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PostNet NV187, Carson City, Nevada, Sucks, and You Can Take That to the Bank


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More Unhappy Customers (victims)
More Unhappy Customers (victims)

Oh My God -- why didn't I Google these idiots first?

Now that I see just how bad this company is (above), it ignites a fire in me. I really, really, truly don't like bad businesses. It's time this one got the attention it obviously so richly deserves. I will commit all the money I can to advertise this page.


I see that Lauren A. Chamberlain has some association with Farmers Insurance. There seems to be a connection between Lauren A. Chamberlain and Farmer's Insurance in Carson City, Nevada.

Farmer's Insurance

Farmer's Insurance

I'm not going to go after Farmer's Insurance, though I should have long ago. I'm going to briefly relate a horrible experience with Farmer's Insurance about five lifetimes ago, before there was an Internet, and then I'll bypass any further lamenting about Farmer's Insurance. Our problem with Farmer's Insurance occurred long before Lauren A. Chamberlain was presumably ever associated with them, but it's odd to note that we are having extreme difficulties with Lauren A. Chamberlain now, and we had extreme difficulties with Farmer's long ago. It's an odd coincidence and it makes us wonder what kind of people Farmer's insurance gravitates to when employing or granting franchises that, just perhaps, they should be by-passing.

Decades and decades ago my wife and I built a new home on some property. We insured it through Farmer's Insurance. Why? They were handy -- nothing more.

Years later we went on vacation. When we returned we found that our home was no longer insured. At all.

What had happened?

Good ol' Farmer's Insurance had mailed us some kind of communication about our policy. It was some stupid, technical thing -- I don't remember exactly what. But it was about as time-sensitive as the movement of the earth's magnetic core. We hadn't been there to receive it, and obviously we didn't respond to it until we returned home, so they canceled our insurance. Just like that. It had all happened over the course of about 9 days as I recall. We begged and pleaded with them to reinstate it. They either ignored us, or simply said no. It had been a new home, no claims, never a day late on a premium -- they just pulled that damned fool stunt because it was their whim at that particular instant in time, exactly as Lauren A. Chamberlain has jerked my mail service, merely on a whim. I can almost picture her, airily flipping her hair, then curling it around her fingers as she pops some bubble gum. We were forced to really, truly scramble to secure new home insurance since we were in violation of our home loan contract -- lucky the place didn't burn down during that time -- we needed new inspections, new applications, digging out all kinds of old and buried documents, because it had been easy to insure as a brand new home, but more difficult to insure as a used, older home -- it was a mini nightmare for many days. All because someone was stupid and unprofessional. Sound familiar? As I said, there is no connection to Lauren A. Chamberlain in this instance, except the putrid similarity of circumstances and dumb decisions, and the fact that Lauren A. Chamberlain is associated with both businesses, PostNet and Farmer's. It's just odd as hell. Just odd as hell. This had been virtually deleted from my memory until this problem with Lauren A. Chamberlain and PostNet came up -- that brought it all back. Farmer's Insurance sucks. Farmer's Insurance, you can thank Lauren A. Chamberlain for this little tidbit.

Wow. I had no idea. Farmer's Insurance really, really, really sucks.
Maybe it has something to do with the caliber of people they use?

The link above is just breathtaking. I truly had no idea. Farmer's is in utter and profound chaos.
It details complaints not from customers, but from its own agents! Tens of thousands of them!
But this is normal American business now, because this is what Americans have become: WHACKED.
People often ask me why I don't return to the USA. Surely, they say, Third World countries are HORRIBLE.
No, actually, they're not. The people tend (tend) to be decent, honorable, humble, polite, appreciative--
--EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF AMERICANS. I miss Alaska, but absolutely nothing more.






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