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Oh My God -- why didn't I google these idiots first:

Formal Criminal Complaint of Harassment Against Lauren A. Chamberlain, NV187 Franchise Owner, Carson City, Nevada, USA


COMPLAINT FOLLOWS; actual complaint text appears in italics.



Carson District Attorney, Carson City, Nevada
885 E. Musser Street, Suite 2030
Carson City, Nevada, 89701, USA
Phone:(775) 887-2070, Fax:(775) 887-2129

Carson City Sheriff's Office
911 E. Musser Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Fax: 775-887-2026


Please consider this a formal criminal complaint against one Lauren A. Chamberlain, owner of PostNet--NV187, Carson City, Nevada. This individual is also a Farmer's Insurance agent and perhaps dabbles in other local businesses. We are having trouble identifying her exact current address but will supply it in time to be sure we are referencing the proper individual, as I believe there are at least two in the Carson City area.

My website describing this ongoing and developing case is at the following URL:

The instances of criminal harassment occurred after Lauren A. Chamberlain was directed to cease and desist contacting me during a dispute of stunningly bad and dishonest business practices through her business. She was asked two or three times to cease and desist contacting me, and she was advised that each instance would be considered another instance of criminal harassment. I can prove she received those directives because she answered them (!). She then advised me that she had filed a "protection order" against me in Carson City. If, indeed, she actually did this, then she broke that very protection order by contacting me YET AGAIN to harass me (quite a piece of work), and she would have had to lie to a judge in order to be granted such an order. Lying does not seem to be something that this woman morally objects to; I think she is a habitual liar; I think she sometimes lies when the truth would serve her better.

I'll need to see a copy of the order (if, indeed, she was actually foolish enough to pursue one), in order to determine if I need to file a perjury complaint as well. It is becoming a fairly common ploy by small-minded and low-GPA attorneys to advise their client to file for protection orders when they don't like some protected speech about themselves and/or their businesses on the Internet -- their faulty reasoning seems to be that when they can't get a website taken down due to that pesky First Amendment thing, which was their client's request, they can have their client cause some kind of harm to their adversary by fraudulently and frivolously filing for a protection order against that author. They also sometimes think that a protection order can get a website removed; of course they are mistaken, and their stupidity only causes more grief and money for their clients. Lauren A. Chamberlain knew full-well that I lived 8000 miles away and posed no threat to her whatsoever, nor had I communicated any kind of threat, even remotely, on my website. She is, I submit, as disingenuous as human beings come -- to the point where she is actually, documentably, fraudulent.

Below, please find copies of all emails in the case. I have saved all originals with header data for legal verification.

I am seeking a qualified attorney to initiate a civil suit and I will seek a (real) protection order against Lauren A. Chamberlain based on the documented repeated harassment shown below.

I haven't lived in the USA for going on a decade; I live in SE Asia, working with various orphanages in (usually) Laos and Cambodia. I have terrible Internet access in those areas. I return home to Thailand every few months. I have no plans to return to the USA. Every time I am stupid enough to think about returning for a visit, I am reminded of the overflow of reprehensible beings like Lauren A. Chamberlain, and I quickly change my mind.

This is a case that could have been settled and solved easily and quickly had Lauren A. Chamberlain (1) been a vastly more honest and professional businesswoman or (2) been willing to engage with a qualified conflict resolution specialist. But she isn't, and she won't, because her mission in life is to continue to throw gasoline on the fire. Perhaps a criminal conviction will get through her thick skull; perhaps not.

Emails follow; I am including only the relevant emails. The context of the situation has no bearing on the case that I can see -- the case being criminal harassment, but if you want to read the full context, you can go to the email page of the website in question, or the main page: at the following urls:


I don't know what you think you're accomplishing by emailing again and again with absurd arguments. I DON'T CARE. 
You still have an opportunity to get yourself out of this.
Simply say this:
"I am sorry you were unable to change your billing plan to an annual one.
I will take care of that now and charge your card for one year. Have a nice day."
In response I would say, "Thank you."
That's all you ever needed to do or say. Instead you took another route.
If you care to send the above line -- nothing less, nothing more -- I will report on your page that you have settled the matter amicably and the page will receive no further updates.
If you do not wish to settle the matter in this manner I will continue with the page as new data becomes available, as new developments occur, and as I see fit to warn other consumers about your business.
It's entirely up to you.
But there is no need to contact me again except to send the line above, or to advise me of the new address. 
Any other contact will be considered instances of criminal harassment and will be dealt with as such.
I work with orphans down here on the Cambodia border. God knows I have a lot, lot, LOT of free time.


(website comment:) But the threat of criminal proceedings for criminal harassment never deters one such as Lauren A. Chamberlain, aka The Smartest Person in Any Room. She's like the Energizer Rabbit -- she just keeps going and going and going -- and each and every instance is criminally prosecutable.


We did advise you as to what to do about the billing plan change in the email from Heidi on Feb. 11, 2019 at 12:16 p.m.
"I understand you want to change your billing plan from monthly to yearly. Please send your request to: 
Please put CHANGE PLAN in the title of the email. Please be specific about what day you want the payment made on and what card you want to use. If it is the card on file already, just let them know."
You obviously followed our instructions because in your above email you know exactly what you need to do to change your billing plan. I will not be complying with your demand to write any statement. Sir, I do not let anyone bully me period end of story. I believe we went above and beyond trying to help you but your bullying and threatening demeanor cannot be tolerated by anyone let alone myself and my staff. 


(website comment:) There was NO incoming email to me on Feb. 10, 11, or 12, 2019. Not a single email from ANYONE, not even my family or friends, dogs or cats. Not even Spam. Had they actually sent the above instructions in the first place, or at almost any other point, I would have said, "Thank you!" And I would have followed those instructions, and presumably the billing term would have been changed, and all would have been well with the world. BUT THEY DID NOT. This is THE FIRST TIME I have seen those instructions, and of course now it's far too late. I don't believe they ever sent any instruction like that. I think now, realizing that they didn't, they simply made this up. I think they are lying. I believe they are liars. It's abject lunacy. The lies are real; but I want to know specifically who's lying. Is it Lauren? Or is someone lying to her and causing her to make a fool of herself? She says I "must" have received the instruction because I "obviously knew exactly what I needed to do to change my billing plan". WTF! If I knew what to do to change my billing plan I WOULD HAVE DONE IT! This is like arguing with a teenager. Man says, "Hey, your motorcycle ran that red light and broadsided my car and I have video!" Kid says, "Hey! Your hair is ugly, therefore I don't have to pay you anything! Read the law man!" It reminds me of a particular political party's logic.


I have removed you as a customer of ours and Anytime Mailbox. You can contact them at the above email address for any questions you have about what to do now as you do not have a virtual mailbox with us. 


(website comment:) now we have it. She LIED AGAIN when she said she was moving me to another vendor. My rental money was gone. My $85 for THEIR notary was gone. I had NO box. Lauren A. Chamberlain had lied. Again. Sterling human being. Actually, the scum of the earth. I. Don't. Like. Liars.


I wish you the best of luck. Please concentrate on the work you do with the children of Cambodia. I am not sure that spending your time bullying a business who is trying to help you is the most charitable use of your time but I digress... 
Lauren A. Chamberlain | Owner
PostNet of Carson City
P: 775.515.4455 M-F 9a to 6p, Sat. 10a to 2p
F: 775-515-4456
C: 775-721-8515
3250 Retail Drive, Suite #120
Carson City, NV 89706
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(website comment:) Criminal harassment over and over and over. This broad is some piece of work. She just wouldn't quit. She was told to cease and desist or face a criminal complaint of harassment, yet she just wouldn't quit.


You are simply a liar. You did NOT advise me on changing the billing.
Please continue to follow your page.
It will remain with you the rest of your life.


I was made aware of your website on Monday the 18th of February. After going over the contents of your website I had no other choice but to file a Temporary Order of Protection against you. We are scared of you. 
Lauren A. Chamberlain | Owner
PostNet of Carson City
P: 775.515.4455 M-F 9a to 6p, Sat. 10a to 2p
F: 775-515-4456
C: 775-721-8515
3250 Retail Drive, Suite #120
Carson City, NV 89706
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(website comment:) Again and again and again. How many instances of criminal harassment now?
But NO, she was made aware of the website REPEATEDLY beginning February 14, 2019 and she replied to the emails that advised her of the website. So she has lied again. But to what end? What does she hope to gain by this nonsense? Is lying something she cannot help herself from doing? Like a nervous tick? --Looks like Lauren A. Chamberlain is trying to Smollett me. And how's Smollett doing right now? I caution Chamberlain to stop, take a deep breath, and consider what lying to a judge can do to her life. They call it perjury and a few other things. Even if a local prosecutor won't take on a perjury charge, it can be sued for in civil court as an attempt to strip the victim of his/her civil rights. If some idiot attorney has advised her to file a "protection order" against an individual who (a) has never made the slightest threat to Chamberlain or anyone around her (except to file civil suit and criminal charges), and (b) lives 8000 miles away, and (c) hasn't been in the USA for the better part of a decade, and (d) has no plans to ever return to the USA (every time I think about it, I am reminded of the stink of too many objectionable Americans, just like this business), and (d) has no history of aggression, and no criminal history AT ALL (oops, I caught a fish out of season forty years ago) -- that "attorney" can be held liable as well. I submit that Chamberlain should be extra careful to tape record every conversation with her attorney, because if he/she has advised this woman to make up more lies and file such an action based on those lies, I will go after Lauren A, Chamberlain for frivolously attempting to strip me of my civil rights, and Lauren would then have an actionable cause against any attorney who advised that. I urge caution here, but of course Chamberlain, smartest person in ANY room, will ignore this advice, and so will her attorney, because attorneys generally don't give a rat's ass if they give GOOD advice to a client; they only care about giving advice to a client that results in greater friction because, after all, increasing friction puts money in their pockets. I've seen this phenomenon play out a hundred times in lawyer "assisted" divorce proceedings. I was so lucky in life to never have to go through one. I suggest Lauren A. Chamberlain invest her time, money and energy, instead, in a competent conflict resolution specialist. I have a lifelong friend, from First grade, who happened to be overweight. He took a literal beating for his entire school life from the idiot punks and bullies. I witnessed it on several occasions and to my undying discredit I never stepped in to help him. That one shortcoming makes me a pretty worthless human being. In any case, he went to university and, among other things, earned a degree in conflict resolution; now that's a big portion of his life's work and God bless him for it. Such an entity could probably wrap this up in three days. A sleazy lawyer will struggle to keep it going for YEARS, as long as the money keeps flowing into their pockets from a gullible client. But wrapping this up isn't what Chamberlain wants. She craves the friction, as witnessed by her incessant insulting emails AFTER she was advised she was committing crimes with each one.


Cease and desist. Previously, you were advised, twice, in writing, that further communication from you to me would be considered instance(s) of criminal harassment. You ignored those directives twice -- now three times. For the record, once again, cease and desist contacting me for any reason at any time via any means. I view you as quite insane. If, indeed, you filed for a protection order, then you have broken the first rule of that order, namely, to not have contact with the other party. Again, I see you as the instigator of numerous problems, and I believe you are quite insane. You may file anything you want, and tell the judge you are scared of anything you want. You may endeavor to convince a judge you are scared of the very air, if that is your desire. But one thing you cannot do, and must not do, is contact me again. It seems you simply cannot stop, because it is your desire and your life mission to continue to inflame this situation. And this communication, too, shall be submitted to the courts. Now, cease and desist; this is the third time I have advised you of this. I now have enough documentation to file with the Ormsby county prosecutor for criminal harassment. Cease and desist. (Posted publicly on 2-22-2019)


(website comment:) So far she has stopped. But I'm betting not for long. When she starts up again, we'll add it to the list of instances of criminal harassment and ask for prosecution.





NOTE TO READER: This complaint is pending completion because I expect more harassment from this individual in the near future and I want to consolidate all criminal activity into this one complaint.


UPDATE June 9, 2019:

I am back from Laos and I am reviewing this website and this problem. People ask me if, during my recent months in Laos, I have "cooled down" and might be ready to simply let this matter go. Answer: No. I am more angry than I was a few months ago. These people, Lauren A. Chamberlain, and the businesses and have, through stupidity, dishonesty, incompetence and skulduggery done me, and all Americans needing this type of service, a gargantuan disservice, and they need to be held accountable. In other words, this ain't going away. I'm pissed, and my research shows that countless victims of these nut-balls are pissed as well. Class action? Class actions are difficult, tedious, and expensive. I doubt it, but it would be the best remedy if it could be arranged.

I believe Lauren A. Chamberlain of Postnet NV187 is a Goddamned criminal. Can I prove it? In a perfect world, I think yes.

But over several decades I struggled to bring charges against a number of scoundrels in this exact region (Carson City, Nevada), for simple, black and white things from assault to animal control issues to the shooting of wild horses to theft to weapons-related matters to hit and run to vehicular assault -- it's a bad place teeming with bad people (it's the gambling influence). But in NO CASE was I successful because the county law enforcement system in Carson City is as backwards and unprofessional as many others in the country. They're better than the systems you see in places like the deep south and parts of Alaska and Chicago, etc., but they still leave much to be desired. I have no reason to believe that they've improved their game in my long absence. That being the case, is there any point wasting my time with them? I'm not sure and I have not yet decided. I don't like the stink of the swamp and to try to obtain any measure of justice for anything in that region requires that you wade neck deep into the stink-hole of corruption, incompetence, unprofessionalism, malfeasance -- you come out just about as filthy and odorous as the brainiacs you've asked to do their jobs and bring charges against crooks. I just haven't decided what to do. Stay tuned.



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