This citation was dismissed today with the payment of $5 "court costs". Charges against the PEO will still be aggressively sought. Aside from the fact that I should not have been required to even respond to such a nonsensical citation in the first place, I can say the court experience was pleasant. The court actually opened its doors on time. The staff was bright, helpful and courteous. The time required was within reason (45 minutes). The Magistrate was intelligent, polite and actually listened. Perhaps tiny pockets of humanity are finally coming out of the dark ages---or perhaps this was a fluke. I'd like to think the former; I suspect the latter. The city is still in violation of the Public Disclosure laws, and that will require a public lawsuit to remedy. This PEO presumably still has his job---and that will likely take a criminal conviction to remedy. Suffice it to say we'll work "diligently" to that end. Watch for future updates.