We have two witnesses who claim they have personally seen badge #94 performing the following actions in the Belltown area, over a period of years:

(1) Waiting at meters whose time is nearly up, then writing a citation within seconds after the meter expiration.

(2) Waiting in certain areas at two or three minutes to six p.m., apparently in the hope that people who have come home from work, and paid the meter when they parked, did not calculate the time accurately. When their meter expires a minute or two before 6:00 p.m., a citation is then hurriedly written before 6 p.m.

These are uncorroborated reports. We may ask the witnesses to sign an affidavit to be posted herein. If they do so, and badge #94 refutes their statement(s), I may elect to pay for polygraph testing of the witnesses, and post that herein. Based on incidents I have witnessed personally, and based on the demeanor of this individual which I have witnessed, I have no doubt that the above accounts are true. I believe them completely. Both parties are responsible, sober retirees who spend a lot of time sitting at sidewalk cafes or on sidewalk benches, simply observing. When we have collected the requested names (see above Public Disclosure request) we will draft a formal offer to present to badge #94, to the court clerk entrusted with the responsibility of mailing out parking citations, and to the PEO who was on duty at 1420 hrs. on 11-16-02 (assuming it was not badge #94), and possibly others. It will be a formal offer to take a pre-paid polygraph regarding aspects of this incident. We will offer to pay for their time as well. The results will be posted on this cite. A copy of the offer will be posted here as well. --What better opportunity for badge #94 to refute our allegations.

It occurs to us that people of this caliber have gotten away with pushing folks around for so long, they are stunned and amazed when someone actually stands up to them. Usually, instead of "getting it", and then modifying their behavior in such a way as to be a more decent human being, they will dig in all the harder---like an inexperienced driver, stuck in the sand, romping on the accelerator and digging himself deeper, and deeper....until there is no escape whatever This psychological anomaly actually serves our purposes well---that being to shed light on how government really works. Give 'em enough rope.....etc.