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PostNet NV187, Carson City, Nevada, Sucks, and You Can Take That to the Bank is part of this problem

We note that the reviews for Postnet BEFORE this website was published were absolutely horrible.
But AFTER this website was created, reviews have suddently shot up to 4 and 5 stars,
and the odd thing is that they all sound almost identical. Fake reviews, anyone?

Oh My God -- why didn't I Google these idiots first?

Now that I see just how bad this company is (above), it ignites a fire in me. I really, really, truly don't like bad businesses. It's time this one got the attention it obviously so richly deserves. I will commit all the money I can to advertise this page.

Case Summary to Date
In a nutshell...


1. I travel almost continually in SE Asia, volunteering in orphanages.

2. I needed a central USA address, which could forward my mail to me, anywhere.

3. I chose ( purely at random. I should have done due diligence.

4. The service setup was absurdly convoluted. Instructions weren't clear. Fees were gouged -- even scammy.

5. I began to become frustrated with the way the setup was going and I expressed that to

6. Early into the contract, they stopped my service due to their inability to bill the card they had previously billed.

7. I didn't want to repeat that fiasco every month, so I looked for a checkbox on their site to change my billing to annual.

8. I found only a note saying that there was no checkbox -- one must contact someone and ask them to do it manually.

9. I found this backward and yet another indication of a stupidly-run business.

10. I did contact them and asked for instructions on how to change the billing plan.

11. I received a reply to other questions, but not to THAT question.

12. I asked again, politely. And again. And again. And again.

13. I received no reply.

14. I finally threatened to file a Better Business Bureau complaint against

15. THEN they answered, saying they had already answered twice before.

16. But they had NOT answered. At least they didn't answer ME. I believe they were lazy, stupid and unprofessional.

17. I was now quite tired of their BS and I was testy.

18. Lauren A. Chamberlain then stated she was terminating my service.

19. Lauren A. Chamberlain did not have the legal right to do that.

20. I advised that I would file suit and I developed this website to warn others from a truly rotten business.

21. Lauren A. Chamberlain was advised that no further contact from her would be tolerated under penalty a criminal law.

22. Lauren A. Chamberlain continued to contact me with insulting nonsensical emails, again, and again, and again.

23. Lauren A. Chamberlain was shocked by this website. She had no legal recourse. But she decided to try an end run.

24. Lauren A. Chamberlain ignored my no contact demand YET AGAIN.

25. Chamberlain emailed an insulting message AGAIN saying she was or had filed a "protection order" against me.

26. Of course there had been no threats or threatening speech. I lived 8000 miles away. This was a frivolous stunt.

27. I am now mounting a full-on lawsuit against Lauren A. Chamberlain and others.

28. I do not know if she ever filed for the protection order; I was never served.


This woman, and these companies, deserve each other. They are, all three, skunks.








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