"Judge" Bobbe Bridge
(Bobby Bridge, Bobbie Bridge)

Washington State's Latest Judicial Embarrassment

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Is this page still relevant after all these years?

It will be relevant as long as scumbags and liars walk this earth.

UPDATED Sept 15, 2021

Hit and Run Drunk Driver Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge was a political appointee of "idiot governor" Gary Locke, and is "a close friend" of Washington State's latest "idiot governor", Christine Gregoire. Gary Locke left Washington an amazing legacy of incompetence and corruption by the simple act of personally appointing a handful of the worst judges the country has ever seen.

Thanks, Gary!

The state was screwed up enough.
It really didn't need your foot on its head.

Judge Bobbe Bridge:

You can put lipstick on a sow and call it Monique.....
But a pig is still a pig.


Copyright (c) 2003 All Rights Reserved

I remember when I was a logger in Aberdeen, a rough-and-tumble, hard-drinking little town if there ever was one. If you didn't drink, you weren't a "man". That was 50 years ago as of this edit.

I remember I'd been drinking in a downtown honky-tonk bar. A real dive called the "Smoke Shop". Every town has one. I drank a beer and a half over an hour and a half. I was 220 pounds, so I probably wasn't legally drunk. But I could feel a slight effect because I didn't drink much anyway.

I had to drive home when the bar closed. It was about four blocks on an empty street. I thought about whether or not I was okay to drive. I decided I was. I didn't feel impaired during that four block drive. I made it just fine. But the fact of the matter is that I was slightly impaired. Any alcohol at all impairs one's judgment in the physical world. And driving a 2500 pound lethal weapon is no place to be impaired to any degree.

I remember during that short drive feeling a sense of guilt settling into my bones. No matter to what infinitesimally small degree, I was endangering those around me. And I had no right to do that. No right at all.

I never drove after having consumed any alcohol again, and I never will. It's not something I have to "force" myself to do; it's not a resolution that requires willpower or counselling or enrolling in a "program". You just bloody-well don't do it. You don't pull down your pants and crap out on a busy sidewalk. You don't drink and drive. It ain't rocket science. One thing will only get you kicked in the head. The other thing will kill children. I consider myself to be of average, or slightly below average morality. Yet it's an easy decision. It's just common sense. And besides, it's polite.

On February 28th, 2003, Washington's own Judge Bobbe Bridge, a "Judge Judy" look-alike, consumed enough alcohol to put her blood alcohol level at .22 percent---three times above the legal limit. She then drove home. Or rather she tried to. Along the way she rammed another vehicle, but kept right on going. Further down the road some local citizens were forced to physically stop her with their own vehicle.

Bobbe Bridge says she didn't think she was drunk.
Bobbe Bridge says she isn't guilty of hit-and-run (even though she doesn't deny hitting and running).
Bobbe Bridge says she won't step down from the bench.
Bobbe Bridge says how she handles her mistakes will dictate whether she should lose her job.
Bobbe Bridge is, I submit, the f*ucking Boogy Man.

Had Bobbe Bridge killed your spouse or your child that night (and then run away from the crime), do you think you'd be judging her now on how she handled herself after the fact? Do you think her behavior after the fact would bring your loved one back, or atone for it in even the smallest, most insignificant way? Do you think you could ever respect the judicial system again, knowing what kind of low-life is behind the curtain pulling the levers?

Bobbe Bridge did not possess the simple common sense required to know that she had consumed too much alcohol. That in and of itself makes her the poorest possible example of a human being, let alone a Supreme Court Judge.

Bobbe Bridge did not possess the simple common sense required to know that she should not be driving a motor vehicle if she were at all intoxicated. That in and of itself makes her the poorest possible example of a human being, let alone a Supreme Court Judge.

Bobbe Bridge did not possess the simple common sense required to STOP THE GODDAMNED CAR when she hit the first vehicle, or even when the local citizenry had to risk their own lives to get her stopped. That in and of itself makes her the poorest possible example of a human being, let alone a Supreme Court Judge.

Bobbe Bridge does not possess the simple common sense required to know that it is the deed itself that mandates she leave the bench, not her composure and supposed grace after the bloody fact. That in and of itself makes her the poorest possible example of a human being, let alone a Supreme Court Judge.

The newspapers report that "some people" are "angry" about this incident. That's like saying "some mothers" experience a "bad hair-day" when some drunken loser kills their children. We're not angry. We're so far beyond angry and pissed off and sick-to-death and disgusted and embarrassed by and for the judicial system.....that we could collectively puke.

I would never allow a woman of this breeding in my home. If she were my secretary, I'd fire her. I don't know a single gas station owner who'd hire her as an attendant. The entire nation of Canada won't even let her in the country long enough to have lunch at Burger King, because they're sick (and rightly so) of drunken, amoral Americans and they know from long and painful experience that individuals like this are more trouble than they're worth. Yet Bridge still insists she has a place on the bench! And guess what? Like O.J. Simpson, she'll almost certainly get away with it! -Because the judicial branch is little more than a frat house, a club, a gang. Would YOU stand in respect as she enters the courtroom?

On this site you can read about the illegal, mind-boggling escapades of Judge Helen L. Halpert, about the virtually unsurpassed stupidity and incompetence of Judge John Lawson (both Gary Locke appointees), and about corruption, dishonesty and dishonor from the bottom of the law enforcement chain to the top of the judicial system.

What you'll learn from exploring this site is that judges make up their own rules as they go along, that they haven't the common sense God gave a crowbar, that they are corrupt and petty and stupid and dishonorable and that there are very, very few exceptions. You'll learn that we, the people, struggle hard, hard to "look the other way", to find some small speck of decency in these people, to uncover even one single Goddamned molecule of decency in them because, after all, they hold our lives and futures in their hands and God forbid they should turn out to be really as loony and backwards and incompetent and dirty and biased as we think they are.

And then along comes Judge Bobbe Bridge who, in one fell swoop, proves to us once and for all that our worst nightmares are confirmed: The judicial system is made of scum. This final epiphany is driven home only in part by Bridge's arrogant, obnoxious, belligerent insistence that she should keep her cushy job on the bench, where common sense is needed as nowhere else in government. It is driven home, more, because Bridge's peers have not mustered forth en masse, outraged, murderous, torches and sticks and pitchforks in hand, physically tossing this utterly offensive drunken hag bodily from her perch, and apologizing profusely to those at the mercy of her madness. The fact that her peers have not done this tells us they are as worthless as Bridge. Dear God, let someone have some balls. If the judicial system will allow this woman, or any human being even remotely as devoid of common human decency, to sit in judgment over others, then they might as well give a gavel to Freddy Freaking Kreuger as well.

With Judges like Bobbe Bridge, who needs Al Quaeda.

Welcome to Planet of the Apes.


In the most profound disgust, and in growing fear....





Judge Bobbe Bridge entered into a plea arrangement which requires that she undergo substance abuse counseling and....



...and NOTHING!

That's it!

She has also promised to pay for the damage she did to the vehicle she hit (and ran from). But as of this writing the owner hasn't received a dime and doesn't know if or when he will.

We are seriously considering leaving the country and renouncing our U.S. citizenship. There are no words to describe this bullshit.


UPDATE 8-20-05:

Over the course of the winter of 04/05 I had a more or less pleasant acquaintence with a local attorney. This attorney said he had read this page and disagreed with it strongly because he said Bobbie Bridge was "a good friend" of his and had been for many years, and that she was "a good person" (so that apparently excuses her from her horrific acts).

I told the attorney I'd be delighted to accept and post his rebuttal to this page, verbatim, if he cared to work up the copy, and I'd give him full credit for the piece. He immediately stated that he would not be willing to put his name on it, though I never quite understood why.

I then told him that was fine; I'd be happy to represent it as an anonymous rebuttal, stating only that I had personally verified the source and that the source was legitimate. He initially agreed with this arrangement. This attorney stated that he could empathize with this drunken broad because he, himself, had been convicted twice of DUI. I told him I had a problem with that. He went on to defend his, and Bobbie's, transgressions, reasoning that drunk driving wasn't socially unacceptable way back in the day. I reminded him that Bobbie's disgusting display had occured only a couple of years ago, almost at the very height of the nation's public outcry over the loss of its children to drunk-driving pieces of human garbage like Bobbie Bridge.

I virtually pestered the man for his statement over the next few months, finally giving up in early summer 2005, realizing that no rebuttal editorial would ever be forthcoming.

I've thought long and hard about this attorney's arguments since that winter and spring, and I've searched my soul diligently and exhaustively, trying to find some way, some logic by which I could find even once ounce, one gram, one microscopic grain of tolerance or forgiveness for Bobbie Bridge's outrageous behavior. In the end, I cannot. My view of this woman remains the same: She is a pig. She is human garbage. She IS the boogie man our children and their parents fear. Her actions on the night in question were an order of magnitude beyond reprehensible. Her actions in trying to evade those who wished to stop her from killing someone show the true nature of her soul. Her sleazy, sneaky little deals with the blatantly corrupt prosecutors of the Pacific Northwest are so far over the top as to be indescribable by me. Her refusal to pay for the damage done to one of the victim's vehicles until she was absolutely FORCED to pay, is a disgusting testament to her disgusting moral code. Her refusal to leave her cushy job as a judge makes the people who pay her wages want to literally vomit. The fact that her peers on the bench allow her to continue on as if nothing happened is a direct statement to the morality of those individuals.

God knows we have enough drunken sh*t-bags on our highways. The Pacific Northwest doesn't need or want anymore people like this. Washington doesn't want them. America doesn't want them. In fact, we can't see that this woman has any legitimate place on this earth.