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Seattle Superior Court Clerk(s)
Barbara Miner, Judge Hilyer

516 3rd Ave., Room E609, Seattle, WA., 98104-2386


Judge Hilyer
Superior Court
516 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA., 98104-2386
                                                Registered Mail Receipt: 420 98104 9121 8052 1390 7135 -------
                Judge Hilyer,


Way back in May 2009, my business received an anonymous email which caused us to believe that an act of violence against us was likely or imminent. We immediately filed a complaint with Seattle Police. As usual, Seattle PD refused to acknowledge the complaint in any way, and refuses to this day to respond to us. That’s as expected. That is the very essence of the Seattle Police department, and has been thus in the 57 years I have lived here. SPD is lazy and corrupt. It’s a fact. I finally get it. So be it. There’s not one thing I can do to change it.

Upon advice of our attorney we then filed for an anti-harassment order against a “John Doe”, since we didn’t know the offender’s name or whereabouts. That order was granted, and we then used our resultant subpoena authority to subpoena Verizon’s internet records to identify the sender. Verizon complied with that subpoena and sent the subpoena results to your court clerk on June 24, 2009.

We immediately tried to retrieve those results from your court clerk(s), but were told repeatedly that the results could not be forwarded to us until they were entered into the public record. This, we were told, could take weeks. In every instance of interaction your court clerks were lackadaisical, borderline rude, and profoundly, seemingly purposefully counter-productive. This was also expected. We can’t think of a single interaction with any court clerks we’ve ever endured in Seattle that has been either polite or professional or particularly productive. Dealing with court clerks in Seattle courts is rather like dealing with pawn-shop owners on Chicago’s lower east side. It’s an exercise in apoplexy nearly every single time.

On 7-4-2009, having allowed what we thought to have been more than enough time for your office to post the subpoena results to the case file, we tendered a simple request to your office for those results. We carefully included a SASE and a valid check for $10 to cover any expenses. Our request was polite and concise. It is included in this complaint and marked as “#1”.

Your clerk cashed our check on 7-8-09. A copy of the cancelled check is included in this complaint and is marked “#2”.

During this time we continued to receive questionable emails, presumably from the same individual. Not knowing who the perpetrator was, we had no way to stop them.

When we had not received any reply from your court by 7-23-09 we drafted a new letter, once again asking politely for the subpoena results, and reminding the court that it had cashed our check weeks prior. That document is enclosed and marked as "#3".

In response to that letter, we received a form from Barbara Miner, Superior Court Clerk, stating that our request would not be honored because we had not (a) included a SASE, nor (2) tendered the required payment of $10. That document is enclosed and marked as "#4".

While we expected and anticipated the incompetence and dishonesty that we were subjected to up to this point, we did not expect nor anticipate that your court clerk’s office would be downright obstructionist.

We realize that virtually every member of the American judicial system wonders why the citizenry mistrusts it, why the citizenry avoids using it, and why the citizenry lives generally in fear of it. This. Is. Why. Your people simply cannot do the jobs they’re hired to do. But it’s even worse than that: They seem to consciously REFUSE to do the jobs they were hired to do even if they’re able. But it’s even worse than that! Your people appear to work and strive and plot and scheme to prevent the job from being done by anyone else!
I was speaking of this to an attorney yesterday and I asked her what it was about this situation that I wasn’t “getting”. What didn’t I understand? Where were the words to describe this problem? She replied that her best description of the incompetence in your office was this: “Petulant Bureaucracy”. It’s an odd phrase and I had to think it over to see if it fit. Indeed it does, but it only describes the nature of the problem, not the degree. The depth and degree of this conscious malfeasance and incompetence eludes my ability to describe it, and I am a fairly-well paid writer of non-fiction. Only one tired, overused word comes to mind in my attempt at quantifying this problem: Evil.

This registered letter will serve to notify you of my intent to sue your office for the sum of $10, and for the time I was required to wait on hold to reach your office (one spell of 26 minutes, and another of 17 minutes, both on 8-12-09). My “shop” rate is $55/hr. I will ask Small Claims court to order your office to reimburse me for these sums and for court costs, and for any other costs I deem are applicable in the meantime. That sum will be shown in total when you’re served in a little over a month. Most reimbursements will likely be refused. Some may stick. The question of the ten bucks is not at issue. You took it. You provided nothing for it. If you want to find me in front of your office wearing a sandwich board advertising the scheduled court date, just refuse to return my money. You need do nothing more.


I’m disgusted with the judicial system. Actually, that adjective is ten thousand times impotent. I’m horrified by your office. I’m horrified and terrified of virtually all judicial employees. I have come to the inescapable conclusion that there is something WRONG with these people mentally. I no longer believe they are even rational, or perhaps even sane. This one tiny incident is not even a drop in the proverbial bucket, but it’s the straw that broke this camel’s back, and coming from a law enforcement background decades ago, this camel had a strong and forgiving back.

Fact: It is best for the American people to stay away from the judicial system. It does not work. It hasn’t worked for decades. I don’t believe it can ever be made to work again. It is a waste of our time. It is a liability. It is dangerous to attempt to depend on it. You people are, quite bluntly, crazy. You cannot perform the simplest of tasks. Almost none of you are fit for a job as a minimum-wage cashier at 7-11. You would be fired within your first week. You are out of touch with reality. You are out of touch with any semblance of any work ethic. You do more harm than good to your citizenry. I will go to extreme and profound lengths to avoid counting on you people ever again. There is simply something wrong with you.

Small Claims court, as I recall, mandates a 30 day wait period for you to effect restitution before I can file suit against you. That 30 day grace begins the day after your office signs for this restricted-delivery letter. I will likely name you and Barbara Miner as co-defendants. I’m simply not going to sit on my hands and bite my tongue any longer in allowing you to waste my time and steal my money. Given the state of veritable insanity in ALL judicial offices these days, I have no doubt that even small claims court, too, will screw this up in one way or another. I'll document their shenanigans and mistakes on the web page where this letter resides.  

Do NOT reply with an apology. Words from you folks have zero meaning and won’t be read. Either refund my money and reimburse my wasted time or tell your story to a judge (probably a pro-tem) in Small Claims court. I’ll record the session and post it publicly. I think I speak for almost every American when I tell you that we have just plain had enough.

I’m sorry if you feel I’ve shown you disrespect in this letter. The fact is I do NOT respect any individual who hires, maintains the employment of, and/or refuses to fire employees who are a profound detriment to the people who pay your, and their wages. If you don’t like it, bite me.

In disgust,

[signature]                                                                                      8-12-09

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Judge Hilyer
Superior Court
516 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA., 98104-2386
Judge Hilyer,
On 8-12-09 I sent you a registered letter, a copy of which is attached and marked “#1”.

In response to that letter, you folks sent me the document attached herewith, and marked “#2”.

Please read it.


You have sent me private data regarding the garnishment of some other person’s Charles Schwab IRA account. We have never heard of this person.

In my previous letter I suggested that you people were possibly insane. You have proven me correct. You folks ARE insane. Again we are speechless. Let me reiterate: We. Are. Speechless.

Clearly your office is out of control. Unfortunately, your office holds the purse strings to PEOPLE’S LIVES. Insane people cannot be granted power over other people’s lives. It simply isn’t allowable.

What are we supposed to do here? Should we immediately call 911 and report that insane people have somehow infiltrated Superior Court and are randomly disseminating the public’s files? That would be an emergency, correct? It would require that law enforcement immediately respond to your office, round up the mental cases, get the sensitive files away from them, and prevent them from doing any further damage. That’s the point we’re at here, is it not? Please explain to me how this situation differs from what I have just described. Seriously. This is not a rhetorical question. Clearly your court is in chaos. Society can’t allow that state to continue. What is the best legal way of handling this? Should we appeal to the FBI? Who or what agency has the authority to enter your office and stop this behavior? As reasonably good citizens of our community, what’s our responsibility in this case? What are we expected to do? To whom are we expected to appeal? Or is it that, as we suspect, there is simply no hope at all, the koo-koos have taken over the asylum, and all we can really do is move to some island where your brand of lunacy can’t reach us?

We’re tracking down the poor woman whose files you’re spreading throughout the community. We hope she sues you. We’re AGAIN asking for the return of our lousy ten dollars. We want it now, without delay. Period. We want our money.  

In profound disgust,


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Seattle Superior Court, Judge Hilyer, Clerk Barbara Miner