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November 12, 2021: This site has now been hacked (sometime in October).

It was a two-pronged attack.

One attack featured the re-writing of our robots.txt file to disallow all search engines. We were notified of that via a service we employ, on Nov. 12, 2021. The fix took 20 seconds. We believe the attacker came in through an old obsolete Wordpress portal that had never been deleted, but we're not sure (For God's sake, just say no to Wordpress. Really).

Gee, we wonder, who in the world might be motivated to do this?

Who, indeed.

Let the games begin.

Remember, we PREDICTED this would happen months ago.

We had dropped this matter and moved on to more important things. However, since this has happened, we want to know a very, very great deal more about these people. It appears to us that our instincts were correct all along.

The second phase of the attack involved a barrage of "complaints" to Google re the content of this page.

Google is leaning more and more toward "The Facebook Way", because they've discovered they LIKE being the world's biased censors (think as Facebook does or don't think at all). You will see more and more of this kind of thing from Google as the years wear on. We strongly suggest availing yourselves of what appears, at least so far, a much better search engine than Google: DuckDuckGo. We get far and vastly better and more accurate results there than from Google. It's reportedly "private", but who cares. We couldn't care less if the entire world knows what we search for and what pages we visit; we simply want a search engine that provides the data we search for; no more, no less.

In any case, Google apparently went through the domain and declared everything "acceptable", whatever that means, and the pages have been re-indexed as of November 15, 2021, and are propagating at this moment.

We'll say it again: We predicted this months ago.

We've taken and are taking steps to disperse this content to servers around the world and in other languages, on numerous other domains, some of which are live now, and most of which are setup as fallbacks, meaning that if any content "mysteriously vanishes" from one server or domain, others will kick in. It will usually take at least a few weeks for the new pages to propagate. But this content will never disappear from the earth, and every time "someone" pulls a dirty little stunt like this, it will be reported to us within days (or minutes, depending on the severity of the attack). If the issue becomes too much to deal with, we will declare all copyrights to this material null and void (rescinded), and we will offer it to the Public Domain, to be copied and disseminated as the user wishes. Concerned parties can then spend every waking moment for the rest of their lives playing Whack-A-Mole and won't that be fun to watch.

We said a few months ago: "Let the Games Begin" if this shit starts happening. Okidokie. The games have begun.


EasyNews Steals?

Last Edited August 29, 2021 (Asia date)


Memo to shady businesses:
Don't double-charge, overcharge,
scam or steal money from the
credit cards of customers or
ex-customers, because:
People are sick to damned death of this.

If you can't make a living honestly, then
your business model ain't working.

No means no. Cancelled means cancelled. But not according to

This is the Home Page of...

EasyNews Steals? A Review.

Editorial Review of Holdings Inc.
Winter Park, Florida, and many other addresses at UPS stores around the US and possibly overseas.

We truly believe Steals!

Can we prove it? Let's find out!

We do know that EasyNews Sucks!

And everyone knows that
PayPal Sucks for helping EasyNews
and countless others take money from
credit cards that they're not entitled to

Can You Trust EasyNews? NO!

Is EasyNews SAFE? NO!

Can you trust Paypal? NO!

Is Paypal "SAFE"? NO!

Review: Paypal will NOT stand behind the
fraudulent transactions it allows!

Have you YET been screwed by EasyNews?

Just give it time. You will be.

Have you YET been screwed by Paypal?

Just give it time, YOU WILL BE.

Easynews @ easynewsusenet

EasyNews has taken our money


Without our permission

EasyNews is famous for this.

This Un-Ending EasyNews.Com
Bullshit stops here and now

This page is being developed and will grow exponentially as this case develops.

This series of documents will demonstrate, I believe, a clear intent to steal money from our credit card by

Checked YOUR OWN Cards lately?

If you've ever been NEAR and/or UseNet,
Yes, ALL OF THEM, even ones you never used.

Page in progress...Major updates
aways appended at page bottom;
Other text edited round the clock.

The URL of this page is:


Copy to VISA as formal Chargeback (acknowledged as accepted) (12-13 more in the pipeline)
Copy to MMMMMMM (delivered)
Copy to FTC (filed and accepted)
Copy to ICANN (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to Florida Attorney General (acknowledged as accepted)
Copy to FBI (pending)
Copy to (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to US Congress (ALL members, pending)
Copy to Orange Country (Fl.) Sheriff, in case EasyNews is outside the city limits
Copies to both Orange County and Winter Park Prosecuting attorneys / District Attorneys
Copy to Winter Park Chamber of Commerce (pending)
Copy to BBB (pending)
Copy to Winter Park, Fl. Police, as a criminal complaint of fraud and theft (acknowledged)

Admin Name: Inc. Easynews Holdings
Admin Organization: Easynews Holdings, Inc.
Admin Street: PO Box 1286
Admin City: Winter Park
Admin State/Province: FL
Admin Postal Code: 32789
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.8663963974
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.6024451842
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:

We're preparing a very special document to be delivered to EasyNews' Merchant Bank.

Note: What can ICANN do? If we can prove premeditated theft in this case, and especially in a number of cases additional cases, ICANN and GoDaddy both have the authority to REVOKE THE EASYNEWS.COM DOMAIN. That's our hope and that's our goal. Enough is enough. These people are incapable of learning; so be it. Decades ago a British woman blatantly infringed on one of our registered trademarks. We were able to get her domain revoked and we subsequently picked it up. This case against EasyNews doesn't involved trademark infringement, but it does involve REPEATED behavior so damned putrid that it should qualify for the cancellation of a domain name registration either through the registrar (GoDaddy) or through ICANN if enough documentation can be brought to bear. That's why legal "Discovery" is the eighth wonder of the world.

Posted publicly at:



Winter Park, Florida, Police Department
500 N Virginia Ave,
Winter Park, FL 32789, USA

You will consider this a formal criminal complaint of theft (credit card fraud) against the following company. I am out of the US for the foreseeable future, but I am able to provide a Winter Park attorney to assist in the prosecution of this criminal case if needed. The case is, however, straightforward, well documented, and self-explanatory. We're all tired of Internet thieves. We're drowning in them.

807 W Morse Blvd, Ste 101,
Winter Park, Florida, 32789,
United States
(602) 715-1643 / EasyNews Holdings Inc.
Chance Faris Brannen, "President".
DOB: 5/28/1975
Frostproof, Fl., High School

Alternate addresses and supposed acquaintences, drawn from public databases:

    • Orlando, FL

    • New Smyrna Beach, FL

    • Winter Park, FL

    • Sarasota, FL

    • Aspen, CO

    • Frostproof, FL

    • Tallahassee, FL

    • Jacksonville, FL

    • Miami, Fl.

    • Simone Aldrich

    • Amy Brannen

    • Betty Brannen

    • Charles Brannen

    • Elizabeth Carter

    • Amy Miller (Brannen)

[Complete data dump pending for all corporate officers]

Back in May of 2020 I signed up for an "EasyNews" internet USENET account. This is a "service" that allows supposedly easy access to USENET material, old and new news -- anything from ancient newspaper articles to books to imagery to apps. Within a few short days I found the service to be worse than worthless for a wide variety of reasons. It was just garbage, probably the worst thing I had ever tried to use. Through the following series of exchanges with the brainiacs at Easynews, I demanded a full refund, and received one. If you read the last email in this series, it says, verbatim:

New reply for the ticket #hhhhhhhh40
Hello,We have verified the provided information and as requested, your account has been canceled; you will not be charged again. Your refund has been processed and should complete within the next 7-10 business days.Regards,
Easynews Support

I took the refund and forgot about these idiots forever. Or so I thought. It seems they don't ever let people forget about them completely.

Unfortunately, fast forward to 7-14-2021, I discovered that they stopped taking my money for a couple of months back in 2020, probably to make me stop watching for their charges. But Easynews recommenced charging my account on 7-14-2020 and continues through to the present (7-13-2021). Each amount was for $9.98, for a grand total of $129.74. This is a high-volume, high balance credit card, and I wasn't specifically looking for Easynews apparent thefts on the statements, and so I missed them until just now, on July 19, 2021. Imagine my state of apoplectic rage. If I didn't live 8500 miles away, I'd be on a plane to Winter Park at this moment and that's no exaggeration whatsoever. We're all sick of thieves and shysters, but me, coming from Federal narcotics enforcement, particularly so. I. DON'T. LIKE. IT. And by God I will stop it where I can.

EasyNews is like a cancer that cannot ever be fully excised. You must go in time and again over months or years or decades to cut out the slimey tentacles that never seem to fully get removed no matter how drastic the procedure is to remove them. EasyNews is a vermin, a virus, a Freddy Kreuger kind of thing that just keeps coming back again and again and again to annoy, and then anger, and then finally enrage you. We're beyond that phase; we're apoplectic. Maybe we're even beyond that. Judging by some of the comments by EasyNews victims that we're reading during this research, we genuinely fear for the physical safety of the EasyNews principles and their families. People are really, really, supremely pissed and are at their wits end trying to figure out how to (1) get their money back and (2) stop EasyNews from scamming them further. I think EasyNews is aware of this danger, which is why thyey're taken medium-level steps to hide. But rather than trying to hide, we suggest EasyNews simply stop stealing. Wouldn't that be easier?

The Winter Park PD shall consider this a formal criminal complaint. I want the responsible party(s) charged, convicted, and incarcerated. Ideally, since this isn't their first rodeo with this precise behavior, they should be instantly shut down and disbanded forever. The latter is, of course, beyond the authority of local law enforcement, but it's not beyond the authority of a number of regulating agencies and you can bet we're going to be camping on their front porches.

A VISA chargeback has been filed, however most of these charges are so old they may not be eligible to be refunded on the card. In that case I will file a formal lawsuit in Winter Park and prosecute it by proxy and extract the un-refunded amounts plus attorney's fees, expenses, and other monies. If it costs me $10,000 to recover $100, then so be it. That's how sick to the gullet I am of thieves.

The original email thread from a year ago appears below. I do have all emails with header data as documented proof of their authenticity. Just have the prosecutor ask for it -- it's easier to send electronically.

I'm going to caution Easynews to never, ever contact me again regarding this or any other case. To do so will elicit a new and independent criminal complaint of harassment and I'll seek and OBTAIN a formal restraining order against these miserable sons of bitches so fast it will make their dizzy little pot-heads spin. And I'll post a copy of that here on this web page as well..

ttttyyt etryfguj

July 19, 2021


Original email thread below:


Re: Refund demanded or I will file a VISA chargeback #EN0gggggggg40

Easynews <>
Fri, May 8, 2020, 2:58 PM
to me

New reply for the ticket #ENiiiiiiu40


Please let us know which username is affected or the email address used to register the account. Also, to disclose information about the account and/or make changes, we will also need as proof of ownership the answer to one of the two questions below:

* If you paid via Credit Card, what are the last 4 digits? OR
* If you paid via PayPal, what is the email address?

Easynews Support


Fri, May 8, 2020, 3:57 PM
to Easynews

The email address is THIS ONE!!!

The user name was included in the message f[rom me] to you, but here it is AGAIN: uiiuuyiuioak

I have too many credit cards to count and i don’t remember which one was used. It probably went through paypal.

Easynews <>
Sun, May 10, 2020, 7:59 AM
to me

New reply for the ticket #ETTTTTTTT0


We believe we have located that correct account.

Can you please confirm the Paypal email address?

We are showing slightly different information than what was provided.

Easynews Support


Sun, May 10, 2020, 8:08 AM
to Easynews

The paypal email is

jkioii jhgbujyguyg <>
Tue, May 12, 2020, 8:45 PM
to Easynews

VISA allows only 60 days to file a chargeback. Refund or I will start the process now.

Easynews <>
Thu, May 14, 2020, 12:45 PM
to me


New reply for the ticket #ENWWWWWWWW0


We have verified the provided information and as requested, your account has been canceled; you will not be charged again. Your refund has been processed and should complete within the next 7-10 business days.

Easynews Support



UPDATE July 20, 2021:



This is a complaint of ongoing (13 months) apparent credit card theft by

ICANN demanded that we appeal to godaddy first. Failing a suitable resolution, we will continue to ICANN. has been apparently stealing credit card funds now for about 15 months. 

We have dealt with these types of scammers in the past and they have promised IN WRITING to stop stealing the funds, however, they continue to steal funds every single month.

Easynews is world famous for this kind of thing -- Google it for God's sake.

I am attaching a pdf that includes details.

This has been filed as a criminal fraud complaint with the Winter Park, Fl., Police Department, and also with the Florida (Miami) attorney general. Complaints are now being drafted to the FTC, the FBI, and other agencies unnamed herein. VISA has been notified and a complaint has been filed with the merchant bank for Easynews, as well as Paypal, and Boeing Credit Union. We are fully prepared to file a formal lawsuit against easynews in Winter Park. Honestly, it looks like we will have to do that to stop them because nothing else has worked.

A website detailing the problem has been posted. Give it a few weeks and Google "EasyNews Theft". We promise we'll do the SEO and it will pop up.

We've had enough of ALL thieving punks.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

See attachment



This complaint regards a website,, committing apparent credit card fraud on an ongoing basis. We have tried to advise Godaddy of this at their abuse email address, however it bounces back as an unmonitored address and advises to use their complaint form. There is no complaint form; there are only a myriad of links that lead in circles. This is, of course, by design.

We are uploading a PDF showing details of the case.

Below is our complaint to Godaddy, which was never received by them and we have no known way to get it to them.


to abuse

This is a complaint of ongoing (15 months) apparent credit card theft by

ICANN demanded that we appeal to Godaddy first. Failing a suitable resolution, we will continue to ICANN. has been apparently stealing credit card funds now for about 15 months.
We have dealt with these scammers (our description for them) in the past and they have promised IN WRITING to stop stealing the funds. However, 15 months later, they continue to take our funds every single month without ANY authorization and after stating in writing that they would stop.

Easynews is world famous for this.

I am attaching a PDF that includes details.

This has been filed as a criminal fraud complaint with the Winter Park, Fl., Police Department, and also with the Florida (Miami) attorney general. Complaints are now being drafted to the FTC, the FBI, and other agencies unnamed herein. VISA has been notified and a complaint has been filed with the merchant bank for Easynews, as well as Paypal, and Boeing Credit Union. We are fully prepared to file a formal lawsuit against EasyNews in Winter Park. Honestly, it looks like we will have to do that to stop them because nothing else has worked.

A website detailing the problem has been posted. Give it a few weeks and Google "EasyNews Theft". We promise we'll do the SEO and it will pop up.

We've had enough of these thieving punks.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

See attachment


UPDATE July 22, 2022

The following agencies have formally accepted this complaint:

Copy to VISA as formal Chargeback (acknowledged as accepted) (13-14 more in the pipeline)
Copy to MMMMMMM (accepted)
Copy to FTC (filed and accepted)
Copy to ICANN (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to Florida Attorney General (acknowledged as accepted)
Copy to FBI (pending)
Copy to (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to US Congress (ALL members, pending)
Copy to Orange Country (Fl.) Sheriff, in case EasyNews is outside the city limits (no response)
Copies to both Orange County and Winter Park Prosecuting attorneys / District Attorneys (pending)
Copy to Winter Park Chamber of Commerce (pending)
Copy to BBB (pending)
Copy to Winter Park, Fl. Police, as a criminal complaint of fraud and theft (acknowledged, engaged)

The complaint is pending with other agencies and offices around the country.

In true form, Paypal has, as usual, misunderstood this case/complaint and has refunded only one of the $9.98 charges. Therefore, we will now file 12 additional complaints with Paypal, one for each instance of apparent theft.

VISA has also misunderstood this case/complaint and has refunded only one of the $9.98 charges. Therefore, we will now file 12 additional CHARGEBACKS with VISA, one for each instance of apparent theft.

EasyNews has had ample opportunity to refund ALL apparently stolen monies yet has so far refused to do so.

So be it.

I look forward to getting these Goddamned sons of bitches under subpoena authority so we can look at the records of their Merchant Bank and publicly disclose ALL the chargebacks that have been filed against over many years, and all the refunds they've been forced to tender.

These people are the scum of this earth.

Our advice: Get away from them as quickly as possible and STAY away from them, forever. They will cause you nothing but grief.

Is this past year of apparent credit card theft only an innocent error on the part of EasyNews?

Consider this:

My own online businesses have never once -- NOT ONCE IN 23 YEARS -- over-charged ANY card. Never. It has never happened and it would never happen. To charge a card, you must actually do that. Someone must submit a formal request for funds to be paid from that card. It doesn't happen accidentally. Additionally, if you do the searches, you'll find more instances of EasyNews pulling this stunt than you can count, going back many years. But here's the kicker: While you can find uncounted instances of Easynews taking money from credit cards that doesn't belong to it, and then being oh-so-slow and difficult when they are FORCED to refund, you will NOT find a single incident of "accidentally" making a bogus payment or deposit to anyone's card. If we find any after we get Discovery rights through a Florida subpoena, we'll post them here. But we won't find any. We will only find refunds that Easynews was FORCED to make. No accidental deposits to any card, ever: that's a bet.

We must give these agencies some number of days to work through their archaic and reptilian systems before we can, in good faith, file an actual lawsuit in Winter Park, Florida, against

In the meantime, for those suffering under this same insane bullshit from this band of Goddamned hapless twits, here's a bit of WHOIS data to save you the lookup. As always, new developments will appear at the end of this page. This will continue, most likely, for years to come. We've bloody well had enough of this effing shit. EasyNews is now 100 miles over our Red Line. Let the games begin.


Registry Domain ID: 2025556_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Domain Status:
Registry Expiration: 2021-10-30 04:00:00 UTC
Created: 1996-10-31 05:00:00 UTC

WHOIS search results
Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID: 2025556_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2020-10-30T07:41:35Z
Creation Date: 1996-10-31T00:00:0Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-10-29T23:00:00Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street:
Registrant Street: 2155 E Warner Rd.
Registrant City: Tempe
Registrant State/Province: Arizona
Registrant Postal Code: 85284
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4806242599
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.4806242598
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Tech ID: Not Available From Registry
Tech Name: Registration Private
Tech Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Tech Street:
Tech Street: 2155 E Warner Rd.
Tech City: Tempe
Tech State/Province: Arizona
Tech Postal Code: 85284
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.4806242599
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +1.4806242598
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Registry Admin ID: Not Available From Registry
Admin Name: Registration Private
Admin Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Admin Street:
Admin Street: 2155 E Warner Rd.
Admin City: Tempe
Admin State/Province: Arizona
Admin Postal Code: 85284
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.4806242599
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2021-07-20T10:02:50Z <<<
For more information on Whois status codes, please visit

Name:, LLC
IANA ID: 146
Abuse contact email:
Abuse contact phone: tel:480-624-2505



As stated, we must wait some unspecified period of time before we are allowed by the courts to file a formal lawsuit. We're now checking the Florida statutes to see what that time frame is. The more agencies we bring on board to resolve this, and the more EasyNews resists their efforts with confusions, obfuscations, lies, denials and general bullshit, as is clearly their Modus Operandi based on the cases we're uncovering, the higher the odds we'll be granted attorney's fees and repayment for our time and trouble in this mess. Personally, my work-rate has been $55/hour for quite a few years (sadly, no raises). I now have 2.4 hours in this. Generally, a judge will award a percentage of such damages claimed. This ain't our first rodeo with thieves, shysters, con-artists, scammers and Goddamned skunks. When we are only assisting other victims, we are largely unemotional. When we are scammed ourselves, we are BY GOD PISSED, and that's the motivation and energy we bring to this present case against EasyNews. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em to Bloody hell. Enough is enough. We've watched countless suckers struggle with EasyNews over the years, to first get them to stop charging their credit cards even after EasyNews has promised in writing to stop, but EasyNews just keeps right on charging and charging and charging, apparently hoping the victims will just go away eventually and let them continue to steal funds forever. But then, after the victims finally get EasyNews to cease and desist, the real struggle begins of trying to get the money back. Many never succeed. And that will no longer fly with these pieces of miserable shit.We'll be getting our money back, either the easy way or the hard way. We're in this now. In for a penny, in for a fucking pound. We are really, truly, screaching fucking apoplectic. By GOD these people have balls. It just defies nbasic sanity. Did they actually believe they could keep on keepin' on with this bullshit forever before someone finjally, decidedly called them out? Are they really that fucking stupid? In a word, YES. Snowflakes are really that fucking stupid.

Once we get the go-ahead to file a formal suit, our Florida attorney will most likely be required by law to serve these shits a formal demand for all money owed and demanded, and give them the minimum amount of time under the law to comply or go to court. We'll post that demand, along with all other relevant documents right here. This bullshit shall stop. Seriously, this is the end of this bullshit. At some point on this page we'll set up a comment section for victims to disseminate their own experiences along these lines.

We've witnessed over about twenty years, more and more and more small online businesses adopt this scurrilous tactic of "accidentally" charging a customer's or ex-customers' credit card, just hoping those customers won't notice it for whatever period of time they can get away with. When they're finally caught and confronted, they will lead the victim in circles for as long as they can with faux misunderstandings and complaint routines that don't work and online forms that are blind alleys, and then, when it's all stopped and the customer relaxes, these assholes will secretly start charging those cards again after a few months. It's a game and it's a consciously executed scam. If and when law enforcement finally comes knocking on their doors, the companies apologize profusely and refund instantly -- but of course it's rare that law enforcement ever comes calling. This time will be different. Some police departments are a bit, shall we say, lackadaisical when going after crimes like this. Fortunately in the US there are legal mechanisms in place to wake them up. --Which reminds us -- we forgot to file a criminal complaint with the Orange County Sheriff's department. Pending now. It's common that petitioners and complainants must file and file and re-file complaints repeatedly to get the balls really rolling in the right directions. Rest assured, we can do that.

Very often, the only way to completely stop scumbags such as EasyNews in the short term is to actually change the credit card for a new account number. That's how far these types of fucking thieves will push it to KEEP TAKING YOUR MONEY.

At some point this entire mess will be summarized (with or without the profanity -- haven't decided as yet), and will be formally submitted to Congress. Congress seems to be currently in a mood to start reigning in these pieces of snowflake human feces, and now might be a very good time to get the case of ongoing problems with EasyNews in front of them.

Here's how to do it:

Submit wrongdoing to the US Congress

Submit wrongdoing to US Senate Committees -- that's why they exist

The chances are high, maybe even 100%, that either some Congress-members, their staffs, or Senators and/or staffs, have been victims of this exact same skulduggery by EasyNews and they're pissed also. We hope so.

Doing all this is a bit like pouring water on a rock. Usually it just runs off, unnoticed. But every once in awhile a few molecules of H2O seep in through a tiny crack, and in time that can split the rock apart. Then big things happen. Just look at Facebook's Antitrust nightmare (aka "Git 'er Gone" dot com).

If you've also had a damned belly-full of these miserable human skunks ( and are ready to take concrete action to stop the insanity, try this link.



We have allowed a few days for these complaints to start trickling down to the people who need to see them. That takes time, and often they get "stuck" in the process queue by the lazy, the incompetent, and the unprofessional. It is always required to go back in to these agencies and rattle cages, do follow-ups, file new complaints in some cases, sometimes redirect complaints to more narrowly focused agencies and offices, and go over heads in many cases. That process begins on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, Asia-time. It begins in earnest. The reader might wonder if our initial fury would wane and mellow. No. It has only increased. Think of it this way:

The neighbor kid comes comes to your house and sells you a box of cookies and you tell him thank you, and you tell him to go take the price out of your change jar. You've known him awhile. You know his parents. You trust him with this small amount.

So he goes and get the few dollars out of your jar. Done deal.

But a few days later you open the cookies and you discover they're not only inedible and gross, they're completely riddled with worms and insects.

You immediately go back to the kids and show him the cookies. He's not at all apologetic, but argued weakly, apparently just hoping you'll forget it and go away. It's a great way to build repeat business, eh?

But finally he does refund, and you tell him in no uncertain terms to stay out of your change jar because you won't EVER be buying his cookies, nor anything else, again. In fact, you don't even want him in your home.

He writes you a note that says he's kinda, sorta sorry, but not sorry, but in any case, you don't ever have to worry about him taking money he hasn't earned again, because, well, he just wouldn't do that. And now he's putting it in writing.

You put a lock on your change jar just to be sure.

You watch the change jar over the next several months to be sure this little miscreant hasn't sneaked into your home in the night and taken more change that he hasn't earned. And, thankfully, he hasn't. You drop your guard.

Life goes on. You don't speak to the little shit next door, nor do you allow your kids to play with him ever again, and when people ask you what happened, you tell them exactly what happened.

15 months later you are checking your change jar and to your horror, you find it's EMPTY. You immediately go look at your home security footage and you see that this Goddamned thieving little son of a bitch has been sneaking into your home EVERY MONTH. How does he get in? He somehow got a copy of the key.

For 13 months this piece of shit has been sneaking into your home while you sleep, and stealing your money.

You ask around the area and find that a huge percentage of your neighbors have ALREADY HAD THIS SAME EXPERIENCE with the dirty little prick.

And your reaction is exactly WHAT?!

If he's an adult, then all options are open. All.

If he's eleven years old, then you go after the parents for having hatched such a lump of infected mucous.

And you don't stop going after the parents until you (1) get your Goddamned money back with interest plus compensation for your time, and (2) make sure every household in the region knows exactly what they can expect from this loser and his loser family, forever. Hopefully, you get them to move to some place where people of that ilk are welcomed with open arms. Like Pakistan.

--Because NO ONE needs snakes in the grass like this, in their hood.

Point is, do you forget this skunk? Nope. Not even close. You FINISH IT so it stops once and for all.

If you were, say, England in 1750, and you were losing countless cargo ships to pirates in the Caribbean, would you just "let it go" until not a single cargo ever reached its destination? No. You'd sink the pirates. You'd have no choice.


UPDATE July 26, 2021:

1. The Winter Park Police department is now engaged in this criminal complaint.

2. A good deal more information has been uncovered about this company (EasyNews.Com) and we'll begin to compile and disseminate it here in the next few days.

3. We have uncovered addresses for this outfit ALL OVER Winter Park, Florida, as well as South Dakota, and Arizona, some of which do not trace back to office structures at all, but to places like Smoke-Shop style mailbox drops, or for supposed home addresses of the "owner" that appear to trace back to office buildings.

4. We are searching for's merchant account holder. Boy, do we have a document for them. VISA should be able to supply it (we mean their REAL merchant account holder, NOT just the cheesy Paypal facilitator account).

5. The South Dakota police have advised that the FBI should be brought into the loop. We have already filed with them; we will redouble our efforts to get them engaged (I worked in concert with the FBI in Federal Narcotics enforcement in the 1970's; I have really no hope of obtaining any meaningful help from them, but they make excellent archives keepers).

6. We have begun the FOIA process of obtaining certain business records of EasyNews from government sources.

7. We have begun to research and approach attorneys in Winter Park, Fl.

8. We have been advised to bring Interpol into the loop. They are nearly worthless at the business of law enforcement. Instead, they are a great "dissemination hub" for data to law enforcement agencies around the world, but particularly in western Europe. What has EasyNews been up to in other countries? Inquiring minds want to know, and when you steal from us, our minds become singularly inquiring. We are the junkyard dogs from which you wish you'd never stolen the bone.

9. And now let's take a look at the actual Corporate records of Easynews Holdings Inc.

And to think, all ever had to do was NOT STEAL. Even now, they could mitigate this significantly by REFUNDING the schlepped funds in the amount of $129.74 (minus the $9.98 Paypal has already refunded) to either our Paypal or VISA or BOTH. But they haven't. And they won't. And so be it. We're only becoming more pissed. Is there a theoretical limit to how pissed we can and will become? No.

Incidentally, both our Paypal account AND VISA card accounts show debits by Easynews during this same time period. Ordinarily, we might assume that the Paypal account was merely drawing from the VISA account. But the charges appear to be DIFFERENT. We're still trying to drill down to the bottom of THAT mystery, and when it comes to EasyNews, there are more than enough mysteries to go around. Just wait for the data to be appended soon.


The Corporation data below may save some victim a little searching. It is valid as of July 26, 2021.

It represents one grain of sand on the beach with regard to what we'll uncover in time:



Filing Information

P06000068956 20-4897006 05/16/2006 05/16/2006 FL ACTIVE CANCEL ADM DISS/REV 10/04/2007 NONE

Principal Address

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Changed: 02/14/2018

Mailing Address

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Changed: 02/14/2018

Registered Agent Name & AddressMILLER, GABE

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Name Changed: 02/14/2018

Address Changed: 02/14/2018

Officer/Director DetailName & Address

Title CFO


127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Title Secretrary

Miller, R Gabe

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Title Pres

Brannen, Chance

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209
Winter Park, FL 32789

Annual Reports

Report Year Filed Date
2019 04/29/2019
2020 05/01/2020
2021 04/29/2021

Document Images

04/29/2021 -- ANNUAL REPORT

View image in PDF format

05/01/2020 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
04/29/2019 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
02/14/2018 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
04/28/2017 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/23/2016 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/11/2015 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
02/18/2014 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/19/2013 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/02/2012 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
02/03/2011 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
01/19/2010 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
01/14/2009 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/03/2008 -- ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
10/04/2007 -- REINSTATEMENT View image in PDF format
09/05/2007 -- Reg. Agent Change View image in PDF format
05/16/2006 -- Domestic Profit View image in PDF format


And you might find THIS LINK revealing

And what, exactly, exists at 127 West Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, Florida? THIS

Above: The address listed in the EasyNews Holdings Inc. Corporate Documents as their "place of doing business". We still think it's one guy working in mommy's basement on a six year old HP laptop and the "corporate officers" listed in their Florida corporate documents are just friends and acquaintences, maybe a girlfriend or two, maybe a brother-in-law (or two), maybe some ex-girlfriends -- who knows, right? But EasyNews says this is their WORK ADDRESS. Really? Same same in Phoenix, too, Chance? And in Brookings, South Dakota, and in Amsterdam -- man, this is a HUGE company to have "offices" all around the world, right? Let's give this UPS dropbox shack a call and see how many EasyNews employees are in there working right now. EasyNews lists 12, or 13 employees, depending on the year. Surely there must be A FEW hard at work like Santa's little elves, right there in this building, right now, because that's where EasyNews says it WORKS. Is it worth a call? We'll just call and politely ask to speak with anyone from EasyNews. They must all be in the back, right, because UPS has stuff to do in the front, so all 13 employees of EasyNews must be in the back. With the dumpsters. Where they belong. Right?


Exactly who is Chance Brannen? Let's find out so we can get him served. Truly a man about town.

Howdy Chance! Got a minute to CHAT?

Chance Brannen

Chance Brannen, About


Do we know any of THESE people? Oh, there's Gabe Miller!

We could go on with this forever. Literally, forever. We could fill a hundred websites.

For those of you who've been screwed by any of these dipshits at EasyNews, we've given you enough to go digging on your own.

And with this, we have enough to find those who need to get served, and serve them.

We'll continue to flesh this out at a later date. How much of their online presences will VANISH between now and then?

We're guessing, a LOT.

And all for a lousy hundred bucks.

But it's not really a hundred bucks.

It's a hundred bucks times X, and we think that X represents a very big number.

To the crew we say this:

You should have kept your fucking hands in YOUR OWN pockets.

And that sentiment isn't only our own.

Sooner or later you HAD to know you'd dip into the wrong pocket, right? You HAD to know that. If you keep dipping and dipping and dipping, you'll sooner or later get bitten. But the jails are full of fools who are incapable of extrapolating out to that certainty. Goddamnit we're mad.


Here are a FEW links that will lead you to more links which will lead you to MORE nauseating links should you choose to follow the paths:


Item #1 (Brookings Police Department)


Item #2 (Five credit cards scammed?)




Item #4 (EasyNews Customer Service Non-Existent)


Honestly, we can list this stuff all day long, but the reader is, we hope, finally getting the idea.

We'll drop tidbits in like this from time to time, but we really must concentrate our efforts towards:

(1) Getting our money back WITH TIME PAID FOR TROUBLE AND WORK

(2) Getting EasyNews criminally charged, either locally, or Federally, or both.

(3) Getting the domain taken away from these Goddamned fools. We sure as hell don't want it. But someone who won't ABUSE it needs to have it and use it correctly. Can we get this done? We did it before. Criminals don't get to use domains for criminal enterprises. Let's see just what we can prove.

(4) We'll make the case to the Florida Corporation Commission that this band of stupid fucking airheads is not responsible enough to be a Corporation. Period.

(5) Educate the unwary public about this outfit (and so many others). Internet crime is threatening the very Internet. If it continues to grow at the current rate, the Internet will become unrecognizable -- a churning sea of nothing but scams and lies and fraud. It's close to that now. We like the Internet. We don't want to see it dismantled by teensie minds with even smaller consciences.

Here are a couple of choice copy-and-paste blurbs from the above links:


Not Highwinds (HW) anymore, but "Stackpath"?

--Way to build presense-stability and brand. These turkeys change corporations faster than a Thai changes clothes.

Is the reader awake yet?


Are you beginning to develop a sense of this nonsense?



And if you thought you were going to find any relief whatsoever from Paypal, think again. Here's how it's going so far:

When we went BACK to Paypal to remind them that the fraudulent charges went all the way back to mid 2020 and were NOT comprised of only the MOST RECENT charge, we received, in typical Paypal fashion, this:


We've completed our review of your unauthorized activity case, and we’ve determined there was no unauthorized use [Paypal].

The payment in question was sent as part of a billing agreement you previously set up with the merchant.

We've now canceled this agreement for you to prevent any other unwanted transactions.  Moving forward please be sure to review all your active billing agreements. If you need a refund for a payment sent using an active billing agreement, please contact the merchant directly.

For more information about these cases, log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center.

You may request a copy of the documents we used in determining the final outcome of the investigation. If you would like to request copies of the documents or have further questions, please email"


And we've replied as follows:



You've indicated that this agreement was consensual. NO, it was not, and the Winter Park police department concurs. I'm going to paste in here the email I received from Easynews way back in mid 2020. It clearly states my account has been cancelled and I WILL NOT BE BILLED AGAIN. That's the statement from EasyNews, yet you braniacs say no, that's not the case. What is wrong with you? You can NOT be this stupid. No one can! The email from Easynews is pasted in below, and below that is the website where you can read about this case and what now appears to be YOUR COMPLICITY in it. Should we add you as co-defendants to the criminal case? What in God's name is wrong with you people?!

Hello,We have verified the provided information and as requested, your account has been canceled; you will not be charged again. Your refund has been processed and should complete within the next 7-10 business days.Regards,
Easynews Support

And here's the website where YOUR complicity in this will be appended. You've been supplied with this URL at least four times (this is 5) yet maybe English isn't your native language?

ALL EasyNews debits ARE FRAUDULENT and people will be, God willing, GOING TO JAIL over this. 

Try to get up to speed on this and then try to keep up. You're looking like idiots at this particular juncture.

Posted publicly, July 27, 2021"


Paypal has now refused to respond in any way. Typical.


Based on Paypal's bizarre response to this very simple case, we are now wondering if Paypal itself is part of this long-standing pattern of apparent fraud by EasyNews. Do they help EasyNews do this? Is Paypal complicit? What would anyone think? That's what we think. We think Paypal is complicit in credit card theft. If not, then they are mentally retarded. Which would they have people think? Seriously. They must choose one: 1. They are complicit in credit card theft, or 2. they are mentally handicapped. There really are no other options. So which one is it, Paypal? This is not a rhetorical question. We want an answer. If you are thieves, you must get out of this business. If you are mentally handicapped, you must get out of this business. Answer please.


And our follow-up to VISA as well:


A week or ten days ago I submitted a chargeback for my VISA card ending in XXXX in the amount of some $129 for fraudulent charges by EasyNews going back to mid 2020, occurring every single month. You have credited back only one charge of $9.98. Clearly you did not understand my chargeback. Would you like me to submit it again, or would you prefer that I file 13 or so separate and independent disputes? What will it take to wake someone up there at MMMMMMM and VISA?


To Adam Smith

Detective Adam Smith

Brookings Police Department, South Dakota

I am aware of a case you worked some time back (I don't know the date(s) regarding credit card fraud by EasyNews.Com and USENET SERVER. The victim's name was "Greg Carr", I believe. I don't believe he ever received compensation from EasyNews.

I want to bring to your attention our own battles with fraudulent charges by this same outfit, ranging from mid 2020 to mid 2021. We have filed this with the Winter Park, Fl., PD and many, many other offices and agencies as criminal complaints of credit card fraud. It appears this pattern of apparent theft is long and entrenched by EasyNews.

We are developing a website at the following link which is piecing together a fair amount of data in the form of "work notes", which may assist you in any investigation now pending, or which you'd like to initiate. In any endeavor, perhaps we can help. Perhaps you can help our case also.

This band of shits must be stopped. They've gotten away with this for too long.

People of this caliber never stopped until they are forcefully stopped; that is, I hope, your goal as well as ours.

Your contact in Winter Park would be:

Kevin W Roesner <xxxxxxxx@XXXXXXXXXXXXX>
Subject: [External] Re: Your faxed report of fraud/theft to Winter Park Police Department



July 27, 2021




It has been suggested to us that EasyNews and Paypal are somehow intertwined, professionally. We will now begin to look for any connection.



Inter-bank secure memo

TO: MMMMMMM and VISA, July 27, 2021:

You are aware of our dispute with EasyNews and the criminal complaints we have generated re that problem. We have a need to serve some legal documents to the merchant account holder of Holdings Inc. Since you have forwarded our complaint to VISA and to that very merchant account issuer, we require the name and address of that institution. We've got a whopper of a document for them.


UPDATE July 28, 2021:

We're going to paste in a couple of complaints about The reader will see that these types of problems are similar to our own. In at least one of these cases, the victim(s) got refunds eventually, but look what turmoil they had to go through to extract it:



And this: has a long and colorful history of this. The reader can, we believe, see why we are going to the lengths we are to STOP THIS BULLSHIT. Even when they are caught red-handed, again and again and again, they only very reluctantly refund in some cases (after FIVE YEARS in one case), but then do it all again and again and again. One of the favorite ploys of EasyNews is to try to claim the customer must have opened TWO ACCOUNTS, and THAT is why they are being charged again and again. No. In these cases it has been demonstrated that only ONE account was ever opened and the victims want a refund for only that one account. In our case, we can legally verify that it is only our ORIGINAL ACCOUNT that was manually reinstated by EasyNews (NOT US!) three months after cancellation and after they WROTE TO US saying it had been canceled and that we would never be charged again. Those are their written words -- yet three months later they manually reopened THE EXACT SAME ACCOUNT AND BILLED IT EVERY MONTH FOR A WHOLE DAMNED YEAR. That, dear reader, is the level of skulduggery we're dealing with. Is it only incompetence? No and yes. They are incompetent, yes. But they are also dishonest.


Formal complaint to the Florida Corporation Commission follows:

Department of State
Division of Corporations
Section Name
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

Florida Division of Corporations
2415 N Monroe St Suite 810,
Tallahassee, FL 32303,
United States

July 28, 2021

You will consider this a formal complaint against the following Florida Corporation:


Filing Information

P06000068956 20-4897006 05/16/2006 05/16/2006 FL ACTIVE CANCEL ADM DISS/REV 10/04/2007 NONE

Principal Address

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Changed: 02/14/2018

Mailing Address

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209

Changed: 02/14/2018

Registered Agent Name & AddressMILLER, GABE

127 West Fairbanks Ave, #209


First, FYI, the address of 127 West Fairbanks Ave is a frikkin' UPS STORE.

EasyNews has used "fake" addresses like this all over the US. Some were uncovered by a detective in Brookings, S.D. who also worked this case for a different victim (but same problem).

This complaint contains and includes our opinions and is a public document.

We require a REAL address for these turkeys so we can get them served in, presumably, Winter Park, Florida.

I think the Winter Park Police Department will be interested in that data as well, in time, if they can't find these people physically in their own databases.

This COULD HAVE BEEN such a simple case, as follows:

We pay for and try their service but don't like it (they are effectively merely reselling stolen software)

We cancel their service.

They cancel and refund.

We never hear from them again, and they never hear from us again.

It's a simple enough concept.

But EasyNews can't grasp it. Over and over and over and over ad nauseam, they can't grasp the simplicity of this concept.

Here's what REALLY happened:

We paid for and tried their "service". It was junk beyond our wildest dreams.

We had a house full of people, all computer people, and NONE of them could get ANYTHING to work through We tried continuously for hours, and then sporadically for a few more days. NOTHING WORKED. Not one single thing.

Truly, no words.

We canceled and after a bit of arguing were refunded. We then received the following email from

New reply for the ticket #hhhhhhhh40
Hello,We have verified the provided information and as requested, your account has been canceled; you will not be charged again. Your refund has been processed and should complete within the next 7-10 business days.Regards,
Easynews Support

Finished and done. Thank you, EasyNews. Sorry it didn't work out.

This was WAY back in May of 2020.

Valid ticket numbers are in our files if EasyNews wants to dispute this, along with the emails with FULL HEADER DATA -- just ask if you need it.

As anyone would, we assumed we were DONE with this group -- a group we had very quickly come to loathe intensely.

But Easynews is world famous for not giving back your money without a fight (or a theft, as the case may be), so we watched our credit cards for a couple of months. There were no additional charges. Case closed.

In July of 2021 we happened to go into that VISA account to discover that, lo and behold, EasyNews recommenced charging that card AGAIN in July of 2020! And over that 13 months they racked up (stole) $129 and change.

This didn't happen "accidentally". We have online retail concerns ourselves. This was done manually, and intentionally.

We immediately tried to contact them. No reply. This is their M.O.

We then went to Paypal (the nit-witted "facilitator" of those withdrawals). PayPal instantly (within 3 minutes(!!)) said they had "decided" the case in our favor (seriously, they "decided" in three minutes flat?) and they refunded not the stolen $129, but a whopping $9.98.

Let's stop for a moment here to sidetrack: Paypal could not POSSIBLY have "decided" this case in three minutes. They didn't even have time to read our complaint. This was an AUTOMATED KNEE-JERK REFUND. Why was it automated without any due process? Our guess is that EasyNews gets SO MANY angry demands for refunds, that they have made a deal with Paypal to refund without any questions being asked.

In any case, we of course contested, asking for ALL fraudulent charges to be refunded -- even the next to most recent one in June of 2021, and for ALL stolen money to be returned to us.

Paypal refused further refunds, but said they had canceled "our account" with EasyNews. Of course we didn't HAVE any account with EasyNews and hadn't had, ACCORDING TO EASYNEWS, since May of 2020. It's in their own writing. But Paypal still thinks we had a legitimate account with Easynews. Even though Easynews said we didn't. Get it? Welcome to Paypal-Logic and this is yet another of 27 MILLION reasons to get way from Paypal, and stay away.

We appealed again, providing Paypal with all the data in this website. Paypal again refused to refund.

To recap briefly: Paypal admitted in writing that the July 2021 charge by Easynews was fraudulent, but claimed the charge by Easynews of June 2021 and all previous bogus charges, WERE VALID! That's PayPal for you. But this particular complaint isn't about Paypal.

The point is, we are still out the original sum of $129 and change, less the one refund from Paypal of $9.98.

We have filed this as a criminal complaint of credit card fraud with the Winter Park PD, and the FBI, the Florida Attorney General, the FTC, ICANN, (their domain registrar) and about ten other agencies with a few new ones to be added today. EasyNews refuses to reply.

We need to file a formal lawsuit and we need an address where we can serve the listed CEO/President of this Florida corporation.

Why would we go to all this trouble over a lousy $129? Because EasyNews is famous for this, and we're bloody stinking sick to death of it, and we're performing a public service -- it's called taking out the trash, which is what the Florida Corporation Commission should be doing as well.

This case is detailed in an ongoing manner at the following URL:

That website will remain for the remainder of the lives of the principals at EasyNews and the other "services" this group of miscreants are struggling to start up. I swear, EasyNews is like playing whack-a-mole with Freddy Krueger's head.

We're going the distance on this.

The point of this complaint to you is that we hope you will take a long, hard look at this outfit and make a determination: Is THIS what you want representing the state of Florida? If so, God help Floridians.

The above website has provided you with a plethora of data to be used to research various nefarious acts. We can't do everything for you, but the data you need to be SURE is all available, or will point you to any other data you might need. With this outfit, you're following a rabbit's warren here. Do you finally want to DO SOMETHING about software piracy, or just sit on your hands..

Please think long and hard about endorsing these folks, and make no mistake -- allowing them to continue being a registered Florida Corporation, or even a sole proprietorship in your state, is ENDORSING them and their flavor of "doing business".


UPDATE July 29, 2021

Complaint and chargeback dispute to VISA

Fax: 727-571-4598
Re: Chargeback to EasyNews
My account ending 7416

Note this is the SECOND chargeback we have filed in this case.

MMMMMMM Credit Union has informed me that you never received (or received and tossed in the trash) the FIRST one faxed to you successfully (and verified) about a week ago.


In any case, we are going to document delivery of this one three different ways, because time is running out.

This is a chargeback for one charge only in the amount of $9.98 posting on 6-13/6-14, 2021 by Paypal/EasyNews.

The criminal complaint of credit card fraud is pending with the Winter Park, Florida, police department.

That is a public document and is posted at the following URL:

The Merchant account holder for EasyNews must be quite proud of this outfit; we will not rest until we discover who that merchant account holder is and expose them. We are asking herewith for that information. This is a formal demand for the name and address of the merchant account bank that EasyNews uses to schlep these funds on a continuing basis. Please provide that without delay to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX@GMAIL.COM.

Formal complaints have also been filed with the following agencies, including some not shown:
VISA as formal Chargeback (acknowledged as accepted) (13-14 more in the pipeline)


Copy to VISA as formal Chargeback (acknowledged as accepted) (13-14 more in the pipeline)
Copy to MMMMMMM (accepted)
Copy to FTC (filed and accepted)
Copy to ICANN (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to Florida Attorney General (acknowledged as accepted)
Copy to FBI (pending)
Copy to (acknowledged as accepted) (see note below)
Copy to US Congress (ALL members, pending)
Copy to Orange Country (Fl.) Sheriff, in case EasyNews is outside the city limits (no response)
Copies to both Orange County and Winter Park Prosecuting attorneys / District Attorneys (pending)
Copy to Winter Park Chamber of Commerce (pending)
Copy to BBB (pending)
Copy to Winter Park, Fl. Police, as a criminal complaint of fraud and theft (acknowledged, engaged)


Here’s the history on this case:

We opened and EASYNEWS.COM account back in May of 2020 (not 2021).

The service simply didn’t work. At All. About ten or eleven of us tried for several days. It simply could not be made to accomplish one single task.

We appealed to EasyNews to cancel and refund.

They argued initially, but finally relented and canceled the account, and then sent us the following email.

We do retain emails with headers which show the actual email codes:

New reply for the ticket #hhhhhhhh40
Hello,We have verified the provided information and as requested, your account has been canceled; you will not be charged again. Your refund has been processed and should complete within the next 7-10 business days.Regards,
Easynews Support

We were suspicious of Easynews at this point, especially after researching and finding countless others who had “canceled” but then later been scammed out of money through their cards again, sometimes in amounts of thousands of dollars, sometimes over periods of years.

To guard against that we watched the VISA statement for a couple of months, and when no new charges showed up, we thought we had dodged the EasyNews bullet, and forgot about it.

In July of 2021, over a YEAR LATER, we were horrified to discover that Easynews had recommenced charging this card in July of 2020 (not 2021). They had continued to steal funds for a full YEAR after saying, in writing, we would never be debited again.

This enraged us beyond words.

We then initiated the webpage located, AGAIN, at

We strongly suggest you read it.

We then immediately faxed the aforementioned chargeback to you for the amount of $9.98 which was charged on 7-14-2021. We also asked that ALL PREVIOUS charges, dating back over a YEAR, also be included in that dispute, in the amount of $129 and change. Apparently you simply tossed that in the trash because MMMMMMM has no record of it whatsoever.

We are more than happy to supply you with the fax record provided by the paid service we used, showing that that fax was successful. Would you like to have that? For this particular fax, we will post that confirmation on the above website, to demonstrate that, in fact, you are being made aware of this problem.

After faxing you the dispute documents we began to research EasyNews and their associated “businesses” in earnest and found an unending litany of complete skulduggery and a long trail of past victims, some of whom filed criminal complaints in other states across the US. Some got refunds. Some didn’t.

In this chargeback we have not included the amount stolen on 7-14-2021, because we also disputed that with Paypal. In that case, Paypal INSTANTLY (within 3 minutes) agreed that the charge was fraudulent and returned the stolen funds from 7-14-2021.

We had asked Paypal to dispute all the previous charges from the previous YEAR as well, but Paypal, simply ignored that. Welcome to Paypal,

After receiving a refund for the LAST month of theft, and after Paypal refused to acknowledge our dispute of the previous 12 thefts, we went back to Paypal to reassert our claim for those. Paypal responded that they agreed the LAST charge was fraudulent, but that all PREVIOUS charges were legitimate. We asked Paypal to explain that logic, but Paypal has, as is the custom of Paypal, refused to reply – BECEAUSE, OF COURSE, THERE IS NO LOGIC. It’s sheer insanity, which is, as everyone now knows, the Modus Operandi for Paypal, and yet another reason to avoid ALL transactions and interactions with and through that despicable band of nitwits.

In this regard, in any case, we have no claim on the VISA charge of $9.98 for July of 2021, because Paypal refunded it, but refused to refund all the others.

We ask to dispute all previous 12 charges for $9.98 each, but MMMMMMM tells us we can only go back 60 days. We are now within that 60 day period for the theft of funds on June 13 or so, 2021, and we are, herewith, formally disputing that charge as an act of credit card fraud committed by EasyNews Holdings In., Winter Park Florida.

Since you seem not to be especially competent in the handling of documents, we are submitting this text to MMMMMMM by several other means in addition to this fax, so there will be numerous records to show it was submitted. Please do not ignore it again.

Please refund the sum of $9.98, stolen from this account by EasyNews Holdings Inc. on June 13-14, 2021, AND ANY OTHER PREVIOUS CHARGES YOU ARE ABLE TO REFUND.

We are now researching attorneys in Winter Park to file a formal lawsuit against EasyNews Holdings and Chance Brannen, President. EasyNews has a long, long history of this BS, and it’s time it was forcibly stopped. We are also gaining traction through some of the other agencies listed above.

July 29, 2021

[Chargeback Documents appended in fax]

Fax results below:



Soon we will begin taking a really hard look at some of the other ventures the principals and ex-principals, partners, associates and bed-pests of EasyNews Holdings Inc. have branched out to, and with. What are THEY up to? Could it be they're up to the same unholy bullshit that EasyNews has been involved in for the past 12+ years? Let's see! Let's see just how many connections we can make. How many are schlepping credit card funds? What other schemes or scams have they hatched? We're betting that's a target-rich hunting ground.

Moral thus far?

Don't. Steal.

You can provide a good service and charge for it, or a bad service, a stupid service, a scandalous service, a marginally legal service, an immoral service, a badly-run service, an unprofessional service, and maybe even a dishonest service, and you'll create enemies of a certain nature and class. But create no service and all and take people's money when they're not looking? You're a fucking pickpocket and things like that will turn some people downright murderous with rage.

Our advice, once again: Don't. Steal.

But if you do, then by God you'd better fucking man-up and do the right thing. Maybe that will be a first in your Goddamned limp-wristed Snowflake life, out there circlin' Neptune in your Silicon Halcyon Dream World.

But you'll find it liberating. We're sure of it.

Are we mellowing?

Hell, we don't have our money back yet and EasyNews has received copies of this page from numerous sources. Bottom line: WE DON'T HAVE OUR MONEY BACK. We're just now rounding Turn-1 and starting to feel our stride.

See, WE DON'T FUCKING LIKE PEOPLE WHO STEAL. Try to grasp the concept, Chance.



FTC Complaint:

Report Number


We initiated an online account in May of 2020. No service was tendered. Within a few days we demanded they close the account and refund. They did so. They emailed to say the account was closed and they would never debit us again. We watched the card for a few months and no new charges. But 15 months later, we discovered they only waited a few months and began charging us again. We've tried to get refunds through Paypal and VISA, but both say all but one of the charges are too old. We have filed a criminal complaint with the Winter Park Police department and many, many other agencies. EasyNews refuses to respond and we have no refund. We have begun researching easynews and discovered that they have a very long and colorful history of this with other law enforcement agencies trying to find their real whereabouts. They change addresses very frequently and only seem to use UPS drop boxes or daily-office-rental-space type cubicles, even on their corporate documents. Phone numbers change like the wind and law enforcement has found that they seem to be all VOIP numbers. We have posted a website detailing what we've found at the following URL. Please stop these SOBs:

How it started

Date fraud began: Amount I was asked for: Amount I Paid:



Payment Used: How I was contacted:

Credit Card


Details about the company, business, or individual

Name: holdings inc

Address Line 1:

807 W Morse Blvd, Ste 101

Address Line 2:

winter park



Zip Code:




Email Address:




Name of Person You Dealt With:

chance brannen


UPDATE July 30, 2021:

The case through the Winter Park Police Department is progressing.

They've asked us to follow up again with the Florida Attorney General. It's been our experience over forty plus years of untangling spaghetti scams that US Attorneys General in ALL states are pretty lackadaisical. They'll only seriously go after those case folders that have become too fat to fit in the cabinet drawers, and even then, they tend to lack TEETH and SPINE. But we'll do as asked. It's the water on a rock analogy: You keep pouring water and pouring water and pouring water onto a rock, hoping just a tiny bit of it will seep in and create a result, but usually it doesn't unless and until that flow finds a crack into which it can seep. And then, BAM. Big things can happen. Perseverance is the key. When you give up, you're simply issuing a license to the crooks to keep on keepin' on with impunity. It should be a criminal offense to give up because it's a gross disservice to your community and society as a whole. Giving up means that some poor sucker after you will just have to go through the same BS all over again -- thanks to your laziness. When crooks get at you, RUN IT TO GROUND.


UPDATE July 30, 2021:

This was emailed to us from the Los Angeles Times, reporting that EasyNews was a PHOENIX-BASED company and was under subpoena by the FBI. Then why is the EasyNews Holdings Inc. corporate headquarters listed as Winter Park, Florida? Clearly we're behind the curve on this outfit and it's time to play serious catch up. We need to know where to file the lawsuit:

"LA Times Reporting: Also Friday,, a Phoenix-based provider of newsgroup services, said it was complying with an FBI subpoena for information on an account used to distribute the virus. Easynews said the account appeared to have been created with a stolen credit card."

--Appeared to have been created with a stolen credit card. Right. EasyNews seems to have WAY more than its share of problems with, um, "stolen credit cards".

Maybe they just run some servers out of Phoenix. Let's have a look:





Foreign For-Profit (Business) Corporation










2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020






Title Name Attention Address Date of Taking Office Last Updated
Director T STEVEN MILLER 807 W MORSE BLVD #101, WINTER PARK, FL, 32789, USA 5/1/2006 3/24/2011
Officer R GABE MILLER 807 W MORSE BLVD #101, WINTER PARK, FL, 32789, USA 5/1/2006 3/24/2011
President T STEVEN MILLER 807 W MORSE BLVD #101, WINTER PARK, FL, 32789, USA 5/1/2006 10/6/2011
  • Page 1 of 1, records 1 to 4 of 4

 807 W MORSE BLVD #101, WINTER PARK, FL, 32789, USA



 8016 N 6TH ST, PHOENIX, AZ, 85020, USA






Domestic For-Profit (Business) Corporation











2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020




3003 N CENTRAL AVE #1800 , PHOENIX, AZ 85012, USA


Title Name Attention Address Date of Taking Office Last Updated
Director JEFF MINOR P.O. BOX 97757, PHOENIX, AZ, 85060, USA 9/17/2003 11/17/2006
Director LYNN MINOR P.O. BOX 97757, PHOENIX, AZ, 85060, USA 9/17/2003 11/17/2006
Director LYNN MINOR P.O. BOX 97757, PHOENIX, AZ, 85060, USA 9/17/2003 11/17/2006
President JEFF MINOR P.O. BOX 97757, PHOENIX, AZ, 85060, USA 9/17/2003 11/17/2006

 P.O. BOX 97757, PHOENIX, AZ, 85060, USA



And what's at 8016 N 6th St in Phoenix?



This is all VERY fertile ground. We're only going to investigate this enough to see it through the criminal justice system and to get our money back -- this side of a courtroom, or the other side, makes no difference. But if you have a bigger beef than we do, and it appears that many, many do, not the least of whom are a few hundred software conglomerates, this tiny website will serve as a seed to those interested parties who really need to nail this outfit and outfits like it, down.



Mo' scams and Mo' scams and MO' scams. It just never ends with this putrid gaggle of Twits!

(The above link is an important one)

In Singapore, one of the finest cities in the world, you will....guess what? GO TO JAIL

Wow! Does anyone sense a PATTERN? Naw, never!

We can copy-paste thousands upon thousands JUST LIKE THIS, and rest assured, we'll bring them all to court.

We're sorry, but it's time to shut these M-Effers down. Really. It's way past time. They've been pulling this crap and getting away with it for 12 years minimum, and in how many venues besides EasyNews? They've got their hands into what looks like dozens of pots, and the reputation of all of them that we've uncovered is as putrid as that of EasyNews. There are too many victims. It's time to go Scorched Earth. Back to the FTC and Attorney General tomorrow, and we'll ask the Arizona Att-Gen to contact the Florida Att-Gen so they can compare notes. And let's not forget the South Dakota Att-Gen; we haven't even had time to go there yet. Any other states we should be aware of? Should we be running criminal backgrounds on all involved parties? Yes. Some of us would like to see marriage and dissolution records. Let's take a look at EVERYTHING these shits have been up to in their little Snowflake lives.

This is what happens when idiots hatch and raise amoral fucking Snowflakes and turn them into Spoiled Rotten BratsThis is it. You're seeing the end result of that catastrophe right before your eyes.


UPDATE July 31, 2021

The actual affidavit to proceed with criminal action has been officially filed with the Winter Park Police. They will investigate it and if they believe enough evidence was found to warrant a criminal charge, they will pass it to their local prosecuting attorney. In the meantime, we will be busy, busy, busy, because there are a multitude of ways to bring criminals to justice. OJ learned that well. We'll hold this document back for now. --No point in tipping our hand just yet.

Steal OUR money?

No sir. Not in this lifetime.

We see that some of the principals of EasyNews Holdings are associated with an outfit calling themselves


We know nothing about THIS one yet, except that Chance Brannen is involved, and that's quite enough to pique our interest.

OMICRON MEDIA has several listed address as follows:


807 W Morse Blvd,
Winter Park, FL 32789
Support Center Open 24 hours


3300 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Bolwerk 1
2011 MK Haarlem

And what's at 807 W. Morse?



Do they offer tea time?

Could we come and say howdy to Chance in person?

Can we serve subpoenas to some of them there?

And what's at 3300 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012 ?



Tea Time there too?

Nice place. Can somebody THERE pay us back our lousy hundred bucks? Can somebody THERE pay back all the other victims of EasyNews?

Is Chance there?

Who IS this "Chance" guy, anyway?



And how about Gabe?

Here ya go:




We'll get around to the rest later.


And what's at the NETHERLANDS OFFICE, Staten Bolwerk 1, 2011 MK, Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam)?



Lots and lots (and lots) of little businesses registered here. More than could fit in the building, we're bettin'. They advertise "work spaces", like by the day. It's a real classy Corporate headquarters, right? Instills confidence that any associations, business deals, partnerships, contracts, would be rock solid and stable and long-lived, right? That's what we think. But as we said, we don't know anything about OMICRON MEDIA, except that some EasyNews folks are associated with it and that makes it smell like bad tuna to us right off the bat. So far, it looks like Snowflakes on HP laptops to us. SO WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE?! Don't worry. We'll find 'em. We always, always do. And we'll post that data here (and pass it to some VERY interested software devs).

So many fine people in Amsterdam. It's a veritable mecca of hard working brainiacs. Sort of like Singapore. Except it's not. Singapore is a functioning, working, highly efficient society. Amsterdam is a toilet of drugs and stupidity. But that's not Chance's fault. Too bad Chance didn't metastasize to Singapore. We have "connections" there.

It's only a few hours from us. Can we just pop in to say howdy, or do we need an appointment?

Will Chance and Gabe be there as well?

Will either of them pay back the money that was stolen from our VISA card and PayPal account?

Can we shake the soft, sweaty hand of Chance himself and just have a drink and laugh and get our money back? Can't we all just [sniff] get along?


We're being told to expect some hack attempts to this website by certain persons involved in this mess. To them we say bring it on. The world is your mousetrap.




We've said this before but here it is again:

We believe that EasyNews has some under-the-table wink-wink "deal" with Paypal to obfuscate refunds. Paypal did refund one of the fraudulent charges and they did it instantly in some kind of bizarre knee-jerk reaction to our first dispute filed about their pals at EasyNews. They refunded THAT with apparently no investigation whatsoever, almost as though they EXPECT to be continually bombarded by disputes from raging EasyNews victims and they don't want to go through the hassle of even looking at the case. But when it got down to doing the right thing for a hundred bucks, oh, well, Paypal tossed its credibility straight into the fucking toilet on THAT and refused to refund. The point is this: We've stumbled upon a link that finally shows the world what Paypal is made of: Skunks. Our own online businesses stopped accepting Paypal many many years ago because every single interaction with them was like walking into an insane asylum where the patients were in charge and the doctors had been murdered decades before. Paypal is run like a seventh grade elementary school classroom where the teacher died in 1977 and was never replaced. We DO believe that Paypal has a "special deal" to protect and coddle EasyNews, specifically -- after all, if asked, what is Paypal going to say? That it essentially lies and scams to protect ALL of its business clients? Well, in does, but if it admits to one scammy deal with Easynews, it must admit to more.

It seemed in the very early days of Paypal they were just another ditzy, unprofessional, mostly incompetent little payment facilitator, and in fact, that's what they were. But they grew, and as they grew, so did their stupidity and their dishonesty. They're now at a point where they absolutely do not give one fucking rat's ass about ANY modicum of decency or honesty, logic, good business practice, fairness, or anything else. They feel omnipotent, invulnerable, and smug. It's all about WHAT CAN PAYPAL SCHLEP FOR ITSELF. Paypal looked at the calculation years and years ago and it was this: With a billion, trillion Paypal consumers, yet no businesses offering the Paypal gateway, how far could they go? About ten feet. But with a million, billion businesses offering the Paypal gateway to EVERYONE, they could get rich. Bottom line: PAYPAL DOES NOT GIVE A GODDAMN ABOUT ANY CUSTOMER OR GROUP OF CUSTOMERS OR HOARDE OF CUSTOMERS OR EVEN CONTINENT OF CUSTOMERS. They simply don't care. They operate on the P.T. Barnum theory that there's a sucker born every minute, and they're right. What they MUST protect, however, are the businesses who offer the payment portal. Without them, Paypal dries up like a jellyfish in the desert. Without those businesses, Paypal is a car without an engine. To that end, Paypal will do ANYTHING to protect the business, even the really stinking bad, dishonest, scamming, stealing businesses. Because without them, they have less than nothing. Yes, we believe Paypal is in bed with EasyNews to an extra special degree, but honestly, Paypal is in bed with ALL businesses, broadly, and the customers are just the rats, useful for only a millisecond, then just IN THE WAY. If a business gets screwed by Paypal, they can and will complaint long and loudly, and other businesses will listen, and they'll go away from Paypal, and Paypal will lose that revenue. If Paypal screws a few million lowly customers, they only squeak, and not for long. Usually, a few hours later those customers are getting screwed by some other business anyway.

We've done the research on Paypal in the past. We've been screwed VERY BADLY in the past, as everyone has or will be in the future. We've created websites about it. We've gone over Paypal's head. Nothing ever, ever happened. We've canceled our Paypal account more times than we can count when Paypal's insanity reached new pinnacles of horror and dishonor. We had a Paypal account during the Easynews problem only because we had been doing some International eBaying, bringing commercial diving equipment into SE Asia, and you really can't get much done on eBay without Paypal. Incidentally, fuck eBay as well.

We've uncovered all KINDS of really stupid, shitty, amoral, dishonest BS stunts committed by Paypal -- they number in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands -- and you can too. We thought we sorta had an informal handle on how bad they were. Then we were stunned to stumble across THIS. We knew Paypal was bad. Even WE didn't know they were THIS bad. Think about it. Of the people who are SO damned enraged as to go to the trouble to file complaints like these, how many more just filed a chargeback on their VISA or Mastercard and got the funds YANKED out of Paypal's account and then forgot about it. We're betting for every complaint here, there are at least ten thousand who never went to this amount of trouble. Think about that. It's important.



Paypal will screw you and essentially steal from you to protect the business virtually every single time.

We can tell you and tell you and tell you to stay away from Paypal. We can warn you, we can provide graphs and statistics and complaints and evidence -- we can lead you (the horse) to water, but we can't make you drink.

Consider and compare:



STILL wanna be involved with Paypal?

Our advice:

Go into your Paypal account NOW, this minute, and terminate it. We just did that and were stunned to discover that ALL KINDS of little leech businesses had somehow opened "subscription" accounts on our Paypal account. None except EasyNews had debited it, but they had somehow opened those types of inroads into Paypal. We removed all funding sources and killed the account. Paypal is simply too loose to be associated with anymore, and they WILL NOT help the cvustomer.

Kill you Paypal account NOW, before you even finish reading this. It will save you more headache and heartache than you can ever dream possible.

Paypal and Facebook are the two worst things you can ever get involved with -- right up there with smoking tobacco, smoking crack, and gambling, because when you engage in ANY transaction where Paypal is even peripherally involved, you'll be gambling, just like in a sleazy jungle casino in Phnom Penh, and unless you're completely stupid, you know where gambling leads even in a reputable casino in Vegas. This Way Lies Madness.

Paypal sure as hell screwed us on this deal. And they would screw us again and again and again and again until their bank accounts couldn't hold any more cash. THAT is the true essence of Paypal. They're not your friend. They're not even a reliable facilitator. They're simply the scum of the earth.


UPDATE August 1, 2021:

We've stumbled across a link that has diverted our attention temporarily.

So let's see.

This is a barrage of complaints about really, truly heinous behavior by the Netherlands Usenet. We only have personal experiences with the Dutch outside of any business environment because a bloody hoard of them have shown up in SE Asia and by God they are, in our view, a despicable people. Scammy to the Nth degree, self-aggrandizing, stupid, inept, unprofessional -- they are almost universally reviled here, much like the Ferengi. They are simply shit people. Are we bashing an entire nation? Yes, yes we are.

So we instantly made a few cerebral connections which may or may not be connected in anyway. It's the same kind of unconscious and instantaneous cerebral connection you make when you are hit with a series of strings, like Covid, Filthy, Dishonest, Amoral, Suppression, Communist, Tiananmen Square -- like that. The phrases, together in close proximity, might make one think, oh, we don't know --- CHINA, perhaps.

The neural connections snapped together in this order:

Netherlands (Dutch Cheese-Heads)
Credit Card Fraud
Just idle word association. reviews by ToughNickel

Is Highwinds, EasyNet and/or Omicon among others involved with this band of thieving shits?

Birds of a feather, etc.?


No connection THERE, right? Right? RIGHT?

We'll go down that particular rabbit hole when we have time.

First we want our money back from EasyNews Holdings Inc..

Next we want one or more of Easynews' shitholes formally criminally charged with fraud.

Next we want Chance Brannen, personally, to pay us for the time we've been forced to invest in this. Again, for the record, my personal wage alone has long been establiushed at $55/hr. Far less than Brannen makes, or schleps, but I still want it.

Once we've accomplished those things, we'll come back to some of these OTHER things. But this one, with USENET.NL, looks pretty fertile from the outset. Maybe we're wrong. Of course we are. Right?


This link will give you an overview of how things are connected. It's just a broad overview. Maybe you can find some useful protein in it for your own investigations. Maybe not.

And this link will give you a broad, simplified overview of USENETS in general, in case you're new to them (as in law enforcement and attorneys, Attorneys General throughout the US, Corporation Commissions, etc. etc.

The above was actually written by EasyNews and is a quite good piece. Too bad they can't treat their customers with as much care as they put into SNAGGING their customers. They go to all this trouble to bring payers in, then kick them in the face with cleated boots. Real smart business model.

We do find ourselves wondering how much of the income at EasyNews is legitimate -- you know, that age-old nonsense of SUPPLYING A WORTHWHILE PRODUCT in exchange for GETTING PAID AN HONEST SUM. Most Snowflakes have never heard of that concept, but it used to be popular with the old post-war square-heads. So how much of their income is honestly earned? As we keep digging and keep finding uncounted instances of apparent flat-out consumer fraud by EasyNews, we wonder if they provide any service at all, and if they do, are they, through scams, subterfuge, fraud, lies and plain old theft,l raking in four times as much cash as they're actually, contractually entitled to? That's kind of the America Way these days. China does it best, but the US is fast learning. Dangle a little bait out there, get people to give you their credit card data, and then STEAL THE FUCKING PISS OUT OF IT UNTIL STOPPED. Since nothing ever seems to really happen to the thieves, they have learned they can just do it again and again and again forever. Until they are FORCIBLY stopped by going to jail, such as we will endeavor very, very diligently to effect. You can steal from some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't steal from all of the people all of the time. And you can't steal FROM US.

We'd also like to know how many employees EasyNews ACTUALLY has. Brannen lists them from year to year as 2, or 13, or 12 -- are those actual employees, or merely people he knows. And if those are actual employees, there must be a physical office SOMEWHERE, and not just a UPS Store drop-box. Or do they REALLY only use daily and weekly office space rentals? Do they do that because they never made enough money from schlepping customers' credit card accounts and they can't AFFORD a real office? Hell, "WE" can afford a real office! Or is it that they have SO MANY ANGRY VICTIMS LOOKING FOR THEM that they have to live in deep cover, as if they must hide from the Mafia? And why don't they ever, ever, EVER answer their phones? A detective in S.D. claimed they seem to only have VOIP lines. No real phones, Chance? Why not? Because they're too easy to trace to a physical location, Chance? Chance don't take no chances, apparently. Were the parents of these Goddamned snipes ever aware of the bullshit they were and are up to? Are or were the parents of the very same ilk? Is that how these little cocksuckers got hatched and trained? The apple and the tree....etc.?

In all fairness, the parents aren't ALWAYS to blame. Sometimes people are just born bad. Good parents can mitigate that genetic character flaw, such that, if they work hard, they might turn a natural-born child-molster into just a petty thief. But generally, the parents are responsible for the crap their kids pull, even when those kids are 46.

And now it's lunch time. What, oh what, might we uncover later in the day?

We'll wolf down our sushi and get back to it asap, we promise. Because we really, really, really hate shysters. Kind of like we hate pedophiles, corrupt politicians, crack dealers, bad cops -- the latter being why I quit Federal law enforcement. There were too many bad cops and I couldn't bend my morals far enough to keep looking the other way. When I quit I didn't shed off my hatred of crooks though. In fact, being free to investigate and publish and run them to ground now, unfettered by the rules of politeness of various agencies, is a lot more fun. And productive. I don't have access to all the cool databases I used to. But friends do. Don't worry. We'll find ya, Chance. We really, really will. And once we've found ya, EVERYBODY can find ya. You shouldn't have taken our money. Most kids learn that by, what -- kindergarten? But some don't.

This page has become too long, and it will become much, much longer, so we'll continue it on Page 2. We anticipate going many more pages on this issue. If it comes to a criminal trial, we anticipate 60-100 more pages. If it comes to a civil trial, we anticipate that much again. All transcripts of both trials, including courtroom video, will be published on one of the pages in this website. Events are shown pretty-much chronologically.




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