As expected, we've received no reply to our Public Disclosure request of 11-17-02, which was sent to Seattle's Parking Enforcement office via registered mail. The law generally allows for about 10 days for such requests to be filled. We're now close to 20 days overdue. Seattle Parking Enforcement is now in violation of the law. It's unsettling to realize that Seattle Parking Enforcement is willing to break the law in an ill-conceived attempt to nit-pick Seattle citizens into adhering to the most anal-retentive technicalities of the law. Obviously Seattle Parking Enforcement feels that Washington's laws are meant for everyone but them. We will now proceed to the filing of a Public lawsuit against the city. The city will be held liable for court and attorney's expenses, and Washington law allows for a per-day monetary award to us for every day we are without the public data we requested. Seattle's taxpayers ultimately pay these costs. It seems Seattle's taxpayers must decide if those in charge of Seattle's Parking Enforcement are folks who should be in charge of Seattle's Parking Enforcement. Too bad they can't just do their jobs.....and save the city some loot.