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Scott Metcalf, California Singer, Craigslist Flagger,

Scott Metcalf, California Singer, Craigslist Flagger,

How interested is the American public in the problem of rampant Craigslist flagging?

THIS interested:

The following ad was on Craigslist for two years before a dirty little shitbag named Scott Metcalf came along. The ad has now been "flagged and removed". We feel this is a dandy insight into how items get flagged off Craigslist, and by whom. We're betting a subpoena will bring us reams and reams of information regarding Scott Metcalf and his flagger friends. Here's the original ad, with explanations and identities following below it. Be sure to read Scott Metcalf's email to us regarding this ad. Scott Metcalf: Typical Craigslist puke. 

SF bay area craigslist > san francisco > for sale / wanted > boats - by owner 
Hydrostream, 140 Merc, 63mph - $2995 
Date: 2012-08-11, 12:59PM PDT 
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here 

Late 80's Hydrostream Verado (was custom built by Hydrostream, only a half dozen in the country now). This model was never mass-produced; they were built by hand, one at a time, for specific pre-paid customers. This one was built for a woman on Lake Tapps, Washington state and her name is still engraved in the production plate on the dash. She maintained it fanatically. Very deep V, 140 (115) Merc with salt water lining, 63 mph on GPS, two fuel tanks for extreme range (around 250 miles), VHF, GPS/Sonar, 1000 watt stereo, wakeboard tower, many extras, props, etc., turn-key. Just start and go. I want $6000 for the boat as-is, or, if you want the boat for $2995, let me keep the stereo and GPS/Sonar. Boat and trailer valid registrations (good thru 2013). Brand new tires on galvanized trailer. Very flashy boat. Clear titles of course. Will deliver for free anywhere in Bay area (boat is currently in California). Garage-stored. A few pics are below. Demo-rides require a deposit or proof that you can actually buy the boat. Consider trades of all kinds but no silly junk please. Will consider: 

2000 or newer, Yamaha R1 or Honda sport bike. Prefer Hayabusa. NO Kawasaki 
street legal dune buggy or sand rail 
things that go bang (M1A (not M1), or others) 
tow truck or truck with crane 
eco-solvent or solvent printer 
large format vinyl cutter (prefer Roland) 
16-22 foot very tough work-skiff, aluminum or steel preferred (something like a seine skiff) 
things I haven't even thought of 

Do NOT need SCUBA gear, computers, work/labor, contractor's services, wives, children, drugs, cars, regular trucks, welders, air compressors, painting equipment, tools, girlfriends, prostitutes, tax advice, tattoos, platonic companionship from beautiful women (all these have been offered -- are you kidding?!), photography services (I'm a professional photographer), housecleaning, pets, paintings or artwork 

In the end, you can see how much easier it is to just deal in cash. 

I don't "need" the money, nor do I "need" any of these things. But I don't need the boat either. I now live inland and I'm not into lakes. 
Boat comes with a documented valuation placing street value at $5000 without GPS/Sonar, stereo, VHF, tower, etc. If you can find a better deal, buy it. 

Please DO NOT email and ask for my number or demand that I call you back. I'm tired of calling back only to discover that I've called a sex line or a dating service or a religious organization or some outfit wanting me to donate or a boat broker or some three year old answers or a drunk answers or the number is not in service. And I don't give out my number so that all of the above can call me. If you're genuinely interested you won't mind trading a few questions and answers by email. Ask a few intelligent questions and I'll quickly get the idea that you're sane and I'll be happy to talk voice to voice with you. But not at first. This is CRAIGSLIST. Try advertising something on here yourself and see what kind of kooks it attracts. It's ridiculous. There are one hundred whack-jobs for every serious buyer, and 99% of the "serious buyers" don't have any money and can't pass a credit check to get a loan, and 84% of those few who do have money don't show up. Try it yourself and see. After awhile you start trying to weed them out. Sorry. 


The ad shown above had been posted for nearly two years without a problem. One day in Aug of 2012 we received an insane rant from the guy shown below. The following day the ad was flagged and removed. There is no doubt in our minds that this little problem child, Scott Metcalf, got his "buds" together to relentlessly flag the ad until it was removed. This is a classic example of how the the insane, the spoiled brats, the mentally handicapped, the drunks, the dopers and all other similar imbeciles can affect regular, honest commerce. This whack-job, "Scott Metcalf", probably saw himself described in the ad, and took offense, and decided to get the ad removed. We're so weary of this putrid, illogical mentality on Craigslist that we immediately removed all eleven other ads we had running for various things for sale, and we will never waste our time on Craigslist again. We do, however, have some very special things planned for Scott Metcalf. Again, we doubt this fool could afford the boat, but was offended by the ad because he saw himself described, and, spoiled little butt hole that he is, decided to cause us grief. GRIEF -- is just about the only thing you'll ever find on Craigslist, and it's BECAUSE of people like this dirty little coward. Now you know what jerk-offs like this do when they think they're being anonymous. How often their "secret" deeds reveal their true personalities and character. This is the kind of behavior that costs people like Scott Metcalf their teeth, if these tantrums were to be perpetrated in person, because if shenanigans like this are repeated often enough in real life someone, somewhere, will do this turd physical harm. But people like Metcalf don't act like this in person. They only act like this when they think no one is looking, and no one will find out. What they don't ever seem to "get" is that sooner or later, they run across people like US, who will stand up straight in front of them and say, "No. More." What a dirty, cowardly, scumbag of a human being, and here's proof: 

Scott Metcalf [] 
"The pics and description are awesome. I am a serious buyer, but you sound like such an obnoxious fuck, I wouldn't even think of dealing with a knob like you. 
Lots of luck, Dip Shit." 


What a great human being. 

A short BIO of Scott Metcalf per Facebook; dirty little Craigslist flagger: 


Facebook friends of Scott Metcalf (original documentation on file) 
Neil MacPherson 
William Russ Jr 
Scott Metcalf 
Stewart Burr 
Aaron Nuss 
Alex Cordrey 
Tammi Brown 
Reggie Coates 

Are any of these people in Scott Metcalf's "flagger pool"? 
We have as yet NO PROOF that they are. But.... 
How much fun could we have with subpoena authority? 
Could we prove a conspiracy to criminally harass? 
Ooooh! Let's find out! 

Artist Name: Cede Album: New Beginnings 
Email address: 
Hometown: Hayward, California, USA 
Style of music: Contemporary Christian 


Description: A powerful contemporary Christian sound with a lyrical message that goes deeper than the norm in Christian music. 

Bio: Cede was founded by singer / songwriter Scott Metcalf. During the course of his career, Scott has worked with artists such as Donnie Boutwell from Chris Tomlin's band, Trey Hill who was the lead guitarist for Sonicflood, Rich Mullins' first guitarist Ric Blair, and many many others. After recording an album in Nashville in 2008, Scott returned to the San Francisco bay area with the idea of putting together a band that would rival the sounds coming out of Nashville. He brought in keyboardist Neil MacPherson (Bobby McFerrin and John Popper), drummer Stewart Burr (Chubby Checker), former Nashville session bassist Alex Cordrey (Luce), master acoustic guitarist Reggie Coates (Phil Keaggy), lead guitarist Ryan Avellone (Family Hogwash), and singers Aaron Nuss and Grammy nominee Tammi Brown. The band spent most of 2009 touring and working out the sound they were after. In the spring of 2010 they began work on their first album "New Beginnings" which is scheduled for release at the end of October. This CD will reflect the band's wide range of styles: inspirational, praise and worship, rock, and even a bit of funk. Cede places a heavy emphasis on lyrics. As Scott recently said in an interview, "The music is simply the packaging, but the words are meant to honor God and bring us new insights into who He is and who we are". 


NOTE from poster: 
We can take this just as far as Scott Metcalf and his flagger friends, whoever they might be, desire. 
Care to go another round, Scott? Sure you do. Please? 
Maybe it's time to have a one-to one talk with God about your cowardly, disgusting, chicken-shit, sophomoric, imbecilic behavior. 
We're betting you disgust even God. 

THIS, ladies and gentleman, is how your perfectly legitimate ads get flagged off of Craigslist. Craigslist could do MUCH to circumvent this kind of stupid behavior, but it doesn't. Why? We spent decades trying to figure out why Craig does or doesn't do anything. We've tied our brains into knots trying to uncover and understand some tiny fleck of logic in this man's thinking and business plan. It was only in 2012, when we saw a videotaped interview with the man, that we got it. He answered his interviewer's questions with sound effects from his phone, with grunts or chortles, with stupid facial expressions, with unrelated quips from obscure poetry, with nonsensical questions, and it was light years beyond bizarre. That's what finally tipped us off: Craig HAS no business plan. He doesn't understand the first damned thing about running a business efficiently or well or of doing and providing a service to the community. He's simply insane. And THAT, dear folks, is why Craigslist is the Dante's Inferno that it is, and it's why people like Scott Metcalf find it a haven for rudeness and stupidity and chaos and trouble. It's because NO ONE STOPS THEM, because, at Craigslist, there's no one at the helm and it's a rudderless ship.