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Facebook: Arbitrary and Capricious Censorship Gone Wild!

Classic Example (and this fool when back for more!)

So, what ELSE can this miserable little twit (Zuckerberg) do to enrage and alienate the entire planet? Hasn't he done enough?
NO! He's still hard at work, doing his best to fuck you over.

Is Oculus dead?
Yes. To the thinking human, Oculus is dead.

Oculus died August 18, 2020, when Zuckerberg shot it straight in the temple with a .44 magnum hollow point at 1 centimeter range. Why did he do this? Because he's an egomaniacal imbecile, clever as all get-out, but as wise as a greasy fucking banana peel on a mall's marble floor.

Oculus is dead to any thinking human who is unwilling to risk losing their Oculus headset even temporarily, and also permanently losing ALL of their PAID FOR apps and games, merely at the airy whim of Facebook, which can, might, and will, brick your device and steal all your software simply because Zuckerberg personally disagrees with something you said online, or some image you posted, or something you innocently shared. Get banned on Farcebook and you lose it all and there is probably no appeal whatsoever except to take Facebook to court. So is Oculus dead to any thinking human being? Yes. Zuckerberg the fool killed it in August, 2020.

Please, I beg you, for your own sanity and bank account, do the research BEFORE you give this mentally retarded scam artist your money. I'm doing my best to save you the heartache, and the rage.

Head's up: Facebook is disabling your Oculus and terminating your games.

Do you have an Oculus product, such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus S, Oculus 2? Do you hope to someday EVER own an Oculus product? Not so fast. Facebook says it will REQUIRE you to have a VALID Facebook account with your REAL NAME AND DATA before you can use the Oculus device you PAID FOR, and before you can use the apps and games you PAID FOR. Read more near the end of this page for the Farcebook facts and admissions on this. Sorry there's not a shortcut here -- Dreamweaver has suddenly made making in-page shortcuts very clumsy. Thanks, Dreamweaver! I paid a lot of money and got a constantly devolving app.

When I say, "I hate Facebook" or "I hate China", those are my opinions, long-learned opinions, based on decades of real-time, hands-on lessons, experiences, observations, facts and my own extrapolation of wisdom. It looks like my opinions are well and truly shared by gargantuan swaths of the world population, because Facebook and China have taught them, too. Remember, my hatred of China and the Chinese was taught to me a decade before any virus ever came along, and my hatred of Facebook began with my very first stunning misfortune with them nearly a decade ago. Since then both entities have struggled and worked hard to strengthen those feelings and opinions no matter how hard I tried to like them. They taught see them clearly, and if/when you see them clearly, you can NOT love or even respect either one. In fact, they teach you to fear them.



Would Farcebook block this guy? Of course it would. Probably forever.

You can say you prefer red dogs over brown ones and it'll get you blocked if the right (wrong) Farcical-book block-head reads it.

It's utterly and completely capricious.

There's a thread in the old Beach Boys movie where their long-time "manager" is eventually demoted to, well, purged into oblivion as it were, sent "into the corn", because he was just a Goddamned pain in the ass and absolutely nothing more. He showed up for every rehearsal and worked feverishly on the recording control panel, really, truly knowing that his mixes were absolutely responsible for the success of the band. Why, he thought, if not for him, they'd all be penniless beach bums. He was a bloody hero, almost a mini-God. His arrogance was astronomical. It was fucking biblical. He was a supreme asshole. Finally, one day, the band had a blow-up with him and informed him that they had unplugged his board long, long months ago, and he was flipping switches and sliding levers like a monkey on crack all that time just because they hadn't wanted to hurt his feelings. His board was completely unplugged. The news probably broke him, crushed him for life. It was a hard, cold thing to learn. I submit that Farcebook and Zucker-tit are engaged in exactly the same kind of mixing and managing. Some of the twits honestly believe they are doing something for the world which has meaning and purpose -- that their endless, relentless jerking around of peoples' accounts and First Amendment rights is somehow a good thing for society. 10% of the little hairballs actually believe this. The rest are just idiot pot heads who are trying their best to put down conservative speech, or any logical speech for that matter, and they have no clue about nor appreciation for "the good of society". Half of them would probably just as soon rape your thirteen year old daughter if the opportunity arose and they were sure they'd get away with it. --Not much moral accounting going on in those dizzy brain pans. But 10% really do believe with all their heathen hearts that they're doing something meaningful in the world by blocking girls who think men are ugly and by closing accounts of people who prefer red dogs over brown ones. The thing is, I submit that they are, actually, exactly as effective as that poor bastard the Beach Boys fired way back when. If you disconnected their terminals so they only thought they were blocking accounts and banning users, the world would actually proceed onward in a significantly smoother way.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


And what of China? The Chinese government, which is made up of the Chinese people, works tirelessly, relentlessly, to control every single minutiae of every single instant of every single life in that country, just like the Beach Boys' fool manager. But what does it really gain them? And how much better off would Chinese society be if somehow that government was magically plucked up by their stinky hair roots and flicked into some giant, steaming trash bin and deposited on the back side of the moon? Would Chinese life get slowly better over time? No. That insane, unprofessional, dishonest, incompetent, unwise government would just be replaced by another insane, unprofessional, dishonest, incompetent, unwise government, made up from plenty of insane stock in the Chinese population. Indeed, every people have the government they deserve.

It has been said (I repeat it often) that " the Impossibility of Reason".

No truer thought was ever expressed.

Facebook is Hell. And China is Hell.

And that's the end of that story.

Just keep both of them the Hell away from me and mine. Forever.


Bad Chinese Products -- Seriously, just how stupid are these people?

And Here

And More

China Lies -- and it's not just "that pesky Chinese Communist government" -- it's The Chinese People

And Lies

And Lies

And Mo' Lies, Because it's what the Chinese do

And Farcebook (Facebook) helps them in every way

Is Facebook's Insane Pro-China Bias a Positive in your life? --In anyone's life except Mark Zuckerberg's life?

What is Farcebook really?

The Supreme Arrogance of China. Assholes don't come any bigger or stinkier than the Chinese

Mark Marries China -- at least he lusts for it. He wants to help the Chinese become "independent". Hahahaha

Suckerberg's comments here are truly over the top. Absolutely stunningly stupid.

Trump gets trolled

Suckerberg changes with the wind, because he's a stupid human being



May 2020: Hong Kong is now China


We all knew it was coming. The numbers simply weren't on Hong Kong's side.

Long ago the Brits came along, saw the potential of Hong Kong, and mentored it into being a shining city of progress with a strong work ethic, morality, decency and beauty. The United Kingdom had taken a backwards Chinese sewer pit, like any other Chinese city, and nurtured it into a world class city -- maybe THE world class city. It was certainly my own favorite city on earth and I longed to live there for decades. I visited every chance I got.

The Chinese had a long-standing deal with the Brits. The Brits would build a city of dreams, and then then turn it over to the filthy, stupid, ham fisted pigs, the Chinese.

And that's what happened at midnight on June 30/July 1, 1997.

The Brits honored their agreement with the Chinese. The ongoing deal, signed and sealed by the filthy, stupid, lying Chinese, was that the Chinese would leave Hong Kong virtually unmolested for fifty years. After all, who on earth would want to mess with one of the planet's greatest success stories? Certainly, it was widely thought, even the fucking moronic Chinese would see the value in just leaving Hong Kong alone.

But of course the Goddamned Chinese just couldn't do that. Wisdom is missing in their DNA.

The Chinese started picking at Hong Kong almost immediately, fucking with it, eroding it, wrecking it, then finally downright stomping on it until Hong Kongers were utterly aghast, and pissed. The Chinese are so smart.

A handful of loyal Hong Kongers stood up against the mighty Chinese behemoth, but of course were trundled under in short order. And when the Chinese grew weary of toying with the whole resistance thing, they simply broke their word, broke their contract, and took over Hong Kong in 2020.

Hong Kong is now China, and I will never visit it again.

The US and the UK are taking broad, sweeping steps to help HKers with passports and easy entry into their countries, but the vast majority of Hong Kongers can never make the move and will be absorbed into China's madness and waste.

There will be some Hong Kongers who willingly stay, and go underground, and resist, like the French resisted the Nazis. But in the end, even decades from now, those fighters will be ferreted out and caught and killed and tortured or imprisoned or disappeared. That's the Chinese way, that latter thing.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


In the end analysis, Hong Kong has no hope.

Hong Kong is lost.

And Taiwan is next.

And what's next after Taiwan?






OK, OK, so they can have Oregon. The limp-wristed little shits, the delusional man-boys of Oregon, would welcome them with open arms. -Or legs. My mistake.

The Chinese don't care one rat's Goddamned ass about the immorality or the illegality of what it's done or will do next. The Chinese don't have morals. They simply don't have them. Morality doesn't exist in their souls, which begs the question, to me, of whether the Chinese are even human beings. Snakes don't have morals. Snakes will eat your kittens, puppies, babies, and even you, IF THEY'RE ALLOWED TO. And so will the filthy Chinese.

This all means that, with their success in the South China sea, and now in Hong Kong, their little pencil dicks are hard, and they are sure they're invincible. Hitler thought the same fucking thing. The Chinese rats took Hong Kong and are ruining it as quickly as they possibly can, almost with a fervor. And they will soon take Taiwan and they will ruin it as fast as they possibly can also.

The US won't step in militarily to save Hong Kong. It didn't and it won't.

But the question of the day is, will they step in militarily to save Taiwan?

I don't like war. I really don't.

But sometimes, bullies need to be stopped, and you'll never accomplish that with reason or logic.

You accomplish it only by knocking out teeth.

Will it come to that? I sincerely hope not.

Got some wisdom to spare?

Send it to the idiot Chinese. Whole container ships full of it, please.

They're in desperate need of it. Mountains of it. Now. But it would be like pouring water on a rock, wouldn't it?

And Zuckerberg wants to help the Chinese. As much as possible. In every possible way. In all possible pursuits.

It's well established by now that Zuckerberg is 104% in the tank for China. Period. Fact. Suck it up and choke it down. Accept it and move forward, Yes, yes, he will occasionally spit out some mildly anti-Chinese rhetoric, knowing full well the Chinese will see it for what it is -- an instance of Devil's advocate. But Zuckerberg knows that the Chinese know that he would choke the life out of his own children and dance a jig while doing it, if they but hinted that he should. The Chinese are snakes, and Zuckerberg is a snake. But WHY does Zuckerberg dance to the Chinese tune?

There are at least three possibilities as to his motivation:

A. He wants to cash in on China's 1.4 billion blank-chip-brains. That's roughly 4 times the population of the US, and look how rich America has made him! Imagine what he can do with another 1.4 billion minions and mini-Marks, all of whom are far too dumb and unworldly to question the Zuck and his Brainwashing Machine in any way at all. Ever.

B. He is a stupid, naive, clueless communist at heart (as long as he can stay aloof from its hard realities, lunacies, failures, brutalities and costs).

C. Both of the above.

I personally think it's both of the above (C).

But wait -- if Mark becomes a full blooded stupid, counter-productive communist, how can he profit from all those 1.4 billion little Chinese victims that he's so intent on harnessing and fleecing?

Simple: He stays in the United States. He merely skims the money he'll get from having 1.4 billion unpaid Chinese employees, and he has the best of both worlds: He gets the Chinese money, and he gets the American lifestyle. Win Win, for Suckerberg, and, as usual, Lose Lose for humanity (i.e. YOU).


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


I mentioned a few paragraphs up that China and the Chinese people laugh at every American misfortune, and they laugh hysterically when they are responsible for that misfortune. Ask yourselves, why would they do that? If America had done "bad things" to China or its people, you might figure they had a back-handed excuse of a sort. But the USA has done nothing but support and nurture China over recent decades, trying and struggling against all odds to pull a shockingly obtuse and ignorant people up out of the mud and into a better, smarter, more moral and responsible world. But the Chinese resist every effort. /K, so, that's fine. The Chinese are welcome to stay down there in the darkness at the bottom of the outhouse pit. But to laugh at the people who have tried to help them? And to plot to cause those people (US) harm as repayment for helping them? Sorry. That's over the top and over the line. I see that precise mentality in every Chinese I interact with here in SE Asia. I know what's in their brains and their hearts. They are a miserable, petty, insolent, impudent and outrageously spoiled people -- and stupid on top of that. I can't go to a local market in any country in SE Asia without seeing that mentality first hand. Think about what kind of human being laughs at the misfortunes of those who work to help them! Here's an example. China is a country of ingrates.



Is China actually, documentably, downright malevolent?

No. That could never be! Right? Right? Right?

Say it ain't so!


This web page (rant) pretty-well demonstrates my sentiment toward the Chinese people and their government. I came to SE Asia assuming I'd like the Chinese people just as I like all SE Asian people. I really like them. I prefer them to my own people. I feel happy and good when in the company of all SE Asians. I feel tense and cranky when in the company of almost all northern European Caucasians. When I came to Asia my heart was completely open toward the Chinese. So what changed? A decade of learning is what changed me. My sentiment towards all other Asians hasn't changed one whit. Only my esteem of the Chinese has changed, and it was the Chinese that changed it. The Chinese taught me, day in and day out, through nearly every interaction, to hate them. I know of no worse people on this earth.

But is that opinion justified?

In all honesty, I have always held out the smallest, slightest hope that some how, some way, I was just plain wrong about the Chinese. Maybe there was something I was missing. There wasn't -- but I hoped there was. I still, fool that I was, wanted to find some way, any way at all, to like the Chinese. And like any moron, I held on to the hope to the absolute bitter end. Until now.

We first began hearing about the Chinese blocking domestic flights to limit the Covid exposure to the Chinese people, and that was a smart thing to do. Shortly thereafter we began seeing that China allowed international flights to leave China, and specifically Wuhan.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Now wait a minute. Let's say you have a pack of a billion Google (googol was a number, remember) mad dogs. Let's say they are Pit Bulls because, after all, we must call them something. Those PBs are found running around your neighborhood killing every human they come in contact with. So what do you, as the Chinese neighborhood watch captain, do? You quickly build fences and contain as many of the PBs as you can. You keep them boxed in so they can't go out and kill your children or all the people in your hood. But soon it's noticed that the back of the big pen that holds all the rabid Pits is open. The gate is swinging wide. That gate leads to all the other neighborhoods. At first you think, wow, that's pretty damned errant, to leave that back gate open. That's irresponsible. That's, well, it might even be criminally negligent. In any case, it's very, very stupid. In fact, it's probably THE dumbest thing you've ever seen a human being do. The watch captain in that hood needs to be fired instantly and that gate needs to be closed forthwith. That's what reasonable, even semi-intelligent people would do and what they would think. No question there, right?

But that gate never gets closed, despite the screeching outcry of all the other neighborhoods, and the watch captain never gets fired, and....and....nothing changes. So you begin to think about that, and as much as you know from first hand experience that that watch captain is a moron and his people are morons, you still can't quite....resolve that level of stupidity in your mind. You think you must be missing something. No people on earth could be that stupid, right? Why, it's simply not possible. Not even radical Muslims are that stupid, right? It doesn't compute, so you file it away as one of life's conundrums. An enigma of human behavior. 3 + 2 doesn't equal 6. You can not figure it out, so you sort of stop thinking about it, like you stopped thinking long ago about the Tupperware party of aging Society ladies who claim aliens landed on the street in front of their house and came inside and raped them all. For hours. And the sex was reportedly quite good. You can't resolve that (for God's sake who would try), so you do the only thing you can do -- you stop thinking about it. Actually, such a claim was made decades ago, and "I" stopped thinking about it, as is proper and I encourage you not to think about it also.

Anyway, you simply can't believe the idiot Chinese successfully penned up most of the Pit Bulls and protected their own neighborhood, but left open the back gate so those Pits could go ruin other neighborhoods. No human being on earth is that evil, not even serial killers. That the Chinese people and the Chinese government could block flights domestically, yet allow flights carrying uncounted Pit Bulls (Covid-19 viruses) internationally, is beyond belief. So you stop thinking about it. It couldn't really have happened, right? I mean, aliens, Tupperware parties, old lady sex -- can't happen.

But that unresolved mystery stuck in the back of my brain as it has stuck in the backs of the brains of just about every human who has been adversely affected by (wait for it) THE CHINESE VIRUS. Until.....slowly, painstakingly, regretfully, we begin to understand that this really did happen. Because, of course, it really did happen. The Chinese closed the front gate but opened the back gate. It's documented a million times over from a million various angles. The Chinese fuck-heads really did do this. The irresponsibility of it is incalculable. This accident comes pretty close to being pure evil. In fact, the only thing that keeps it from being an act of rank and utter evil is the notion that it was accidental. An administrative accident. A SHITLOAD of clerical errors in the scheduling of airliners. That's what it was. Right? Right? Somebody somewhere just clicked the wrong key and blocked domestic flights but allowed international flights. Could happen to anybody, right? I mean, the Chinese aren't known for their attention to detail. Just look at the products they manufacture. It was a slipped detail that allowed the fucking bug to get out in the first place, even after the US granted the fools uncounted millions to bolster, update and improve their virus-holding capabilities in their play rooms (er-- I mean SCIENTIFIC LABS).


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


So, OK, well, the Chinese let the Goddamned bugs out through sheer and jaw-dropping stupidity, and when they KNEW it was transmissible between humans (some reports put that in October of 2019), the Chinese lied and lied and lied and told the world it most definitely was NOT transmissible between humans, and when the scientists who knew better spoke out they were "disappeared", and when THE WORLD began screaming about those international flights out of Wuhan (the wide-open back gate on the Pit Bull pen), the Chinese STILL(!!!) did nothing. It was almost, ALMOST as if they WANTED the bugs (rabid Pit Bulls) to get out so that as many people OUTSIDE of China would be killed, and most nations on earth would be ruined, and the Chinese, whose populations were left relatively unscathed, could step in and "save" the world by offering faulty medical supplies that didn't work, and buy out all the ruined industries at bargain basement prices, and from there, well, rule the world.

But of course that was never a consideration of the Chinese because it was all an innocent accident.

Up to this point you can hate the Chinese if you so choose, for what they have "accidentally" done to the world, and you can forgive them their sins even though they were warned a billion, trillion times about what was happening (though neither Jesus nor Gandhi would have forgiven them at that point), and you can work to try to clean up the mess and get the world back on track and so what if the Chinese have bought the world for pennies on the dollar -- it was all just an accident, or, OK, so, it was a series of one hundred trillion accidents, all more stupid than the one before it, all aligned precisely so as to bring the world to the state it's in now -- but one accident, a billion trillion accidents, oh, dern, still just accidents.




But then there's this:

The above link leads to one story -- you can research on your own and find countless stories that have come, or are coming, to the same conclusions, based on facts.

If the notion that any "nation" could "accidentally" be so stupid as to unleash a pandemic upon the world was a difficult conundrum to process, this one, the revelation that China INTENTIONALLY DIRECTED THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 AROUND THE WORLD is seventeen orders of magnitude harder to swallow. You might as well have tried to convince me that the world was flat. Yes, I hated the Chinese. No, I didn't believe they were capable of ruining the world intentionally. Nope. No sir. I didn't believe it.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Yet, I am now convinced, swallow it we must. It's like another blob of whale blubber (if you haven't tried it, don't bother). The more you chew it, the bigger it gets inside your mouth until you finally just spit it out and go hungry (voice of experience). But in this case the world can't afford to spit it out and dismiss it. Choke it down we must because if we don't, and if we don't act on the reality of this stunning, stunning evil among us, this evil among us will get bolder and bolder until all that's left on the planet is Communist China. Scorched earth for the rest. We have just now barely begun to step out onto that path. China is only becoming bolder and more outrageous by the day. When China isn't physically stopped, China will become even bolder still. When good does nothing, it gives license to evil. China now feels it can do anything it wants, and who on earth can stop them? More importantly, who will stop them? Probably no one. Can you speak Mandarin? Start learning.

If we finally accept and embrace the reality that China intentionally spread the virus to the world, we must also back up and look far more critically at the allegations that China purposely released Covid-19 from the lab SO THEY COULD DIRECT ITS SPREAD LATER. If they purposely directed the flow after the release, which is a Goddamned hard thing to accept but which appears to be absolutely true based on facts and evidence, then it's only a hop and a skip to back up a few weeks and accept that they probably intentionally perpetrated the "accidental" release too. Accidentally on purpose.

If you don't live among the Chinese and you haven't studied their thought processes, faulty and disgusting as they are, you'll find this hard to accept. I've been here nearly a decade and I interact with them in every Asian country on an almost daily basis and I know how their brains work and here it is: The Chinese believe that the relative takeover of the world in this manner would simply be a grand example of, wait for it: WORKING SMART. If you don't understand that reference start this page again from the beginning.

In order for you to accept this scenario there is only one piece of the puzzle that doesn't seem to fit: That is the notion of conscience. Surely, surely no single human on earth could be so utterly devoid of a conscience that they could even seriously contemplate such a thing. Right? Evil of that magnitude is only for Marvel Action Movies. It's not real.

But I'm telling you: The Chinese do not have a conscience. They simply don't possess one.

Maybe their lateral frontal pole pre-frontal cortex exists physically, but it's an inert lump of brain tissue, performing no function whatsoever in the Chinese brain. The all-inclusive concept of working smart has usurped it. Remove and it no Chinese person would ever know. Clever, but never wise.

Once you grasp and accept this, the idea of "how" the Chinese could knowingly and purposefully ruin the world for profit and gain, all fits together like a five dollar jigsaw puzzle. That was the only missing piece. It had gotten kicked under the sofa by the coffee table, dragged around by the cat, had pasta sauce spilled on it, but once finally found and dusted off, found and placed properly into the puzzle board, the picture is crystal clear. The Chinese believe that stealing the world through a global pandemic is eminently smart. It sure makes more sense than (perish the thought) working for it. Why, that would be just plain stupid.

By the way, who is Zuckerberg's wife?

And what's the latest on policies of The Zuck?

Could it be that finally, finally, the putrid, spoiledrottenbrats behavior or the social media moguls is going to hit them in the pocketbook? Yes, it has, and it will, but the question is, will the marketplace shut them down in time to save society?

And will those foolish twits suffer from, finally, real government intervention? Yes, little by little, even the government dinosaur is waking up to the destruction these spoiled jackasses are causing to society.

Just how stupid is Zuckerberg and his all-encompassing passion to control your thoughts and rule the world? He's stupifyingly stupid. I'll make a bold statement: Facebook is no longer a business for profit; rather, Facebook is now Zuckerberg's demented, misguided, imbecilic, personal venue through which he hopes to battle and defeat all things logical, and instill upon the world his own creepy notion of what reality really oughta be. God help humanity if this pathetic dimwit ever got his way. Spoiled rotten fucking brat. I'm embarrassed BY this jackass, and FOR him. America should be ashamed it produced him.

I'm going to mostly conclude this web page here. Maybe, occasionally, in the future, I'll append the odd link that illustrates the true absurdity of Farcebook and/or China. But, honestly, I've given the thinking human enough, a seed, to show the need for them to go do further research. In reality, however, "research" will tell you about as much as any academic tool knows about knife fighting in a dark alley. In order to truly learn and absorb and comprehend the problem and the phenomenon, you must go live with the Chinese. There is no substitute for that. And I don't mean get an apartment on the edge of Chinatown in San Francisco. I mean GO TO CHINA and live, eat, sleep and breathe their culture for a bare minimum of two years and preferably at least five years. Only then will you be in a position to have a chance at understanding the Chinese Threat. Unless....of're stupid, in which case it will be like pouring water on a rock and hoping some of it soaks in. After a hundred years immersed in Chinese culture you still won't get it and you never will.

As far as Farcebook....if you've been messing around with Farcebook for any length of time and engaging in any substantial activity beyond posting pictures of your cheesy grandkids once a week, then you already know about Facebook. You've probably already been butt-fucked by Facebook and its dirty little egomaniac, Banty-Rooster-Mark, in one way or another. You know Facebook is a sleazy, corrupt, stupid, dishonest, anti-social piece of Goddamned fucking shit, and so is Mark Zuckerberg. Put Fuckerbook and China together in the same room, and what do you get? Remember the old Monty Python movie about "Concentrated Evil"? Time Bandits. China is Concentrated Evil, and Farcebook is Concentrated evil, and Mark Zuckerberg is a stupid version of Concentrated Evil, so mix them up in a beaker, heat, add some poison, some acid, Plutonium, Polonium, then strip away and distill off any few remaining molecules of logic, morality and common sense, and what do you have? Not Concentrated Evil -- that term no longer adequately applies to this horrific concoction. In truth, there are no words for it. But it is the greatest threat to the future of logic and decency and honor and honesty and morality that the world faces today. Facebook and China and Mark Fuckerheadberg and all the silly, dizzy little corporate social media tweetering twits like him are the profound and utter antithesis to social progress. Facebook and its ilk will take the world three steps forward, and four steps backward. And China, given the opportunity, will outright kill your dreams, your livelihoods, your businesses, your jobs, your souls, and then you yourself, and they'll laugh all the way to the bank. Hell, they're laughing already.

Can't quite see that yet?

You will.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)




We already know that China and the Chinese control much of the world's social media and they are seeking to own or otherwise control more. They want it all. They don't own Facebook or directly control it yet, but they control it indirectly, because Mark-Jackass-Zuckerberg wants in to China more than he loves his own mother, and in order to weasel and pry his way in, he must appease the Chinese in all and every way. He is their absolute servant. He makes of a fool of himself routinely in hopes of appeasing China. I would stake my life on the following assertion: If Facebook knows something, China knows it also within seconds. I believe there is a direct live pipeline from Facebook to China. We know it's been a fact for decades that China scrutinizes all the social media it can slither into, for anti-Chinese messages and sentiment. That's a fact. And now that China owns or otherwise controls or strongly influences more and more and more social media and messaging systems, that power has grown exponentially and will continue to grow. I didn't used to care so much about this. I actually wanted China to know how deeply I loathed them. But now, China has absorbed the one place in the world I truly cared about: Hong Kong. I used to visit Hong Kong frequently. I loved it. I considered it the coolest, most inspiring, most well-run city on earth. I loved the people (Hong Kongers mostly loathe mainland Chinese for the same reasons everyone else loathes them). I wanted to live there.

But of course now Hong Kong has been "absorbed" (i.e. STOLEN) by The Blob and it is ruined in every way. My desire to live in Hong Kong disappeared the moment it became clear that China lied about honoring its written contract with Great Britain, and my love for Hong Kong turned into more of a disgust as China overran the city and bludgeoned the good people of Hong Kong into utter submission. As far as I'm concerned, Great Britain should have declared open war on China for that alone, but post-war Brits aren't exactly known for their Balls. The people of Hong Kong are well and truly fucked, and there is no hope for them whatsoever as long as Communist China, and the mentality that built and supports Communist China, is alive, and it ain't going away in your lifetime. The Communist Chinese are crazy, crazy mutherfuckers; dumb as rotting boards but increasingly powerful and stunningly dishonest.

But be that as it may. Maybe my desire to go spend my money in Hong Kong has waned terminally. But now, given THIS, my ability to cast off my hatred of Communist China and go play in Hong Kong, has been rendered moot. Read the link above so you understand this before continuing. Here's the link again. It's important.

Did you have a plan to take your family to Disneyland Hong Kong or to any other gorgeous attraction in that city? Think long and longer, and hard and harder before making those reservations. Did you, even once, ten or fifteen years ago, send any message to any friend on any social media or messaging service in the world, even so-called "encrypted" ones, lamenting the hair dryer you ordered from China which caught on fire and disintegrated a week after it arrived? Think. Because if you did, the chances are nearly 100% that the Communist government of China knows about it. Chances are high that copies of your comments exist in fifty different databases within the Chinese government insane asylum, and it's attached to your name and a dossier about you and when you check in through customs at the Hong Kong airport or step off the cruise ship, you'll be escorted out of the customs line and taken to a nasty little interrogation room where reason and logic do not exist. Or maybe they're busy and will catch up to you later at your hotel, or at Ocean Park or at the top of the Tram. Or when you exit the country through customs again. Or maybe you're actually on the airplane getting ready to take off, and the flight is called back to the gate. It's YOU they want. Maybe the flight is 20 minutes in the air already, and it is re-routed by the Communist Chinese government to return to HK or even to Beijing. You won't be allowed to contact any American authorities (you ain't in Kansas anymo', homey - suck it up). You'll be questioned on video for hours, and then very, very possibly be remanded to jail. If you're extraordinarily lucky, you'll just be deported. Instantly. And your family will be left to fend for themselves with absolutely no assistance from the fucking Chinese. That is the fact. They're doing this bullshit every single day now. And chances are high that YOU are on their list. I said this before, rudely and crudely but there is no nice way to say it: The Chinese are crazy, crazy mutherfuckers. They just simply are. They are a genetic experiment in nature gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Ah, but YOU never uttered a negative word about China to ANYONE. Ever! You're sure! You SWEAR IT! But....are you really sure? REALLY? Bet your life on it? How can you remember every single thought you expressed since social messaging existed? I, for instance, was a SYSOP of countless old BBS services (bulletin boards) before the Internet was even thought of. All of those got archived around the world. All eventually got plugged into the Internet. Millions of people were communicating on those as far back as the early 1980's. Can you truly remember every single comment you uttered way back then? Bet your life the Chinese can find them. Or maybe you DO remember a few things you said way back on USENET or some ancient Fidonet-enabled system, but you are positive your comments were so innocuous and innocent that THE COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT would never, ever go to the time and expense of taking you to task for something like that. Maybe you don't understand that the Communist Chinese are the most thin-skinned assholes on planet earth and they can and WILL take you to task for, yes, only that.

This "disappearing" BS applies to mainland China, to Hong Kong, and even to Macau. I believe Communist China has under-the-table deals with many neighboring SE Asian countries as well -- absolutely with Vietnam and Laos, probably Cambodia too. China's neighbors are terrified of this rank insanity. Terrified. They don't want to be "absorbed". Their leaders don't want to be "disappeared". They don't want their struggling nations to be cut off financially. China is God in Asia and SE Asia. At least it thinks it is, and it's mostly right. Why? Because without effective push-back, and lots of it, ALL people tend to try this crap. It's human nature. But the Chinese seem to have received a triple dose of bad human nature, and currently, no one is pushing back, so it just expands and expands and expands unchecked. Communist China has been allowed to expand so far now that they are beginning to believe they really do have the power (and the God-given right) to take over and control the entire world (Hitler, anyone?). Their arrogance is now jaw-dropping. They will push farther and faster and farther and faster and farther and faster -- until a smackdown comes.

If you still didn't have time to follow the above link, here's an excerpt from the official warning from the US State Department issued on, I believe, July 12, 2020:

“[Chinese] Security personnel may detain and/or deport U.S. citizens for sending private electronic messages critical of the Chinese government,” the alert said, warning also that Americans could face “prolonged interrogations and extended detention."

You see world leaders from all countries (far from China) speaking openly and saying flat-out, loudly and clearly, that China is the greatest threat to the safety and prosperity of the world that exists today. Only some alien space force could be scarier. Yet people aren't listening, or if they do listen, they aren't comprehending, because they haven't YET had any direct interactions with China. Once they do, the light begins to dawn on them because, after all, there really aren't any positive interactions with Communist China to be had -- only bad, worse, horrible, and stunningly horrific experiences. So once you interact with these miserable sons of bitches, you begin to wake up. But by then it's far too late. People need to wake up BEFORE they get sucked into the Chinese spiderweb. BEFORE. And that's the hope of this web page. -To WAKE PEOPLE UP.

Is it working?

Probably not.

So be it then.

You're on your own.

And soon enough, China will own even your home

What does China want?

China wants the entire world to be just like them.

How much of this New World does Communist China want to control?

ALL OF IT. Communist China wants to control even your thoughts. JUST LIKE FACEBOOK.

Remember: The Impossibility of Reason. Hell. And so is Facebook


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)



If you've read this page all the way through, you're a little familiar with the account of the dirt-poor SE Asia woman who started a tiny business on Facebook many years ago, got lucky, developed a HUGE following of purely organic customers (millions), and made enough money to support her and her mom selling noodles. Noodles! Who would have thought it possible, but she did it. She was able to buy a car for the first time in her life (she's 32). And they (she and her elderly mom) were able to move from a 10x11 foot run-down room with no AC in nearly 100f heat, to a small home with three rooms (one bedroom, kitchen, and living room). Life was good. Until Farcebook decided to fuck with her.

For years, Farcebook sporadically simply kept her earnings, saying they weren't sure it was really her, or any number of other insane things. On every occasion she frantically supplied all the documentation Fuckbook demanded, and in many instances FB demanded the same documentation again and again and again. Sometimes she got the missing money back, sometimes she never got it back. But she kept on, hoping that one day Facebook would just stop screwing her over.

In the spring of 2020, however, Facebook stopped paying her again. FB gave no reason. She earned the nearly $2000 per month -- that wasn't disputed -- but for two months FB simply refused to give her the money. She tried everything she could think of, but FB never responded. FB didn't shut down her FB page or limit her in any way. Customers were still allowed to keep buying her products through the Farcebook page. But FB simply didn't send her what she earned.

Finally, in June of 2020, she gave up. FB refused to respond to dozens of clear, legal demands to know what was required to get the matter straightened out. FB didn't respond with the usual nonsense or demands for idiotic documents. They simply didn't respond at all. She could see that the amount of around $4000US was still held in FB accounts. She had earned it. It was right there! But she couldn't touch it.

Facebook will eventually rule those funds to be "unclaimed" and they will remove them from the account they're being held in presently and they will keep the money. Facebook will keep the money it didn't earn, even though the rightful owner and earner screamed bloody murder for months, trying every legal remedy under the sun to force Facebook to release her money to her. Facebook will take the money, pretend they never heard from the rightful owner, and exactly whose pocket will the actual cash be deposited into? Mark (thief) Zuckerberg, of course; I believe with all my heart the man is simply a pimply-faced, geeky little fucking thief and I believe, given sufficient time, expertise and funds, it could be proven to the satisfaction of any court. Did Facebook and Zuckerberg steal your money also? If not, just wait -- given the opportunity, they will.

The business owner has now gone back to a single ancient room with no AC (average temp in her country is 93f and humidity from 60-100%), and no indoor plumbing or cooking facilities, at a cost of $225/month, and she has taken a job at a local street market for the normal wage in her country of $330 per month. For that she must work 10 hours a day, and she gets one (1) day off per month. Her car has been repossessed. She and her Mom can barely eat. She can thank Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg personally for this. She has been out of the legal profession far too long to get back in, and even if she could, a newbie lawyer there makes barely more than a street-vendor.

I believe FB did this because (1) FB is corrupt, stupid and evil, and (2) because FB knew that no single woman from any SE Asian country could ever successfully or effectively challenge them if they simply decided to keep someone's money. I want to know THIS: How much of the money that Zuckerberg rakes in every day and shoves into his greasy designer pockets, has he simply STOLEN from innocent, unsuspecting suckers around the world, like dirt-poor female entrepreneurs in Third World countries who only wanted to sell some noodles and feed their moms and rent a room with air conditioning? I'm betting it's one hell of a lot. How much of this does Zuckerberg's "wife" know? Can she READ? Does she condone it? Or does she just stick around for the perks, morality and decency and logic be damned? I have a hunch I know the answer.

The accounts of this happening are legion. Facebook is a real piece of shit, and by extension, that makes Mark Zuckerberg, personally, a real piece of Goddamned shit. It makes Mark Zuckerberg an infinitely worthless human being, because Mark Zuckerberg enables and allows this bullshit to occur and to continue.

As always, my advice is simple:

If you have ANY presence on Facebook or interaction with Facebook, business on Facebook, advertising through Facebook, get the bloody Hell away from it. Do it now. Today. Instantly. Do it within the hour. Do it irrevocably. Don't look back. Nancy Reagan used to say, "Just say NO to drugs." I say, "Just say NO to Facebook and all their ilk." These people are NOT your friends. They're out to take you for whatever they can get. If Facebook hasn't YET fucked you over, count your blessings because you are one of a dwindling number of lucky fools. Get out now while you still can. Get out BEFORE you lose your business or get blocked, banned, censored and fucked. Don't believe me? Then do your research. Facebook hasn't YET entered into any shadowy deal with Google to block all the anti-Facebook stories and factual accounts of ruined businesses, but who knows -- it may at any time. Do the research NOW to glean an idea of just what kind of criminal motherfuckers you're involved with, with any or all of these social media assholes. Get smart. Get out. Get out as completely and as quickly as you possibly can. Would you run from Freddy Krueger? Then run even faster from Facebook because they are one and the same.


Working on it -- regrettably, these are very slow to load (but hopefully worth it)


Do you tend to generally trust the morals and judgment of Sweden? So do I.

Remember when you read this article at the end of the link that Facebook considers just about everything to be "hate Speech", even these words: "Men are ugly", for which a user was banned. Rest assured, says Facebook -- the world is safe (from any freedom of expression) because it's "cracking down" on exactly things like that. Remember that if Mark Zuckerzit suddenly decides he finds brown hair to be particularly beautiful, you will be banned for this comment: "Brown hair sucks." This may seem like a stretch, but it's not at all. It's not a stretch at all. How far is that comment from "men are ugly"? It's not even a hop and a skip.

I can't help but wonder, if The Zuck ever somehow got a hold of unlimited power, would he imprison, torture or even execute people for saying things he, personally, found hateful or hurtful or even mildly inappropriate? Where would he stop? Would he ever stop? Could he BE stopped? WOULD he be stopped? Would Mark Zuckerberg merely wish the totality of humanity into the corn? I think that's the mentality we're dealing with here. Spoiled rotten brats never stop until they are stopped.

And then there's THIS: Oh, the poor faggots.

Think of it. If I'd written the above line on Farcicalbook and linked to the page I did, why, I'd be banned yet again! And you still think this is a "service" you want to be making money for? Really?


There are a number of different meanings for the word faggot, so try reading them and you might learn something:

1 A type of food; it is made from a pig’s heart, liver and the fat belly meat, minced and mixed together with breadcrumbs and herbs for seasoning. The mixture is then shaped into balls each of which is wrapped in caul fat from the pig’s omentum, each of these individual balls is a faggot. They are then cooked and served in a thick gravy with peas and mashed potatoes.

2 The traditional English name for a bouquet garni (the cooking one not the Urban Dictionary one), a bundle of herbs consisting of bay leaf, thyme and parsley tied together and used as seasoning.

3 A disparaging name for an old and slatternly woman.

4 A bundle of sticks tied together and used as fuel.

5 A disparaging name for a gay man, used mostly in the United States and often abbreviated to fag.


1 For food that will stick to your ribs you can’t beat a good faggot.

2 I’m going to season this food with a faggot, a bouquet garni is for French poufs.

3 She ought to be ashamed of herself, disgusting old faggot.

4 Chuck another faggot on the fire, I’m a bit chilly.

5 Look at him, poncing along as if he was eighteen, silly old faggot.


by AKACroatalin April 27, 2015


The real tragedy of this case is that the guy (the victim) who innocently posted this reference on Farcicalbook just assumed, merely assumed, and correctly assumed that the wannabe little God troll at Farcebook who flagged this was so vehemently intent on being a victim that s/he didn't even bother to look at what was being referenced. Or maybe they did and they didn't care -- they simply wanted to cause a little mayhem because they are sadistic little trolls and for no other reason whatsoever. This user knew the error would be corrected, well, instantly, because, of course, it was as wrong as wrong can get.

There are mechanisms in place within the gassy bowels of Fartbook which provide for user-recourse when some stupid asshole-ish twat takes it upon themselves to show the world how fucking ignorant Facebook's policies really are. That mechanism is called an appeal. If you're the victim of a Facebook-employed troll who flags your legitimate content and causes you grief, you have recourse, and that's as it should be. You can appeal an obviously and clearly stupid ban. Thank you, Oh Jesus, at least for that.

So this person did that. They appealed being banned for using a normal, everyday word that had less than nothing to do with gay people.

And the people reviewing the appeal made the same wholly ignorant mistake again! Go Facebook! I don't even have words for stupidity of this magnitude. Maybe it's beyond mere stupidity and well over the line into actual mental retardation.

Or maybe they didn't make a mistake at all!

Honestly, the world is getting pretty kooky, but it's still hard to imagine any single human being this Goddamned stupid. But then there are two of them being this Goddamned stupid! --The original flagger, and the imbecile who reviewed the original flagger's mistake! Could it really be that two human beings are that imbecilic? I'm thinking not. A person that fucking dumb could never find their way home at night, so they're pretty rare. Law enforcement would pick them up wandering the streets before long, and send them for a psych eval, and they'd be taken off the street, put into a shelter, and certainly be out of the dirty little dungeons at Farcebook. Sure, this could all happen. Maybe. But it'd be rare, right?

But it happened twice in a row!

The original flagger's rank insanity was backed up and affirmed by yet another farking fool!

And I find that to be impossible to have occurred as an accident.

Instead, I think the original flagger knew that there were many different meanings to the word "faggot" but didn't care. S/he wanted to be a victim, and s/he wanted to please their master (The Great Zuckertit) and they simply Did. Not. Care. One. Fucking. Whit. if they shut down the poster's account because, after all, they're a Goddamned spoiled brat whose silly, dumb-ass emotional whims and desires are far, far and vastly more important than any thing or anyone else in the entire universe. They are special. Their mommies told them so. Millions of times. So it's true. They are the most precious little pieces of stinky, greasy shit on God's Green Earth. They are spoiled rotten brats. So precious. They crap tiny scented golden Lincoln Logs. You know they do. Really, they do! Those dainty golden turds sublimate instantly into a lovely, slightly glowing, lavender mist and then are gone, only to be remembered and longed for.

So they are supremely entitled (remember that misguided sense of entitlement common to all spoiled brats?), and they just wanted to fuck that user. For no reason. So they did.

But what about the appeals-checker? You know, that Farcebook employee who is supposed to have as many as seven miniature brain cells instead of the three the original flagger was required by Dipshitbook to have? That person is getting paid God-Knows-How-Much to fix the mistakes and intentional fuck-ups of the original troll.

So why didn't they?

Two possibilities:

(1) They are of the very same putrid character as the first troll and they would do anything to be a "victim", or,

(2) They were incensed at the Goddamned unmitigated audacity of the wronged user to have filed an appeal regarding Facebook's blatant and inexcusable error, and they set out to teach that user a lesson.

And they did tech that person, and the online world, a lesson, albeit not the lesson they intended.

The bottom line is that Facebook and Markus Zuckerberg are so far out of control as to be beyond shocking. I know no words in the English language to describe the depths of this reeking depravity. The whole of Facebook is so far off the rails they don't even know they started out as a train. Now they're just sparking fireworks, popping off and killing logic and reason with every little sizzle and smack, and they're in fart heaven, because right or wrong, they have the thrumming power they have always longed for. It's all about that, and only that.

If it were only Facebook acting like this, the reasoning world might think there was hope. Sooner or later Facebook will go away. Zuckertit will die (of the tragedy). The BS will settle down. Normalcy will return to society. But this same clinical insanity is being repeated eighty four thousand times per second all around the world by all of these whacked-in-the-head egomaniacal nitwits, including but not limited to: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat. All these dizzy pinheads want to control the world -- not just the actions of the world, but the very thoughts and beliefs of the world (i.e. yours). I submit that no such dastardly villains have ever existed among mankind. There should be a movie.

And never, never forget: Men are Scum (for God's sake don't read this line aloud, not even whispered hoarsely through a pillow from under your bed with the door locked -- somebody somewhere will hear you and ban you. For something).

At the top of this page I made the rather crude comment, "Facebook and China, Two Nasty Peas in a Filthy Pod". Understand that while Facebook's egomaniacal spinner Mark Zuckerberg only puts opposing opinion authors in Facebook Jail, China puts them in real jail. And this is the government the imbecile Zuckerberg is hotly courting. He yearns to be part of China's insanity because, after all, it aligns most closely with his own insanity. Once again, for the record: Facebook and China, Two Nasty Peas in a Filthy Pod.

If Zuckertwat had the power to put people in jail -- I mean real, iron-bars-hotel jails, for uttering the smallest, slightest opinions that even remotely differ from his own, he would fucking do it in a Goddamned heartbeat. Ah, well, he'll never get THAT kind of power you smugly say. Really? The liberals are just as crazy as Zuckerberg. Who knows what power he'll have in the future. You never thought you'd see dozens of American cities destroyed while liberal fools cheered on the looters, either. But you're seeing it now. You don't believe Zuckerberg will ever attain the power to put people in jail at his whim? But who can say...

And YOU are possibly still working hard to make this man money. He's rolling in it, thanks to his witless minions. If you're one, we must ask: What in God's name is wrong with you?

We beg you. We beg you: Open your brains and wake the Hell up. Just like Communist China, Mark Zuckerberg wants to personally censor the entire world. Two nasty peas in a pod indeed. I conclude that Mark Zuckerberg is "Champion Troll of the Universe". The Zuck must be one angry, terminally frustrated little son of a bitch. He is supremely dangerous to logic and rationality and intelligence. Evil isn't always loud and raucous -- it can be quiet and seemingly weak, yet be exactly as destructive to humankind as the fucking Devil.

If you follow this Google search link, you'll see hundreds of links lamenting the fact that you're in Facebook Jail and you want to get out, and offering all kinds and varieties of methods to keep yourself out of Facebook Jail. While some of them may work some of them time, the fact is that there is NO WAY to be guaranteed of staying out of Facebook Jail. Facebook has become a loose cannon, so stunningly capricious in its almost random selection of who gets blasted into Facebook Jail that you really have no defense against it whatsoever. There is no common sense method of keeping your FB page up and running. Got a super important wedding coming up? Thousands of details, thousands of interactions, plans, schedules to be coordinated, and it MUST all work correctly or the Big Event flops and everyone cries -- not to mention the wasted time and money.

You're happily humming along, BSing with your Bridesmaids, Groomsmaids, what have you, and BAM! You log in to check with the cake bakery, and YOU'RE BANNED AND BLOCKED AND THROWN INSTANTLY INTO FACEBOOK JAIL!!.

Why? You probably won't even know. If you do know, it probably won't make any sense.

What can you do about it? Probably nothing.

Farcebook tells you to appeal, but if you're read this website you can see that leads only to madness and despair. It very seldom works -- in fact the actual appeal mechanism page itself often doesn't even work (search for the image of that near the top of this page).

The Stupid Fucking Zuck has ruined your life and he gives not one rat's ass. In fact, he's laughing all the way to the bank. He's laughing at you for being so Goddamned gullible. He probably can't believe that you're still numbly tolerating his outrageous bullshit and still making him money!

The nonsensical Facebook bans and blocks are happening more and more often, spiraling utterly out of control, actually, as The Zuck becomes seemingly more and more drunk on his tiny "Pint of Power", and make no mistake, this is all about POWER for little banty-rooster Zuck, and really nothing else.

Yes, users (victims) are leaving FB in droves, but Zuckershit has seen that coming a long way off -- he knows he's wearing out his welcome in many countries and societies -- so he's going full steam ahead to try to Grima-Wormtongue his way into as many other unsuspecting countries as possible before they catch on and very sensibly block Facebook in those places too. China, anyone?

One of the biggest shortcomings, in my opinion, of the human race, is it's peculiar, uncanny, mystifying inability to see much of anything clearly. For instance, about 30 people per day (per day!) just in the US are killed by drunk drivers (I've been hit by three of them), yet the national media pays this catastrophe only passing lip service, and only when someone "important" is murdered by these mutherfuckers. The sheer mass of human lives ruined, people crippled, families destroyed, is uncounted; probably it's in the millions per year.

Police kill around 1000 people a year (white 52%, black 32%), and white fatalities are almost completely ignored, just like drunk driver deaths, while black deaths by cop (DBC) are covered in minute detail, over and over and over again, and riots destroy cities, jobs, communities, and maybe even nations, even when the police are completely justified. I know that if I act responsibly and politely during a police stop (and for God's sake, why do we have SO GODDAMNED MANY POLICE STOPS IN THE US?) that chances are virtually 100% I'll survive it, while a DUI driver can murder me and my family -- maybe two or three families at a time -- NO MATTER HOW CAREFUL OR POLITE I AM, and get off with a relative slap on the wrist.

Honestly, for DUI I suggest: 1st offense: Intense and ongoing therapy and "re-education", plus incarceration, for at least one year, then lifetime monitoring. 2nd offense: Ten years at hard labor (forget the education and therapy -- they didn't work) and NO driver's license for life and intense monitoring for life. 3rd and final offense: Death by injection. If you don't kill them, they gonna kill you. And your family.

It occurs to me that the US is a nation of "notions" and "emotions". They're just plain silly regarding what's dangerous, and what's not. They don't know what's good or bad and they don't care.

So here's a tiny dose of reality: Google is good for something it seems. You need to know where true danger lurks:

Charles Manson Sucks -- 2,680,000 results

Covid Sucks -- 95,400,000 results

Hitler Sucks -- 4,320,000 results

HIV Sucks -- 4,470,000 results

Facebook Sucks -- 231,000,000 results

Any entity this hated needs to do the right
thing and remove itself from the Earth.

Even Hitler understood that concept (and did the right thing).

Farcebook is no longer "a service" (was it ever?).
Now it's simply the Nation's tormentor.

Zuckerberg, are you listening?
For God's sake do the right thing.
No one is hated more than you.
Not even Trump.
For Christ's sake, does Zuckertit suck more than SATAN?! YES!



And then there's THIS.

Don't ever buy another Oculus if you hate Facebook.

And if you don't hate Facebook now, just wait: You will.

In fact, even if you never come to hate Facebook (impossible), do you want to support a business (Facebook) which turns a hardware product into a BRICK, at the click of a button, simply because you never agreed to have a Facebook account to use that hardware when you bought that hardware and licensed that software, but Facebook is FORCING you to use it in order to protect the very existence of the Oculus you ALREADY PAID FOR?

Do you have an Oculus product, such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus S, Oculus 2 now? Do you hope to someday EVER own an Oculus product? Not so fast. If you hate Farcebook, you will no longer be able to USE that Oculus product or the apps and games you PAID FOR. Think I'm kidding? This is just how arrogant this motherfucking little jackass, Zuckerberg, has become. How many lawsuits do you figure this will spawn? My advice: Sell any and all Oculus products NOW, and don't ever, ever be tempted to buy another. I knew the very instant Facebook got its penis inserted into the Oculus operation that SOMETHING would go horribly wrong. It was guaranteed, if Zuckerberg got near it. This is absolutely over the Goddamned top, even for this dirty little piece of human shit, Mark Zuckerberg.

UPDATE: I had been on the fine edge of starting an Oculus Arcade in SE Asia. I have the shop already and I was days from ordering a slew of Oculus Quest 2 headsets to be used in an Enterprise configuration. When Farcicalbook announced their stunning, jaw-dropping power grab requiring a Farcicalbook account to keep your Oculus from being bricked and all your games deleted by Facebook (i.e. stolen), I immediately shelved those plans, as any sane person would. But later I began to think about the project again. Surely, surely not even Fuckerface would be so stupid as to require Facebook accounts in an Enterprise situation. Nope. I would never believe that. I mean, Zuckerberg's stunt against private buyers is bad enough. There is certainly not a single human being on earth stupid enough to require a FB account for a commercial enterprise. That would be too ludicrous to even consider seriously for one microsecond. But I checked. And sure enough. Zuckerfuck even requires a Facebook account for commercial shops renting time on any Enterprise. Oculus product. It's true. Think about it -- think and try to imagine, even in your wildest Halcyon dreams, any mutherfucking fool who would pull a stunt like that. Such an individual MUST be considered clinically insane. There is no other possible explanation for it. Should a person this stupid even be allowed to drive a car or go to the toilet by themselves? No, of course not. They should be incarcerated.

How many wannabe VR shop entrepreneurs would even remotely consider setting up a shop, getting all the permits, insurance, licenses, then buying into a monumental computer system, and then buying all the headsets, training staff, setting up bank accounts, doing advertising, when Mark Fucking Zuckerberg can, at his airy farty whim, simply decide to block your FB account for saying (literally, this is true) "men are ugly" (that's pretty much what I think as well but God forbid I should ever utter that phrase on Facebook), or (oh the horror) "the Chinese are dirty" (they are), or any of several BILLION other normal, sane comments that people make to each other online every microsecond of every single day-- how many imbeciles would set up a shop knowing that Zuckertit banned billions of Facebook accounts and never told the poor bastards what they were banned for? How many people are foolish enough to gamble their entire business on the air-headed whims of this arrogant little pencil-dick fucking twat?


And there are now a colossal multitude of cases where someone unknowingly bought a new Oculus device AFTER the Zuckerberg decree (poor, dumb bastard, as I so very nearly was), and THEN, when they tried to set it up, learned that a FB account was required, and so they groaned and moaned and whined and swore, but since they already had the damned thing they decided to go ahead and get the Facebook account but never, ever use it -- and in a hoard of those cases, even attempting to sign up bricked their device before the account was even established, and in another hoard of cases (and growing exponentially) after the FB account was created, and after the customer (sucker) had purchased unknown numbers of games and apps (a day, a week), the headset was bricked ANYWAY, even though not a single image was posted on this BS Facebook account, not a single comment written, and not a single item had been shared, and they had zero friends. Fuckerdick STILL banned their account and bricked their device and deleted their purchased apps. I mean, come on, really? How much worse than this can it ever get? Hold on to your hats, because even in those cases, neither Oculus support nor Facebook (one and the same now, really) can seem to straighten out the mess, nor will they seemingly even try, nor do they apparently even care. You'll be told you "violated Facebook's terms of service and the ban is for life, and cannot be undone. Period. Good luck, fool". And that's the end. I mean it's really the end. Now you must go buy a VIVE or something else, because homey ain't playin' no Oculus now, or ever. Your games are gone, sucked up Zucker's hairy ass. Your headset is dead as a doornail. And it's unknown as of this writing if Zuck-the-Fuck will even allow you to sell it at a huge loss as a used headset! Maybe you used it an hour! You can NOT sell the games and apps you paid for, that's guaranteed, and if you're beyond the Scamazon return date, or beyond the 60-day window to file a credit card chargeback, you're Zucked. Suing Facebook in Federal or even district court will cost you many times the price of the headset AND the games even if you win, which you probably will, so you're screwed that way. And maybe you can't even sell the fucking headset! Do you really trust this little ass-wipe banty rooster to not do that to you? Plenty did trust him -- and now they're hemorrhaging cash on attorneys because usually Facebook won't even reply to them! What the fucking fuck is going on here? Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and they got Zuckerberg first?

Think about it again: People are now forced to file chargebacks (disputes) on their credit cards, or to actually hire attorneys to get their money back on a product that Mark Zuckerberg RUINED and made INOPERABLE, because Facebook doesn't seem to want to give it to them! Can you even bloody comprehend how fucking heinous that is? Think about it! At what point do you call something evil, and at what point does a series of acts surpass even that description? Hell, the Grinch was a fucking Piker. Satan is a lightweight. This is beyond words.

Six (6) percent of the VR Arcades in the world use Oculus products now (94% Vive) -- and they were ALL started before Zuckerfuck announced this dastardly plan. I know of not a single new one being started using Oculus headsets, after Mark's latest departure from sanity. Imagine what it would be like to open your shop some nice morning, only to find none of your headsets will boot, because Mark Zuckerberg has had a "feeling" that you "might" have said something, OR EVEN SHARED SOMETHING, that he, personally, self-appointed King of the World, didn't agree with or like on your Facebook page. Remember, you didn't even have to SAY anything -- you can lose your account for SHARING something this jackass doesn't like. AND HE DOESN'T HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT IT WAS AND HE NEVER WILL. And instantly you're out of business. Bankrupt. Do YOU trust this Goddamned retarded moron with your business? No, and no one else does either. That's why VR Arcades will be virtually ALL HTC VIVE or the equivalent, going forward. Watch Zuck-the-Fuck buy HTC and fuck it up also. He has owned companies that he made money from (because he was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and he acted with skullduggerous dishonor), but he has never owned a company he didn't Fuck. Up.

How to make an entire product line hated and obsolete in one easy lesson? Just ask Markus. He's teaching the world how to do it.

Germany has already filed suit over this fucking crap and Oculus is no longer sold there. Real smart, Zuck. You are the most odious little pecker I have ever read about, even in novels. How fucking stupid can one human be.

Appropriate video here.

USA citizens are waiting for the US government to step in and follow in Germany's footsteps to protect their property and investments. Good luck. It ain't gonna happen. There is no competent US government anymore. It's gone. You have only Dr. Clueless now (Whistler's Brother Biden). And Zuck knows it. And they're in the same pot together, rubbing their soapy little penises together as frantically as they can and giggling maniacally in gleeful anticipation of the utter bullshit they'll collaborate on in the next four years (or until Biden gets culled). And that's why Zuck feels invincible in pulling these outrageous stunts. Yes, the anti-trust suit(s) might break FB up, but it won't stop the Zuck from fucking people over because, first, that's what he does at the core of his DNA, and second, true evil can never be merely reigned in or reeducated or provided with a conscience-- it must be banished. Eliminated from society in such a way that it cannot come back. Was Freddy Krueger ever really eliminated from society? In the case of Zucker the Fucker, you'll have to try harder.

Now let's imagine, just for a moment, that Facebook came out tomorrow with an announcement just like this:

"Hey, gee, howdy and hello all fellow gamers and Facebook family members; We've now thought this through and we're really, really sorry about the whole, you know, Facebook account requirement to merely use the hardware equipment you bought and paid for in good faith. Man, are we embarrassed! We've thought this through, finally, logically, compassionately, and we realize that even though awhile back we told you in writing you'd never need a Facebook account to use your own hardware, and even though Oculus told you that in writing as well, and we of course screwed the pooch on that and implemented the requirement anyway, well, you know, we take it back. Yes, yes, we lied multiple times, in writing, and yes, yes, we know this was one of the shittiest things any company has ever done to its customers in the entire history of mankind, and yes, we finally understand that it made us look like thieving fools, and so, let's just shake hands and bump bums and call it a 'misunderstanding', okidokie? And, well, truly, you gotta believe us; we're sorry, and we will never, ever, ever pull a shit-ass, dishonest, dishonorable, fuck-head, thieving, fraudulent stunt like this again. We promise. And, you know, you can take that to the bank because here it is in writing! We promise you'll never need a Facebook account to be able to use your own, owned, hardware, and your paid-for games and apps. Period. The end. Believe us because, you know, we never lie. Really! It's true! So please go out and buy a bunch more Oculus headsets and please buy a shitload of games that will spy on you even on the fucking toilet and when you're watching porn late at night, because, as we've said, and here it is again in writing, you will never need a Facebook account to use your own stuff, especially when you never agreed to it in the first Goddamned place when you bought all that stuff! How dumb would that be, right? (Laughs self consciously). It's in writing, right? So it MUST be true. Right? Oh, what? What about those other times we put that in writing? Oh, well, heck, you know, OK OK OK, hahahaha, THOSE times we were lying, but THIS TIME (really, we promise) we're telling the truth. You can buy a hundred headsets and a thousand games and you don't have to worry one fucking whit about losing them all with no notice or warning whatsoever, because, as we've just said (you listenin' homey?), we were lying back then, but we're not lying now. Really. Trust us. You know you want to. And we ain't bad folks, folks. Not really."

What if Facebook/Oculus came out TOMORROW, on every news channel, in every newspaper, on every social media site, and issued that exact statement, verbatim, as shown above?

Could you THEN trust Facebook with your hard earned investment money?

You'd be a fucking fool if you did.

You'd be like the nice girl who marries the drunken, pot-bellied, abusive, unshaven, grungy-sleeveless-t-shirt-wearing low-life wife beater, and you got beaten up every day and violently raped every other day and twice on Sundays by the dickhead's friends while he videotaped it and cheered them on and gave the vids to your friends and co-workers, and after 16 YEARS of this horseshit you escaped with your children with the help of family and friends and the local church and the collection the local police precinct took up on your behalf and gave you an intervention and you made it to a shelter on the opposite coast and for once in your life you were warm and safe and happy and your bruises and contusions were finally starting to heal and your children weren't waking up screaming as much as they used to and you finally got a real job and your life was truly, at long last, starting to become your own, and beginning to become something you're proud of, and you have a real future -- a real future -- and your worthless, asshole pedophile ex shows up and sobs that he's sorry, and within an hour you've packed up and are in the car back to his house. That's who you'd be if you ever went back to Facebook/Oculus after this monumental raping. And you're better than that. I pray to God you are. If you're not, then you deserve whatever other face-fucking Facebook and Zuckerberg's tiny spiny dick have in store for you.

I have a friend who brought his 15 year old daughter over yesterday to experience VR for the very first time. It's close to Christmas. I gave them the usual demo and they asked me if they should buy an Oculus or a Vive. I explained everything about both choices, and I detailed only a microscopic fraction of the bullshit, fraudulent shit Facebook is pulling on the masses as of Fall, 2020 and told them to start Googling, and they were duly horrified and aghast and amazed and shocked -- and within an hour they had ordered a Quest 2. I hope they both enjoy getting Zuckerfucked up the ass. Seems that is the ONLY thing that son of a bitch can do well.

What if the US anti-trust suit brought real results and reigned this dirty little twat in? Would you go back and take a chance on him then?. Go for it, but he'll only find a thousand new ways to screw you over. A Zebra can't change it's stripes.

Honestly, I wonder if he does beat his wife.

No words.

Need a Christmas gift for someone fucked by the Zuck?

For God's sake, I'm begging you -- Do the research then by ANY other VR headset.












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