Seattle Parking Enforcement Editorial (Complaint against badge #94) Seattle Tells Officers, "Write more tickets!"


Seattle Parking Enforcement Editorial
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Remarkably, though I realize the community has a less than pleasant view of the Seattle Police Department, and while their record to date has been less than stellar, I can best comment on my own personal experiences with them---which have been almost exclusively (not totally) good. I've found them unusually down-to-earth and logical, even helpful and polite. Knock on wood. Unfortunately, though the Seattle Parking Enforcement Department struggles to be seen as an integral arm of the Seattle Police Department, neither in character or deed does it succeed. I suppose it is because they must hire.....the leftovers.

Often seen as though it's run by wimpy cousins of the Gambino family, Seattle's Parking Enforcement Division is a detriment to a city yearning for integrity.


Seattle's PEOs are one of the town's great embarrassments; petty, anal, mean-spirited, argumentative, even belligerent and dishonest, this gaggle of failed wanna-be's act more like street thugs than cops, more like mentally unbalanced homeless bums than human beings, more like Barney Fife than Andy Griffith. Thank God no one gives them guns. There are some good ones of course---one is a personal friend---but I am beginning to believe the honorable ones are far in the minority. In any case, the jobs of those few are made immeasurably harder by the jerks and punks of this department, and whatever credibility and respect the good ones might deserve, is circumvented by an almost criminal element. With Seattle's PEO's on the job, who needs muggers...


Hard at Work, Badge #94, Seattle Parking Enforcement