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Emerald City Pizza [Hut] Sucks
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Update 2-2014:
Rhonda has passed away due to lung Cancer.
Rhonda was the only force preventing me from meeting these flecks of human garbage face to face. That deterrent is now removed.


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But life and business don't seem to typically follow logical paths at Emerald City Pizza Hut: this is the domain of the bizarre, the stupid, the counter-productive, the illogical, the dishonest, the dishonorable, the incompetent, the corrupt, the foolish, and working for ECP and specifically for Chad Cloke is WAY too much like falling down the Rabbit Hole. It's the Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, and an episode of the X-Files on Acid, all rolled into one. And it's time a handful of government agencies were given the documentation to deal effectively with this amazing band of fools. If these people operated in any real industry with physical lives depending on their decisions, their entire crew and half their customers would be dead. It's hard to remember when I've seen such incompetence -- perhaps never, not even in Third World Countries, not even along the Rio Grande, and seldom, even, in Spokane.


Chad Cloke, Mike Beecher, ECP

Emerald City Pizza Hut, Chad Cloke, Mike Beecher

OCR of the above document in dark blue Italics; Rhonda's rebuttal (truth) is in red (red should be considered green highlight as well -- problem in the code):

On 3/30/11 you did not complete opening cash until 10 51am...

Emerald City Pizza Hut Policy #304, quote: "The opening manager in charge must count the funds from the previous day and prepare a deposit including the deposit slip reflecting the exact amount of sales since the time of the last deposit and then complete the appropriate portion of the deposit log.....On a daily basis one deposit containing the prior day's receipts must be taken to the bank before 11:00a.m." So why is Cloke firing a 29-year good and reliable employee for a policy violation that is not in violation of the policy? Hint: (1) Chad Cloke is insane; (2) Chad Cloke wanted SO BADLY to fire this straight female that he was simply making things up as he went along; (3) All of the above.

...and you did not go to the bank to make the deposit; instead you sent your delivery driver to the bank to make the deposit.

Rhonda sent the driver to the bank instead of going herself because Chad Cloke explicitly, clearly and specifically told her this was permissible on the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2010. Chad Cloke also told Tara Spear and Justin Ford the same thing. We believe that Chad Cloke told most or all managers that this was permissible. Numerous managers have disclosed to us that they had been doing this for every deposit for many years and during the last year and a half with Chad's full knowledge. Chad Cloke has lied about this. Chad Cloke is a liar. We can prove this. We are filing a civil suit against Emerald City Pizza Hut naming Chad Cloke, individual, as codefendant..

When I arrived at the restaurant at approximately 11 :30am, I found the restaurant was not set-up to standard, the parking lot had not been cleaned and both deliveries that had been made were late.

The restaurant was not yet completely set up because Chad Cloke had personally decreed that not enough employees to accomplish this were allowed to be on duty. Every single manager within Emerald City Pizza Hut, and every single manager for Inc. and every other franchise across the nation will tell you that the policy that Chad Cloke has set up, disallowing employees to be on duty at the regular times, has made it and does make it and would make it utterly impossible for any manager to set up the restaurant in the time allotted, especially if ANYTHING occurs which interrupts the workflow, such as an employee at a meeting requesting that numerous docs be located and faxed to her. The parking lot had not been cleaned for the same reason -- it was normally the duty of the opening driver, yet Chad had disallowed the opening cook, so the driver had to perform some of the opening cook's duties. Irregardless of that, most of the employees at West Seattle, hired by the previous manager (the manager Chad said was his BEST manager) were slow, poorly (if at all) trained, and extremely disorganized. Most would need to be eventually let go; the few who were worth keeping would have required months more of retraining. The deliveries were late for the reasons cited above -- Emerald City had set up its systems, at least in this unit, such that no orders printed until 11:00. If an order is requested to be delivered at 11:00 a.m., yet it doesn't print to the make-table until 11:00 a.m., well, you have a problem, don't you? But Emerald City simply cannot be enticed to solve this problem; it would rather blame managers for it, as Chad is doing here.

When I inquired as to the state-of-the- restaurant you made no mention of being late to work,

Rhonda was probably actually ON TIME, but didn't clock in for several minutes (roughly 10:04). No one would even think of mentioning that. Rhonda was ON SALARY in any case, and at this time was working 64 hours per week.

completing opening cash/deposit late.

Opening cash WAS NOT LATE, and that's a fact. I would suggest that Cloke get his head out of his ass and smarten up. Really. Enough is enough. READ YOUR OWN POLICY, CLOKE.

nor sending your deliverdriver to the bank instead of gOing yourself.

We've been over this ad nauseam: Chad Cloke gave Rhonda and at least a handful of other managers clear and explicit instructions that gave permission to have a driver go to the bank. This is documented. Each time Chad Cloke denies this he is lying.

You claimed that the ticket-printer hadn't printed the first ticket of the day, and thatls why the first orders of the day were late; however after further investigation I found that you were not truthful and you had sent your delivery driver to the bank instead of going yourself prior to the restaurant opening; resulting in the orders being delivered late.

Chad is calling Rhonda a liar here, when in fact she is the only one telling the truth. As long as she had been at West Seattle, NO TICKETS printed before eleven a.m. At her other store, tickets printed one half hour before they were due for delivery; at West Seattle, tickets printed at 11:00 a.m. Period. That's the fact and it's easily enough documented for court. Again it seems Chad has lied.

Further investigation found that you logged your deliver driver on at 10:53am, however according to your deposit log and deposit slip, your delivery driver was at the bank during this time. The deposit was posted at the bank at 11: 12am; and your delivery driver was dispatched on the first delivery of the day at 11 :31 am.

Rhonda did in fact log the delivery driver on at 10:50 according to the wall clock. The system recorded the login at 10:53. What exactly is the problem with this? No rules or policies were broken because of this. No harm was done to any one or any thing. Chad is saying that this three minute difference between the battery-powered wall clock and the Pizza Hut computer system is in fact a lie on Rhonda's part. TO WHAT BLOODY END? In any case, the driver then left immediately for the bank -- whether he left at 10:50 or 10:53 is something only the anally insane would have a problem with! It's about a five minute drive to the bank. The driver must then enter the bank and stand in the regular customer line to approach the cashier's window (that bank has no merchant window). That's what he did and the deposit was logged at the bank at 11:12 a.m. So what is the discrepancy here? Rhonda logged the driver at the time she said and which showed in the system -- the driver went to the bank and made the deposit which was logged on the bank's system at 11:12 a.m. So where's the beef? What's the problem? What is Chad trying to accuse her of NOW?! Seriously?! This is what you fire a 29 year veteran for? Really? Does no one realize you can be SUED for this kind of stupidity? Really? No one at Emerald City Pizza Hut has figured this out? They're about to....

The deposit log was signed by yourself for preparing the deposit, however the Delivery Driver that went to the bank stated that he did not sign the deposit log as taking it to the bank, and that you had forged his signature.

The driver did NOT say Rhonda had "forged" his signature -- those are CHAD's carefully chosen words. Polygraph, anyone? The deposit log WAS signed by Rhonda, using the name of the person who transported the deposit! Was she supposed to sign her OWN name in that space? Now THAT would have been fraud, because she didn't transport the deposit! Perhaps she should have printed the driver's name in that space with hers next to it, but there's not enough space for that. Any even remotely competent boss would have looked at the log and advised the manager in this way, "By the way, when you send the driver to the bank, which of course I gave you permission to do, instead of signing the driver's name in the log, just print his name and initial beside it." The manager would say, "Oh, ok. No problem. Thanks." And that would be that. There has never been an issue of missing money so it's merely a technicality of procedure which is easily, painlessly and simply corrected by using the above, professional approach, and certainly NOT by costing yourself and your company a lawsuit because you are prone to making a fool of yourself. But that's our boy Chad for you. In this case, as we have demonstrated, Chad wanted so badly to fire Rhonda that he simply couldn't keep from doing it. He didn't have nearly enough legitimate documentation to fire her, and he never would have, but he didn't care. Emerald City Pizza Hut is, it seems obvious, Cloke's personal little fiefdom, where he believes he is King, where he rules without equal, where he and he alone doesn't HAVE to adhere to rules or policies or even common sense (because he has none). Chad is a spoiled little brat who acts as though he is ruled completely and utterly by his emotions. I think he does whatever they (the voices) tell him to do. He blows whichever way they send him, and the consequences be damned. Let's see if the consequences that are about to befall him have an impact. I don't believe they will, and in a backhanded kind of way, that's a good thing because Cloke will continue his bizarre life on and on and on until he has no choices left.

You violated several ECP policies because of your actions today

Policy #304- For not making the deposit prior to 11am.

See the Emerald City Policy

Policy #304- For sending a delivery driver to the bank without a member of Management present.

This was done with Chad Cloke's permission; Chad Cloke has and continues to lie about this.

Policy #302- For manipulating the deposit log by signing the name of the delivery driver whom went to the bank

But the driver DID make the deposit and it would have been LESS proper to put her own name in the slot.

ECP Supplemental Handbook-Professional Behavior for not being honest about the state of the restaurant upon my arrival

Rhonda did not lie about a single thing. Let's see just how eager Chad Cloke is to earn $5000 for taking a polygraph regarding this and every other issue in this website. HE WILL NOT TAKE THE TEST. I guarantee it with my life. Chad Cloke can NEVER pass this polygraph because Chad Cloke is a liar extraordinaire. For God's sake this stupid son of a bitch seems to habitually lie when the truth would serve him better!

Effective 3/30/11 your employment with Emerald City Pizza is terrninatfrc! for repeated cash deposit log manipulation violations of Policies #304 and #302.

Fired for repeated violations of policies #302 and #304? When did these repeated violations occur? They occurred a year prior to this and included warnings for things like this:


Cloke: "Opening cash was not completed until 11:17 a.m." (The safe had malfunctioned and locked everyone out, yet Cloke issued a written warning for this(!)

Cloke: "The deposit log for business was incomplete at 12:33 p.m." (The deposit was made on time and documented at the bank, but due to a sudden surge of business the deposit log wasn't completed on time; Cloke discovered this at 12:33 p.m.)

Cloke: "You did not properly count down or close your till; this till was closed showing a cash shortage of $120.33. Note: These funds were found the following day." (The missing funds would have been found before they were reported had the computer system not locked the till until the following day; Cloke STILL chose to issue a written warning for this -- these are all examples of how Cloke operates -- he uses incidents like this which have proven and documented explanations, yet he STILL issues warnings so that in the future, if he so chooses, and if the breeze blows up his ass at just.....the right angle, he can use these previous warnings as justification for a termination. If you're loud, crude, you drink a lot, and especially if you're gay, these tactics will be used on you to a much lesser degree than if you're straight, quiet, and especially female: I am confident we can prove this assertion in court)

Cloke: "You made two drops [to the safe from the cash drawer], 28 minutes apart for an excess of $300 total." (The official policy says that your till should never have more than $150 in it at any time, but that you should not make safe drops close together. So if you get busy and rake in a lot of cash, what are you supposed to do with it? You can make lots of drops, close together, and get in trouble for that, or you can let the cash drawer fill up and make deposits less close together, and get in trouble for that too! It's lose/lose for the manager, further proving the point that if a superior is out to get you, as it's clear to us that Chad was out to get Rhonda, there's nothing the employee can do about it; there are simply too many ways for an area coach to ruin an employee if he/she so desires. This is why they have unions. Amazingly, the policy does not say HOW close together you should not make your drops. On this particular night, business was good and the cash drawer filled up quickly. Rhonda felt it was best to bleed off the cash drawer and get the money into the safe, rather than to worry about making safe drops "too close together", so she made two drops in 28 minutes that exceeded by a few dollars the $300 max in this archaic, confounding, arbitrary policy. Chad Cloke issued a written warning to her for this and made sure she understood that if she did it again she could be fired. She never did it again. Instead, she allowed the cash to build up in the cash drawer so that she wouldn't be fired for making drops "too close together". But she might have been fired for that too.

We do not believe that Chad's favorite gay managers have ever been cited for anything even remotely approaching this kind of anal nonsense, and we believe we can prove that in court.

In any case, these are the make-believe infractions that Chad Cloke is referring to when he states on Rhonda's termination form that she has been cited for "repeated violations of these policies". I call this either insanity, or evil, or outright fraud, or discrimination, or a blending of all of the above.


Within hours of her firing, Rhonda was placed on a suicide watch by her family. This was necessary for three weeks. She was forced to almost immediately file bankruptcy. She has lost her home. She has medical issues for which she cannot afford treatment without insurance -- which was terminated the same day she was fired. She has been forced to give up most of her beloved pets. Her legal bills have taken all of her meager savings and all of her unemployment monies. Emerald City has fought her unemployment benefits. -Nothing like kicking her when she's down. But as they say in the movies, he who laughs last.....

The Washington unemployment office has ruled the firing "unjustified" (see below). We expect Emerald City Pizza Hut to appeal because, after all, that's just the kind of people they are. I have provided funds for an attorney to handle the expected appeal. ECP should understand that every time it attempts to dig Rhonda's hole deeper, it provides a bigger hole for itself. Whatever it does to her will come back upon itself twenty times over. Many people are intelligent enough to comprehend this; the upper management at Emerald City Pizza Hut is, I believe, NOT.


Chad Cloke, ruled against as usual


I've stated that Rhonda asked numerous times to transfer out of Chad Cloke's area. OTHER MANAGERS HAVE ALSO ASKED. I'm unaware of a single one who was ever allowed to transfer. One account, related directly to me, involves a good manager with good numbers who became so sick and tired of what s/he termed Cloke's sexual harassment (name calling, relentless innuendo, etc.) that s/he filed a formal complaint against Cloke and asked to transfer out of Cloke's area -- ANYWHERE out of Cloke's area. A few weeks passed and s/he inquired again. S/he was reportedly advised by Sarah in the office: "The problem has stopped hasn't it?" Manager: "Yeah, for now, but I'm afraid it will start up again and so much has happened that I can no longer work effectively with Chad." Sarah: "Well, if the problems and the insults have stopped, then what are you complaining about?" The transfer was denied. This is not a verbatim quote, but I'm convinced the gist of it is completely accurate. That manager quit in disgust.



In this website I describe my opinions regarding Chad M. Cloke, and those opinions are held by many. I call him a few names (I'll call him many more before this is done). I represent Chad M. Cloke as a despicable, utterly valueless human being, which I believe he is. But it's not enough to just call someone names and to state that you think they're the scum of the earth. You need to be able to put your money where your mouth is. While the deeds described in this text thus far are probably enough in and of themselves to make anyone form similar conclusions about this individual, it's important to know that Cloke's dirty deeds aren't limited to Pizza Hut and his victims (employees) who work there. This man, Cloke, is a walking piece of ugly drama. I am not convinced he has EVER engaged in a single interaction with a single other human being which has not ultimately or eventually resulted in the colossal screwing-over of that other human being. If Cloke has once, in his miserable lifetime, left even one human being positively affected by his presence, I can find not one iota of evidence to support it, though one might hear from a very few individuals who would disagree because they have not YET been hurt by this man and they simply aren't smart enough to understand that in all probability they WILL BE. The man is, in my view, a drain on all good society and a danger to every single person he meets. A danger, you say? Yes, I said A DANGER. A physical threat.

I had heard rumors as far back as early 2010 that Cloke liked to boast about violence he had either perpetrated against others, or that he had been involved in or instigated on one level or another. At first I thought this was just the stupid boasting of a stupid little man, but the more I heard these things, the more alarmed I became and I wondered if any of these rumors were true. I began to worry for Rhonda's safety at work. I finally became worried enough to run a quick and dirty records check on Cloke. I found no pending warrants, but I found a slew of other data which made me sit up and take notice. From that moment on, Rhonda tried to keep a suitable physical space between herself and Cloke, because, based on court records we uncovered, we were both completely convinced that his screaming, maniacal tirades could easily turn violent without warning. Cloke seems to have a baby's temper which can explode at the slightest provocation.

I did a simple records search in one county only (so far), for a brief time period. I expected a few records for traffic stops, maybe a misdemeanor -- half a dozen pages, tops, if he was the bad guy I suspected him to be. But I was deluged with many hundreds of pages detailing court cases initiated against Cloke and various and assorted troubles he had stupidly gotten himself into. The copy fees alone cost me $262 back in mid 2010. I found copies of fraudulent checks he had passed, dirty little deeds that he had done to others, and this one county showed 14 lawsuits filed against Cloke in one short span of time. I have a sheet listing court cases against Cloke from that one county during that brief time span, a number of which are denoted as criminal cases as opposed to civil cases due to the code associated with the case numbers, but I have not yet been able to find those records. Trust me, I will.

Other records dumps resulting from that one inquiry revealed that Cloke's bizarre penchant for extreme drama had followed him right to Renton, Washington in later years. Most importantly, I found a case in which Cloke was sued for apparently ramming his car into someone else's car. There's more to the story than the records reveal; I'll be speaking with those particular victims in eastern Washington, in person, once I've helped Rhonda's family relocate and I have all the time in the world to pursue this, and my hope is that they'll allow me to post a videotaped interview on this web page. Believe me, I have the motivation to carry this out. I. DON'T. LIKE. BULLIES. And Cloke is probably the most cowardly yet prolific wanna-be bully I have ever encountered in this lifetime. Cloke lost that suit too, by the way (ramming his car into another vehicle), and it appears he lost every other suit ever filed against him, though I have not finished going through the hundreds of pages I received from that records dump.

I'm posting just a very few of those documents here, in no particular order, with no or little commentary, as I have not even reviewed all of these. I will do so in time, and I'll post all of the other docs I have now, and once that's done I'll begin other records searches in other areas and counties Cloke was known to live in or pass through, right up to the present, and I will do periodic records searches for the rest of Cloke's miserable life because I do absolutely believe that one day he will kill someone in a mindless rage and I want to be able to document the events and court interactions that lead up to such an event, so that I can go to his then-employer and to the criminal justice system and say, "I told you so." In my opinion, every single Pizza Hut employee has reason to fear this man.

In a few weeks (maybe a couple of months) I'll have Emerald City Pizza Hut served formally with copies of my documentation. I do not believe ECP will lift one damned finger to protect its employees, but I want to document that ECP was WARNED, so that the ultimate victim, or their heirs, will have the best possible legal recourse against Emerald City Pizza Hut and Terry Hopkins (Cloke will be employed by these fools for the rest of his life and that's exactly what I want).

The first batch of public docs is HERE. As new batches are scanned and posted I'll provide new links. At some point I'll OCR them (convert them from an image to a text file) so that they'll be searchable. In the meantime, I'll solicit anyone else who has docs of this nature to send them to me (a secure contact box will be added to the bottom of this page in time). I want to know just how much danger the young kids are in who have chosen Pizza Hut by ECP as their first or second job.


Or could they? Perhaps ECP has set a new record-low of cluelessness for all mankind. It's hard to believe, but the evidence suggests it.

The above page has taken weeks to write and to document and it will undergo countless revisions over the next year or more. The footnotes are invisible; but the documentation exists where needed.

Rhonda is filing suit against Emerald City Pizza Hut and Chad Cloke as codefendant. Mike Beecher may be named personally in the suit because he's Cloke's boss, and common sense would dictate that Beecher should have been intelligent enough and capable enough to have checked out and verified Cloke's ongoing regimen of lies about Rhonda and in countless other situations with other employees. But it appears Beecher just ain't got what it takes to see through Cloke, so he may be found culpable as well in a court of law [update: we have just been supplied with information documenting incidents in which Beecher has voluntarily contacted certain individuals apparently for the express purpose of slandering Rhonda. There is now no question that Beecher will be named personally in the suit].

Cloke is absolutely no stranger to the courts, nor is he a stranger to losing in the courts. I suggest that this is true because the man hasn't got the brains God gave a crowbar. Read on to see if I'm wrong, and then decide just how ignorant must any company be to keep such an absurd entity in its employ. Cloke will one day cost this company (or any company he works for) big money. Maybe he already has. These are my opinions, formed by a preponderance and extrapolation of the facts.

Below I've provided some documentation regarding Cloke's past, which serves to paint a picture of his present, and which makes it possible to extrapolate his future.

As stated, I only performed a quick and dirty records check on Chad Cloke, for one County in Eastern Washington state, for a brief period of time. That one check yielded so much data that I am still trying to assimilate it. Here's just one list of court cases received from just one database for only one short time period. Most people haven't been to court this many times in their lives. The one time Cloke was a petitioner things were going badly for him too, but we'll cover that case in much greater detail in the coming months.

Chad Cloke, Partial Court Case List


As I fan through the hundreds of documents I haven't even read yet, I see other images for other bad checks our Master Cloke has tried to pawn off on the unsuspecting. Is it my opinion that he's a dirty little fraudster? Nope. It would appear to be A FACT that Chad Cloke is a dirty little fraudster.

Chad Cloke, Bad Checks (NSF) (Fraud)


The following case is especially disturbing. I have other documents on this and I will be speaking with the victims in this case sometime over the summer. I hope they'll allow me to videotape the interview and post it here. This appears to me to be some sort of "road rage" type incident, and this kind of thing, together with statements from other witnesses as to how Cloke treats employees, makes me have extreme trepidation for the safety of his employees. Hell, I don't even want this guy on the same streets in the same city as me!

Chad Cloke, accident, car wreck, crash, 2

Chad Cloke, accident, car wreck, crash, 3

Chad Cloke, accident, car wreck, crash, 1


The rest of these are just more docs relating to "failures to appear", default judgements because Cloke blew the trial off, garnishments, shenanigans perpetrated against the courts and private victims by Cloke, etc. etc. ad nauseam This is a QUALITY human being. I have hundreds of pages of this crap. I could post every single one with commentary, but, honestly, what would be the point, the point having already been made? The man is a piece of human shit no matter how you slice it, and that encompasses far more than just my opinion or yours or Rhonda's or the opinions of his coworkers -- it's all here in black and white, duly recorded by the courts. Sorry for the French. I think Cloke's stink is wearing off on me. I'm actually afraid to find what else the documents I already have reveal, without even yet thinking about the documents that are out there just waiting to be found with a few FOIA requests. This is not a man I would hire for ANY position. But Terry Hopkins hired him, and Mike Beecher keeps him on and even assists him in trying to make life miserable for those Cloke has wrongfully fired, and even in the face of ALL THIS, ECP PROMOTES HIM! We say, Thank You! Chad Cloke is doing to this company what SHOULD be done to this company and we couldn't be more delighted. Stupid is as stupid does.

Chad Cloke, Default Judgement, 1

Chad Cloke, Default Judgement, 2

Chad Cloke, Garnished, Garnishment, 1

Chad Cloke, non-payment




This is a formal offer to Chad M. Cloke and to Emerald City Pizza Hut.

I am offering to pay to Chad Cloke the sum of $5000 cash if the following conditions are met:

Both parties -- myself, and Cloke (or anyone who wants to back him) must deposit into an escrow pool the sum of $6000. The sum of $5000 will be awarded to the "winner", either Cloke or myself; the "winner" is to be described shortly. The remaining $1000 will be used to pay for the polygraph examiner, attorney's fees (for contract prep, etc.), and any remaining monies will be returned to the original depositor. The "winner" receives no more than $5000 plus expenses; the loser pays $5000 to the winner, plus all expenses.

To choose an examiner a list of all local examiners will be placed in a "hat". A mutually agreed upon neutral party will choose one examiner from the choices in the hat. A backup will also be chosen, in case the first examiner isn't available.

Cloke will allow the examination to be video-taped.
Cloke will allow the video and the certified results to be disseminated publicly.
Cloke will expressly and specifically allow the results to be used in any and all court proceedings against him or in which he is called as a witness (oh, but the courts won't allow polygraphs, you say? Ah, but they WILL, as long as neither side objects).
The test will be a "statement" type (did you lie to me today on this statement, etc.).

Cloke's polygraph will consist of the following questions. In order to claim the five grand, Cloke must answer "no" to all questions and the examiner must rule that he is telling the truth. If he scores an "inconclusive", each party's five grand will be returned to them, and the expenses will be split 50/50.

Cloke can't do this. Cloke will make up some story about how his "attorney" has advised him to never take a polygraph, etc. etc. ad nauseam, but the fact is, he won't take it because he can't take it because he's a habitual liar and he will fail it in magnificent fashion. So here we go:

(1) Have you, Chad M. Cloke, ever had sexual intercourse or relationships with ANY Emerald City Employee?

(2) Did you, Chad Cloke, lie to Emerald City Pizza Hut (your superiors) regarding Rhonda's performance while in Emerald City's employ? (I can already prove that he did).

(3) Did you, have you, or are you now, Chad M. Cloke, working and conspiring to rid Emerald City Pizza Hut of any employees who are of "straight" sexual orientation, based on their sexual orientation? One of Chad's favorite comments, which he makes loudly, obnoxiously, and often, in front of many witnesses (we have dates, times and witness names in our files) is this: "There's not a straight woman left in our [Emerald City's] office, (and that's the way it should be, or something to that effect)." Then he laughs.

(4) Have you, Chad M. Cloke, ever promoted or sought to promote an employee who you did not know, had never previously met, had never worked with or seen work, had no knowledge of whatsoever, but whose appearance (thin, white, effeminate-looking, male) you personally liked for no reason other than his looks? (I can prove that he has done this -- dates, times and witnesses are on file).

(5) Did you, Chad Cloke, cause one or more employees to quit their employment with Emerald City Pizza on the grounds that they were not allowed to work part time, or that they were not allowed to stay in college, or that they were not allowed to continue their employment with Emerald City Pizza because they didn't own a car, even though they demonstrated no problem arriving at work on time and reliably using public transportation or other means (such as their feet)? I can prove that Cloke has done this.

(6) Did you, Chad Cloke, waive all of those rules for certain male employees whom you personally liked? I can prove that he has.

(7) Did you, Chad Cloke, attempt to so humiliate Rhonda at her workplace in West Seattle that she would quit? (Go back to the bus-stop cleanup episode and see if ANY jury would deem Cloke's behavior to be acceptable).

(8) Did you, Chad Cloke, instruct ALL of the managers in your area to keep their pre-sauced pizza until close? (witnesses to this abound and not ALL of them will lie to keep their jobs).

(9) Did you tell ALL of the managers that if they ever repeated what you had said about keeping pre-sauced pizzas until close, you would deny it? (witnesses to this abound and not ALL of them will lie to keep their jobs).

(10) Have you, Chad M. Cloke, consciously and wilfully broken EMC policies for the express purpose of inflating your bonus?

(11) Have you, Chad Cloke, promised or supplied any types of promotion, raises, or special treatment to ANY employee in exchange for sexual favors?

(12) Have you, Chad Cloke, often boasted that "there are no straight female employees left in the office, and that's the way it should be", or comments or boasts to that effect? (witnesses to this abound and not ALL of them will lie to keep their jobs).

(13) Have you, Chad Cloke, ever threatened any employee with physical violence?

(14) Have you, Chad Cloke, ever perpetrated physical violence upon any employee?

(15) Was part of your motivation to fire Rhonda based on her high salary?

(16) Was part of your motivation to fire Rhonda based on the fact that she wasn't gay?

(17) Was part of your motivation to fire Rhonda based on the fact that she was quiet, deliberate and professional, and not loud, abrasive, emotional and obnoxious, like you and many of the people you've promoted up or given special treatment to?

(18) Did you ever tell Rhonda's employees that they didn't have to pay too much attention to her because you'd be "getting rid of her soon", or comments to that effect? (this is one we'll drill and drill and drill on the witness stand).

(19) Was part of your motivation to fire Rhonda based on the fact that your personal bonus would increase once she was gone, because you could install lower-paid managers in her position?

(20) Did you, Chad Cloke, choose to enforce only certain "uniforms and grooming" policies while totally ignoring others, based on your own personal preferences, especially with regard to beard trimming and general untidiness, which you blatantly, conspicuously ignored even when managers asked for permission to fix these problems, and facial piercings, which you went "berserk" over?

(21) And here's a biggie: Did you, Chad Cloke, state to Rhonda in the afternoon of October 5th, 2010, this: "It's ok if the driver goes to the bank, but HIS NAME has to be on the deposit log", and did you also make this or a similar statement to numerous other managers during the time you were "area coach" for "The Lakes" area? If Cloke answers NO, he is lying. That's not an opinion, it's a FACT.

(22) Have you, Chad Cloke, ever posted a "bad review" about any Pizza Hut restaurant on any online review-type website for the purpose of humiliating any employee or for the purpose of building a case against that employee so that their termination would be more readily accepted by your superiors and co-workers in the office? (Serenity now? Instead, how about "SUBPOENA AUTHORITY NOW!")

We can think of a hundred more questions, all of which any honest, competent manager could answer "no" to and pass the polygraph with flying colors, but Chad Cloke can't. I don't believe Cloke can answer NO to a single question and be found to be truthful. Let's perform this one test, then ECP can offer further future tests to Cloke on their own time and nickel to drill down to the nitty-gritty of what Cloke has REALLY been up to over the past 18 months. Honestly though, they shouldn't have to. ECP should be competent enough to have gotten to the bottom of all issues like this in nearly real-time, months ago. Yet they didn't, and they can't, and they won't, because they are just about as bass-ackwards and stupid as Chad Cloke.

So would Rhonda also take a polygraph with regard to her allegations on this website? In a New York second. Here are her terms:

(1) You don't have to pay her one red cent.

(2) You must be in a position to, and agree to allow her polygraph to be used in any and all court or legal venues involving this case, including actions brought against or by Chad M. Cloke, Emerald City Pizza Hut, Terry Hopkins, and any or all other employees, principals and representatives of such actions at any time in the future.

(3) You must pay for said polygraph and allow it to be videotaped.


(4) The examiner will be chosen by a neutral party from a list of available examiners in an appropriate geographical region.

(5) You must allow the polygraph questions and results to be disseminated publicly.

Any reason on earth why Emerald City Pizza Hut would have a problem with that? Of course not -- except that they will never, ever agree to it. I don't believe they WANT any truth to be injected into this disgusting mess, because there are no truths here that can help them.

We have documented that a person speaking on behalf of Emerald City Pizza has admitted that the company knows it has "a problem" with Cloke. (Gee, ya think?), yet ECP maintains this goon's employment, and since they do, they are 100% liable for any illegal, actionable, abominable stunt this piece of human garbage commits while in their employ and on the clock. ECP will be served with a copy of this website at an appropriate time, as will Cloke. Both entities have our contact information and can easily take us up on the polygraph offer. Don't hold your breath.



This section will be completed over the summer and fall of 2011. I am helping Rhonda and her family move out of state, since Emerald City Pizza Hut has beaten her down pretty successfully. Once that is accomplished, I'll be back in this region for the summer and fall of 2011 for the express and explicit purpose of performing interviews with ECP employees, past, present and future and to continue my research into this mess. The more data I can supply to the attorneys, the larger Rhonda's award is likely to be. Why would I go to all this trouble? What do I have to gain? I hate bullies. Remorseless bullies are my crusade, and I am constantly deeply gratified to see just how shocked and stunned bullies are when they finally realize they've been backed down and must stop their assault upon decent society.

I'll ask all employees to go on camera, and if any will, I'll display the video of their interviews here, and on YouTube. Many people are afraid that if they STATE THE TRUTH or even EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS, "bad" things can happen to them. In a court of law, you can NOT be penalized for stating truths and expressing opinions; it's called THE FIRST AMENDMENT. --Not the second or the fourth, it is THE FIRST. It was THE most important amendment our founders came up with, because without this right, society turns inward upon itself and implodes in darkness, secrecy, cruelty and despair. The ONLY thing that prevents this is SUNLIGHT. What's the fastest way to banish cockroaches from a room? TURN ON THE LIGHT. The little bastards are even almost completely immune to RADIATION, just as Emerald City Pizza Hut appears to be almost completely immune to logic, reason, decency, legality, or embarrassment. But sunlight will always burn away the mold and disease and the scum and make a place liveable once more. Perhaps this little ray of light will help other decent, hardworking ladies and gentlemen gain a foothold over this rogue business enterprise, and will allow them to enjoy a little larger slice of the American Dream because they won't have to so completely fear the antics of a man, or men, or women, who I feel are actually mentally handicapped, like Chad M. Cloke.

I believe that ECP will begin a regimen of quietly threatening employees with censure, demotion, or termination if they speak to me. You have no idea of how illegal this is, and how severe the penalties are for this. It is a direct and concrete attempt to strip you of your most basic civil and constitutional rights and it is so easily and readily actionable in civil court that if you can provide to me documentation that this has been done, I will be extremely tempted to pay for your lawsuit myself because I KNOW you will prevail. If ANY employee or representative of Emerald City Pizza Hut or any branch of that labyrinth corporate structure even remotely HINTS that they would even "prefer" that you not speak to me, TELL ME. Tell me instantly. Document it as best you can and pass it on. Get the proof. Keep a log of this company's shenanigans; record exact, verbatim conversations and instructions. Keep copies of ALL emails to and from anyone in this company. Make tape recordings if legal in your area (personally, I record EVERYTHING, and I am more than willing to BREAK THE LAW to do this, because it is WELL worth it to me to have to pay a misdemeanor fine or any other fine in exchange for the pure joy that comes from exposing and stopping a bully using his very own voice.)

I will contact each and every manager and ask for their opinions over the summer and fall of 2011 and possibly into 2012. I'll provide either a secure contact form at the bottom of this page, or an address for one of my attorneys, to which you can write if you don't want to wait for me to find you. If you send nonsense, I'll never see it, as all incoming communication to me is always screened by one attorney or another. Knock yourself out, however, if you are so inclined. Remember that my contact form collects a great deal of data, including your IP address, and it costs me only $206 to trace your IP right back to your bedroom, even if you send me crap through one or more "anonymous remailers" or proxies. Trust me, I've been doing this far longer than you. In my Federal law enforcement job I was assigned to political corruption cases, and I promise, you aren't one one hundredth as smart or as sneaky as those folks. And "I" am smarter than them.


On second thought, you never know. You just might get over on me, Cloke. Why not go ahead and try....? Please.

All new information, data, developments, etc., will be appended below. Little titbits, edits, additions, may be inserted in the texts above on no particular schedule.

This website will not be considered "completely" completed until we have finished a civil trial against Emerald City Pizza Hut, Chad Cloke and Mike Beecher, and I anticipate that will take a solid three years (and will probably commence in roughly six months). If your own experiences are similar to Rhonda's, and I'm told many, many are, you may be invited to join in on this suit. These folks at ECP are perhaps some of the most putridly evil entities I have ever run across. Politicians are worse, but that's what politicians DO. There are no illusions about what most politicians are in office for, except among the terminally naive. But a company like Emerald City Pizza Hut isn't SUPPOSED to be evil or crooked, nor are they SUPPOSED to allow the lives of their employees to be ruined for no good reason. They are SUPPOSED to make pizzas and cultivate happy customers and provide decent jobs for decent human beings who want a little slice of America for themselves and then live happily ever after as their good business grows and they gracefully age.... They are NOT supposed to act like Satan's minions, and this is what Emerald City Pizza is apparently comprised of. Let's see if the judge and jury agrees.

That a lawsuit is being filed is FACT. That Rhonda will win it is a no-brainer. No judge and no jury in the land would rule in favor of ECP after all the evidence is presented, and remember that this web page presents only a small fraction of it. The real question is, will ECP learn anything from this? No. You cannot SUE intelligence into human beings, just as you cannot threaten chimpanzees to force them to learn to read. It just isn't in them to do so. The folks who run ECP are already doing their best, operating at 100% capacity -- never mind that that 100% is about 25% of what's needed to do the job properly. They can do no better and they never will do any better. They are incapable of it. They aren't even intelligent enough to realize that they've done wrong in this case! That's why they'll fight it hammer and tong, tooth and nail, all the way through the trial, and when they lose, they'll blame it on some technicality or some prejudice of the judge or jury -- ANYTHING except their own stupidity and incompetence and sorely lacking cerebral horsepower. They believe, with all their ditzy little hearts, that they are RIGHT and that they will PREVAIL. So be it. Virtually every single entity that finds themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit believes the exact same thing. Most believe it to the day they die.

I've said this before and I believe it more every day because I SEE it more every day: Put a stupid man or woman at the top, and s/he will only hire people less intelligent than themselves. That means that the man or woman at the top will hire a stupid personnel director, and that personnel director, being stupid, will hire only managers dumber than he or she, and those people, being dumb and dumber yet, will hire even a less capable class of dolts, and pretty soon you have an entire company or corporation that's coming apart at the seams at every level, and no one has a damned clue as to why. Once in awhile the stupid personnel director will accidentally hire a few keepers, but those folks will at some point become disgusted with the idiotic way in which the company is run, and they'll bail or get fired, and new, dumb people will be installed into those open positions. THIS IS HOW COMPANIES FAIL. And this is why so few good people go into politics. It is almost ALWAYS directly attributable to the MAN AT THE TOP. He's doing his best, but it just isn't working. He'll eventually go bankrupt or will merely struggle for decades when he could have thrived, and he'll blame the economy, those commies, those Republicans, those Democrats, Wall Street, the banks, the judges who ruled against him, whatever. But he never seems to grasp the fact that OTHER people at the top do BETTER than him because, in his SUPREME arrogance, he knows, he KNOWS...."he" is the best and he attributes THEIR success to only luck. After all, that's what his wife said, and his Mommy too. Terry, Chad and Mike, do you see yourselves here? Of course not, and you never, ever will. But the rest of us, on the outside looking in, see the stage as clearly as the movie audience who watches helplessly as the dumb/attractive/ditzy girl sits alone on the couch at night in a thunderstorm with the door unlocked and the windows open, and the monster creeps in and sneaks up behind the couch and pulls out a gargantuan CLEAVER and the audience is SCREAMING for the girl to run! Run! Don't go into that room! Turn around! The monster is coming! But of course she doesn't hear a thing and the monster hacks her in half and eats her fecking eyes out and then roasts her liver. The girl in the movie has an excuse; she's dumb, she's supposed to be dumb, and it's make-believe. But CEOs in the real world have no excuse. And neither does Terry Hopkins. It was Terry Hopkins' job to know what kind of manager Mike Beecher was, and it was Mike Beecher's job to know what kind of manager Chad Cloke was, and I think I've demonstrated that they have all screwed the pooch rather spectacularly.

An INTELLIGENT man will do his utmost to hire THE BEST, because he doesn't have an agenda of arrogance to appease.

A STUPID man will only hire people he believes are NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to see through him. And the people THEY hire will hire more of the same. It's a death spiral of substandard IQs, and THAT is how companies are ruined.

"Some" financial backers have a reputation of making the same basic mistake when they choose people to finance.

Like attracts like. Stupid is as stupid does.

More businesses are ruined due to this than from any other cause.

If a man at the top owns a sole proprietorship with no employees, then LET him be stupid, LET him fail, and we'll all call it harmless entertainment. But when people this valueless and inept bring on employees and then ruin THEIR lives through ineptitude, incompetence, and arrogance, they need to be both punished, and disallowed from ever repeating that mistake. For the good of society, this must be done, and although I am vehemently, violently opposed to socialism or any of its murky incarnations, I also believe that "The People" have a right to be protected from the Terry Hopkinses and the Mike Beechers and especially the Chad Clokes of the world, and I see no other way to accomplish this than through government regulation. There must be a way to weed fools such as these out of any business which uses employees. Unions were created for exactly this scenario, but they've gone corrupt almost to a man or woman. A better solution is needed.

In my view, Emerald City Pizza has so utterly and miserably failed that the whole slimy gaggle of them oughta be in prison. The clear-cut and documentable damage they've caused here is incalculable. The punitive damages they may be held responsible for are off the damned chart.

What would "I" do in Terry Hopkins' situation? I'd sit up straight, get off my dead ass, and immediately conduct ALL THE RESEARCH REQUIRED to validate Rhonda's claims and the claims of other managers and employees. Has Hopkins even taken the trouble to find out just how many complaints have been filed about Cloke, and how many people have quit because of him, and how many people he has SO FAR wrongfully terminated? I doubt it. It's the head-in-the-sand syndrome in spades. And who would I entrust to get to the bottom of Chad's phenomenon anyway? Mike Beecher? Let's see now, if Mike Beecher is commanded to go out into the real world and investigate Chad Cloke's atrocities, what motivation does Beecher really have to find anything? After all, if Beecher digs up the dirt, he can't go back to Hopkins and say, "Ok, I found this and this and thus---" Because that will be akin to admitting he HASN'T BEEN DOING HIS DAMNED JOB -- BEECHER SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS STUFF MONTHS OR YEARS AGO. But I think Beecher is exactly the person Hopkins will enlist, because Hopkins STILL DOESN'T GET IT. And perhaps he never, ever will.

I'd then approach Rhonda and apologize to her sincerely, copiously, loudly, publicly and profoundly. I'd then write her a check AT THAT MOMENT that would negate the entire experience, and it would be one fat son of a bitch. Ten grand? She'd spit on it and shove it up his ass. ECP is going to pay in the long run -- why not do it in a timely and honorable manner? Why not indeed. I'd then CLEAN MY HOUSE and purge the fools and idiots and lazy, stupid bloodsuckers that were dragging my life's work into the sewer in hopes that I could STILL SAVE MY COMPANY. Then I'd learn how to BE SMARTER so as to make sure nothing like this ever happened again, and if "I" couldn't learn to be smarter, I'd SURE AS HELL hire some smarter people and instruct them to keep me from doing stupid things in the future. But, of course, if you're dumb, then you're not smart enough to hire the smart people, and you're destined to limp along the rest of your miserable financial life when you could have been soaring.

What will Hopkins do? Here's my prediction: He'll deny every single allegation. He'll find sneaky, underhanded, possibly even illegal but certainly actionable ways of trying to hurt Rhonda further (as Beecher has already done), and he'll squander a hundred thousand dollars on legal expenses trying to fight Rhonda's lawsuit, only to be ruled against in the end. He'll then go back to status quo, hiring dumb people and entrusting them to hire more dumb people, and he'll complain for the rest of his life about how he "coulda been a contender".....if only.

Hopkins makes $150,000 a year (soon to be more since he's been "promoted").

I used to make that PER MONTH in the offshore rescue business (yachtsmen have FAR more money than brains).

Now, you've read this whole, long, horrendous, depressing yet enlightening editorial review of Emerald City Pizza, Mike Beecher and Chad M. Cloke and you're thinking whatever you're thinking about this outfit. But here's the kicker: There are, by numerous accounts, at least two other area coaches working for Emerald City Pizza Hut this minute that are nearly as bad as Chad. And if that doesn't tell the story about this herd of nitwits, I don't know what will.

What will Chad Cloke do about this page? He'll revel in it. Remember that Cloke MUST be the center of attention at all times in all contexts in all endeavors. He MUST. He cannot live if he's anything less. He has already been showing this page around to Emerald City Pizza Hut employees, proclaiming the entire page to be 100% lies. THEN SUE ME, CLOKE, YOU PUDDING-HEADED DIMWIT, and put your money where your damned lying mouth is. I cannot WAIT to get subpoena authority on you, Beecher and Emerald City Pizza Hut.

I'm sure Cloke is proud of the attention this page brings him.

Let's get a few things straight:

You, as an employee or manager for Emerald City Pizza Hut or any other employer, have the moral right not to be screamed at, harassed, physically intimidated, demeaned in public, called names, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

In fact, you have the right not to be yelled at, at all. There is no disciplinary measure that cannot be carried out in a normal tone of voice. Screaming only advertises your profound lack of intelligence. Even if you ARE dumb, why advertise it?

You have the right to NEVER be sworn at. NEVER!

You have the right to NEVER have to endure foul language in your place of work, either by your co-workers, or especially by your "superiors". This is the epitome of gross and profound unprofessionalism.

You have the right not to be expected to accomplish impossible tasks.

If written policy says one thing and a "superior" tells you to do something different, you have the right to demand clarification, and you have an obligation to exercise that right.

You have the right to refuse to perform duties or tasks that are illegal.

You have the right not to be threatened with physical violence.

You have the right to not be lied about by your "superior(s)" TO ANYONE, EVER.

You have the right to complain about your boss without fear of being fired for it.

Unless you have willingly signed a non-disclosure agreement, you have the right to tell truths and to express your opinions PUBLICLY or in ANY OTHER WAY on your own time and your boss or employer may NOT retaliate against you for it. To even politely ask you to stop, merely by virtue of their position above you in your employment, may be construed as an attempt to strip you of your First Amendment Constitutional rights, and it can be actionable, and winnable, right here in Seattle Superior court. Your employer can NOT force you to sign a non-disclosure regarding things that have occurred BEFORE they asked you to sign it, though "some" employers are dumb enough to try (why not go for it, ECP?).

You have many, many other rights, most of which Emerald City Pizza doesn't seem to either know about, or care about, and that makes them easier to nail.

I suggest that ALL employees of this company organize, and pay small sums into a pool (maybe $10 a week, each) to keep a good attorney on retainer. When you have a question about things ECP has done, you can then ask that attorney via email or any other method, and get STRAIGHT ANSWERS. It's my opinion that, in order to work for this outfit, you will NEED to do this to protect your jobs and your sanity and to hang on to whatever little shreds of self respect you have left. They took everything Rhonda had, because she wouldn't follow advice and bring in a strong law firm as much as 14 months ago. Now she understands.

If you can document outrageous treatment, most GOOD attorneys will take WELL DOCUMENTED harassment and discrimination cases on a percentage basis -- they take, usually, 30-35% of what they win, plus expenses, filing fees, detective costs, etc.. The law limits their take at around 35% in Washington, as I recall. If they're going after 35% of, say, two hundred grand, they'll work hard on your behalf. A quick Google search will turn up plenty of attorneys here who excel in this area. The more skilled your attorney, the higher will be your award. I tried to hire Seattle attorney Kelby Fletcher for Rhonda, for instance, but he had a conflict of interest (he's already working for ECP doing simple lease contract work)(did they hire him for some menial, trivial task simply to make him unavailable to represent ECP's adversaries?). I think there's PLENTY of material here for you remaining ECP employees and managers, given Chad Cloke's stupefyingly bad behavior. The remaining employees of ECP should band together and at the very least get it stopped, and at best, be compensated for some of the borderline-criminal crap you've been subjected to under Cloke. In my experience, bosses seldom come along any worse than Cloke, or more blatantly discriminating than Cloke. I think he's left a trail of bread crumbs that even a low-quality attorney could follow and collect on. It seems he's barely even tried to cover his tracks (he'll try now, but it's far too late). There were some losers that needed firing in this area, there always are, but all in all, it was a pretty good group before Cloke came along. One by one they've either dropped away out of pure disgust for Chad, or they've been fired by him because they didn't fit his peculiar personal notion of "the right stuff". Many of the people he's kept are losers who'd be fired in a New York second by any competent area coach, but Cloke seems to love the effeminate white males, wholly irregardless of their ability or degree of honesty, and the loud, crude, obnoxious males, wholly irregardless of their ability or degree of honesty. I think he can tolerate gay females, but not well. I think he can NOT tolerate straight females and I think he thoroughly enjoys bullying them, making them cry, and humiliating them in any and every possible way. A psychiatrist should look into this, if you could find one who could stomach Cloke long enough to work up an evaluation. I'm guessing even some of those consummate pros, whose very job it is to treat society's very worst, could not, and would pass him on to unsuspecting colleagues, citing "scheduling conflicts" or things like that. That's how objectionable this man seems to me to be.

I'll post names and addresses of various legal and governmental resources, both private and public, at the end of this page.

Remember, subpoena authority is your friend. Even in cases where a company has destroyed records to keep them from appearing in court (and I have zero doubt ECP will attempt this), the LACK of records can be just as telling in a trial, and in today's electronic world, it's exceedingly rare that a company can purge ALL copies from ALL servers and backup tapes and hastily formatted hard drives -- for me, that's where the fun really begins: finding data. You'll be AMAZED at the things we'll bring to this trial. And so will ECP. I can't wait for that phase to begin, and it will all be detailed right here.



The Gay Mafia? What the Hell is that?

It's been suggested to me more times than I can count that this is all the work of "The Gay Mafia". People hear this story, and they instantly pipe up with some off the cuff comment like, "Oh, yeah, that's the Gay Mafia for ya...."

So let's address this issue and put it in real and logical perspective. First, there's no such thing as "The Gay Mafia". There are, however, dozens, and hundreds, or thousands of loosely affiliated little groups of people of gay orientation who for some reason believe that they should exclusively "inherit the earth", and to that end they will group together, formally or informally, and in varying degrees of concertedness plan and plot and work to keep straights from various opportunities, while at the same time planning and plotting and working to make sure that their gay "brothers and sisters" are exclusively afforded those opportunities.

Gee-- this is rather similar to the very same things straights have been doing to gays for a few hundred years now!

It's wrong when gays do it. It's wrong when straights do it. It's wrong when blacks do it. It's wrong when whites do it. It's wrong when big kids do it to little kids. It's wrong when men do it to women. No matter how large or small the group, no matter how well or loosely organized, no matter how powerful or weak the organization, no matter if it breaks the law or just skirts the law or only shatters the universal morality, it's called BULLYING, and bullying is wrong. Thankfully, I LIKE bullies. I like them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bullies give me a purpose in life. They are my crusade. When either side does it, it's boldly devisive, counter-productive (even to the bullies, though they are too dumb to see that), anti-social, and just plain stupid. It's a small, weak mind that plans and plots idiotic, bullyish things like this. But there's no shortage of small, weak minds in the world today, and that's a fact.

There is no "The Mafia" in the traditional criminal sense. There are lots of families, groups and organizations of people, Italian, Russian, English-Anglo, Mexican....and other groups of misguided twerps who engage in all sorts of anti-social criminal nonsense who may be termed "A mafia". There's not THE criminal mafia, and there's not THE gay mafia. There are merely groups, large and small, of stupid people who do not possess the "ability to extrapolate", who bring unneeded grief to the world for various misguided motivations.

Do I believe that several gay people within Emerald City Pizza Hut (a handful) have loosely banded together to try, where convenient, to make life miserable for ECP's "straight" employees? Yes, I absolutely believe that. I believe that if we could get subpoena authority to go after inter-office communications, and especially personal email databases and archived Facebook-type records of certain ECP employees, we could prove that in court, in spades. But is this group a highly organized criminal enterprise, worthy of the term "Gay Mafia"? No, not even close. These are just stupid humans doing what stupid humans do best -- making life hard for the people around them, where it need not be hard. I believe Chad Cloke is the driving force behind this problem at ECP, and I believe he has had a considerable amount of help from his "gay brothers and sisters" in the company. But while Mafia types are damned dumb, this group ain't even smart enough to qualify as a mafia of any size or capacity. Harvey Milk ran "a" gay mafia in San Francisco, and San Francisco is STILL held in the death-grip of "a" gay mafia. Various gay mafias occasionally (or frequently) try to assert themselves into the inner workings of other cities and municipalities around the country and the world, and to varying degrees they succeed, as in San Francisco. I watched them try it in Reno and at least half a dozen other municipalities around the country. They are currently succeeding (albeit slowly) in Seattle (aka Little San Francisco), and in many other locales. But there is no "The" Gay mafia, just as there is no "International Organization of Candy Stealers" (IOCS) with corporate offices in Chicago, Paris, or Geneva. There are merely stupid people located everywhere who steal candy when they can and there is no union that controls them. Once in awhile they might meet up, usually accidentally, and find that they share certain hair-brained philosophies, and they might compare notes on how to most effectively steal candy, but usually, that's as far as it goes.

Emerald City Pizza Hut is not a victim of any "Gay Mafia" in any real or meaningful sense.




I'm going to speak directly to Emerald City Pizza Hut for a moment:

Throughout this website I've called you names -- Terry Hopkins, Mike Beecher, Sarah Phinney, Chad Cloke -- and I'll call you more before I'm done (this will be going on at least three years from now and likely more like seven). But how does all this name-calling and derision make you feel? Does it inspire you to do your jobs better? No. Does it cause you to rethink your business philosophies? No. Does it cause you to consider trying to be BETTER HUMAN BEINGS? No. Does it inspire you to show up early, to work extra hours, to pay more attention to detail, to hire better employees, to be extra nice to your customers -- NO! My insults to you and at you cause none of those positive effects. They make you, instead, blindly angry; they make you want to spend your hours thinking of ways to "get even" with me (please, I beg you, go for it because this is, and make no mistake, all-out warfare). They detract from your everyday performance. They make you treat those around you with even less respect than you already do. All these insults and names -- they serve only one purpose: To make ME feel better (and Rhonda too). Because, God knows, you ARE all of these things. But try to rub your tiny little brain cells together just long enough to get them warm and functioning so that perhaps, just perhaps, you'll get a momentary glimpse of how all of Cloke's name calling and intimidation and harassment and foul insults and insolence and derision and screaming and throwing pans and utensils through the restaurants and slamming doors and screeching in and out of the parking lots and making veiled threats of violence toward employees and lying about employees and coworkers and falsifying documents and humiliating employees and changing rules and -- and the insults and derogatory names I've used in this web page represent no more than one tenth of one percent of the negativity that sprouts forth from the foul yet petulant little mouth of dirty little Chad Cloke towards his employees EVERY SINGLE GAWDAMNED DAY.

And yet you allow it. I think you encourage it. I think it represents you people and your company perfectly. So there you go.

As I watch Rhonda sob over the loss of her pets, and stay up nights unable to sleep due to the stress of her impending bankruptcy, and as I watch her struggle to endure the fear she has of moving across the country to find new employment, and as I watch her descend again and again into the pits of despair at which times her family has to surround her and keep her from guns and sharp objects, I vow, I EFFING VOW with every fiber of my being, to make this right, and I do not care where that Holy Crusade takes me. It must be done for the good of all decent people everywhere who are sick to effing death of dirty, sneaky, amoral, weak-minded little pricks like you. You are the worst.

Roughly ten days ago Mike Beecher admitted that perhaps, just perhaps, the firing of Rhonda was wrong. Trust me, that will be used in court. But more to the point at this moment is the fact that even though you miserable sons of bitches are just now (just now!) beginning to figure this out, you have lifted NOT ONE FINGER to try to correct this situation, and this makes me realize that you are truly and utterly, forever and beyond, beyond redemption, and I will spare no expense and no effort and no sacrifice to nail your stupid damned hides to the outhouse wall if it takes the rest of my life and a hundred years hence. I swear it.

You do not belong in business. You do not belong in any situation in which you have control over the lives and livelihoods of decent employees or ANY other human beings. You do not belong in Seattle. You do not belong in America. I do not believe you belong on this planet. Society struggles every single day to better itself, to become more fair, more reasoning, more logical, more helpful, more decent and redeeming and socially responsible in every way. Progress is painfully slow over the centuries and the eons and the price of progress is staggeringly high. Not only do you people not contribute to this forward movement, but you folks, personally, are dragging us all backward, and for that you can, and will, go straight to burning Hell.

I by God promise.

One more thing: Rhonda considers Cloke, and I consider Cloke, to be a physical threat. Keep him away from us. There will not be a second warning.





This web page (up to this point and with no edits beyond 5-23-2011) was delivered to Emerald City Pizza Hut's CEO on 5-24-2011 as shown below:

Web page delivered to Terry Hopkins (1)

Web page delivered to Terry Hopkins (2)



5-23-2011, Rhonda has been informed that Emerald City Pizza Hut filed an appeal on 5-20-2011 to stop her unemployment benefits. An attorney has been retained to fight the appeal. This demonstrates, in vivid living color, the mentality and morality of the people pulling the strings at Emerald City Pizza Hut.


6-7-2011, I am informed that Emerald City Pizza Hut had dropped its appeal of Rhonda's unemployment. That's unfortunate, as I had hoped they'd spend a great deal of money on attorney's fees before realizing that they couldn't win. This still begs the question: Why did they even attempt this stunt in the first place? My answer: Because they are stupid, evil human beings who simply like causing trouble.


7-5-2011, information has come to us which suggests to us that it was NOT Emerald City Pizza Hut's decision to abandon its appeal of Rhonda's unemployment benefits -- rather, their attorneys told them they could not win such an appeal, and that in continuing to fight her benefits, they may leave themselves open to even greater liability (as if such a thing were even possible). There are probably worse, more counter-productive, sleazier, dumber, more evil companies in the world today, but I'd be hard-put to name any. Emerald City Pizza Hut pretty-much takes the proverbial cake. What a herd of stupid, disgusting scoundrels.

Unemployment Benefits Appeal Withdrawn by Emerald City Pizza Hut, Seattle



7-5-2011, an incident has come to my attention which occurred in about 2005 (+ or -), involving Chad M. Cloke, near an office in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, which is, I guarantee, beyond the most bizarre thing anyone has ever heard of -- even fiction cannot be this strange. I'm going to save this incident until just.....the right time, though I do not know at this moment what that time will be. I can only promise that this incident will blow minds. I positively guarantee it. I place this sticky-note here mostly to remind myself to follow up on this. The facts are known -- all that remains is the dissemination of it, but it's SO good that I'm not willing to just blurt it out here and now; I'll know when the time is right. It involves a case of willful vandalism by Chad M. Cloke, and I have an eyewitness. Just remember that the world is far smaller than you think, that Allah works in mysterious (whacked) ways, and that Parallel Universes do sometimes collide. This makes no sense to the reader whatsoever at this moment, but it will when the incident is finally divulged. Really, it will. I've found myself laughing out loud over this one, and it causes me to conclude that ECP could not POSSIBLY have chosen a more fitting or appropriate representative for its business than Chad M. Cloke..


We are informed on 7-5-2011 by current ECP employees that Cloke is still employed by ECP, and that his behavior has not changed one iota. So there you go.


It has now been over 60 days since an offer was formally made to pay Chad Cloke the sum of $5000 cash for his polygraph and for Rhonda to take her own polygraph for free (just give her permission to use the results in court). There has been no response whatsoever from Cloke, or Emerald City Pizza Hut, or anyone else. And of course there never will be; we all knew that. Still, this offer has no expiration. I'll make the same offer 20 years from now. We log Cloke's accesses to this server almost every day. He's very aware of this page.


Shortly after the posting of this web page, Terry Hopkins, CEO of Emerald City Pizza Hut, was promoted beyond CEO. Get it yet?


Sept., '11: We're now into the "meat and potatoes" phase of putting together our lawsuit against Emerald City Pizza Hut. We want the suit to be organized and ready to file the day after our attorney approaches ECP for an out of court settlement. We don't believe for a New York minute they'll do anything even remotely approaching honorable or smart to settle the matter before the suit is filed, and we feel that to have our attorney approach them before filing the suit is a complete and utter waste of time and money; still it's required before a suit can go on the docket.

We are also aware of a key firing within ECP in the latter part of August, 2011 (Mike Beecher). We doubt this was due to any common sense or rationality on ECP's part -- rather, Beecher was probably a sacrificial lamb in their minds, fired only so ECP could say in court, "See! We took steps to solve this problem!", and not because he was in their opinion a staggeringly bad employee which is what, in our opinion, he SHOULD have been fired for. Perhaps the motivation doesn't matter as long as the cancer is excised. But Chad Cloke still draws a handsome paycheck from ECP every two weeks, so clearly ECP hasn't learned, and isn't capable of learning, and so it shall always be with this herd of fools. Cloke is good for our cause as long as he's still employed by Emerald City. We KNOW the kind of damage he's doing behind the scenes every hour of every day, like a giant, fat, sloppy, disgusting termite, eating away at the structure and the value of the company from the inside out, and that suits us fine because that's what these people deserve, and Cloke is doing it for us, and ECP is too clueless to see it. Indeed, God or Allah or The Great Pumpkin works in mysterious (and sometimes wonderful) ways.

Lastly, we are hearing from many ECP employees, past and present, who have stories to tell that are nearly on a par with ours. All want to join in on the lawsuit. This is something our attorneys will have to decide. We don't have the time to verify and document the claims of a bunch of wronged employees, even though we empathize with them, and we don't have the energy to try to figure out which ones are only imaginarily wronged. All we can do is accept the data, and pass it to the attorneys, and let them decide how best to use it, if at all. If they want to explore the possibility of ramping this up to a class action, that will be their choice; we'll follow their advice.

We would add a contact box to this page, but honestly, we can't handle any more employee complaints right now (and if ECP was DOING ITS JOB and TAKING CARE OF THESE PROBLEMS IN-HOUSE there would be no need for good employees to seek outside remedies). We will add a contact box in time. If you feel you've been wronged by ECP, and if you can DOCUMENT IT, and if your complaint is LOGICAL and HAS ACTUAL MERIT and you're SOBER and not on drugs and you are reliable and trustworthy and honest......please write out your story CLEARLY and SUCCINTLY and put ALL of your documentation together in one place and watch the bottom of this page for a contact form of some type. We're not sure when we'll add one, but one WILL be added sooner or later. If you don't want to wait, you can always file your grievance on Yelp.

I had planned to be in the Northwest this summer and fall to gather data but I've been far too busy with other matters. I will probably wait until the attorneys ask for more information, and then go retrieve it selectively as it's required. I could easily add another 500 pages to this page right now in the form of documentation and testimony from others, but, honestly, it appears this page has already won any argument in spades and I see little reason to belabor the point -- unless and until ECP motivates me to do so. I am altogether prepared to rise to that occasion.


We continue to have ECP employees approaching us and offering lines of communication designed to feed us "inside info". On the one hand, this would seem a boon of data. On the other hand, there's just too much information coming at us and we can't sort through it all. One report suggests that Pizza Hut Inc. has given ECP "one last chance" to straighten up before pulling its franchise license. We honestly don't think that's credible. Oddly, though, the intel comes from a source who should be in a position to know. So how should we take this? We really don't know. While we appreciate the efforts on our behalf, and we thank the submitters, we're being swamped, and we would ask that only well documented information be sent our way. This tidbit may well be true, and the source swears it is, but we'd rather see printed memos, copies of emails, documents, etc.. THAT is info we can work with.


On 11-26-11 we have forwarded all docs to our attorney in Seattle, as requested in order to prosecute this case. It's our understanding that any attorney must offer the defendant an opportunity to pay up and thus avoid a lawsuit, before said lawsuit can be legally filed with the court. We also know that Emerald City Pizza Hut is far too stupid to take advantage of any such offer (we believe that Cloke still works there in his regular position, and if that isn't evidence of staggering stupidity, we don't know what is), and that a lawsuit will need to be filed and a formal, public trial must play out. We say only: Godspeed.


We've heard back from our attorneys (First Amendment attorneys, primarily) regarding Emerald City Pizza. Here are just a few of their comments, in italics:

Washington is an at-will state, so EC Pizza jerks can fire anyone at any time for any reason-- EXCEPT reasons based on race, sex, ethnicity etc.  In other words, they can fire you for not working on Friday even if you prove that you worked every damn Friday....I suggest coming at this from the perspective that it was Chad Cloke's lies that caused the problem, and ECP, having been warned countless times about Cloke's lying problem, bears much or all of the liability for Cloke's behavior. After all, they chose and still choose to keep paying him.

It does appear that Cloke is a liar, and that his lies cost Rhonda her job, and that the damages are significant.  Therefore Rhonda would have a claim against Choke.  This is not easy (because): 

1) Cloke may not have any money.... [Note: This is indeed the case as I have researched his finances. Cloke has no money and never will have any money unless he wins the lotto -- and even then he will only have money for a matter of weeks, until it is foolishly squandered. Cloke's most prized possession seems to be his car stereo from which he blasts out 500 watts of techno crap -- I'm told he likes to leave his car, doors wide open and music blaring, in the parking lots of Pizza Huts he visits and "administers"]

2) There seem to be no Washington cases on point regarding a situation in which a former employee sues a supervisor for intentional interference with a business expectency or defamation.  Other states that have looked at this issue.....the usual rule seems to be "In order for employee to recover for interference with contractual or employment relationship due to alleged bad faith on part of supervisor, employee must demonstrate that she had contractual right which was interfered with; that interference was wrongful and malicious; that interference was neither justified, privileged nor excusable; and that damage was proximately sustained as result of interference. Eminently provable in this case."

Looking at each item separately, we have:

1) employee must demonstrate that she had contractual right which was interfered with -- Clearly Rhonda had a contractual (employee/employer) relationship.

2) that interference was wrongful and malicious; I think we have "wrongful" but "malicious" is harder to prove-- you have to show that Cloke had it out for you.  You have to prove some sort of personal animosity. For example, that he threatened to "get you" or had a revenge rationale, something like that -- it must be beyond pure speculation, you have to have facts and witnesses [Note: We do have facts, witnesses, transcripts, etc. in spades, and maliciousness by Cloke is easily proven].

3)  that interference was neither justified, privileged nor excusable -- Here he would attempt to defend by saying maybe he made some errors about the policy, but they were just errors in the course of his employment. This defense would fail.

4) that damage was proximately sustained as result of interference -- you have that one. 

You have four options--

1) Definately contact an employment attorney... The damages are too high to go on my opinion alone!  I am not an employment specialist, I just have some knowledge after having dealt with 3 or 4 such cases.  I recommend [redacted so ECP can't run to him/her with some $50 job that would set up a conflict of interest should we hire him/her], here in Seattle - s/he is smart as a whip and has done very well on employment cases and other kinds of torts. [Note: s/he is being contacted at this moment].


3) Sue the guy [CLOKE] in small claims court and just live with whatever the result is.  Obviously this limits you to $5000.



Extracting $5000 from Cloke is a possible option, though a distasteful one. I can find no assets. We would have to garnish his wages for years. It would be pulling teeth from a snake. Still, we're considering it. $5000 represents about 1/40th of the damages owed.

I'm going to go ahead and relate my "Parallel Universe" account now, as promised earlier on this website. Here's what happened:

Way back in about 2004 or 2006 I was on a classic old motocycle on the little brick alley that goes along the east side of the Seattle Farmer's Market (down by the fresh produce section). It was a nice day and lots of tourists were out, so the alley was clogged with people and cars. Traffic had stopped and I was sitting on the bike, behind the car in front of me, just day-dreaming, idly waiting for traffic to move. I noticed a man walking along the east side of that alley, approaching my motocycle head-on. I thought nothing of it until I noticed that he veered more in my direction than he needed to, in order to pass by. As he got closer, which would put him passing on my right hand side, with his right side closest to my bike, I looked up just in time to see his right hand thrust out to hit my right hand mirror and knock it off the handlebar. His swing continued and it appeared he was going to strike me in the face. I was wearing a full face helmet so this would have been doubly foolish. I caught his right hand an instant after it hit my mirror and wrenched it sharply then knocked it aside. This jerk had a maniacal expression on his face and it was all I could do to keep from knocking his teeth down his throat. I told him to fuck off, and he laughed, then continued on behind me. I glanced at the mirror and saw that he had only popped it out of its "breakaway" bracket and that no damage was done. He couldn't possibly have known it was mounted in a breakaway bracket because no mirrors on motorcycles are generally mounted that way, except mine. At that point I glanced back to make sure this imbecile had continued on, but there he was, five feet behind me, now facing my back, saying, "Maybe you'd like to do something about it, asshole." Well, in fact, at that point I did, so I put the stand down and dismounted and walked the few feet back to him. He stood there grinning, probably 16 inches shorter than me, blubbery-fat and in the worst possible condition. I was 6'3" and in great shape, 240 pounds. Still this little turd was trying to pick a fight. I realized at that instant that this was an incredibly angry little man who spent every waking moment trying to pick fights. He smarted off again with, "You can shove that bike up your ass," then he tried to belly-butt me. I then slugged him in the stomach. I swear my fist went all the way to his backbone with no damage whatsoever. It was like punching warm jello, or a huge down pillow. The guy went back a couple of steps, then turned on his heel and began walking into the Market. He yelled over his shoulder that he'd be "right inside here, where I work, waiting for you." I answered that I was going to park and I'd be right there too. I did park and I searched the whole southern end of the Market for about an hour and ten minutes. I asked every clerk and vendor if they'd seen a short, fat, bald jackass go by, and several pointed to a suite of offices. I entered each and every one, paying no attention to the names on their doors or the yelps from the secretaries, and I checked every single room in every single office, even the bathrooms, without success. I checked every cafe and every kitchen of every cafe and every changing room of every clothing store and every stockroom of every novelty vendor and I came up empty. Whoever it was, was hiding. I returned to the market every week or so for several months but could never find this sociological prize. I never had the slightest idea who he was. Near the end of creating this website, many years later, I found Chad Cloke's picture on the net. I had seen him in person once before, years after the Market incident, and thought he looked vaguely familiar. The picture made me think he looked even more familiar. Then I discovered that the precursor to Emerald City Pizza Hut had its office right there in the Seattle Farmer's Market, EXACTLY where this jackass had vanished. It all came flooding back and I realized, beyond all possible doubt in my mind, that that fool was Chadrick M. Cloke, piece of human feces extraordinaire.

I have two more tales to relate that describe similar, and even worse behavior from this twit when he lived in Eastern Washington. I'll relate them when I've concluded the research, and when the mood strikes me. I'll be adding to this website the rest of my life because outside of serial killers and child rapists, I have never run across people so dumb or so evil as Chad M. Cloke and the office staff at Emerald City Pizza in Seattle.





Who are these men? You'll find out in time.... (trust me, I won't forget)



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Emerald Citty Pizza Hut Contacts, Emails, Phone Numbers

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Rhonda's Awards

Rhonda received boxes upon boxes of awards of all shapes and sizes throughout her 35 years with Pizza Hut Inc and franchises too numerous to list. The most recent award she received from her last Pizza Hut employer is below:

Rhonda's new employer (also Pizza Hut) presented her with the award shown below after 18 months of
solid good work -- the same solid good work she gave to Emerald City Pizza, for which she was fired.



Pizza Huts in California, Oregon and Nevada now have a new award, to be awarded annually to the store manager who best "turns around" a difficult Hut. It is called the "Rhonda Neil Turnaround Award", so named because Rhonda, the career manager and area coach who was fired by Emerald City Pizza Hut (Chad Cloke, screw-up and imbecile extraordinaire, and idiot side-kick Mike Beecher) was famous throughout Pizza Hut inc. and reputable franchises as the one manager who could take on any badly abused unit and turn it around more completely and more quickly than any other Pizza Hut employee. She did it over and over and over and over, in three states. It's well documented. Emerald City Pizza was the ONLY franchise that ever treated her with anything but the utmost dignity and reverence, and ECP's treatment of her was literally unbelievable to all who knew her and had employed her over 35 years. Recently, Terry Hopkins of Emerald City Pizza (aka Disco-Man), told the owner of another franchise chain,

"You know, I had serious reservations about the firing of Rhonda..."

Really Terry?

Then why did you not only allow it to happen, but encourage and work to orchestrate it? It's fair to say the stupid sentiment was received poorly by its recipient.

In any case, an award probably similar to the one shown above will be used by the owner of hundreds of Huts in this region to reward those managers who turn around bad restaurants as Rhonda had so faithfully and successfully done throughout her 35+ year career with Pizza Huts across the western US. Finally, this shows Emerald City Pizza for the unfathomably incompetent and unprofessional fools they actually are, for treating this faithful employee as they did. It was reprehensible beyond any writer's ability to comprehend or describe. There are truly no worse bosses on God's Green Earth than the dolts at Emerald City Pizza in Seattle (Edmonds) Washington. Management does not GET any worse, not even in Third World countries. Not even down the proverbial rabbit hole. Not even in fictional story-book accounts. They just don't get any worse.


Franchise owner and management work to install permanent memorial plaque on Rhonda's last restaurant.