Seattle City Attorney vs. Jared Froiland, 1311 85th NW, Seattle, Washington, 98117, Seattle City Attorney (prosecutor) refuses to prosecute some drug crimes. More Seattle corruption?

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Bad Neighbors

Jared Froiland, assault

Jared Froiland throwing another punch

Above, Jared Adam Froiland: Seconds before this, Froiland had tried to wrestle the camcorder from my hand. Here, he swings but misses, and this costs him his second strike to the face (camcorder is held at my waist in my left hand as I block his swing with my right). This was one of seven assaults that got Jared Froiland arrested and charged. I have 30 minutes of this insanity on tape. Point: overindulgence of drugs (even legal drugs, like alcohol) leads to this kind of behavior. If a prosecutorial system embraces drugs and coddles druggies, this is what cities become. Take a look at London, August of 2011. That's where the US is headed.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished




Seattle City Attorney
POB 94667
Seattle, WA., 94667

Andrew D. Tsoming,

Re your letter to me of July 12, 2011 (accused: Jared Froiland), be advised:

Your letter of 7-12 is the first we have heard of the case since being the victims of this nut-job (Jared Froiland) back in May. We were scheduled to move out of the country when this incident occurred, and we did move about three days after the incident. We moved specifically and explicitly BECAUSE of the insanity and lawlessness in King County and America in general – this incident only added to the burden.

Mail sent to what was our address at the time was routinely misplaced by the carrier despite numerous written complaints to the Ballard post office. Mail sent to our forwarding address was also routinely misplaced and mis-delivered to addresses all up and down the street, and mail sent to our new address in this country is even now routinely mis-delivered to addresses up and down the block. As far as we’re concerned, government postal mail is no longer a viable means of communication. We suggest Fed-Ex henceforth, or, really, ANY other carrier that conducts meaningful and effective drug screening of its delivery employees.

At any rate we have now received your letter stating that on July 22nd, if you had not heard from us, the case would be dismissed. We received this on Aug. 4th, 2011.

As you know, this individual assaulted me a total of seven (7) times, on videotape. He admitted to police that he had smoked “too much ‘medical’ marijuana”, and this had presumably caused the onset of his break from reality. We are well aware of your city attorney’s constant public statements to the effect that he will prosecute NO pot crimes. That your office documentably prefers a civic environment in which illegal, mind-altering drugs are used, sold, and distributed with complete and total impunity, tells us that flights back across the country to testify against this fruitcake would have been pointless – a waste of our time and money, and yours (or rather, the taxpayers’). Jared Froiland is clearly the kind of man Seattle wants its neighborhoods populated with, and so be it. We see that as absolutely poetic. We’re glad you have him, you so richly deserve him, and we hope he stays there forever.

Let’s recap this event:

Our first notice of Froiland came when we were just turning out the lights to go to bed. We noticed on our security monitor a male figure moving between the cars in our common apartment parking area, peering into each window as he went from car to car. He was immediately identified as a car prowler. We saw these once or twice per night in this lot, and two or three times per week in broad daylight. Three cars had been stolen from that lot in the five years we struggled to live there. At least five windows had been broken out in vehicles. The amount of petty vandalism was beyond calculation. A white car parked in the corner, off the apartment building's property, had lost its windows at least twice. Its tires had been flattened and it had been keyed and dented, the roof caved in. This alley in Crown Hill (Ballard) was beginning to look like any other alley in Rainier Beach. Tenants had been accosted in that lot, bikes and other property stolen ad nauseam. We had stopped two burglaries in progress at the house adjacent to our building, on the corner. It was a sewer down there (a sewer which is inexorably spreading to ALL areas of Seattle). That’s why we eventually mounted a high-quality security camera and motion-activated nightlight (150 watts, which supplemented the 150 watt light that was already permanently attached to the building).

On the night in question, the apparent car-prowler moved through three of the vehicles, then walked away, across the alley to the west. At this point we figured he had not spotted anything he wanted in the vehicles and was going somewhere else, and we were debating whether to notify SPD. We had seen mostly corruption and incompetence through SPD however, so it was likely we wouldn’t have bothered.

As the apparent car-prowler moved away from our vehicles toward the halfway-house across the alley, he was stunned when a motion-activated light on a neighbor’s garage tripped on. He staggered first one way, then another, and seemed angered by the light. He then staggered back to the southeast a few feet, and was again hit by a motion activated light on a Seattle Police officer’s garage. This seemed to REALLY piss him off. Counting ours, this was the third motion light he had activated in the space of thirty seconds, and he appeared to be incensed (imagine the audacity of a neighborhood that tries to protect itself!). At this point he picked up a handful of rocks and threw them at our sliding glass door (we were on the second floor). We were amazed. Clearly, we had a real nut-case on our hands.

I asked my wife to call SPD and report it, and I pulled on a pair of pants to go out onto our balcony and tell the imbecile to knock it off. While I was dressing, the man in the alley continued to throw rocks at our door, and to scream incoherently. It was 1:15 a.m.

My wife had SPD on the phone by the time I went outside. I told the man in the alley to SHUT UP. That's ALL I said. He then pelted me with rocks two or three more times, saying, “Don’t make me come up there and kick your ass, dude. Don’t make me come up there and kill you. I’ll come up there and kill you, dude!” Obviously this was one hell of a whack-job and he seemed to be winding up more by the minute. I asked him what the hell his problem was, and he began screaming, “The lights, the lights!” He was clearly, in my view, insane and needed immediate hospitalization.

I left the balcony and listened to my wife interact with SPD for about ten seconds. Suddenly there was a pounding on my door. I armed myself with a .38 revolver and opened the door, fully expecting to be attacked by the nut-job from the alley. I had already cocked the hammer and I was prepared to stop the man from entering my home. As it turned out, it was a neighbor girl who was terrified and wanted to know if she could stay with us until this was resolved.

I took another look out the balcony door and saw that the man had gone. He had been pounding on the trunks of the vehicles, and I was concerned that he had damaged them. I expected the police to arrive at any second, so, foolishly leaving the gun in the apartment, I went downstairs to look for damage.

When I got downstairs the man was there again. I had never met him, and to my knowledge had never seen him before. He was still ranting hysterically, saying that I had no right to put a porchlight over the vehicles in the alley (my light had been there roughly three years). Even though three other similar lights were burning brightly, placed there by other parties, he was only worried about mine. He said that it was “disturbing his sense of the peace” (verbatim quote). His house is at 1311 85th NW, 98117 (the number on the house differs from this, though the tax records use this address), and is under numerous city streetlights, adjacent to commercial businesses, and on a high-traffic arterial avenue, yet he was completely bezerk over one out of many other porchlights in the same place back in the alley. He tried repeatedly to cite the RCW codes my porchlight was breaking but couldn’t seem to remember the exact statutes (because they don’t exist). Clearly, he appeared to me to be utterly insane. This was the kind of bizarre behavior I had witnessed in certain areas of the California coast, such as Santa Barbara, Monterey, etc., and in certain areas of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Out of the blue Froiland repeatedly screamed the he "had the best job in the world", and therefore I could no nothing to him. His brain was simply derailed, though in his supreme arrogance, he thought he made perfect sense. It was truly something to witness.


He came to me and began pushing me. He was of a much smaller stature than myself and I was reluctant to hurt him, though I advised him many, many times to back off. He seemed not to hear me at all over his insane rantings. I counted five (5) hard pushes, then I belted him in the face with my fist. This seemed to have the desired effect, which was to cause him to stop assaulting me. He continued, however, to rant like an absolute lunatic and to repeatedly scream in rage and charge at me. Each time (perhaps 7-10 in all), I drew back my fist and he stopped. You see behavior like this only very occasionally, and only by the completely deranged.

I knew the police were on the way, but I also knew that if he ran away, and I may not be able to identify him later, there would be no case. I still hadn’t looked for damage on the cars and I wanted to document it if there was any. I went back upstairs and grabbed a video camera (still stupidly not retrieving my gun) and went back downstairs. The man was still there, still ranting as though utterly insane.

I asked him what drugs he had taken. He replied “None, but YOU [indicating me] look like YOU are on drugs!” He was as verbally abusive and insolent as any human being I’ve ever seen. I'm as anti-drug as you can get, and this is well documented in my Federal law enforcement background, and so his assertion that “I” was on drugs was stupid beyond words. He then began berating me because I lived in an apartment, and “he” owned a HOUSE (he is actually a renter with some number of complaints against him). It was only at this moment that I realized this fool was my neighbor(!), and that it was HIS rental house I had stopped the two burglaries of in recent months, and HIS white car that had been vandalized so many times in the common area of the parking space, and it was HIS car that was being hopefully protected by my motion light and the several others put up by neighbors! This was the style of Froiland's crazy insolence over the next twenty or so minutes. Later, one of SPD’s comments upon seeing what they were dealing with later was, “Seattle has its own special kind of crazies.” Indeed it does. Let’s call it “Little San Francisco”. I have friends in southern California who are disgusted by the degree of liberalism in Seattle, and THAT is saying something. I asked the police how often they saw someone this belligerent and this detached from reality, and they replied, "Once or twice a night."

At one point Froiland swung at me; I deflected the swing and hit him in the face again. At another point he grabbed my arm and tried to twist my camcorder out of my hand, screaming that it was illegal to photograph him (this was a public alley with camera in full view, and the video of this part is exceptionally clear). I swung at him again but missed, though this stopped him from continuing to try to steal my camera. This was a wild animal, and had he felt he could have prevailed against me physically, he would have hurt me badly, or killed me -- this was crystal clear; that is how crazy this man appeared to me to be. SPD, later reviewing the tapes, said, “I would have had this guy in cuffs and doubled over the trunk of my car in the first ten seconds.”

I advised this fool many, many times to move away from me, to simply go a few yards away and wait for the police. He repeatedly screamed that I had assaulted him and that I was going to jail. I advised him to save his story for the police, confident that the entire episode was being recorded by at least one, and probably two camcorders.

At a point ten minutes into this fiasco my wife came out onto our balcony above us and was talking on her cell phone to Seattle police. They had asked her to describe the man, and she was doing that. Jared Froiland screamed at her repeatedly to “Shut the fuck up, cunt!!” Even SPD dispatch heard this through the phone. Obviously, Jared Froiland is a real class act.

Finally the police arrived. Froiland denied pushing me and denied assaulting me in any way. The officers were invited to view the security tape, which they both did. Froiland, of course, was arrested immediately. I was told he was being charged with multiple counts of assault (throwing rocks and hitting me with them), pushing me, swinging at me, and trying to wrestle my camcorder from me). Froiland was taken away, ranting at the top of his lungs the entire time. I heard the officers repeatedly telling Jared to shut up, and I heard them discuss the possible use of a hog-tie. I video-taped this from my balcony.

Froiland did admit to pushing me, though he disagreed with the number (I have this on tape too), and he admitted to SPD that he had “smoked too much ‘medicinal marijuana’ and drank ‘some beers’.” How many? A hundred? In reality, the man was out of his fricking mind and I think he spends a good deal of his life in that same state. If we thought this stupid ass owned anything more substantial than a box of low-grade cameras and photography equipment we'd hit him with a civil suit. God knows it's a slam-dunk.

I know that other neighbors in my own building had complained repeatedly to Froiland’s landlady about parties and noise and various inappropriate behaviors and activities at his house. Due to the type of ongoing activities at Froiland's house, many of us (including me) believed he was dealing drugs. If we have any further trouble we'll pull his background and post it for public view. His landlord was threatened with legal action if she continued to choose tenants who terrorized the neighborhood (she had a history of renting to these types).

In any case, I did not receive notification of Froiland’s trial. Nor was I asked by anyone for a copy of my videos (19.1 GIGS of full 30fps 1080p HD vid -- thats about 5 full DVD's if compressed down to TV format). Maybe I'll split the footage into one or two minute segments and compress them and post them all on YouTube. Or maybe we'll choose, rather, to simply purge this nut-case from our collectiveconsciousness and forget him. It probably depends on how much, if any, further trouble we have with Jared.

It seems to be well documented that your city attorney likes and wholeheartedly approves of pot-heads. Stating publicly that he will not prosecute any pot crimes, tells the citizenry clearly that they have fought a losing battle for decency, logic and honor in their communities in the Seattle area. THIS is precisely what you get when you coddle dopers. THIS is what your communities become. And THIS is why decent people leave. We leave because of cases like this one, and because we know your office will do little or nothing to curtail the root cause of behavior of this type (drugs) and because of cases like the ones linked below, and because we believe the Seattle area is beyond redemption and cannot be saved. You’ve ruined it. You’re supposed to be the partners of the people, not their irresponsible irritant.

You folks WANT chaos. So be it. You have it. Now live with it.



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