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GoPro Hero 8
Does it work? I don't know!
GoPro won't sell me one!

Want to buy a Gopro? I don't recommend it.
I guarantee you will begin having trouble before
you even receive it -- IF you even receive it.

Don't Buy GoPro.
Your life will be happier.
I promise.

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Companies don't get any worse than this. They simply do not.



Here is a thread regarding my attempts to SIMPLY BUY A GOPRO (without success). 

I ordered a Gopro Hero8 at the first of February, 2020. It's now February 26. When I ordered, I was promised a ship date in 3-4 days. That was acceptable. I completed the order using the address I always use and where no shipment from anywhere in the world has failed to arrive. It's also the address listed in my American Express account. Gopro successfully charged my card $1 as a means of verifying the validity of my account. I settled back to wait. But of course no camera was ever shipped. I contacted Gopro towards the end of February and despite my best efforts could not get a straight answer as to the status of the order. Then, suddenly, on February 26, I get a notice of cancellation of the order. The sender made a mention of making sure I use a valid address "next time I order", but did not say that was the reason for the cancellation. He also did not say when or if I would ever actually RECEIVE a camera if I ordered again. This is typical Gopro. Here's his email to me, and mine back to him -- except mine didn't get delivered to him because Gopro, always helpful, sent it from a blind-box that doesn't receive replies. Ah, good ol' Gopro, always the village idiots. 


SALES ORDER: SO-338xxxx [ ref:_00DxxxxuF._5003ddddddd:ref ] via
8:12 PM (32 minutes ago)
to me


Greetings from GoPro!

I'm sorry to inform you that the Order RW00ddddrrr has been cancelled. You'll be able to resubmit your order and please make sure the ship to address is correct/complete. Thanks!

Sincerely Yours,
Christian M.
GoPro Customer Support



My reply to GoPro:

Re order RW003ssssss, It's difficult to imagine that a worse or more incompetent or more unprofessional company exists on this earth than GoPro. I waited THREE WEEKS for this to ship out, and now you tell me you have arbitrarily cancelled the order. What in God's name is wrong with you people? Is it a ground-water problem that has made you all mentally retarded? Submit a REASON for the cancellation after all this time, or I'll bump this up again and again and again until I get an answer and you can explain why YOU wouldn't provide one. If it was a problem with an address, why not contact me and ask for clarification? But we don't really know if that's the problem, do we, because you couldn't be bothered to specifically state that. You HINTED at it, but nothing clear and concise. At the very least you earn a GoPro Sucks website over this (yes, yet another one). Explain the reason for the cancellation now. You have 24 hours. I am so jaw-droppingly sick of you people. But just when I think I've seen every stupid, dirty, scammy little trick you could ever pull, you top it. Do you even have anything to sell now? Or would I be subjecting myself to yet another scam if I placed the order again, with no camera ever shipped? END



Since this reply didn't go anywhere, I opened a Gopro chat session and pasted it in and waited for comment. The rep eventually came back and confirmed that the reason the order was cancelled was due to some unknown address snafu. What snafu? He had no idea. I immediately double and triple checked the address I entered, and both billing and shipping were exactly correct, and were the same addresses I use for orders all around the world, using the same credit card (American Express), which ALL show up without exception over many years. I then asked the rep if I ordered again, would I ever actually RECEIVE a camera (which is sort of the point of ORDERING a camera). He said sure! Of course! It would ship out in 3-4 days.




Sorry Gopro, I've been there, done that, and you simply LIE.  I've bought every single camera Gopro ever made, except one. Now I'm done. I have never, in all these years, had a satisfactory interaction on any issue with Gopro that I can recall. Many hardware/software/firmware issues were far and vastly worse than this issue. THAT IS BECAUSE THEIR PEOPLE ARE EFFING STOOPID. So I must cut my losses and find another brand, like so, so many others. We WANT to buy Gopro cameras. But the sheer and rank stupidity, bordering on clinical mental retardation, has devolved to this shocking low level, such that they can no longer even handle a simple order. They engineer the cameras, and they make the cameras, and they advertise the cameras, and when somone comes to them with a fist full of dollars begging to buy the camera, they drop the ball in every single way possible and make SURE the transaction never gets done. Sorry, that's just too stupid for me. Enough. I'm done. I give up.


Google any part of this in three weeks. It'll be listed in Google.