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Why People Abandon Facebook Groups


This is our Editorial Review of the

Facebook Group "Philippines Expats"


It's patently pathetic when the Admins of Facebook Groups are the VERY REASON people leave Facebook Groups


Dedicated to two Supreme Brainiacs (SB),

Steve Elliott and John Messick,

Sysops (Admins) of the Facebook Group

Philippines Expats


Above: Steve Elliott and John Messick, admins of the Facebook

Group Philippines Expats, AKA Dumb and Dumber



Legitimate question:

How do people this dumb find their ways home at night?

I honestly do not know.

Maybe they never make it





Here's the story:


One of the admins of this group, Steve Elliott, posted the following picture of a hot girl dressed in some kind of bikini thing which more or less depicted the American flag. Sorry, I left the USA more than a decade ago because I don't care about America or its flag, so the image is just an image of a hot girl, and something semi humorous came instantly to mind.

It was a good shot, as such shots go.



I replied humorously, as I sometimes do, in the following way, and someone else replied something like, "Man! You could park a truck in there!"

Facebook groups are, hopefully, full of humor. Except when they're not.

I had responded maybe a dozen times to various images, with humorous clips.

For instance, awhile back Messick posted an image of an impressive hailstorm. I had been through quite a few of those in Colorado, New Mexico, etc. and I rode rustler patrol in Nevada on a 704,000 acre cattle ranch for many years. I was far more familiar with hail than I ever wanted to be. In Colorado alone I once lost an entire outdoor deck to one, and once a car that was deemed totaled due to hail damage. I quipped, "Yes, I have seen that before. It's meteors. 17 killed in Louisianan just last week". Anyone on earth would be mentally quick enough to pick that up, right? Good humor, lame humor, it doesn't matter. The humor was blatantly obvious, even to Data or Spock.

Messick immediately responded to "teach me" and "mentor" me that it was only hail.

Really John? Ya think?

I was taken aback by his denseness in not recognizing the humor. He must have come from a stern and laugh-less family environment indeed. Were they all named Spock, or Data?

In any case I brushed it off, concluding that this man just wasn't overly bright, and gave it never another thought.

Until now.

So here's my witty retort to the babe image above. I have no clue who Virrey is and don't care:



Above, my retort, and also Steve Elliott's bashing, stupid, ham fisted, ignorant, insulting, five year old's comeback. It truly boggles the mind. ANOTHER one who can't find his way home at night? REALLY? How many can there be here in the Philippines?! Were they once marginally intelligent, but Body Snatchers infiltrated their brains and now they're just oafish fools? Or were they born this fucking stupid? "Listen up 'King George'", this oversize lump of pus replies. Elliott, tell me that out on the street, man to man, face to face. Use that tone and that demeanor, and get right in my face. Try it. Please.

There's a reason imbeciles like this don't spout their mouths man to man, in public. They probably learned that lesson on the school grounds after class. But they feel they can be a jackass with utter and rank impunity when they're hiding behind a router, as this dipshit states, "I'm the Boss man here!" (He caps the word Boss). Can you even believe this? I can't! I've seen a lot of really odious behavior in all kinds of groups, but this one is right there near the top of the stupid scale.

My God! What a tortured life he must have led if being the "Boss man here" of a nondescript, microscopic FACEBOOK GROUP in some tiny backwater Third World country, sends a shiver up his leg! Oh the POWER! This dolt is THE MAN! Can't you just FEEL his VIBRATING AUTHORITY! Wow! This son of a bitch is positively over the top, and increasingly, Filipinos are getting wise to this mentality in their increasingly unwelcome ranks of expats, and it is, rightfully so, beginning to make them collectively puke. The really sad part is that so many of these guys find and marry nice Filipino girls, but due to the chasm of culture, they probably never figure out just what level of idiot they have actually landed, and how their seen by their peers, and THAT is sad. If they could somehow see it, they'd be ashamed.

Never mind that he totally and ignorantly completely misses the joke. Stupid is as Stupid does. But I emailed them both and said, "I replied to that image as a joke, to say that she should remove the flag outfit SO WE COULD SEE HER NAKED!!!" I meant nothing at all about removing the image.

Both Elliott and Urkel received that communication. Any first grader would have understood it.

But either neither of these high-functioning jackasses did EVEN WHEN IT WAS LAID OUT FOR THEM, or they didn't possess the simple human decency and honor to stand up straight on their little clickety hooves and say, "Oh! Damn! Now we get it! Holy Cow! We don't know how we ever could have missed THAT! But we did, and we're sorry, and we will try much, much harder to grasp and comprehend what is being posted before we go off half-cocked and make complete fools of ourselves, as we have done here! So sorry. SO SORRY!"

That might have been the end of it. Handshakes all around, a couple more sorrys, but neither of these brainless twits had the balls for that.

Of course that would be the reaction of pretty-much any stand-up kind of MAN.

But they did neither. See what they did instead, below.

Messick responded with yet another dumb-bomb. It was just shocking. Just shocking. Can you even begin to imagine what his parents must have been like? What a pompous effing jackass. From whence doth such obnoxiousness spring? I can't remember when I have ever, ever seen anyone this thick of wit.




This man truly believes he is "Mentor to the World".

You just want to puke.

Look even farther down to see how they treated this issue ultimately.

And YOU want to be part of any group where this kind of thing can happen?

Then you deserve what you get.




I replied to both Elliott and Messick as follows:

"I made the comment about the flag because I wanted her to take it off so I could see her naked. Go Google HUMOR. You people are certifiable. Truly. Certifiable."

I did receive a response from Elliott nearly a week later, and you can see that unspeakably ignorant blob of BS at the end of this page.

I honestly have no words for this insanity or dishonor. This is NOT the code of ANY honorable, working man.

You do run across dipshits like this in the groups and it is exactly why groups are failing, and why people don't want the aggravation of struggling to deal with them anymore.

But to have TWO of these mental cases in the same group?

And both are admins!

And both resolutely ignore the explanation of the post and double down with "You must respect the decision of the admins"!

Huh? No one respects the decisions of Mash's Major (Lt. Col.) FRANK BURNS!

I do believe it is a sign of what appears to be a spreading brain disease globally. People are becoming dumber and dumber and dumber at an alarming rate.

Now, to finish out this review of this Facebook group, I will state that Messick states regularly in the group, and he has to me, that he really doesn't like people in his group who fly off the handle at some innocuous post that was probably misunderstood by the OP. That's Messick's spoken, written, posted position.

So what does he do.

He becomes one of the very same offenders he bitches about. The. Very. Same.

And he supports Elliott's staggering stupidity as well.

Folks, there's no shortage of Facebook groups for Expats in the Philippines.

No shortage at all.



Apparently this "suspension" is temporary.

Why in God's name would I care?

I have deleted the group and blocked the admins.

I. Don't. Need. People. of. That. Low. Caliber. in. My. Life.




We did receive a last, amazing message from Steve Elliott, as follows, and our reply below that. This really takes the cake:



Listen buddy, I don’t hold any bad feelings. Please don’t tell me what I can’t post.



Are you serious? You stupid moron. YOU don't hold any bad feelings?! I DO!!! Nobody told you you couldn't post! I was joking that I wanted her to take it off so I could see her naked. You fools. And I'm not even remotely your BUDDY, you ignorant, mouthy pud. Even if I HAD been objecting to your post, THAT'S NOT THE WAY A RESPONSIBLE, COMPETENT HUMAN BEING HANDLES IT. Here's your website.


Ignorant, sanctimonious fools. Don't ever, ever contact me again. Think I'm bluffing? Try me.