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Thailand Customs
Suvarnabhumi Airport

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Exposing Scams, Corruption, Incompetence and Theft

Did you lose your shipment bound for Thailand today?

If you got lucky today, chances
are you won't be lucky tomorrow.

This details a FEW of my experiences
with Thailand Customs in Bangkok

This web page details our opinions of and experiences with

Thailand Customs, Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport


I decided to leave Thailand after nearly ten years of struggling to build a life there, because Thai Government and business corruption -- the theft, dishonesty, scams and lies are too much. I have seldom had any interaction with any department or branch of the Thai government that was not in some way a scam, or involved theft or attempted theft, a ruse, a series of lies, malfeasance, corruption, dishonesty or dishonor, and Thai businesses (in this case UPS) are no better. Thailand is the most dishonest country I have ever lived in, and I have lived literally around the world. The odd thing about dishonest Thais is that when they're caught and exposed, THEY DO NOT CARE. They will never be held accountable for their actions. After all, if the entire government is on the take, who's going to punish a Thai government employee for being on the take? Thais have no sense of honor, no sense of decency, no sense of right or wrong. Those qualities simply are not in their DNA.


And Thais don't just steal from and scam foreigners; Thais scam and steal from each other almost as a matter of course. I swear to God, Thais will lie when the truth would serve them better. Lying is their national pastime. Stealing and scamming is their national industry. I brought 240,000 baht into the Thai economy every single month. All of that was spent at Thai merchants, hotels, restaurants, and to support a handful of Thai citizens, and to help support about 70 Thai orphans. I don't drink, party, or go to bars, so ALL of my money went to those purposes.

Now, however, due to the corruption and theft of the Thai government, Thais and Thailand get ZERO from me from now until eternity. Tens upon tens of thousands of ex-pats have come to this same conclusion, and Thailand's tourism figures are sinking like the Titanic. The corruption cow has reached the tipping point. Ex-pats are saying NO to Thailand. Ask them why? Their number one complaint is corruption. Almost every country in the world is more honest and honorable than Thailand. Thailand's prices for general living expenses are now close to those of the USA while standards of living are a fraction of any farang country.

Thailand is no longer the Land of Smiles (LOS), it is the Land of Scams (LOS). So why go there any more? This web page will illustrate only a tiny percentage of my problems with the Thai government, but it will focus on Thai Customs, where almost no incoming shipment, be it a few tubes of suntan lotion, or a nice laptop computer, will go unmolested in some way. The items that go completely missing after reaching Thai customs in Bangkok seems to average, year to year, just slightly less than 50% of the total, and that ain't small change.

A growing list of merchants, retailers and shippers are opting to curtail ALL shipping to Thailand, because it's just too corrupt. --Funnily, after the coup a few years ago, when the military took over, there was a gargantuan amount of hot air decrying Thailand's corruption, and there were grand promises to stop it once and for all. That seemed to be a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, the corruption increased exponentially right after the coup, and has steadily increased all these years until now it is just a Goddamned joke. Thailand has made itself the bad joke of the world.


UPDATE: March, 2021:

After starting the above page, I did start researching new countries. I was leaning toward Malaysia.

But then China's great gift to the world, Covid-19, hit the planet, and all things came to a screeching stop.

I couldn't even leave Thailand to go prepare a new life somewhere (I still can't).

Gradually, grudgingly, I sort of settled back into life in Thailand. I've travelled extensively through all SE Asia countries and none are a bargain. Malaysia MIGHT hold a bit of promise, but every single Maylay I've ever known in Thailand (admittedly only a large handful) have outright and phsyically stolen from me. Maybe my wallet, maybe my Ipad, phone, clothing, maybe my passport -- anything that they could get their hands on. So now I'm worried about Malaysia.

As part of normal life here I continued to buy things -- I'm the ultimate consumer.

And a percentage of those things came in through UPS.

And how many of those things were ultimately held for ransom by UPS in Bangkok, or never delivered at all?

All. Every single item.

I recently bought a bottle of pool dye for a friend in Thailand, through Amazon. The dye was $36. The shipping was $150. The Thai duty tax was $100.

All paid by Amazon.

And weeks later we can't get it cleared through UPS in Bangkok.

Having forgotten about this page, I started a new one to detail this newest farce. Now I stumble on this unfinished page.

So let's just continue this on to the new page, shall we?

And corporations around the world can decide if they want to do business with UPS in this land of 66 million consumers. Thankfully, some are waking up. Why doesn't UPS Corporate fix this problem? My conclusion is that they are simply too stupid to do it. The stockholders should be proud.

As so many millions of expats have over the last four or so years, I've had a belly-full of Thailand's corruption and utter lack of moral fiber. These people are a write-off. I'm done. They can go fuck themselves.

No more money for YOU, Thailand!

I hope you're happy eating wormy rice.

You have truly fucked yourselves.


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