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Complaint Against Leigh Ann Tift, Leigh Ann Collings Tift,
Leigh Ann C. Tift "Attorney" in Seattle, Washington


This page was reviewed on October 30, 2021, to determine if it was still relevant, 20 years after it's writing. Yes, it's more relevant now than ever with regard to Leigh Ann Collings Tift and Littler-Mendelson P.C., a Seattle "lawfirm". We have seen that in the 20 years post this incident, this firm, and this individual, have become world famous for exactly this type of stunt. They are incapable of growing up; they are incapable of professionalism. If you are interested in learning more about this case, and many others, please refer to the HOME PAGE of this website.







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Leigh Ann Tift, Littler, Mendelson

999 Third Ave. Suite 3900

Seattle, WA. 98104


            Re: Dart International; Mark McFarland; Delann Lamb


            I am herewith requesting copies of all material(s) you have presented to the Aukeen court re the two named above.


            This statement is directed to the female attorney who represented Lamb and Mcfarland (re above):

            I am herewith advising you to cease and desist making snide, un-called-for remarks about me and insults to me, very expertly veiled “under your breath”, during any future proceeding. While I do realize that attorneys have not the slightest regard for the truth of any case, that still leaves no room in the proceedings for crude innuendo which serves no purpose---except, perhaps, to solidify an opponent’s resolve. Your behavior and demeanor, both prior to and during the proceeding were, in my humble opinion, an embarrassment to your law firm. You are doing your clients a disservice. If it happens again, and I’ve no doubt we’ll meet in the criminal prosecution of your clients for perjury, I’ll ask that the proceeding be paused, and that the court ask you to cease. I cannot imagine what you thought you had to gain. Perhaps you cannot differentiate between the aggressive and logical pursuit of a case, and meanness simply for meanness sake. If that’s the case, take a class. I won’t tolerate one more episode of sophomoric sniping.

            If you had any regard for truth or justice, you would have uncovered long ago that my statements are 100% true. I wonder, however, if even a thousand polygraphs, a thousand credible witnesses and a hundred convictions of perjury against your clients would convince you. Still, I suggest you make some small effort to get at the truth here---if not for the sake of your case, then at least for your own personal knowledge. Don’t take my word for anything. Figure it out for yourselves, using whatever methods have meaning to you. You are being bamboozled. And you are helping bad people cause others pain. You are also allowing---perhaps even encouraging---your clients to involve themselves ever deeper in a mire of perjury. That, also, is a disservice to them. While it may be the creed of the modern attorney to help his client “win at any cost”, I do not believe that “at any cost” includes having them end up convicted of a serious crime.

It’s time you had a long heart to heart with these people.


            In deep disrespect,