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Apple Watches Suck

In my experience, Apple watches are NOT reliable; they are stunningly fragile; the software is buggy; they are of little to no use, and Apple ignores their shortcomings.


My experiences with two Apple Watches, and Apple's response to those problems:


I don't like Windows or Microsoft or PCs -- they're buggy and poorly designed and engineered. Always have been, always will be. They are pretty close to being junk. I like Linux. Unfortunately, no watch (or phone) that I know of operates on Linux. Because of that I did a really, really stupid thing, and bought an Apple Watch. Now I'm paying the price I KNEW I'd pay.

Apple watches are so chocked full of problems and glitches that they're truly more trouble than they're worth. I mean that literally. Add to that the fact that they don't really do anything useful and you have.....junk. One particular bug drove me so crazy that I did another truly stupid thing: I appealed to Apple for help. I KNEW it was a mistake even as I was typing the ticket. My mind was screaming, "No! No! You fool! You KNOW this will only result in headache and confusion and BS. You KNOW from all past experience with this idiotic company that that is the only possible result! Stop typing now! Stop it!" But I didn't listen to my logical, reasoning brain; I continued typing my help request to Apple, and this is how it went:


[BEGIN] "I have the same problem as so, so many others. I bought a series 4 watch, and right out of the box it began showing random apps instead of the time. Maybe it would show a timer (which I've never set), or maybe the weather, or maybe some other nonsense. I meticulously went through every menu on my iPhone and disabled or removed absolutely every single thing that I was allowed to remove or disable, on the watch app, except the time. I left the stock face alone. But the problem persisted for about five months, until that watch fell off a nightstand and shattered upon hitting the floor, a measured 14 inches of drop. Due to the cost of replacement I threw the watch in the trash, where it belonged. I then very, very, stunningly stupidly bought another one (don't even say it), and I was careful to see if it displayed the same errant behavior, and of course it did, right out of the box, within the first minute of use. I then upgraded to the latest watch software as of early-mid May, 2019, and the problem, of course, persisted. I then went through the watch AGAIN and removed or disabled absolutely every single thing except the time, leaving the stock watch face untouched. The problem persists to this day, unabated. It has become a miserable device. Apple's explanations of cleaning the crown, or that maybe the watch is defective, are utter nonsense. If that's the case, then virtually every watch out there is defective because the Internet is alive with this exact same complaint. Apple also claims that the wearer's wrist might be contacting the crown, thereby changing some settings. I have tried diligently to make this happen -- in no case, in no way, in no instance, can't I make any part of my wrist even slightly touch the crown, no matter how I contort my hand or wrist to try it. So that is not the cause of this problem. When I flick my wrist I want to see, guess what -- THE TIME! I have enabled the setting to ONLY show the last thing viewed, which is Always, you guessed it, THE TIME! Yet it continues to show me all manner of other nonsense. This is clearly a software bug and Apple seems intent on completely ignoring it through version after version after version, and trying to explain it away with lame BS about the crown being dirty. FIX THE PROBLEM! Just step up to the plate, grow a brain, and FIX THE PROBLEM." [END]

I sat back to await Apple's intelligent response. After all, the number of users (suckers) who have this problem is legion and it has persisted for years with no fix, nor even a single semi-intyelligent reply from Apple that I can find. might surmise that Apple would be interested in getting to the bottom of it and FIXING IT, thereby saving some of their drastically waning sales on this turkey turd.

If you thought that, you'd be a fool. Here's Apple's response, received back within probably two minutes of my sending the help request. It's clear Apple not only doesn't WANT to fix this problem, it also doesn't want anyone to KNOW about this problem -- except that, of course, pretty-much everyone knows about this problem because it happens to THEM also. I have not found a single Apple watch owner who does NOT have this problem. It's particularly exasperating when you have one hand that's not free, such as riding a motorcycle, and you want to see the time. You flip up your wrist, and what do you get? Certainly not the time! Maybe you'll get the weather, or some other thing you have no interest in at that moment. That requires you to free up the other hand and push the crown, thereby resetting the face back to....THE TIME!!! It DOESN'T MATTER that you have set the watch to only ever display vthe LAST USED SCREEN. It will show you any other random thing it wants. What is the number one purpose of a watch? TO TELL THE BLOODY TIME! Yet Apple can't even get THAT right.

Apple doesn't grasp this problem, won't fix it, and doesn't want people to know how prevalent it is. Here's Apple's brilliant response to a legitimate request for help to fix a legitimate problem; it's called "bury the problem and stick your head in the sand". Ah, ain't Apple grand?



My advice : Find a company that cares about solving its problems.