On this date my motorcycle was parked in the same spot (exactly) as during the encounter depicted above. This is the first time the bike had been out of the garage since 10-7-02. At about 2:20 p.m. a meter maid in a small cart approached the bike, then immediately whipped his vehicle to the curb. At this point the driver, a dark haired male, stared at the bike, then stared at me as I watched him from inside an adjacent store. We maintained eye contact for about 10 seconds, then the man drove off. About five minutes later this same individual drove past the bike again, slowed, looked at it, then drove on. About five minutes after that, this same individual approached the bike again from the same direction, slowed immediately adjacent the bike, then stopped. He stared at the bike for a minute, then very pointedly stared at me, sitting at a sidewalk table about 15 feet from the bike. He smiled, then appeared to laugh, and shake his head. I got up from the table and began to pull a camera from my pocket. The meter maid then sped away and I was unable to get a clear picture. Witnesses at the scene said they did not believe this was badge number 94 from above, unless he had changed his hair style to some appreciable degree. Curiously, although this city employee had the time to play this ridiculous game, using city equipment and resources, he did NOT have the time or inclination to cite the motorcycle which was parked illegally across the street, and which he passed repeatedly while driving around and around the block, harassing me. It looks like I'm now dealing with plain old adolescent harassment. Is this the best this city can hire? I submit that the city could find a higher caliber of employee by hiring straight out of the missions.