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Oh My God -- why didn't I google these idiots first:

Complaints to various government agencies
re and


I went into this transaction working under the understanding that "these types of services" were inherently sleazy -- like dirty, back-alley pawn shops, pool halls and old-time tattoo parlors (I used to be a tattoo instructor, so I'm not bashing the tattoo industry as a whole, but I know what many or most old-school parlors were like and they weren't always, well, wholesome. Hell, many still aren't). --Barely above a Bangkok massage parlor-- that's how I saw them. In any case, I came to this service and this company pre-ticked-off a little. I knew, I KNEW it would go badly. And how did it go? How did it go? Seriously, HOW DID IT GO?

This page will provide links to formal complaints tendered to the following agencies and many more unnamed.


Better Business Bureau
The BBB is a paper tiger and has been for about thirty years. It no longer offers any relevant data concerning businesses. You file a complaint -- the BBB never reads it -- they forward it on to the business -- the business replies, usually with lies -- the BBB accepts WHATEVER the business said -- the BBB then asks you if you're satisfied with the response. You say no. The BBB then marks the case as resolved. That's how it works now. Is there any point, then, in complaining to the BBB? Not really. In the old days, the BBB actually got engaged in the dispute. They READ in those days (remember reading?). They tried to work as conflict resolutionists, sometimes even arbiters. They often accomplished good things. Now, they just plain don't. Still, they must be included in the list.

Consumer Affairs Division of the Attorney General of Nevada
In some states, the Consumer Affairs Division of the state's Attorney General has real teeth. I remember a case, long ago, in which I needed to move a pool table down about six flights of narrow stairs. I called the local truck rental company and reserved a truck to haul it. Then I hired six strong guys from a Labor-Ready type outfit. Then we went to get the truck and move the table. When we arrived at the rental place, they were just then renting the LAST truck to another man. I asked them WTH. They shrugged and essentially told me to F-off. No other trucks in town were available. I had to pay all the guys, who then went home, having rendered no service whatsoever. I took exception to this and filed with that state's attorney general and by God they ROMPED on this rental agency. They truly went after them. The rental company was stunned, and ultimately cried Uncle without being dragged into Small Claims court. But most states simply keep your complaint and do nothing except put a tick in the box next to that company's name. If they ever get enough ticks, they might (might) send them a letter. If a company is truly egregious, as in blatantly screwing 90% of its customers and stealing their money and raping their wives, they might (might) take them to court. But probably not. Remember Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States? --A waste of breath. They'd rather just send a "stern warning", which of course accomplishes next to nothing. Still, the attorney general "should" have your complaint on file. It's kind of your civic duty to report problems with rogue, dishonest, incompetent businesses. It's just something you have to do, as a productive citizen of society.

United States Postal Service
In researching PostNet and, I find curious and conflicting entries into the ether by USPS regarding the phenomenon of virtual mailboxes. On the one hand, they seem to support the industry, but they also seem to want to get into it themselves, and take it over. Could they do it better than, say, PostNet and Anytimemailbox? Yes. Could they do it perfectly? No. Decades ago a friend sent me a large packet of irreplaceable photos, all printed from film. They involved family and life experiences; she wanted them scanned, tweaked, color-corrected and reprinted. No problem. I was happy to do it. I'm good at it and I enjoy it. Unfortunately the pouch didn't arrive, and didn't arrive, and didn't arrive. After a couple of weeks I went to my local Post Office, which was about a block and a half from my house down there in Gardnerville, Nevada. I asked them if there was some way to trace it. They said Oh! We don't have to trace it. We received it awhile back; we remember it; we sent it on to you. I asked to see what address they had sent it to. It showed some guy in southern California. His name was similar to mine, but not identical. He lived at an address in a town I'd never even been through. They said it was weird I hadn't received it yet. I replied it wasn't weird at all -- because they hadn't sent it TO ME! I asked them again and again why, on earth, they would forward the package on to some weird guy in California, whose name was not the same as mine, and whose address did not appear anywhere on the mailing label WHILE MINE DID! It was sheer madness. They were like deer in headlights. They coughed and sputtered and squeaked out that they just "thought" it should go to that guy, even though it was addressed to ME, at my address a block and a half away? Yes, they said. They had made an "executive decision" and they never, ever explained why. I barked at them for ten minutes, holding up the queue while numerous people nodded in agreement with me. These people were bloody insane. They gave me the address they had sent the packet to, and I wrote to those people repeatedly, offering hefty sums of cash for the return of the photos. Probably they trashed them as soon as they opened them, because they never replied and my friend lost a lifetime of irreplaceable photos. THAT is not uncommon with the USPS. The USPS is a small nightmare. But virtual box vendors are a HUGE nightmare because this kind of stupid shit happens at the rate of probably 50 times as often. The USPS seems to want to try to inject a modicum of greater professionalism, reliability and logic into the industry of virtual boxes, because even the USPS knows these fly-by-night skunks are largely junk and the American public is suffering greatly at the hands of these idiots. So, yes, a complaint will go to them as well. Maybe they can use this website as an impetus, a catalyst in passing some regulation that will hold these fool companies accountable. I doubt it, but one can hope. If they aren't ever made aware of situations like this, then it's guaranteed the situation will never prove.


Criminal complaint(s)

Carson District Attorney, Carson City, Nevada
885 E. Musser Street, Suite 2030, Carson City, Nevada, 89701, USA
Phone:(775) 887-2070, Fax:(775) 887-2129, Email:
Carson City Sheriff's Office
911 E. Musser Street, Carson City, NV 89701, Fax: 775-887-2026
Standard procedure is to file any criminal complaint with the local PD or SO, depending on where the "suspect" lives, who in turn will investigate and pass it along to the DA, but it never hurts to CC the prosecutor's office as well at the same time. We'll develop this complaint now, and hold it for a bit to see what new antics Lauren A. Chamberlain will exhibit. In that way we can consolidate more instances into the same complaint. It so happens that sometimes District Attorneys are "slow" to pursue a case -- often because they know the person or their family, or the person is business owner living large in the community. I've no idea if Carson City has devolved into that kind of behavior. Honestly, Nevada is one of the most well-run states in the Union, but you never know. In those cases, SOME states allow a complainant to petition a court for due process and file a charge themselves, bypassing the DA. It's an extreme measure and not to be taken at all lightly, because with it comes critically serious responsibility. But there are times when you simply must employ that option. No idea if Nevada statutes allow for it.


There are dozens of agencies that need to be and deserve to be notified -- I'll pick and choose them as time goes on. I'll probably wait until this episode of nonsense has concluded, so that I can report ALL the BS to these agencies. Let's see how this plays out over the next year.


UPDATE February 24, 2019:

Probably no updates for awhile as I am back to "the bush" on the border (Cambodia Laos -- pronounced Camboosha and Lao here). I hate the bush but I love the kids. I'd give my life for these kids -- but hopefully not by Cobra bite! If I had the money of Gates I'd buy every one of them a home and a University education and security teams to protect them from the animals that caused them to be orphans. But I don't have that money -- what little I have keeps getting pissed away to shysters like and and their lying, conniving minions. In any case, I'll certainly continue to evolve this website on the laptop and will upload all new additions in five to seven weeks -- or sooner if I can get a glimpse of Internet access. Do NOT be tempted to think this site is finished or has been abandon -- far from it. Based on new, putrid, dishonest, possibly purjurious (yes, yes, it's not a real word but I like it anyway) and dishonorable stunts by Lauren A. Chamberlain, I am just getting started. Repeat: I am just getting started. Would Lauren like to pour even more gasoline on this fire? Go for it. Why not cause this website to become bigger and bigger and bigger for your friends at and I'm sure they'll appreciate the trouble you continue to instigate for them. One of the items on my chore list on this recent trip back home to Thailand was to obtain a simple mailbox in the USA. I remain forever stunned that despite all the efforts you can see on the email page of this website, this easy task was not attainable, due only to the stupidity, dishonesty, laziness, unprofessionalism and incompetence of a handful of people working under the umbrella of and I suggest to both these entities that vastly better vetting is required before selling a franchise. But of course they would probably sell a franchise to OJ Simpson if he had the bucks. Bye for now folks -- I'm off to an infinitely more pleasant and logical world, at least for awhile.


UPDATE March 10, 2019:

My attorney in Reno has asked me to not divulge more detail of my complaint strategy against Lauren A. Chamberlain,, and, until such time as the complaints have been completely drafted and submitted. At this time we are lukewarm regarding submissions to the BBB and Attorney General's office and others; those entities are just too wimpy to waste energy on; they're a waste of time. No one checks the BBB or Consumer Affairs re a business's reliability anymore; they merely Google. The BBB is private and the AG is government. The BBB is of virtually no value at all, for anything; they are utterly and completely impotent and will be forevermore until they close up shop someday and go away. The AG has potential to be of service to the citizenry, but almost never is. Besides, this isn't just a Nevada problem -- it's a national problem. These back-alley, fly-by-night, rogue "virtual mailbox services" are, by stupidity, incompetence, laziness, dishonesty and unprofessionalism, screwing over the American public en masse. No one is regulating them, not really. The USPS pretends to, and gives lip service to the problem, but, Hell, the USPS can't even handle Amazon, let alone tens of thousands of unprofessional or even criminal virtual mailbox enterprises.

We will concentrate the hardest effort to get this growing problem in front of Congress. We will work up statistics and complaints and just keep hammering Congress-persons in all 50 states until they understand there is a problem, and that it's a huge one, and it's time to introduce meaningful legislation to reign these idiots in so the public can begin hoping for some small semblance of reliability and decency from the mostly unregulated, out of control virtual mailbox shysters -- either that or these turds can be made to go away, and USPS can take over the industry. The USPS is horrible, make no mistake. But they'll do a 700% better job than the folks now pretending to be the USPS.

USPS and the Postal Inspector will be merely CC'd on all our efforts as directed to Congress. I doubt we'll even send copies to the BBB or AG. --Paper Tigers Extraordinaire...

I do not expect updates to this page for some time to come -- probably not until we've worked up a comprehensive case to begin submitting to various Congressional offices. We're also waiting to see what outrageous BS Lauren A. Chamberlain, or, or pulls next. Positively they'll attempt some stupid stunt beyond what they've already done. Those need to be submitted to Congress in one lump offering, so they can appreciate the full weight of the problem, not dribbled to them over periods of time with constant withering updates.

Anyway, that's the current strategy re general complaints of shoddy business practices in the private virtual mailbox service industry. If there are any good ones out there (I wish I knew one), they can thank Lauren A. Chamberlain,, and for inflicting damage to their bottom lines, because the ludicrous, unprofessional, dishonest shenannigans of these folks has hurt you, and will continue to hurt you, for decades to come.

We are now beginning to collect horror stories from virtual mailbox customers victims to be submitted later.

Criminal complaints against these turkeys are a completely different matter.

Formal, thorough appeals to USPS (Postal Inspector) and Congress seem, at this point, to offer the best bang for our buck. The USPS is already actively considering simply taking over this service (mail services like and I'm thinking a healthy shove in that direction, in the form of a well documented report on the outrageous, unprofessional, incompetent, criminal antics of third party virtual mailbox services will either provide a hard bump in that direction, or may, if delivered at the right time to the right people, completely tip the cow and cause Congress and the USPS Postal Inspector to actually take hard, concrete steps to get these miserable sons of bitches OUT and replace the services with official USPS services. I'm not a big fan of the USPS, but they are light years more professional and reliable than the fools and imbeciles running businesses like and Rather than spread my efforts out in ten different directions, I think that's the potentially most effective route. To facilitate that I have begun researching and documenting complaints about all virtual mailbox services, and those complaints comprise uncounted reams, and I'll deliver that data to the USPS and to Congress when appropriate so that they have a good starting point for understanding just how screwed-over the American public has become under the ongoing horror of these criminal enterprizes. The raw data that will be used to document the report to USPS and Congress will be on this page.

UPDATE: Sept 10, 2019:

Our appeal to Congress and other agencies is nearing completion. If you've been screwed-over, defrauded, bambozzled, etc., by a "Virtual Private Mailbox" provider, please add your experiences to the growing mountain and submit them to Congress as follows. We suggest sending a copy of your data to every single contact point on this list, by email if provided, and by fax. We will also send ours to some select recipiencts by Registered Mail, so they can never claim they didn't see or receive it:

Contact Congress

Updates always appended here...