On this date I received in the mail an overdue notice for a parking ticket issued by badge number 94 back on 10-7. The fine, including the late fee, is now $50. Of course I received no citation in the first place. Now it so happens that every once in awhile the Post Office loses a letter. It's rare, but it happens. However, the odds in this case of this particular postal delivery being legitimately lost are nil---such a "coincidence" simply could not occur. I believe that badge number 94 personally arranged, or caused to be arranged the original citation to not be mailed to me, so that a higher fine could be levied against me. At this time I will begin the legal fight against the citation. I will also mail out new complaints against badge number 94, since his immediate supervisors were possibly unable to bring him under control. I will probably, as I've done in the past, take a polygraph test at my expense, detailing the circumstances of the original citation, and the fact that I received no citation in the mail (or in any other way) until 11-15-02. I will post this document on this site. I will also include it in future complaints against badge number 94. I herewith offer to pay for polygraph testing of badge number 94, to inquire into his complicity in what I see as nothing short of police corruption, and possibly conspiracy, and I'll make this offer official by delivering it to badge 94's superiors, and THEIR superiors as well, since his immediate bosses seem to have no control over him. If badge number 94 is tested, I will post the results on this site. I have no doubt that badge number 94 will refuse to take the test.

I used to assume that the majority of Seattle's parking enforcement force was comprised of relatively decent, hardworking individuals who were simply trying to do an honest job and get by in life, with only a few bad apples thrown in. More and more, however, I have come to accept that the job seems to attract a peculiar and particular strata of human being, that being, too often, persons who probably washed out in everything else in life (including any "real" law enforcement position, are angry because of it, and see the job as a way to push people around and "get even" for whatever they imagine the world has done to them. I hate to see the department become comprised exclusively of the lowest class citizens in Seattle---dishonest, corrupt, backward, vindictive, petty and stupid. Perhaps I can help to change that. I don't believe this guy (badge 94) and his shenanigans are helping the rest of the department do a hard and thankless job. I think he's working overtime to erode the public's already dubious opinion of meter maids. Watch for further updates! This case is far from over. The probability that these people (city employees) would jeopardize their careers, their criminal records, and the liability of the city to pull off such an outrageously dishonorable and childish stunt frankly boggles the mind. Maybe they don't have enough legitimate work to keep them busy!


This is the first and only correspondence I've received in this case as of 11-16-02: