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Oh My God -- why didn't I Google these idiots first?!
Now that I see just how bad this company is (above), it ignites a fire in me. I really, really, truly don't like bad businesses. It's time this one got the attention it obviously so richly deserves. I will commit all the money I can to advertise this page.


If you need a RELIABLE address service, run far and fast from

If you need an HONEST address service, run far and fast from

If you need a COMPETENT address service, run far and fast from

If you need a RESPONSIVE address service, run far and fast from

If you need a PROFESSIONAL address service, run far and fast from


PostNet International Franchise Corporation

143 Union Blvd, Ste 600
Lakewood, CO 80228

Tel: 303.771.7100
Toll Free: 800.841.7171


This page will detail my experiences with, Mailbox services,


Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner

Note: Latest developments always appear appended to the bottom of this page. Sucks

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I grew up in eastern Nevada, southwest of Ely. Good country. Mostly good people. Horses and cows. Hard working pragmatists. Usually logical. Usually honest. Even if they were fistfighting in the street they were usually honorable and usually logical about it. It's a class of people somewhat better than the average American. At least it was when I was a kid.

Later in life I moved around the world, but ended up in western Nevada -- which I quickly discovered was no longer Nevada, but was in reality eastern California.

I had lived in California awhile too-- enough years to learn what it was. It's an insane asylum. It's populated mostly by the silliest, craziest people on God's Green Earth..

In western Nevada we had a string of restaurants that extended into Tahoe and Sacramento and we had hundreds of employees, just about equally split between Californians and Nevadans.

What did we learn, through a decade of having those businesses?

We learned that, typically, Nevadans were hard working, honest, logical, down to earth -- we could usually depend on them.

We learned that our California employees were, typically, helpless, whiny, generally dishonest, profoundly lazy, insolent, and often just plain stupid. I remember one California temp we hired. She was there three days. When she left she filed a lawsuit against us saying that we had caused her to be crippled. My God! How did we do this?! We did it, she said, by "forcing" her to sit in an uncomfortable chair for three shifts -- and that caused her to be crippled for life. As it turned out the chair was an expensive posture-friendly chair, designed specifically to treat backs well. On top of that, she had the choice of any chair in the place -- she CHOSE the chair she used. She could have swapped it out at any time, any moment. She lost her lawsuit of course, because she filed it in Nevada (had she filed in California she would have almost certainly won), but this is TYPICAL of our experiences with California employees, and after a decade of this utter, profound and extreme damned bullshit, I grew testy with Californians, as did my wife.

We had another extreme problem with Californians who wanted badly to work for us in Nevada, so they could be close to the casinos; they thought that living and working in Nevada would be....glamorous. Fools.

After a few years, we developed a little course to train new California employees about gambling. We taught them that we put many of their peers in jail every year, because they came, they thought THEY were clever enough to win at the casinos (Californians will ALWAYS think they are the smartest people in the room), and when they got themselves hopelessly in debt with gambling debts, they started stealing from the restaurants. It was predictable. We KNEW they'd do it. We tried to train them out of it, but we weren't often successful. They were usually deep in debt within 6-12 months, and we knew all the signs to watch for. When we caught them, which was about 95% of the time, we simply put them in jail. In the early days we had tried to work with them, counsel them, and we often accepted payment plans so they could avoid jail and get the money back to us, but in 90% of cases they accepted the plan, then thumbed their noses at us and never paid a dime. Finally we learned to just put them in jail AND recover the stolen money through the courts.

That's what we learned in western Nevada. We never once put a native Nevadan in jail. They had horse sense. The arrogant, egotistical, insolent Californians had airy-fairy sense. Their brains were often, or usually, comprised of cotton candy.

We had a fair amount of trouble with suppliers and other support businesses in western Nevada -- virtually all of those vendors had come from California. Californians flood to Nevada because they can't stand the government THEY elected, and they can't stand their neighbors. Well, that, at least, shows good sense. Trouble was, THEY were the problem they were running from, and they just brought that problem to western Nevada. If your tail's on fire, you can't outrun it. I remember the Post Office down in Genoa, south of Carson City, which for years posted a big sign that said, "THIS IS NOT CALIFORNIA". Because, of course, they'd had nothing but trouble with whiny, petulant, silly, demanding, helpless, clueless, rude Californians.

When I started having trouble with Postnet and their inability to even charge a lousy six bucks and change to my credit card, I assumed I was dealing with yet another transplanted California business manager, and I STILL have a belly full of those fools left over from 30 years ago. I just can't stomach them, and I go into interactions with them pre-testy, expecting, EXPECTING incompetence and stupidity and unprofessionalism and dishonesty -- I KNEW things would go south with them, and so I set out to "cut them off at the pass", to get out ahead of them and try to herd them into the competency chute so that I could simply get the services the restaurants needed with the least amount of BS.

Having said all this, and having mercilessly bashed California and Californians, I'll confuse the reader by saying some of my best friends are Californians.

Wow! But how can this be?!

It's odd -- I found that, while 97.6% of Californians were just as I described above (worthless in virtually every way), that left a couple percent that were, inexplicably, some of the finest people in America. I can't explain this; maybe the sociologists can, but it's true. Unfortunately, ALL of the people in California THINK that THEY are that roughly 2% of keepers, while in reality, they were/are the hapless scum-suckers that no one in any state wants to interact with.

In any case, THAT is how I approached the mounting problems with California had prepped me, conditioned me, and the way they (Postnet) were acting, I was positive they were stinky Californians.

I see now that Lauren A. Chamberlain is a Nevadan. Too damned bad she doesn't act like one. I swear her DNA is Californian.


UPDATE February 24, 2019:

Probably no updates for awhile as I am back to "the bush" on the border (Cambodia Laos -- pronounced Camboosha and Lao here). I hate the bush but I love the kids. I'd give my life for these kids -- but hopefully not by Cobra bite! If I had the money of Gates I'd buy every one of them a home and a University education and security teams to protect them from the animals that caused them to be orphans. But I don't have that money -- what little I have keeps getting pissed away to shysters like and and their lying, conniving minions. In any case, I'll certainly continue to evolve this website on the laptop and will upload all new additions in five to seven weeks -- or sooner if I can get a glimpse of Internet access. Do NOT be tempted to think this site is finished or has been abandon -- far from it. Based on new, putrid, dishonest, possibly purjurious (yes, yes, it's not a real word but I like it anyway) and dishonorable stunts by Lauren A. Chamberlain, I am just getting started. Repeat: I am just getting started. Would Lauren like to pour even more gasoline on this fire? Go for it. Why not cause this website to become bigger and bigger and bigger for your friends at and I'm sure they'll appreciate the trouble you continue to instigate for them. One of the items on my chore list on this recent trip back home to Thailand was to obtain a simple mailbox in the USA. I remain forever stunned that despite all the efforts you can see on the email page of this website, this easy task was not attainable, due only to the stupidity, dishonesty, laziness, unprofessionalism and incompetence of a handful of people working under the umbrella of and I suggest to both these entities that vastly better vetting is required before selling a franchise. But of course they would probably sell a franchise to OJ Simpson if he had the bucks. Bye for now folks -- I'm off to an infinitely more pleasant and logical world, at least for awhile.



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