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Carson City Courts -- Are the Court Clerks on Drugs?

My experiences with Carson City, Nevada, USA Courts and Court Clerks


Ashley Spohn <

Carson City Court System Sucks


I needed to file a small claims court suit against a bad Carson City, Nevada business.

Simple, right?

I've used Small Claims Court for many things in many states and counties over many decades. I've never lost a case in Small Claims court. You go in with plenty of documentation, a clear story, a bit of knowledge of the law, and a straightforward attitude. In and out in under 90 minutes every time, with an award in your favor. Small Claims court is one of the most useful tools America offers to those wronged by fools and idiots and really bad businesses. At least it used to be useful.

I recently needed to file against a stupendously bad business in Carson City, Nevada. I would go so far as to say it's a criminal enterprise IMHO. I have seldom run across a worse one in my life. The amounts involved weren't huge -- maybe a few thousand dollars. But there was one hell of a principle to be demonstrated, which is often what Small Claims court is all about.

None of that matters for the purposes of this page. The purpose of this page is to demonstrate what you will be subjected to should you choose to try to use or interact with the courts in western Nevada, specifically Carson City. I spent much of my life in Nevada, with a bunch of it being in western Nevada. Western Nevada, 30 years ago, had come to be known as eastern California. Now, it IS California. They should change the political border on Google maps. If you've ever lived in California, you know that it is, factually, a giant insane asylum. So too, now, is western Nevada. Californians have for decades been fleeing their sinking ship, like rats plunging off the decks of a stricken container ship in a gale. They wanted some kind of life NOT AS BAD as what they had in California. The illogic and irrationality of their government -- all of it -- was driving them crazy, as were their neighbors and businesses. What they didn't "get" was that THEY were the problem they were struggling to escape. There was a comic strip decades ago which said, "We have met the enemy, and they is us." No truer statement could be said about California and Californians. I bash California in this manner and to this degree because I suspect my current problem with the western Nevada court system stems from that disgusting influx of worthless Californians. If we need a wall at the southern US border, we need a bigger one on the western Nevada border. Nevada, at least the western half of it, is a territory ruined.

So what exactly is my beef?

I live 8500 miles from the USA, and I wasn't willing to spend the same amount in airfare and hotels, that I would win in my Carson City Small Claims suit, to go back to prosecute the suit. I might even lose money on the deal. To remedy that, I wanted to know if Nevada, and specifically the Carson City District court system, allowed Small Claims suits by proxy. That means, if the plaintiff is unable to attend to prosecute their case, the court will, or will not, allow them to appoint someone to do it in their place. Attorneys aren't allowed to do it, but some states or counties will allow this -- that is to say that a person who cannot attend the court may be allowed to appoint someone in their place. It makes sense, of course. Why would any court object? But some courts DO object, and I needed to know if the Carson City court would object. Simple, right? Sure it is. You shoot an email to the court clerk and ask this question like this:

"Does your small claims court allow me to appoint someone to handle my small claims case in my place, since I live on the other side of the world?"

The court clerk then emails back and says this, "Yes, we allow that, thank you." Or, they could say, "No, our court doesn't allow that, thank you."


If they are particularly lazy, they could simply say yes, or no. Not even a thank you. Easy peasy. Done deal. Then the plaintiff knows how to proceed.

Ah....but this is California --uh, er, I mean WESTERN NEVADA. And all things western Nevada are now just plain nuts. Because California is nuts. And western Nevada IS Eastern California.

So here is the string of emails that ensued in an effort to extract a simple answer to a simple question from the fools in the Carson City District court. I KNEW this would be a nightmare. I knew it. And of course, it was:


date: May 4, 2019, 8:48 PM
subject: small claims court question


"I need to sue a carson city business in small claims court (1-2,000$) But I live half way around the world. Is it possible to sue in small claims bgy proxy -- in other words, to have another person represent my case? I know some states or jurisdictions allow it, and some do not. Thanks for your reply."


I received the following reply:


n Wed, May 8, 2019 at 6:22 AM Ashley Spohn <> wrote:


Good Morning,

The justice court has received your question in regards to a Small Claims. Unfortunately, the court cannot advise on your question. The Court does not refuse any filing. You are more than welcome to speak with an attorney in regards to any questions you might have. If you have another question for the court please give us a call at (775)887-2121.

Ashley Spohn

Judicial Clerk

Carson City Justice/Municipal Court

(775) 887-2121



Well suprahse, suprahse -- a stupid answer to an easy question.

Obviously the court won't "REFUSE THE FILING", but will it allow the case to be prosecuted by someone appointed by the plaintiff? EASY damned question. Really, I promise, it's an EASY damned question and requires only a YES or a NO.

Easy..... It really is. --But of course not for the California Court system.

I replied with the following, gritting my teeth because it was clear where this was headed, but I was still, so far, polite. I just wanted an answer. I just wanted an answer. For the record let me say that again: I JUST WANTED AN ANSWER:




Wed, May 8, 6:26 AM
to Ashley
I don’t believe you understood the question. Here it is in a different form: i want to file a small claims suit in your court. Since I live 8500 miles away, will the court allow me to designate another person to represent my case in the courtroom? It seems an easy question to answer. 



But Ashley was not to be tricked by simple language, reason, logic, or good manners. Noooo....Not Ashley. Ashley was far too clever to fall for that--

Of course this was a dog-simple question and I submit it here, again, for the record:

"Will your small claims court allow me to have someone represent me if I file suit in your small claims court against one of your local businesses?"

I don't know any way to ask it more plainly. Yet Ashley Spohn's answer was utter gibberish. It's what I expected from any US court, and more specifically, it's what I expected from Eastern California. The USA courts are now little more than a gaggle of imbeciles educated far and vastly beyond their intelligences. Using the courts in the US now is EXACTLY like flipping a coin. I strongly suggest litigants do that henceforth because it's far less stressful than going through a system of utter and rank insanity and so much cheaper.

I was ticked and rightly so. I had decades before lost virtually all patience with municipal courts due to exactly this kind of profound incompetent silliness. Can I have someone represent me in their small claims court or not? For God's sake, the answer requires a bloody YES, or a bloody NO! That's all! That's it! It would have taken this dolt, Ashley Spohn, less than three seconds to type either of those two words, yet she could not. She couldn't manage it. She just couldn't get it done. I wonder what she makes? What's her salary? If it's greater than a dollar a month, it's too much, and who's paying it? YOU ARE! So I fired back the following less than polite demand because I was bone-weary of stupid court clerks all across the country, but mostly in liberal-leaning regions like western Nevada (AKA eastern California). I received NO REPLY to the above. I knew I wouldn't, because that is, in a nutshell, a prime example of the arrogance and incompetence and laziness of America's judicial system, from the small fish to the big fish. It's what they DO -- i.e. ALMOST NOTHING. It's merely a herd of silly, incompetent frat boys and girls who can actually accomplish no real task at all. They can't or won't solve the tiniest of problems, because their little Briggs and Stratton brain CAN'T, and when pushed to do so, they ignore the people who actually pay their wages. I call these "garbage humans". Wastes of flesh. Rotten DNA. They produce nothing good in the world -- they are simply an obstacle and an annoyance, and they seem to be happy being just that! So I tried again, this time minus manners and patience: Patience and manners hadn't worked, so it was time to try the shock treatment. Of course we KNOW that nothing will work, because these little Princes and Princesses never had to be accountable before in their lives, so why should they start being accountable now?



Fri, May 10, 2:39 PM (10 days ago)
to Ashley
I'm sorry you can't be bothered to answer this question in an intelligent manner, or at all. Please provide me with the name of at least one judge in your small claims court and I will ask them directly. I will also submit the question to the local newspaper in the form of a letter to the editor, and invite the public to try to answer the question, since you won't. This is a dog-simple matter and a dog-simple issue and it requires a dog-simple answer, such as YES, or NO. I can't "ask an attorney" because private attorneys do not make up policies for district courtrooms, nor do they know every policy of small claims courtrooms since attorneys are not allowed in small claims court. As a court clerk you should know that. Only the court can make its own policies. I need to know what your policy is on this matter, therefore, for the third time before taking this into a public forum, here is the question YET AGAIN: Will your small claims court allow me to appoint another person to prosecute my small claims suit in your small claims court in my absence, since I live on the other side of the earth from Nevada? I don't know how much more plainly I can ask this. I will include copies all of these requests in whatever letter I finally end up sending to your small claims judges. If I do not receive your response in a few days I will go that route. I find it stunning that you cannot, or will not, handle a request as simple as this. I wonder if Nevada has legalized pot yet? Is there another explanation for this kind of incompetence -- or stubbornness? Such a simple issue. So, so simple. And we go.



And what was Ashley Spohn's professional response? She couldn't be bothered to respond at all. --Real piece of work, this one.

So I looked up a new email address for the courthouse and tried YET AGAIN, as follows.



to districtcourtclerk
Sat, May 18, 11:37 AM
I am experiencing a fairly bizarre problem with one or more of your people in the courthouse, regarding a small claims case. I have asked one of the employees numerous times for a simple piece of court policy, and I have received utter gibberish in reply -- gibberish to the point where I suspect a substance abuse problem. I then began asking that person for the names of the judges in district court, so I could appeal to one or more of them to get this straightened out. That court clerk refused to reply. I then suggested I might post the entire problem as a letter to the editor -- I received no reply. I asked again for the names of the judges. I received no reply. At this point you can imagine what I might think of the Carson City and county court system. I really have no words for incompetence on this scale. So once again, for the record, I am officially asking for (demanding) the names of all judges who do or might sit on the small claims bench in the county Carson City is located in. Or if you prefer, please advise the name and contact point for whoever overseas the court clerks. My original question required literally no more than 5 seconds of someone's trouble to answer, and it required simply a yes or no. Yet now we are into this thing several weeks and who knows how many emails. Honestly, I think you have a drug problem in one or more of your court clerks. No sane, sober individual could screw this up to this extent. Please understand this email and all others are to be considered public domain. I will eventually submit this mess to the local newspapers, as well as posting it on a website detailing this charade. I strongly suggest someone simply step up and solve this ridiculously simple problem. Or not! If you want the world to see into the inner workings of your area's judicial incompetence, just keep doing what you're doing. This case gets bigger and rises in the Google rankings each and every time more content is added to it. If that's what you want, just keep on keepin' on.



What was the response this time?

I received back an error saying the email server in question had never been configured. Of course this was an ADVERTISED EMAIL ADDRESS ON THEIR WEB PAGE. Yet these hapless boobs never configured it.

Ok, so, there you have it. This is a pretty typical example of any kind of attempted interaction with any USA court these days. They're run by college-educated idiots and fools who simply cannot DO THE JOB. But the people above them can't do the job either!

So where does that leave us?

It leaves a growing number of us abandoning the USA. I live in a Third World country now and have for many years. As dumb as the government is here, it's smarted than in the US.

I have learned that there will never be any logical redress to be had in any USA court. Period. That's the end of the story.

I will handle my problem with the local Carson City business in another far more effective manner. And the Carson City courts can literally go F--- themselves. They are a Ship of Fools.

Now the public dissemination begins, because people have a right to know what they might be letting themselves in for when they seek some remedy, any remedy at all, in this, or any other USA court. Now the public dissemination begins, and I will be tireless and persistent in this endeavor.