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But what do we REALLY think of HP and it's virtually non-existent support?
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This editorial contains and includes opinions regarding

HP (Hewlett Packard) Corporation
3000 Hanover St. STOP 16/AC
Palo Alto, California, 98607

Should you buy an HP product?
You must be kidding

HP IPAQ. THINK before you buy.

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If you've read the parent page (Hewlett-Packard-Sucks.com) you should have gleaned the understanding that HP is, documentably, screwed up. We see them as dishonest, backwards, incompetent, scurrilous, unprofessional in the extreme, underhanded, and perhaps even criminal in nature (our opinion). The parent page is long (long!). It's a bit hard to chew through, but we've left it that way so that people who really, truly want to know how this company operates can do so if they choose. If we were HP stock-holders, we'd sure as Hell want to have access to such information. We state categorically that, in our opinion, HP is the worst company doing business in America today. That's a big statement, and we don't make it lightly. HP, in our view, is as crooked as the Snake River, as backward as a house of mirrors, as dishonest as Hezbollah, as incompetent as-- well enough of the rant. You want FACTS. So be it.

Some months ago we committed perhaps the dumbest mistake any semi-intelligent being can commit: We purchased yet another HP product. We did this after YEARS of fighting with this band of stink-pots over a bunch of their OTHER crappy products. The parent page demonstrates how much trouble we've had with HP with regard to HP printers. We knew, we KNEW that the rest of their junk was junk as well. Computers. Cameras. You name it. So why did we AGAIN buy an HP product? We don't know. We honestly don't know. It may have been due to some small, undetectable cerebral event. A mini-stroke perhaps. Some peculiar astronomical alignment. The Devil made us do it. Perhaps we're suffering from-- well, let's be blunt. We're suffering from STUPIDITY. You MUST be stupid to buy ANY HP product, and we can't cop to any other plea. We're JUST PLAIN STUPID. That's what WE think. But the fact is we bought an HP IPAQ 2795. Now, anyone else who has bought this piece of crap already knows it doesn't work. It's worthless. You might as well drop it in the fish tank. We were actually going to shoot ours and send it to HP with a .50 caliber hole through the center of it. We may yet. It's junk. It's worth less than $5 because it's a liability when it crashes, freezes, loses your data, destroys your backups, goes bezerk, refuses to turn on, refuses to turn off, gets red hot and melts in your pocket, you name it. If there is any way for an electronic device to screw up and leave you stranded, the HP IPAQ series of handhelds will do it. Frankly, the fault lies partly with Microsoft, who wrote the "Windows Mobile" OS for this loser. Microsoft can't go to the bathroom properly, so why would anyone think they could write an operating system? You'd have to be nuts to think that -- and we admit it, we MUST be nuts to have purchased this hunk of junk. It sits in a drawer now, unused for months, utterly worthless in every single way. Again we have thoughts of shooting it. Just do a Google search for IPAQ problems. The WORLD is outraged at this crap. It's time for a class-action suit against this band of idiots (HP), and we are now formally looking into the requirements of initiating and supporting one.

Still, we, as American consumers, have this bizarre notion that if a company screws us, really SCREWS us in a blatant, black-and-white, cut-and-dried and spectacular way, we have some sort of recourse. Right?

Think again.

It appears HP knows all the tricks that might be useful in dodging consumer complaints and claims. The most successful in their toolkit is to simply IGORE the problem. Ignore the customer, and maybe they'll go away. Of course there are some customers that become enraged at being ignored, and they ramp the issue up. In our case, we simply had the Washington Attorney General's office intervene. We did this because the California Attorney General's office (where HP lives), ignored us too (what a surprise -- well, it IS California, after all). But the Washington Attorney General has been pretty good over the years, and they promptly set to work to protect us, their electronics-buying citizen. This intervention should have extracted from HP a prompt response and a solution to our problem, right? RIGHT? Ah, but we're dealing with HEWLETT PACKARD, the Most Dishonorable Company in the World. Let us illustrate. Here's our letter to the Washington Attorney General, after delivering numerous letters to HP, all by registered mail over a course of MONTHS, all of which elicited NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER:


Attorney General of Washington
900 4th Ave. Suite 2000
Seattle, Wa.,

Please consider this a formal complaint against Hewlett Packard Inc,

Hewlett-Packard Co
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304     

On 12-27-2005 we purchased an HP IPAQ 2795 from an Internet company called “Digitally Unique”. Almost from day-one we realized the product was unusable due to problems with the hardware and countless bugs with the software. To date, 6-21-06, virtually none of those problems has been addressed or solved by HP and the Internet is rife with angry HP victims.

In any case, by the second or third week in January, 2006, we began contacting Digitally Unique, asking for an RMA to return the item. We tried email, snail-mail, faxes, registered mail. In no case did Digitally Unique reply to us. Not once. We finally discovered that Digitally Unique had gone out of business suddenly and had left thousands of customers like ourselves out of luck. The Internet is also rife with angry Digitally Unique’s victims.

We then began emailing HP to look for a resolution. Of course HP couldn’t be bothered to respond either. HP treats [many] of its customers badly, and that’s a fact. We were admittedly incredibly stupid to have ever purchased an HP product, knowing this company’s track record. We appealed to the California Attorney General’s office. They’ve also refused to respond.

Still, so we could progress forward we had to go through the motions of sending HP a legal notification that since its product didn’t work, we required them to buy it back. The attached letter has served in that capacity. HP signed for that letter but will not reply to us. We are asking your office to extract a written reply from this reprehensible company. If they are willing to refund, that will be that. If they won’t, we will travel to Santa Barbara and talk with them in person. That ought to bring some light to this company’s asinine attitude.

Thank you,

[signature]                                            6-21-06



And here's what we received back from the Washington Attorney General. Ready for this? Do you STILL want to waste your money oin HP products and scams? Read the letter below and THEN answer that question for yourselves:

HP Refuses to Reply to the Attorney General!


Does the consumer GET IT yet? Do you understand that this is a BAD company? Do you realize what the odds are of simply being ripped off if you give this company your money? Do you have any conception of the trouble, confusion, loss, headache, stress and strife this company's incompetence and dishonesty causes around the world? We consider the above to be DOCUMENTED FACT that HP, Hewlett Packard, is a bad company, one that, for the good of retail consumerism around the world, should simply go. away.

We're debating whether to sue HP in small claims court in California. Luckily we're not far away. The cost of the trip would negate the refund we'd receive. On the other hand we're not the only HP victims, not by a long, long shot, and perhaps a class action suit in Federal court is the more appropriate forum. Would HP actually learn anything from that? No. They're sued all the time. They are INCAPABLE of learning. It's like trying to teach French to a rodent. It simply ain't gonna happen.

Once we decide how to handle this latest HP atrocity we'll post it right here.