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Another bad experience with another stupid eBayer



We ALL use eBay.

Well, we used to.

Pretty-much every single one of us has been screwed over on eBay by now.

That has caused us to FLEE that loony bin of bad sellers and unresponsive eBay support.

It's really not much better than AliExpress now.

eBay is a shambles of what it used to be.

And I avoid it like the plague.

But every once in awhile, we need some stupid little thing that we can't find elsewhere, and we choke down our disgust, put our latex butt-gloves on, and go wading into the cesspool, hoping against hope that we can pull off a simple purchase or a simple sale unmolested by the fools, hotheads, crackpots and scammers. Of course it still seldom turns out nice.

Awhile back I needed a crappy old camera tripod. I didn't need the head -- just a crude set of sticks would do for my particular application. I had bought some ancient Gitzo tripods in the past for about $150 -- actually, exactly for $150, except one, that was purchased for $159 plus shipping, including the head. Having been a photographer for over fifty years, gear, well, it comes and goes. What we think was great, once, can later seem unneeded, and so we sell stuff off, and buy new stuff, and trade, whatever. I remembered that I had used these old Gitzos and they were serviceable but ugly, crudely built but built fairly strong, and they were taller than average, but I had sold all mine when I moved overseas, and now I wanted one of them back.

So, foolishly, I went to eBay. I know, I know, don't say it.

I found one, sans head, and the fool was "asking" $400 for it. I made an offer at the same price I had always paid for them, and sold them at as well, of $150.

If the seller didn't like the offer, he was free to simply decline. It requires but the click of a button. If he didn't like my offer, others would.

This seller did that. Fine and well. He declined my offer. No harm, no foul.

But he felt compelled to also send me a nasty little note, telling me in no uncertain terms to never, EVER bid on ANYTHING of his again, because if I did, he would BLOCK ME!

Oh my God! Why not just block me right then and there and be done with it, instead of to go to the trouble of sending that offensive little note? Why?

Because he's probably just another hot-head asshole. Ebay is overflowing with them -- which is why hip waders and rubber gloves are needed every (every) time you go wading in that swamp.

I didn't want to accidentally ever bid on or offer on this nut-ball's sales again for a variety of reasons, so I figured it would be easiest if I just blocked him first. Then I wouldn't have to look at his over-priced junk.

I spent an hour searching eBay for some way that a buyer could block a seller, but guess what? eBay has removed that feature. Apparently eBay feels that all sellers are God-like, and all buyers are evil, so they won't allow buyers to block sellers anymore. Brilliant. It's just another example of eBay's stunning stupidity, which has caused so many, SO MANY of its users to abandon ship. I submit that eBay execs are, almost to a man/woman, educated far beyond their intelligences.

Frustrated at my inability to block this turkey, and a bit ticked, now, myself, I sent a request to him, along with my sentiment describing his attitude:

New message to: emerchant2814
Unfortunately eBay no longer allows buyers to block sellers. I tried diligently. Please block me -- I don't want to see your grossly over-priced sales again. And another smart-ass message will earn you a formal complaint. Just block me and go away so neither of us has to see the other. I caution here: Do not contact me again. You could have just declined the offer without being an ass.

Of course you know, you KNOW this dilweed had to (HAD TO) retaliate, and so he did. He has good feedback generally, but I think his response, below, tells us all we need to know about what's in his heart, and I think it's a harbinger of how YOU might be treated if this guy takes a notion to go off his meds during a transaction:

New message from: emerchant2814
You were just reported to Ebay for bad language, threats and harassment

Threats and harassment? My Goodness.

So there you have it to this point. I know (I KNOW) this guy will be back at it again, because I CAN'T BLOCK HIM, and then it becomes a criminal matter.

I have tried and tried to find a way to report this to eBay, but they have become increasingly difficult to contact, until, at this point, it seems it is now IMPOSSIBLE to contact them for things like this. The police department in the offender's own town is probably the only way to get any relief from the jackasses of the world.

We never heard a peep from eBay re this jerk's supposed complaint. Either this fool never complained, or eBay thought his complaint was so idiotic it wasn't worth processing. THAT kind of crap is why so, so many people have already abandoned eBay, and continue to abandon eBay. The idiot swamp is just too deep.

All new developments will be appended here.