.

We explained why they were there. She said yes, she understood, and she had placed her own there for the same reasons, as well, and the man never complained once about them. But she was terrified of this quasi-mafia punk and his connections, and didn't want to "make waves", like most Thais, so instead of fighting one battle, they will fight many, again and again and again, forever, and wonder why they must.

She she said our flower pots had to go.

I said no, I will terminate this lease and find another shop.

Girlfriend said no, that was unthinkable -- she has her shop here and her clientele and she doesn't want to lose it.

The owner was asked what would happen if we parked a car to block our "yard". The owner said that was perfectly fine -- but no flower pots. Ever.

Are you shaking your head yet? Of course you are. Anyone would be. A monkey would be mystified by this logic. But people who've been here a long time merely nod, because they've all been through it hundreds or thousands of times and the insanity is nothing new.

As it stands, our yard is blocked by a collection of motorcycles because we don't own a car, and don't want one. We're trying to figure out what else we can use, since the flower planters that all other shops use, are prohibited. Couldn't we just buck the owner's decree? Yes, and that's my choice, but not girlfriend's choice. The building owner has no legal (or moral) standing to tell us we can't have flower pots out front, nor does the old insane man. But this Thailand.

This is a comparatively teensie, tiny problem and it will be overcome. But the bigger problem lies in the sheer frequency of these teensie little problems. If the old man died tomorrow it would have less than no effect on my decision to dump Thailand. It's not uncommon to run into things just this crazy, 1 to 8 times per day. And THAT is what one must look at when one decides whether or not this is a country worth living in. Simply, it's not. The Thais are quite insane. It's nature, not nurture, meaning that their DNA is the problem and it will only be diluted by mixing with other blood, over hundreds of years. Left to its own devices, Thai DNA will remain in a bubble, and the people will continue to be stone-stupid, forever. Unfortunately, the US let's them in by the hoards and pays their welfare checks because they can barely, if at all, perform a single job in a real, non-Thai workplace. Our tax dollars at work, as usual.

In any case, that's enough for me. I want out of Thailand. But I can't even go around and research other countries, because we are still, (STILL!) marked as "dark red Covid" territory. Why, you ask? It's over in the rest of the world you say? Yes. But the Thai government REFUSES to bring in, or allow to be brought in, any meaningful quantities of Covid vaccine. They were boasting today that after a trickle of vaccines coming in for TWO MONTHS, they have now reached the staggering milestone of inoculating a whopping....wait for it....100,000 Thais of a population of 68,000,000. Do the math: 100,000 in 60 days; how long to do 68 million?

[Note: I'm just informed this figure is possibly wrong -- Thai government now says 5.1 million total with 300,000 just today. I honestly find that impossible to believe. Is this verifiable? How would you do that, in a secret society where you aren't allowed to ask questions and which has for decades blatantly lied about its traffic fatality stats? My Thai girlfriend is signed up with three different lists -- she can't even get a number. So how are they doing 300,000 per day? It doesn't wash, as usual in Thailand.]

[Note: I just checked the figures with the WHO. Thailand has vaccinated 2.1% as of June 7, 2021. Period. In all this time. While most other countries have vaccinated entire populations of hundreds of millions, Thailand has done 2.1% of 68 million. Good job, boys! Even lowly, backwards Cambodia is at 14% vaccinated fully! For God's sake, Thailand. You worry about "losing face"? You have no face left to lose!].

The Sinovac stick was available in Thailand shortly after the first of the year. It's now past halfway through the year. And Thailand has inoculated 2.1% as of June 7, 2021. The scheduled Astra Zenica roll-out from Thailand's own "lab" didn't materialize. Maybe at a later date. But this is Thailand, so, you know, maybe not. If Thailand has vaccinated 2% in six months, how long will it take them to do the other 98%? Do the math. People are already living in the streets with only very low quality government hand-out food. Yet Thailand continues to fuck around like this, endlessly. Indeed. Monkeys Wearing Pants. And now that I can see just how record-breakingly incompetent these people are, I simply want out.

The Thai government has, as of June 8, approved the procurement of other, normal vaccines, not by hospitals around the country, but BY THE PROVINCES. Who will do what? Try to make a profit and delay anything and everything until they can be assured they've squeezed every last Satang out of the deal, by making the hospitals pay endless bribes to get the medicine. But even if it all could go straight to the hospitals, look at the numbers in the image below. Remember, we have a population of 68 million.

1900 baht is about $60usd

Foreigners aren't allowed to even buy their own third party vaccines until ALL Thais have received theirs, according to my own hospital's email to me, personally. Think about just how screwed up that is. I've now offered $500 (15,000 baht) for one dose of Sinovac. Can't get it until ALL Thais have been vaccinated, or so the story from the hospital goes.

Last winter I very pessimistically predicted I wouldn't get mine way until March of 2021. Secretly I thought that was BS. Secretly, I figured mid February. But here we are in mid June, and not a hint of a vaccine in sight.

[Note: a farang friend now says he is scheduled for his in ten days if he drives across Thailand. Let's see if he actually gets it. He will be the very first I know in Thailand or will have heard of in Thailand, while, again, in every other country I have friends or family, I don't know a single person who has NOT gotten it, and most of them got their SECOND DOSE TWO MONTHS AGO. This is a regal clusterfuck by Thailand. I don't know a single other farang who has even been accepted into a queue, and any queue might be months and months long. My province, Chonburi, predicted vaccines for farangs maybe in October 2021. But they have no credibility whatsoever and have missed many such predictions. They just keep making more. Now, as I said, it's looking like early to mid 2022. Pretty soon Thailand will be a FULL YEAR behind the rest of the world. Thailand says it's slow because it wants to make sure the vaccines are "safe for its people". Like Covid 19 is safe for its people. It's slow because it's incompetent.]

--Kind of odd when you consider that Thais in the US and other countries are vaccinated in the same queues, shoulder to shoulder with the citizens of those countries. But Thais don't think about that. You think western cultures are "me first" cultures? Oh you silly boys and girls. If you're a Thai in any western nation, you've probably already been vacced. It seems almost every country in the world takes far better care of Thais, than Thailand.

I hate the Thai government for this, but I hate the good and decent and moral and honorable Thais for just rolling over, as they always do, and playing dead, and allowing it all to happen. When good does nothing, it's a license to evil. It is my most profound wish that the everyday Thais should learn this. Thais "don't want to make waves", so they allow themselves to be beaten down ten thousand times. Americans learned long ago it's better to fight one good fight, fight it well, give it your all and then 200% more, and by God win it, than to fight a thousand battles halfheartedly, over and over and over. When will Thais grasp this? Maybe never. It's not in their DNA and they aren't a fighting people. There are plenty of good Thais here. I have many friends. But I can no longer say they are in the majority, and I sure as Hell don't see any in government..

In any case, I need to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff, collected here through all these years, and particularly, recently. If Covid didn't exist, it wouldn't matter; I still am done with Thailand. It's a rat hole of corruption, greed, insanity, graft, theft, incompetence, stupidity, unprofessionalism and dishonesty on a galactic scale.

The video below is a bit low rez. I have a 1080 version if you MUST have it for some reason; maybe I'll link to it. And during the first few minutes I forgot to narrate it. Sorry. But just peruse the video, and see if there's anything you'd like to see more of (good stills, etc.) and make an offer on. It's nearly impossible to eBay anything here because, once again, Thai Customs will steal much of what goes out, and the shipping insurance won't pay because shipping insurance here never, ever pays, and you'll be ruined by eBay refunds and bad feedback. Some of it can't be sold until I'm really ready to leave, and the way this vaccine program is going, that could be early 2022. Or mid 2022? Or 2023? Imagine, the rest of the world is nearly done with Covid. I don't know ONE PERSON in ANY other country that hasn't been vaccinated. But I don't know ONE PERSON in Thailand who HAS. Thailand hasn't even started the general population (the 100,000 vaccinated were government employees and politicians).

On top of all these issues and countless more, I am informed on June 8, 2021, that an abandon warehouse exactly 4 meters from my bedroom wall and window, is to be converted to a 24 hour, open-air snooker establishment which will cater to young Thai men on motorcycles, usually drunk. Why? How can they do this? There are nearly no zoning laws in Thailand because they are incapable of thinking that far ahead. Work has already begun

But much of this stuff CAN go now. There's no question I'll leave Thailand, it's just a matter of when.

There is no contact point on this page -- those of you who've received this URL know how to contact me.

I am NOT a person who holds out for the last centavo on any sale. I hate, hate, hate selling, and I won't bargain, really, beyond one initial offer and a yes or a no. I make my prices absurdly low, take it or leave it. If you feel the need to ask me if I'll go lower, then you don't understand the product or its value or my price and you probably shouldn't own it. If we can't reach a deal within that space then we're done. Whatever doesn't sell will be thrown, literally, into the sea.

Take it with me? I've lost maybe 80% of all the stuff I've tried to bring IN to Thailand, stolen by Thai Customs (or UPS). I mean flat-out, literally stolen. I'm told that sending your own stuff OUT of Thailand invites the same rampant larceny. I will never own many things again. The liability is too high. It's too big of an anchor around one's neck.

So peruse away. Feel free to discuss. I can usually tell you what the new prices were. I'll supply model numbers where I can find them if you ask. Let me know if you want anything. Feel free to pass this URL along to any interested party in Thailand, but they will have to come back through YOU to get a hold of ME, and caution them I won't ship. Too much stuff goes missing even with the domestic carriers and again the insurance is usually no good.

The following video shows some of the belongings I wish to dispose of before leaving Thailand. Yes, as always, I'll pay 10% broker's fees.


Here's the 1080 version. It's too big (wide) for this page and it's also 7 gigabytes. Depending on your browser you may get prompted to download it. It's merely an .mp4 file and as far as I know viruses can'\t live inside of those.