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Facebook: Arbitrary and Capricious Censorship Gone Wild!

Classic Example (and this fool when back for more!)


As I write this, my Farcebook page is scheduled, at my request, for deletion in about 7 days. To reinstate it, all I need do is log in one time. Bam. It's restored. But what then? It's only a matter of time before I, and everyone else on this planet, says something (I love the color blue), and Facebook will ban me again, or even kill my page forever if I say horrible, racist, violent, hateful things like that too many times, or if enough fools complain about it the first time. So what would be the point in setting myself up for that a second time? Because it's not just "likely" that will happen, it's positively guaranteed. Facebook is a piece of shit and Zuckerberg is a fool. End of story.

It seems Facebook won't be happy until it has banned every single person on earth, because that's how badly Zuckerberg wants to show humanity that HE is in charge of the world (kind of a banty rooster complex?), and that you MUST think exactly as he does on every single topic. Buck him at your peril because he has the ultimate power to instantly remove and destroy your online social life, and he did it over two billion (with a "B") times just in the last two years. Are you next? Rest assured, you're on the list. Bluntly and crudely (but accurately), this man is a Goddamned piece of shit.

We already know Facebook reads ALL your personal, private and secret messages sent through Facebook Messenger. Every single one. And we know they share those messages around the world. It seems that whoever pays them enough, can have your mail. We also know that Facebook will do anything to appease and befriend China. So the question is, is Facebook also giving your most personal messages to the Chinese government? Of course they are. There's no law to prevent them from doing so, and even if there was, this little jackass would find a way around it. Facebook has absolutely no moral compulsion to do or not do absolutely anything under the sun. So why wouldn't Facebook give the Chinese ALL your most personal communications, including but not limited to every single word you've ever spoken verbally through any and all of Facebook's live-streaming or video communications "services"? I stake my life on the belief that everything you've ever said, written or shown visually or will ever say, write or communicate visually through any Facebook interface has been shared with the Chinese, and I'm betting, unlike the American corporations who paid and pay Farcebook for your communications, China gets them for free. Zuckerberg will do anything to curry favor with the Chinese. Anything at all

I frequently see "newscasters" on every channel (except CNN) who are just.....about to make a derogatory comment about China because, after all, what positive things might one say? But they'll stop themselves in mid-sentence like this, even right during a broadcast:

"It seems to be a fact that the Chinese are culpable -- uh, er, I mean, the Chinese GOVERNMENT is culpable in the spread of Covid19. I mean the GOVERNMENT, not the PEOPLE. NEVER 'the people'. Ahem. Cough. Because, as we all know, the Chinese PEOPLE are good and kind and honest and intelligent --- It's THE GOVERNMENT that sucks..."

Newscasters who are plugged mostly into reality and know what China is and the Chinese are, often catch themselves like that because they're terrified of accidentally saying something that, while empirically true, isn't PC Correct. But where in God's name do these dweebs think the Chinese government came from? It comes from THE CHINESE PEOPLE. It is made up of human beings in the CHINESE POPULATION. Do they think "The Chinese Government" is somehow some otherworldly entity that goes and recruits their employees only from other planets or other nations? Is the Chinese government made up of (oh the horror) FRENCHMEN? No! It's made up of CHINESE! The government is a shit-hole horror because THE PEOPLE are shit-hole horrors. Every puzzle is made up of pieces. The Chinese government has been caught a hundred thousand times of late doing really, unimaginably rotten things. They first tried to claim Covid-19 was planted in China by the Italians. When that didn't fly, they claimed it was those pesky Americans. Who knows what the next "would'ja believe" song and dance will be. Maybe Martians infected the world. Certainly not THE CHINESE! So when you think and speak ill of "The Chinese Government", remember that "The Chinese Government" consists 100% of "The Chinese People". It's not two separate entities or herds or clans. The Chinese government is a world-horror because the Chinese people are world-class horrors. Suck it up; the truth will set you free.


Does China REALLY lie? Oh, say it ain't so!

So, are the Chinese RUDE? In a word, YES!

FACEBOOK and CHINA: A Collaboration of censorship


So are the Chinese "Filthy Pigs" or not?


You'll find so-called "Chinese toilets" scattered around SE Asia -- it seems any place the Chinese settled, they brought these disgusting things and inserted them into those societies to some lesser or greater degree. But they're used virtually everywhere in China as of 2020. They aren't really "toilets" in the common understanding of the term; they are, rather, crude enhancements to the "hole in the ground" concept of making a bowel movement. Of course many ancient civilizations just crapped onto the ground for eons, like animals. Then they got a little smarter and more evolved and began digging rudimentary holes, like more evolved animals, i.e. a dog or a cat.

The Chinese evolved a few millimeters beyond that, and started encasing their holes to make them a bit more presentable and to be useful in an indoors environment (since it was impossible to dig a hole through wooden flooring -- at least after they finally started using flooring in their homes). In any case, voila, the Chinese squat toilet. They're horrible devices, filthy and crude and just plain dumb. In SE Asia we are often reduced to paying to use a public-type toilet, and occasionally, after I've paid to go into a restroom, I find that the idiot owners of that establishment only have Chinese squat toilets. Like most other civilized humans, I walk immediately back out and demand a refund, which I've always received, except in China. In China, that's pretty much all there is and you're forced to use them.

Browsing the photos below you'll glean an idea of why they're disasters in every way. No, the "real" toilets aren't missing in these shots. That's all there is: Glorified holes in the ground. You pull your pants or skirt down to your ankles, at which point your clothing is swashing around on and sitting in the pee and feces of those who went before you and missed, and in China they virtually all miss, partly because they're filthy pigs, and partly because it's nearly impossible not to miss.

You straddle the hole and go. Hopefully your balance is superb and your arms are strong because you must balance over this reeking pit without falling backwards. And to one degree or another, you'll miss. At the very, very least, there will be splashing against the back of your clothing. Then comes the tissue acrobatics, except there is no tissue. It simply doesn't exist. They don't have it; don't believe in it; they wonder why the hell anyone would want tissue when bare hands work perfectly well!

The idea is that you continue balancing precariously over this dirty little maw, which contains no water at all, so nothing covers the gagging stench of the last hundred humans to crap and pee there. You can only use one hand to steady yourself, but that one hand is going to inevitably get placed in someone else's "miss". You use the other hand to wipe your ass. Literally. You clean your rectum with your one bare hand. When that hand is too filthy to do any more effective cleaning, you swish it around in a plastic bowl that's usually (not always) placed within reach, and you hope to get most of the poo off your hand, and then you go back to work on your rectum again. You clean, rinse, repeat as needed until you butt is no longer actively attracting flies and cockroaches (or the little snakes that frequent these holes), and then.....then what? You pull your clothing back up over your soaking wet bum, and hope the stink isn't too noticeable outside your clothing. But of course it's always noticeable to everyone except the Chinese, who live with this smell their entire lives. Hell, they were born into it. And they simply don't smell it. I swear you could place a bowl of fresh, steaming turds under their noses and ask them how it smelled, and they'd give you the deer-in-headlights look because they'd have no idea what you were talking about. Smell? Smell what?

To finish up any additional hand-cleaning, you would pour the contents of the bowl over your own excrement in the pit, hoping some of it disappears down into the darkness, then refill the bowl from a tank or big pot or garbage can or concrete cistern full of water, and you wash your hands in that water (no soap in a Chinese loo), and then leave the little dish floating in the water. You're supposed to dump a few bowls of water into the pit, as I've said, to wash the poo and pee down the drain, but of course no one ever does. You just leave the dish floating -- or some Chinese assholes will sink it so the next person has to reach arm's length into that container to retrieve it -- and, since there is plenty of waste residue still on the dish, it has now mixed with the water in the tank or tub, so that any diseases are easily shared by all. Got a nick on your hand? Sure, submerge it into that tank and catch.....well....things they don't even have names for yet. Then, since there are no towels, you shake off the loose polluted water on your hands, and you walk out, inevitably, unconsciously, wiping your hands on your clothing. When you're finished using these facilities, you're free to go back to your job, making deli sandwiches in the local Chinese cafe.

The rest of the world evolved beyond this disgusting equipment and this revolting ritual nearly 200 years ago -- hell, the lowly outhouse is vastly more hygienic. But not the Chinese. Why? Because the Chinese are stupid, and because the Chinese are filthy pigs.

You wonder what indescribably atrocious health and hygiene and containment practices allowed Covid-19 to escape from the Wuhan lab? THIS IS IT. This is the supremely faulty thinking and profound absence of simple intelligence that has nearly destroyed the entire world with this current (this is only one in a long, painful succession of killing viruses from China in recent years) pandemic.

And Facebook bans me for making the simple comment: The Chinese are filthy pigs. I challenge you: Take me to court and prove that that is an untrue statement. It bloody-hell ain't fake news.

As captain of a rescue tugboat I was aboard countless ships over decades. Virtually all vessels from all countries were more or less clean and tidy -- shipshape as it were, at least to some acceptable degree. Except the Chinese. The Chinese ships were floating garbage heaps with rotting food and discarded junk piled high on every deck. I don't know how they could carry out routine topsides operations. They stank so badly that it was hard to breathe. It's a wonder they could be operated at all and the Chinese wallowed in the filth without a glance or a second thought nor the slightest signs of embarrassment. God knows how they slept without the rats eating them alive. Maybe they did. Japanese ships tended to be spotless.

The following pics were emailed to me; kudos to the photographers; I have no idea who most of them are. These aren't "worst case" photos; these are the norm. Go to China. Experience it for yourself. Or stay at a Five-Star Hotel and maybe you'll escape it -- until you must travel somewhere across town.


Credit to "TVNewswatch"


Makes you want to gag? Nothing says vomit like being there, and I have.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


This illustrates, in my long experience with the Chinese and considered opinion of them, their baseline standard of hygiene. These are the filthiest people I've ever encountered in my life. I have lived on American Indian reservations all across America and Alaska (for those who don't yet grasp that Alaska is part of America), and I've trooped all over Asia and SE Asia, Mexico, the extreme bush of Canada, and I've spent time on hippie communes and in the slums of Bangkok and in the dirty back-alleys of Phnom Penh, the back country of Laos, the cardboard huts of urban Manila, and even among the poorest of their poor, I don't see anything even remotely close to the level of just plain filth that is the norm for everyday China. For God's sake Hong Kong can't even stand them! Imagine Hong Kong's chagrin (and rage) at being taken over by these disgusting animals. Do you want the Chinese to come and literally take control of every aspect of life in your own home town? It would be a shooting war within minutes.

This lack of and apparent disdain for basic hygiene isn't due to lack of money and it doesn't require an education to know when you and your family stinks, it's a matter of being incapable of learning, and that means stupid. The overall intelligence of the Chinese seems capped at the level of squat toilets. They can't get beyond that because they can't think beyond that. You can take them aside in groups, run them through classes, show them videos and statistics, bring in speakers to elucidate them and struggle to open their minds -- but it's all for naught. A Goddamned pack of badgers would learn more as a result. The Chinese have been stuck at this level in all ways and in all things for centuries, and they can NOT, can never evolve beyond it.

I touched on this previously: When the Japanese were defeated and stomped to dust in WWII they sought to better their lot by manufacturing anything and everything under the sun. And they produced utter junk. The stamp, "MADE IN JAPAN" was a universal joke around the world for decades. If an item, no matter how simple or cheap -- a damned pretty pebble, let's say -- bore that mark, you passed it by because it was 101% guaranteed it would fail and fail quickly and usually fail spectacularly and fail in ways you could have never imagined nor anticipated. --But the Japanese learned. Because the Japanese are intelligent. They learned well. And their products got better and better until in many ways, or most ways, Japanese products are the envy of the world, on a par with German engineering and sometimes (read: often) surpassing. The Japanese ought to be proud. I salute them. And the Japanese look at China and are rendered speechless, stunned and appalled and sickened at the persistent ignorance that permeates every single facet of the Chinese way of life.

And on top of all that, the Chinese are arrogant and conceited beyond compare in the world today. What a disgusting combination! --Filthy, dumb pigs that are also utterly convinced that they are the kings, queens and princes and princesses of the entire globe. Why? Because they deserve it. Just ask them, and remember this point because it will hold you well in understanding the bullshit they have already pulled with regard to Covid, and will pull in the future. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Let me make this factual statement one more time: The Chinese are filthy pigs. Period.

Fuck you, Facebook, for preventing the world from learning about the Chinese; you think you can control all thought in the world?

No, Zuckerberg, you can't.

Maybe Zuckerberg got a few pats on the back from Xi Jinping for banning me from posting for 24 hours?

Or did he get a blow-job--

Are there any good and worthwhile Chinese? Yes. I know one (1) family of Chinese that I am proud to be friends with. Clean, decent, smart -- I would trust them to great lengths and I actually do trust them to great lengths several times every year. I welcome them into my home and they welcome me to theirs. I help them with commercial projects and they help me. I would feed them if they were hungry. I would defend them physically if they were threatened. But in all these years of squirreling all over this region, those are the only ones that I would allow in my home. And where do they live? None of them has ever lived in China.

Ok, if "some" Chinese "can" be "good and valuable citizens of the world", doesn't that negate the assertion that the Chinese are genetically stupid and can never learn? No. They are stupid. They are Ferengi, after all. But -- being born and raised into a vastly smarter environment can, sometimes, work to negate much of their genetic deficiency. It doesn't often work, but in an instance where a genetically deficient Chinese was not as genetically deficient as most others, and their upbringing was carried out by truly inspired and intelligent caregivers in a region where they are surrounded by a fairly intelligent society, then yes, they can overcome much of their faulty DNA.

And what, exactly, about this whole "Covid-19" thing?

I've obnoxiously pounded the point again and again throughout this rant, that the Chinese people are stupid. But is that really true?

Plenty of people around the world are stupid. I mean documentably, clinically fucking stupid.

I find many people in the southern US, for example, to be not the brightest bulbs in the Christmas Light String. I find them stupid. I call it "The Bubba Syndrome". Not all people in the southern US are stupid, but many just plain are. Why? I'm not sure. Nature or nurture? Were they born stupid, or did they learn through their culture to be stupid? Maybe it's both. I know for a fact you can be born stupid. I've witnessed it countless times in my travels around the world. Before toddlers even have a chance to be influenced by a culture of stupidity, they show clear and undeniable behavior patterns that are stupid.

The traditional IQ test is supposed to be the final word on stupidity, but is it really? In some ways, yes -- that is to say the Intelligence Quotient test can be used to measure cleverness. But clever people are very often rank fucking stupid people. I've tested twice -- first at 141, trying half-heartedly, and years later at 131. I was lazy on the second test because I thought I had it aced. That was stupid. Laziness is my vice. A lifelong friend tested repeatedly around 180. I seldom understood a word he said. He tried many business enterprises in his life and died dirt poor because every single one of them failed through mismanagement. Was he stupid? Well, not according to his IQ tests. He was brilliant. He was clever as hell. But he wasn't wise.

The Chinese test pretty well compared to the rest of the world. If you study the stats you'll find all kinds of conflicting conclusions regarding the IQs of every people on earth, but by and large the Chinese score respectably at around 105. "Normal" for the world, whatever normal means in any context, is about 100 which, of course, might have been vastly higher if not for the average having been dragged down into the reeking abyss by the British. And the French. ;-). So the Chinese ought to be smart enough to handle the escape of a deadly pandemic virus, but clearly, provably they're not. And once let loose upon the world, the Chinese ought to be intelligent enough to recognize the supreme, jaw-dropping risk to the entire Goddamned planet in about 6 seconds of elementary thought and take every fucking precaution and measure under God's sun to mitigate, contain, and warn others of that impending disaster. BUT THEY'RE NOT. They are demonstrably not smart enough to do that -- not just once, but at every juncture, every step, every phase of the entire debacle all along the way for months and months even when they saw with their own eyes that people were dying faster than they could count the Goddamned bodies -- they STILL made the exact wrong decisions every single motherfucking time. And, fact: The Chinese ruined the world. They could have saved it pretty easily (just ask for help and tell the truth). But their rank, all-encompassing, arrogant, down-in-the-dirt STUPIDITY ruined the world. Suck it up, accept it as fact, and learn to look at the Chinese people in that light because that is the truest light. Sure, plenty of mistakes were made by others AFTER the Chinese stupidly loosed this thing, and you can bash them to your heart's content (I do). But right now we're looking at CHINA.

Remember: The Chinese can't make a single frikkin' thing that works. Not even a toilet. If you've bought anything from China you know that's true. It stands to reason they can't handle a world-killing virus. It would be madness to even for one microsecond think they ever could. The US visited their virology labs and concluded they were disasters waiting to happen, and since they couldn't use brute force to shut them the fuck down instantly, they thought they would do the next best thing and give the Chinese uncounted millions (of the money YOU worked for and earned) to at least get on top of the risks and contain the stupid crap they were working on. An IQ level of 105 should have been capable of figuring that out and implementing the needed steps to make the whole thing safe. But not the Chinese. Because regardless of their PUBLISHED Intelligence Quotient scores (published is the operative word here) the Chinese are stupid. The Chinese PUBLISH their Covid death stats to reflect a death toll of only a few thousand in all of China. PUBLISH is, again, the operative word, and NO ONE has access to the real numbers either regarding Covid fatalities or IQ scores nationwide.

Eons ago the Chinese, in their supreme cleverness, got the idea that there was a profound difference between working stupid, and working smart. And indeed there is. If it is your job to move stones from one farm field to another, you could do that by picking up each stone individually and packing that sucker 500 meters to the other field -- drop it, walk back, get another, rinse and repeat forever and ever. And at some point your shoes wear out and your knees wear out and your back wears out -- OR, and this is the brainiac part -- you could build a cart, pile it with a hundred stones, and ask your donkey to pull it, in exchange for care and feeding of the donkey. The job gets done more quickly, efficiently, properly, and all is well. That's working smart. The Chinese began to think that way thousands of years ago and kudos to them. But while the Chinese were clever in this way, their wisdom was capped. They began to think that if it was smart to work this way, it was smarter still to feed the donkey less, and to make the cart with cheaper materials, and so forth. And the system broke down. They had reached the limits of their wisdom, just like so many university grads were and are educated far beyond their wisdom. Most people around the world will go through this same process of learning how to interact with the physical or theoretical world, and when they realize that the donkey isn't getting enough feed to work well, and the carts are all falling apart because they were made poorly and cheaply, they say, "Oh! Wow! I've made a mistake! I must feed the donkey more, and build sturdier carts! Ok! Done!" And things start working again. That's is the true measure of wisdom. It's called extrapolation. You look at a thing, project where the future will take that thing, and extend the graph beyond what you can see based on and what you can see. I used to own a T-Shirt company; one of our T-Shirts said, "Extrapolation is Key to Wisdom." Virtually no one understood it and that was their loss. It also said, "Life = Pi." Even fewer people got that. Pity.

Prisons are overflowing, like any toilet, with souls who are clever as all get-out, but suck abysmally at extrapolation. Criminals can go to extreme lengths to figure out how to outsmart some guards and overpower some clerks and disable the security and bust into a business and take all the money, but they are stunningly incapable of extrapolating out that that money will get quickly blown, and they'll have to repeat the whole process, and that -- and here's the key -- extrapolation dictates that if you do that enough times, you'll get caught and sent to prison. They are absolutely, utterly lacking at the business of extrapolation and when they hear the cell door slammed behind them they are completely stunned and unable to figure out how it all came to that. I was in a penitentiary once in another country for overstaying a visa -- three damned months in there -- along with all the worst of the worst that that society produced. On my tier were countless rapists and killers, and they would sit around in groups and talk about how not to get caught "next time". There was no discussion whatsoever of simply NOT DOING IT AGAIN. It was all about mistakes they made that got them caught and how to not get caught again. The most common theme being discussed and recommended was to kill the victim so s/he couldn't talk. Everyone would nod in quiet agreement and shake their heads sadly at their own stupidity for having not killed their victim. Talk about an astronomical lack of extrapolation. Four seconds of elementary extrapolation by a person who may or may not be clever, and who may or may not have shown a high intelligence quotient, can still be capable of basic wisdom and be able to extrapolate out the whole crime and punishment equation. But many people can't. And the Chinese can't. The entire Goddamned nation of China can't.

China's revelation of working smarter rather than harder slowly morphed over the centuries. Going back to the rock-moving analogy, let's say the worker tasked with moving the stones got the idea that working smarter meant not moving the stones at all, but just telling the boss he did it, and collecting the money, and then moving to another town to escape punishment. Moving to another town was easier than moving the stones; therefore, lying and moving was an instance of working smarter, and the worker should be congratulated and patted on the back for being so fucking smart. Among his peers he was! And that -- that one evolution of clever thought, like the mutating of a virus -- is the very thing that causes China to be clever as hell, but terminally unwise. Wisdom among the Chinese passed quietly away somewhere along in the centuries. China completely and utterly lacks the ability to extrapolate. why China sucks and the Chinese people suck and always, always will, until such time on the earth that borders become meaningless and the populations of the world mix and merge and the bullshit gets genetically diluted.

Points to take away:

China is clever.

China is unwise.

That's why Chinese products never, ever, ever work; it's why they are habitual liars; it's why the virus got loose; it's why the Chinese took no steps to protect the world; it's why the Chinese are lying about it now; it's why the Chinese will, I swear, lie when the truth would serve them better. It's because the Chinese are genetically unwise. They are stupid.

The Chinese are filthy fucking pigs. The Chinese are stupid fucking assholes. The Chinese are the most arrogant pieces of human shit on the earth. I know because I live among them. I struggle with their stupidity and arrogance every single day in everything that I do, every place I go, every project I undertake and every interaction I have. I'm what you call (a la Myth Busters) an expert.. All of that -- supreme hubris and earth-shattering incompetence -- is a disastrous combination and it will eventually, or soon, cost the world more dearly than any person alive today can even remotely imagine. The Chinese are the enemy of the globe.

One could argue that even the blind squirrel sometimes gets the nut and so by that logic China must do something right, right? Just by random accident (ten monkeys in a room with typewriters and unlimited time and paper) China must produce something that works or make some decision that's valid or useful or helpful or correct -- but the truly mind-boggling reality is that it doesn't.

Ok, OK, China invented fireworks. Accidentally.

Anything else?

Not really. Paper and printing? -- let's say they "further developed it" after seeing it done by others.

Nearly every other thing these people ever accomplished was stolen tech and that "tradition" continues to this day.

Have you or your company invented or designed anything of any consequence? Ever?

If so, I guarantee China has tried, and usually succeed, in stealing it.

Because the Chinese work smart.

But smart needs to be tempered by morality.

And China doesn't know the meaning of that word.

The Chinese eat. And fart. And breed. And steal. And lie. And copy. And murder. And pollute. And that's just about it.

The rest of the world also does all of these things. But the rest of humanity does good things too.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


The Supreme Arrogance and Dishonesty of the Chinese

I'm going to paste in two map images below without much explanation; they show the same thing but sometimes seeing in slightly different ways and formats, one can glean a greater appreciation and understanding of a thing:



You can clearly see what China claims as its own and you can clearly see where China is (far, far away). The absurdity of this snatch and grab (i.e. theft) is unsurpassed since biblical days. By this twisted logic I can literally walk into your own backyard and claim your barbecue as mine. I'll change it around, repaint it pink with silhouettes of porn images on it, and store all my BBQ supplies, booze, drugs and food there, and if you even come near MY FUCKING BARBEQUE, I WILL FUCKING SHOOT YOU! And you can see by all the rifles, rockets and grenades I have piled completely over the top of your barbecue, and the armed guards I station there 24/7, that I am deadly serious. Just let your own child accidentally play too close to MY barbecue and I'll blow his fucking brains out. I mean it. Try it and see. I'll blow his fucking head clean off and I'll laugh hysterically and I'll send you a bill for the cost of the bullet and if you don't pay it I'll come and kill the rest of your family. And if your wife comes out to complain, I'll rape and kill her also, and I'll video tape the entire spectacle, and I'll post it around the world seven hundred billion times with huge captions that read, "Homeowner challenges ownership of his own BBQ IN HIS OWN BACKYARD and look what we did to him! Just look! We bet his wife is sorry now. Don't fuck with us when we steal other peoples' property or we'll KILL YOU TOO."

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, IS CHINA. Suck it up and get it through your heads. Accept it; embrace it, realize it fully because The Root of All Disappointment Lies in Unrealistic Expectation. If you want to be disappointed in the behavior of the Chinese people, just refuse to entertain realistic expectations about them. China has no more claim to this region that is completely and utterly and laughably removed from their own "territorial waters" than I do to my claim that your own BBQ in the center of YOUR OWN BACKYARD is MY TERRITORY. The notion is wholly insane. I don't mean it's "kooky". I don't mean it's "crazy". I don't mean it's "a stretch of logic". I mean it's clinically insane. The Chinese are clinically insane in so, so, so many ways and in so many aspects of life and they demonstrate it graphically a million times a day where I live. China has done this "territorial expansion" despite countless legal counter-claims by the real owners and the tiny countries from whom this land was STOLEN are powerless to take it back. And where's the US? The US is quaking in its boots because they don't want to "risk a conflict" with China -- not militarily, and not even financially. But the longer they wait to truly back these sons of bitches down, the bigger that conflict will be, and a conflict is inevitable.

Real men stand up straight and state clearly and out loud:

"You. Won't. Steal. And if you do, we'll stop you, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter how big you are."

That's the moral code most traditional Americans and decent, worthwhile human beings the world over cut their teeth on and it is the only thing that stands between a world of anarchy and waste and darkness and a world of order and accomplishment and hope. But real men are no longer the majority in America, or even around the world -- rather, it's Snowflakes who, in the face of the slightest obstacle, will roll over and pee on their own bellies like Zuckerturd seems to do every single morning when he wakes up.

Again, I predict that sooner or later, the need to stop China using military force will come, because China will never, ever stop taking and stealing and copying and scamming and lying until they are physically stopped from doing it, but will the helpless, hapless, limp-wristed, stupid, lazy, clueless, whining Snowflakes be up to the task, or will they emulate Mark Zuckerberg, silly stupid fool Extraordinaire, and simply roll onto their backs and piss on their own bellies, as I've suggested too many times. I suspect the latter. To the Chinese, stealing and killing and lying are simply instances of "working smart". They see no more moral barriers to this activity than does a boulder as it rolls down a muddy hill and wipes out a school bus full of children. The boulder is brainless and the Chinese are brainless. The Chinese are a rolling boulder that no logic nor reason nor embarrassment will ever stop. Only brute force stops the rolling, mindless boulder. Reason wastes time. Pack this fact away in your psyche, because sooner or later, China will so assault the world (if it hasn't already) that it must be stopped by physical force. It is with profound sadness that I have come to realize this. When I moved to Asia I had no thoughts about the Chinese whatsoever. I assumed I'd probably like them just fine. I assumed they were better people than Americans. I assumed they were wise. It is the Chinese people themselves that have actively taught and crafted and honed and cemented my opinion of them now. They've done it every single day in every single interaction at every single juncture. I'm saying this flat-out: Be afraid of the Chinese. Be very afraid. If your suspicion of the Chinese ever begins to slip, stop and think, and go study and research, and get it back to the "extreme" level that it deserves, because, I know for a fact, if the Chinese see any opportunity to take everything you have, even your life, your honor, the product of your life's work, the decency of your children, your hopes and dreams and aspirations, they will do it instantly and without a nanosecond's hesitation with not so much as the moral compunction of a Goddamned viper in the grass, because that's exactly what they are. The viper in the grass thinks it's "working smart" too. But in the end, it's just a Goddamned viper in the grass.

For God's sake, the Spratly Islands are closer to frikkin' THAILAND than to China's "territorial waters". But to simply steal is how China thinks. This is what China does. The very fact that China shut down flights in and out of Wuhan once they knew how serious the virus was, but continued flights around the world, honestly, honestly makes me start to wonder about what should be the craziest theory in the world -- namely, that China did this on purpose to bring the world economies to their knees so they could swoop in, make absurd deals to bail out countless tiny, struggling nations, and be The Heroes to whom those "rescued peoples" would feel eternally beholden. They are actually doing this! And they are gaining incredible strategic advantages around the world as a result of this poisonous strategy. This is China. This is the Chinese people -- because as I've said, the Chinese government ain't made up of the French, it's made up of The Chinese People. All the crazy notions and schemes and plots and crimes aren't made up and perpetrated by some mysterious cabal of mars aliens -- it's all thought up, orchestrated and caused by The Chinese.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Why wouldn't the Chinese people come and declare that the state of Kansas was "their territory"? Seriously, why? Why not? The US would probably stop them (unless Snowflakes were in charge), but what would stop the Chinese from attempting such a stunt? Not morality! Not a sense of right or wrong. Only the threat of violence would and does stop them.

But aren't they just quietly doing that anyway?

Yes, yes they are, and to a far, far greater degree than you have dreamed of in your philosophies.

And by the way, in case you missed it, the Chinese are filthy pigs.

Einstein can say it, but Facebook won't let me say it.

That's why Facebook no longer gets my money.

Today is a great day because today is the day Farcebook has finally agreed to delete my Facebook page.

But it's anticlimactic, really, because, see, even when you quit working for Facebook, you can't quit working for Facebook because they simply won't let you.

I haven't checked to see if the page is really gone because, frankly, I'm scared of my anger if it isn't. I'll check in a month or two. But even if it's gone, I didn't actually purge these pieces of shit from my life because I didn't dig deep into the FB matrix to purge and stop and cut off all their thousands of slimy tendrils which allow this criminal enterprise to continue tracking me and to sell that data. When does THAT crap expire? Never. If you don't manually go deep into Farcebook and manually disconnect every single hidden gateway of their spy network that they have quietly erected into your private life, they will continue to track thousands of your activities, directly and indirectly, all across the Internet, around the bloody world, forever, and as I understand it, once you have deleted your FB page, there's no way to go back in and disconnect all their secret pathways. Nice company, eh? --Bet you never suspected that in a million years when, on a spur-of-the-moment lark years ago, at the urging of some well-meaning "friend", you signed up for this nightmare. Now you're stuck. All of this Freddie Krueger nightmarish BS is by careful design by Facebook and "The Gimp" (Zuckerberg) (I mean to say Zuckerberg is China's Gimp, just to be vulgar albeit clear). They WANT the money you earn them. They WANT to make your life a living hell if you ever try to escape them. I mentioned this before but let's think about it again: Remember that scene in the original "Alien" movie? The critter has glommed onto the guy's face and has its skinny dick down the guy's throat, just like Fuckerbook, and they've brought him into the infirmary and they've decided to try to ever so carefully cut the thing off of him -- they really only want to nick it a little, thinking the pain will make it instantly let go and scurry away, but this is Facebook we're talking about --er, I mean THE ALIEN. And the first tiny cut causes it to instantly tighten around his neck, strangling him. If you think Facebook is any different at all in any way you're dead wrong. That's the modus operandi of Facebook. That's a look inside the brain and morality of Mark Zuckerberg, personally, and his brainless, amoral minions. That's what this company does and, like China, it will never ever stop until it is stopped by force. In China's case it will require a military obstacle to stop it. In Zuckerberg's case, laws will accomplish it partly, but of course the dirty little spud will spend literal billions on sleazy law firms who will eventually find ways around every single piece of careful, considered legislation. Zuckerberg and the Chinese are two peas in a pod, both scum..


What will it take to convince Facebook to be a decent world citizen (insert belly-laugh here)?

Is Facebook your friend?

End Game for the annoying little pinhead?

Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


We're seeing a veritable shit-storm of anti-Asian rhetoric, bias and discrimination around the world and that's patently absurd. If people want to bash filthy, irresponsible, lying, corrupt people, bash the right ones -- It's THE CHINESE, and China is only a PART of Asia. I've spent a decade roaming Asia and SE Asia, all the countries, and ignorant people MUST understand -- nearly all of "Asia" and "SE Asia" hate, loathe and detest the Chinese. Even Hong Kongers, who were once the Chinese themselves, absolutely do not like the Chinese and it has (or had) nothing to do with Covid or, really, any of the other killing diseases China and the Chinese people have spawned throughout history, and they've been peculiarly dynamic at that. The plethora of bizarre, world-ending diseases coming out of China over the past few hundred years is certainly not an endearing factor for the rest of the people in Asia and SE Asia, but they largely truly hated the Chinese long before that -- why? Because of the way the Chinese people act and conduct themselves! It all comes down to that. They are obnoxious to the Nth degree; they are obtuse; they are stupifyingly arrogant and bossy and condescending and pushy and loud and violent and illogical and preciously spoiled -- you think, as Americans, that you've seen all these things in your fellow Americans, and you have, but you haven't seen it to even a tiny fraction of this degree. The Chinese in America are incredibly well-behaved because they've learned very quickly upon getting off the boats (airplanes) that if they acted as they do in China and all through Asia and SE Asia, the Americans would instantly kick their fucking asses and go happily to jail for it. But in their own region they feel free to act in whatever blindly offensive manners they choose.

I was sitting in an upscale casino in Phnom Penh many years ago (OK, OK, upscale for Kumboosha as it's pronounced here), and eating a nice meal in a nice buffet with my girlfriend. There were three people in this large restaurant -- me, my girlfriend, and one other man about six or eight tables away. There was empty seating for probably 200. A Chinese woman walked in, paid for her buffet meal, looked around, spotted us, and walked straight to our table. She sat down less than a foot from me and instantly began taking the food off my plate and eating it. I was immediately incensed, but just as quickly I realized that this was a buffet and it might, after all, be entertaining in some perverse way. This woman didn't make eye contact with either of us, nor did she speak any word, she just took our food. She finished everything of value on my plate (mostly seafood), and piled the shells on the side of my plate, then she paused for a moment, glanced at me, and commenced to eat all the shells. --Sounds weird but it's really not because they do eat all the shells normally. Once she had polished off my meal and the shells she dove into GF's plate and finished that as well. A couple of times I said, fairly loudly, what the fuck, what the fuck when she picked up and downed my have-full beverage -- but that didn't garner any reaction from this pig of a woman at all. Not even a glance. Her face was covered in sauces, juices running down from the plate and bowls, onto the table and down her lap, staining the whole front of her outfit. She didn't care. When she had finished GF's meal she burped a few times, stretched luxuriously, let out some kind of yell like one might expect to hear from a cave-woman, then sauntered over to the only other patron, an elderly Chinese man, and started to eat his food. He slapped her away pretty hard and yelled at her in Chinese. She didn't react at all except to walk over to the food counters and commence to eat straight from them, tossing the prawn shells back onto the piles of waiting prawns on ice. A couple of times we got the attention of the attendants and pointed to the woman pretty animately, but they didn't so much as shrug -- they just looked away. You might be tempted to think oh, well, this was a one-off, a mentally handicapped female who happened to wander into this establishment and you see that crap everywhere in the world. But this is how most of them act, most of them time, even on airplanes!


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Cambodia is made up largely of Chinese, and they are mostly like this, but the real Cambodians (how far back do you want to trace lineages?) hate them also. I haven't found any Asian country or Asian people, other than the Chinese, who don't absolutely detest the Chinese. Every country. Every people. So while you're bopping through the malls in the USA, Canada, France, the UK, and you see an Asian-looking human being, leave them the fuck alone! --Unless, of course, you ask them if they're Chinese, and if they say yes (they won't because they've learned better), then and only then can you express your opinions about their government and their lack of hygiene and simple manners. Otherwise, you might be (probably are) bashing some other Asian who probably exactly shares your views of the Chinese people and who is actively on your side! Moral: Don't make a Goddamned fool of yourself.

I live in SE Asia. The little SE Asian countries produce almost nothing of their own design or manufacture. They aren't particularly imaginative people -- none of them. Necessarily nearly every product you buy here comes from China. In the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany or "normal" countries you usually have a choice between buying a Chinese product, or a similar but vastly higher quality product designed and manufactured in that country or a neighboring or nearby country. Want to buy a simple extension cord? Easy. You go to a hardware store, either brick or online, and you look at all the options. Some are cheap. Some are expensive. Some are clearly of much higher quality than others. Some are obviously Chinese and look as though after a damned hour they'd burn your house down, and they will, too. But some "look" OK and are priced along with or slightly under, say, the super high quality German brands, so, you buy the one that looks really good but which saves you a little dough. The point is, you have choices. In SE Asia, you have no choice: Chinese. The prices are all dirt cheap, and they will burn your Goddamned house down in an hour. All of them. There are no imported items to choose from. Why? Because the people of SE Asia are dirt poor and will choose the cheapest option always, and because the greedy governments of SE Asia tax the living daylights out of all imports. Except from China. I shop mostly from Amazon now and pay the absurd shipping and duty taxes to bring even the smallest items into these countries because, wonder of wonders, I need them to work. Very often the cost of an item will be doubled just due to the import tax, and then there's the shipping.

Because China has been around a long time and SE Asia is China's backyard, they have combed through all these countries for a hundred years and have convinced them that Chinese products are the best products on this earth, and cheap too. And since SE Asians don't have anything to compare with, they blindly believe the Chinese. You can pretty-much only buy Chinese here. Period. My household has had three Chinese products break or fail already this morning and it's not even noon. That's not an exception; it's not unusual; it's like this every. single. day. It's like that for everyone in SE Asia and always has been. SE Asians think this is just how things are around the world. This is their sad reality. They have no clue that when your Chinese on-demand water heater fails after five months, you can order in a German brand that will last twenty years for only three times the cost. But they've never seen a German hot water heater and they would never, ever believe that anything could possibly last longer than a Chinese hot water heater. I lived in a very high-end condo a few years ago. It had five bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus gourmet kitchen. There were a total of four hot water heaters. In the exactly 12 months I lived there I replaced four of them. The owner wanted only the cheapest Chinese products, so that's what I replaced them with -- more Chinese junk -- one had to be replaced twice in 12 months. My current home has five air conditioners. I've been here six months. I've replaced two of them because they couldn't be repaired. This is how all Chinese products are!

In a "normal" country you can choose to waste your money on Chinese crap, or you can buy better and save zillions. The Chinese are on to this. Now, they make their shit products look more and more like "real" products, and they price them more closely to real products, knowing that people in "normal" countries tend to judge quality by price. Maybe that used to be true, but no longer. I bought a fan here awhile back to replace the Chinese junk-fan that had failed after eight months, and, of course, I had to buy another Chinese shit fan because there were no alternatives. I paid about $65 USD for it. Out of curiosity I looked up that same fan on Amazon US. Same item. Same number. Same photos. Same specs. Same box. It was $330. The Chinese priced it that high knowing naive Caucasians would buy it thinking price equated to quality. It rattled itself to death in a year and a half. I feel for the poor slobs who bought the exact same item on Amazon for $330 because theirs rattled themselves to death in 18 months as well and that was far beyond the warranty, even if a real warranty existed.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Recently there was a vast slew of "Covid-19 touch-less thermometers" for sale here. You point them at a suspect forehead and pull the trigger. A display reads hot or cold or normal (dead, dying or OK for awhile). Curiously, every forehead tested with this product was exactly normal. Wow! Lots of healthy people who were supposed to be dying of Covid-19! Imagine the luck! But of course they weren't really normal -- the devices had nothing inside of them except a battery and a little circuit that sent a normal temperature to the screen. There was nothing inside other than that, and amazingly it made it onto TV -- the Chinese simply didn't get to the studio to block the broadcast. the most important point to take away from this entire website -- THAT is what's inside the minds, hearts and souls of the Chinese people. Get it? That's all there is! Their very existence is one big facade and scam! Every breath they take is geared towards thinking up and executing their next outrageous scam, and the covering up of Covid-19 was no different whatsoever. There is nothing more than that to The Chinese People. Period.

The moral:

1) Every single thing China produces will fail more quickly than you could ever possibly imagine -- except a virus

2) Chinese products often or usually screw up spectacularly.

3) Chinese products will hurt or kill you or your family -- like a virus.

4) Chinese products will very likely cause you to lose your home or other items that depend on those products.

5) Chinese warranties are absolutely unenforceable except back to the retailer in your country, and that's the only reason you still have something of a choice, because your local retailer is tired of refunding on Chinese garbage. That makes them either a) be more careful in their selection of Chinese junk products, or b) makes them avoid retailing out Chinese products altogether. Many American retailers are finally, finally learning to just say no to Chinese garbage. Remember that, after WWII, the Japanese had this same problem, but the Japanese learned. The Chinese are too damned stupid to learn and their products will never, ever, ever get any better.



Just say no to Chinese products.

Another example of China "working smart"


Let's put a few things in real clear perspective for the woefully uninformed and the terminally naive:



What does this tell us? It tells us "the world" loves rapists far and vastly more than the world loves Facebook and China.

I know I hate rapists more than words can describe. I caught one once. One of my life-regrets is that I didn't do to him one one-hundredth of what I should have done to him. I'm sorry. I'll do better next time.

So if my esteem of rapists is at the indescribable level I struggle and fail to describe, and I assume the world's esteem of rapists is on a par with my own, what does that tell us of the world's outrage, disgust, contempt, loathing and unmitigated all-out hatred of Facebook and China? It tells us that that hatred is so far beyond words that it cannot be articulated in any language on earth. It is beyond visceral.

Let's try a few more, just to get a perspective on how thoroughly and completely Facebook and China are hated:



Are you beginning to glean an overall understanding for how much damage both of these entities, Facebook and China, have done to the world they live in?

How horrific was/is HIV? Apparently HIV is sixty two times more desirable than China and fifty times more likable than Facebook!

Now I have to tell you, if my company was fifty times more hated than HIV, I'd be taking some serious alone-time in mommy's basement to rethink my place and behavior on this earth.

Apparent fact:

People like child molesters five hundred and sixty two times more than they like Facebook, and no one on this earth, not one single solitary soul, likes child molesters -- except perhaps other child molesters. And I'm betting most of them don't like each other either.

OK, for the doubters, let's try one last example. Surely, surely this band of thieves and scammers is hated far more than Farcebook. Surely that's the case, right?



But the IRS is loved eighty times more than Facebook.

Damn. Facebook must be doing something right, right?



No. Facebook is a Goddamned virus set loose upon the earth by one, stupid, apocalyptically unwise, foolish man: Mark Zuckerberg.







Submitted formally to Congress on June 22, 2020. May the seeds of logical thinking germinate and grow there. But of course we know better.