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Lazada Sucks !


If you live, and struggle to shop, in SE Asia and many other places around the world (we see Lazada has even ingratiated itself into the Amazon stream and we predict Amazon will live to rue the day they made this critical mistake), you have no doubt wrestled with a scurrilous company called "Lazada". In my experience, having lived in countries completely circling the globe, Lazada is the second worst retailer in the world (AliExpress being number one). Lazada is a close second. They get most of their goods from China, which means most of their goods are garbage. Lazada's sellers have the option of inspecting the Chinese junk they try to sell, but I guess Lazada's sellers think there is a sucker born every minute and they don't seem to care of they push complete crap that doesn't work -- and even blatantly lie about it. But the thing that really irks most buyers is the fact that Lazada culls many negative reviews, so as to, we presume, keep the truth about the garbage products, from sellers, so they will unwittingly just keep buying Lazada's garbage. Here's a classic example. Note that Lazada has "rejected" this review for "abusive language". Of course there is no abusive language. The review simply says the product is junk, and the seller is foolish for selling it to unsuspecting customers. This would be considered a perfectly legitimate review anywhere in the world -- except in irrational Lazada-Land.

Lazada wants you to buy their junk -- but when it IS junk, and you want to
warn others, watch out. Lazada will block your reviews, and that is a FACT.



This one was actually rejected twice (TWICE!)
Show us the abusive language.


Junk. Not sticky at all. Just plain rubber. They slide off everything, and everything slides off of them, even at a shallow angle. You can buy sticky pads. I have had sticky pads before. These are not sticky pads. They are garbage. Just a scam and a lie. Sellers must look at the products they sell before they talk about them. UPDATE: This review was rejected because they say it contains "abusive language". Read it yourself. There is no abusive language whatsoever. Lazada has simply lied and I am now posting this on my own international website along with many experiences with Lazada. END REVIEW


We have countless examples of this, and we will be soliciting examples from the general public, around the world. As time allows, over the years, we will post them here. Lazada is indeed a scurrilous, dishonest company -- that's our opinion based on thousands of interactions. The odd thing is, THEY DON'T LEARN. They never learn to do better. Maybe the top people at Lazada are genetically stupid; we don't know. We only know that if you do business with Lazada, you are guaranteed to have p[roblems of every type and description.


Stay tuned! Much, much more to come: