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What about credit card fraud?

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Page Three of the EasyNews/Paypal Review


November 12, 2021: This site has now been hacked (sometime in October).

It was a two-pronged attack.

One attack featured the re-writing of our robots.txt file to disallow all search engines. We were notified of that via a service we employ, on Nov. 12, 2021. The fix took 20 seconds. We believe the attacker came in through an old obsolete Wordpress portal that had never been deleted, but we're not sure (For God's sake, just say no to Wordpress. Really).

Gee, we wonder, who in the world might be motivated to do this?

Who, indeed.

Let the games begin.

Remember, we PREDICTED this would happen months ago.

We had dropped this matter and moved on to more important things. However, since this has happened, we want to know a very, very great deal more about these people. It appears to us that our instincts were correct all along.

The second phase of the attack involved a barrage of "complaints" to Google re the content of this page.

Google is leaning more and more toward "The Facebook Way", because they've discovered they LIKE being the world's biased censors (think as Facebook does or don't think at all). You will see more and more of this kind of thing from Google as the years wear on. We strongly suggest availing yourselves of what appears, at least so far, a much better search engine than Google: DuckDuckGo. We get far and vastly better and more accurate results there than from Google. It's reportedly "private", but who cares. We couldn't care less if the entire world knows what we search for and what pages we visit; we simply want a search engine that provides the data we search for; no more, no less.

In any case, Google apparently went through the domain and declared everything "acceptable", whatever that means, and the pages have been re-indexed as of November 15, 2021, and are propagating at this moment.

We'll say it again: We predicted this months ago.

We've taken and are taking steps to disperse this content to servers around the world and in other languages, on numerous other domains, some of which are live now, and most of which are setup as fallbacks, meaning that if any content "mysteriously vanishes" from one server or domain, others will kick in. It will usually take at least a few weeks for the new pages to propagate. But this content will never disappear from the earth, and every time "someone" pulls a dirty little stunt like this, it will be reported to us within days (or minutes, depending on the severity of the attack). If the issue becomes too much to deal with, we will declare all copyrights to this material null and void (rescinded), and we will offer it to the Public Domain, to be copied and disseminated as the user wishes. Concerned parties can then spend every waking moment for the rest of their lives playing Whack-A-Mole and won't that be fun to watch.

We said a few months ago: "Let the Games Begin" if this shit starts happening. Okidokie. The games have begun.

EasyNews Steals?

Last Edited August 28, 2021 (Asia date)

Memo to shady businesses:
Don't double-charge, overcharge,
scam or steal money from the
credit cards of customers or
ex-customers, because:
People are sick to damned death of this.

If you can't make a living honestly, then
your business model ain't working.

This is the Home Page of...

EasyNews Steals? Holdings Inc.
Winter Park, Florida, and many other addresses at UPS stores around the US and possibly overseas.

We truly believe Steals!

Can we prove it? Let's find out!

We do know that EasyNews Sucks!



This is Page Three of "EasyNews Steals?"

Continued from Page Two




We've previously advised anyone who has been within ten miles-- make it 3000 miles of to CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARDS NOW. That was before we found the list below. Now, we're sorta saying, if you've ever even HEARD of Easynews from the cousin of a friend of a friend who once saw that company name in an old yellow newspaper, CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARDS NOW. It seems like it's just about that easy for Easynews to get into your accounts.

This outfit has become quite famous for mysteriously adding charges to credit cards that they're not entitled to. Sometimes they willingly refund when boldly confronted; sometimes they simply ignore the victims even then. There are far, far too many "accidents", we feel, for them to be accidental. We believe it's plain old premeditated theft, sometimes petty, sometimes apparently rising to the threshold of Grand Larceny. Normal, honest businesses don't act like this. As we've said, our own US businesses, running 50-100 charges per DAY, have never, not once, in 22 or 23 years, over-charged, double-charged or in any other way erroneously charged any customer. Not one. Not ever. It's never happened and it never would happen, because in order to do that, it must be manually initiated. Ghosts don't do it. Aliens don't do it. Shitholes do it. --Shitholes who are just hoping against hope that you won't notice it until it's too late, as is our case. And then, in 999 times out of a hundred, those shitholes get to keep the money. But not this time.

This is why crappy little fly-by-night businesses like background check con-artists and so many others and the list is growing, INSIST on signing you up for "subscriptions", even when there's no need for it. It's a cash cow. They know a percentage of users will forget to "unsubscribe", maybe for a long, long time. And they know if they make the unsubscription process impossible, some users will give up and pay forever. Even if they don't, the biz often ends up keeping some or all of the money. It's a conscious scam. They have board meetings to discuss how to do it without REALLY getting taken down by the FTC and others. It's a science and an art-form. When confronted by banks, lawyers, law enforcement, the Attorney General, the FTC, the FBI, they can him-and-haw around and mumble stupid things like, well, you know, the customer (victim) signed up for a, uh, you know, RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION and, well, we think what must have happened is that they signed up, you know, for TWO accounts or that when they clicked all the multitude of boxes required to cancel the subscription, well, you know, maybe they MISSED ONE, or maybe there was a FAILURE TO TRANSMIT and, well, we're so, so sorry, and we'll refund a LITTLE BIT, but, you know, it really IS the customer's responsibility to make sure their subscription really was canceled, even though, of course, we are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT, and of course, well, you know, that's BY DESIGN, but, well, it's STILL the customer's responsibility to contact us, which this customer never did, so, fuck off and we're laughing all the way to the bank because taking money that doesn't belong to us accounts for 23.4% of our net profit and WE LIKE IT.

That's it in a nutshell.

Except in this case we DO have Easynews' WRITTEN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CANCELLATION, and we do have Easynews' WRITTEN PROMISE TO NEVER CHARGE US AGAIN, and then there's the fact that they DID stop debiting the card for several months, but then manually started it up again with ABSOLUTELY NO INPUT FROM US, and they made sure to somehow RENEW the account after the entire year was up, and of course there will be ZERO activity on that account because no one knew it existed -- we have them by the fucking short-hairs and we really want to see what incredibly creative bullshit they come up with to avoid a criminal charge of credit card fraud. We can't fucking wait.

But Easynews can say that some "criminal", not Easynews of course, must have just used our credit card account number, obtained from some hack at some time, to set up and pay for ANOTHER account which ONLY THEY then used for over a year.

Wrong. When Paypal canceled the account and blocked further debits, the account they canceled was ONLY associated with OUR email address and no other. Had some crook been using that account, we would have received all kinds of bullshit from Easynews, like promotions, advertisements, spam, account usage reports, invites to join or add this service or that other bullshit service -- yet there was not a single peep from Easynews for over a year, because the account was DEAD and not once accessed by us or anyone else. The ONLY connection that was still a lone tendril of a connection was the monthly debits. Add the fact that that card had NO other fraudulent charges for that 15 month or so period, nor did any other card. Had someone successfully hacked our Paypal account or other charge cards, they would have first changed our Paypal or other password(s) and email address(es) so we wouldn't be aware of what was about to happen, and then run wild with fraudulent spending until the cards were maxed out. But none of that happened.

We don't really see the end-benefit in stealing little bits of money like this except that if you do it, say, 100 times, you net $1000 a month. Are these companies doing it a thousand times per month? Maybe! So you get caught in a percentage of the cases, and you wheedle and whine and apologize and laugh into a pillow while you're saying you're sorry, and you refund all the schlepped funds, or a portion of them -- how many times do you seriously get caught? Remember, chargebacks won't recover any charges over 60 days old. Most people don't check their cards often enough. And when they do, let's say they find 11 fraudulent charges from Easynews going back 11 months, and they learn from their bank or from the worthless thieves and con-artists at Paypal that there is no recourse and there will be no action and no refund, and they contact Easynews and are completely, utterly and totally ignored because half the time their customer service portals seem to be missing in action, and they talk to lazy local law enforcement who dodge and weave and say it's a civil matter and to go find an attorney, we suggest that somewhere around 99.9% of victims just give up, and they go into some forum somewhere and bitch about what happened and everybody else says yeah, yeah, it happened to us too, what'd ya gonna do and who ya gonna call, and everyone laments the unfairness of the world and then some jackass breaks into that victim's car two weeks later and the whole Easynews thing goes on a back burner and is more or less forgotten.

That's how it goes.

And outfits like Easynews KNOW this, and they KNOW they're going to get to keep the money ALMOST ALWAYS. Honestly, there are a multitude of "businesses" on the web with impressive websites that offer NO PRODUCT AT ALL. But they're good at getting you to sign up, and they just keep as much of the money as they can when you finally get wise and complaint. Maybe, in the end, they only get to keep 40%. 40% of a hundred thousand dollars a month is a living.

Easynews does provide SOME kind of product, though they were worthless for our needs. We'd been told that countless very old newspaper records had been transcribed into the newsgroups, or even offered as microfiche images that could be accessed. We never found a single one. Over the course of maybe two weeks, somewhere under a dozen of people tried to get ANYTHING AT ALL to download through EasyNews. None of us were ever able to get a single file to open because every single file, without exception, was corrupted. Not "a lot of them". ALL. And we just gave up and asked to cancel.

Still, some people DO seem to find what they want on Easynews -- it could be mostly porn, pirated apps, kiddie porn, whatever, who knows, but at least Easynews isn't a COMPLETE sham from the standpoint of delivering files and some people stay with them for years and years, happy as clams. That just wasn't OUR experience.

Check your credit cards for any charges from the following entities (including, of course). You only have 60 days from the date of a given charge to file a credit card chargeback and force a refund. Paypal claims you can go back 180 days with them, but when we tried to go even 60 days, they said the charges were too old. Yes, we know, Paypal is the worst of the worst and we can't begin to imagine why the FTC hasn't taken them down.


Easynews charged us for a service that didn't work. We complained. They grudgingly refunded and promised in writing to never charge us again.

End of story. Right?

Of course not. We watched our cards for a few months after that cancellation, and when no new charges showed up, we thought that was the end of the stink-bombs at Easynews. Lo and behold, however, they started charging us again the month after we stopped monitoring, and continued to charge for well over a year before we caught it. The Winter Park, Florida (Orange County) Police Department has now fully accepted our criminal complaint of credit card fraud and a detective has been assigned. We'll see if that brings us a refund. If not, we will sue EasyNews and Chance Brannen, President, right there in Winter Park. Again, to get the full story, go back to Page One.

If you find you've been a victim of, please contact the Winter Park Police Department immediately. The case is under active investigation as of August 12, 2021. The Winter Park Police have asked that you contact them through their website; they've asked that we do not post email addresses for the investigators.





  • POS Debit EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL

  • POS PUR EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL

  • POS PURCH EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL



  • PRE-AUTH EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL

  • PENDING EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL

  • Visa Check Card EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL MC

  • Misc. Debit EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL

  • CHKCARD EASYNEWS.COM 866-396-3974 FL


    The charging entities below may or may not be associated with They are included in a list we stumbled onto which wasn't entirely clear. We think they probably are not connected, but we included them here because they were included there, and we haven't positively ruled them out yet. It goes without saying that if you've been messing around Easynews lately (lie down with dogs, get up with fleas), and you see charges from entities like those below, you are advised to get on top of it poste haste and see what's going on.

    Lifetimes ago I worked underwater, and we of course needed to seal and waterproof a great many things, not the least of which were the connections to my helmet for stereo music. We often used a particular sealant that was better than anything else in those days, called "5200". It was effective as hell, but absolutely miserable to work with. None of us had ever seen ANYTHING that could seemingly LEAP from the tube and glom onto you a frikkin' meter away, ruining your clothing or your watch band or whatever because it was impossible to get out. We used to joke that if you were using 5200, and at the same time talking to someone on a landline phone, the person you were talking to would come away from the conversation with 5200 on their face. It was a joke of course, but we feel that way about Easynews now. It seems to us that if you even see a Goddamned ad on a monitor for Easynews, you'll come away from that 3 second exposure with funds missing from your credit cards. Check carefully for debits from any of the following, just to be sure:




  • EASYKEYS.COM, INC 07047147249, NC

  • EASYPARK CP62 604-682-67




If you find charges from any of the six entities above (or others that look suspicious), do due diligence BEFORE reporting them as fraudulent, because they might not be associated with Easynews -- or they might be! It's possible there are a great many more that we're not yet aware of. For the full scoop on this case, start from Page One.


And what exactly is Chance Brannen's connection to:

Las Ventanas at Boynton Beach Ltd

359 Carolina Avenue Suite 200 Winter Park, FL 32789 United States.


We want our fuckin' money back. And so far we ain't seen a nickel.


The 2-star complaints number in the hundreds in various forums and the foreign language complaints number in the hundreds. We didn't even read the two-star complaints. Again, to be fair, there are quite a few four and five star reviews -- we'd love to have vet THOSE.

Still, full disclosure: There ARE customers of Easynews that are happy -- unless those reviews are fake, like most of the reviews on

We had demurred originally to post our final and official criminal complaint to the Winter Park Police Department. That is the affidavit that caused that PD to go ahead and open a formal investigation. We'll redact some things and post it now:

A case number has been issued and a detective has been assigned.


It has been suggested that we should really be going after Highwinds Networking, or Omicron, or Stackpath, because one or all of them has "acquired" Easynews and is now responsible for it.

But is it really?

Chance Faris Brannen is still listed as President of Easynews Holdings Inc., and it "appears" Chance Brannen is still calling the shots there. If, in fact, Chance Brannen is OUT of Easynews and is now no longer in control of any aspect of Easynews nor responsible for any aspect of Easynews' nefarious bullshit, and wasn't in early 2020 when this fraud first began, then he's more than welcome to convince law enforcement of that and in such case they would go look into whoever IS in charge. But Chance is heavily involved in Highwinds too, which was apparently, again, "acquired" by Omicron, in which Chance is heavily involved again, which was apparently absorbed by Stackpath -- ! It always comes back to Chance Brannen. All the peas are in the same pod.


Some items worth looking into:


OTI NL, LLCNumber:
























At this juncture we figure we've uncovered about 15% of what this group is up to -- same names over and over and over. They probably spend more on business licenses and incorporating documents and fees (and business cards) per year than a whole village in SE Asia needs to live on. There's no way on earth a few people could possibly actually work and maintain this many legitimate, operating businesses and keep them running and operating and making money. So the question is, what are all these for? Tax dodges? If you start a million small businesses you get all kinds of tax perks initially on each one, and you go out and buy a bunch of equipment (servers, anyone?) and when the businesses all fail (by design), you can write off those losses, say the equipment broke down, failed, was sold at fire sales -- in any case it's GONE and the IRS and the creditors can't get it. So is this what these guys are up to? It might all be legal of course. Trump the Hump did it for decades. Or maybe it's not legal (Trump the Hump did it for decades ;-)

It's probably time to go rooting in the bankruptcy courts.

This could all be above-board, but we suspect there's something more involved than that. And "involved" is just fine! Some personality types thrive on wallowing in a spaghetti bowl of disjointed business activities. We don't. We derive everything we need from life by cooking up a hundred kilograms of rice for a hungry village. But that's just us. The question we can't seem to answer to our own satisfaction is how all this heap of inter-tangled and intertwined little ventures serves to MAKE MONEY which is, of course, the Holy Grail and shameless end-goal for this personality type. If all these companies made money, Chance's listed net worth would be a hell of a lot more than 1.3 mil. (and maybe it is, on some books, somewhere). Do they serve some function as support businesses for the greater enterprises, like financing Highwinds or Omicron? Is there another purpose to build what appears to be little more than a house of cards, all with no real physical addresses (A UPS drop box doesn't exactly scream credibility). We don't really care beyond idle curiosity. We just want our C-note back. But we imagine someone who DOES care, maybe someone who has been REALLY SERIOUSLY bitten and wounded by one of this group, will use our smattering of little leads here to chase down the info they want and need to begin to set things straight.

We're told Chance is "naturally gregarious". Great. We like that. We're affable too. His dad was by all accounts a stand-up man and a talented, honorable football coach. Chance was the quintessential footballer in high school. Fine and well. Great even. But IS HE TRUSTWORTHY? Everything we've stumbled upon so far says no. Maybe, bizarrely, every single one of the dozens upon dozens of weird little businesses and corporations these people seem to pop like popcorn are perfectly legitimate and moral and upright. Like Easynews. Like Easynews. Like Easynews.

We submit to Easynews that they would have been far better off to have never taken money that didn't belong to them. Our money. And they should have given it back when we asked for it. We get cranky when that happens. Even Mother Teresa would have done a tag team on these shits with Gandhi. We have no doubt of that.

Curiouser and curiouser The rabbit holes never end.


UPDATE, August 16, 2021:

We're going to suggest that if the reader STILL wants to become involved with Sleasynews, they pay ONLY be regular credit card and NOT via Paypal. The reason is this:

If you pay by Paypal, and there's a problem, Paypal probably won't give you your money back. Paypal is outrageously famous for this. On occasion they will, but in our experience, about 70% of the time they won't, even when the case is thoroughly documented and crystal clear. Instead of addressing the black and white issues that the cheated customer presents, Paypal will veer off on some unrelated tangent that makes no sense to anyone (by design) and declare the matter CLOSED and there's nothing you can do about it. If you then go to your bank (VISA card, Mastercard, etc.) and file a dispute (chargeback), the bank will jerk the funds back out of PAYPAL'S account, but Paypal doesn't really care even then! They expect that a tiny percentage of ripped-off customers will go over their heads and get a refund through their bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, etc.). Paypal doesn't have power over the card issuers, so they just suck it up and forget it. It's not even pocket lint to them. The problem is that nothing at all happens to the offender, in this case, Easynews. You might think that any "financial institution", and we use that term very, very loosely when it comes to Paypal, might want to limit its exposure with shady businesses who cause untold customer problems and grief by being "bad actors" in the online business world, and that any entity such as Paypal, when they saw that any particular business was really racking up the anger, hatred and wrath of screwed-over customers, would have some limits in place that would figuratively "ring a bell" when those bad businesses crossed some threshold of bad behavior. In other words, one might think that if a business is causing Paypal a lot of grief through its unprofessionalism and dishonesty, Paypal might get tired of putting out that business' fires and cut them off and cancel their account. In fact, reputable financial institutions do that. But Paypal is the antithesis of reputable. They are worse than any band of thieving skunks we've ever encountered in any country all around the world. So Easynews has apparently absolute cart blanche with regard to their thoroughly shitty treatment of customers and their widespread abuses of customers' credit card accounts.

When a million customers go to Paypal and complain about a single business that has stolen their money, it's no skin off Paypal's nose whatsoever. They absolutely and completely DO NOT CARE. Paypal would gladly do business with Satan and all his minions and would PROTECT THEM FROM ANGRY CUSTOMERS. That is Paypal's very well demonstrated business plan. For God's sake Google these assholes. Paypal will protect the business -- but seldom (though occasionally for optics sake) the customer wronged.

Ok. So that's what you get when you pay Easynews (or anyone else) through Paypal. If you haven't been BADLY stung by Paypal YET, just wait -- YOU WILL BE.

BTW that's ten MILLION websites for Paypal Sucks -- Million, with an "M". That's just way too many victims hating you and you know, you know the FTC has not just a fat file on Paypal, but several file CABINETS full of fat files on Paypal, and we keep wondering when, oh when, the Federal Trade Commission will finally say, ok, enough Americans have been screwed over and stolen from and otherwise FUCKED IN THE EYE by this Goddamned barrel of lying, amoral, shitting monkeys wearing pants, and just shut them the fuck down.

Who knows. Maybe never. The morals of Idiocracy -- er, I mean, AMURICA are NOT what they used to be. If the political parties can both roll and wallow and fuck each other in the mud of incompetence, dishonor, sleaze and often downright mental retardation (Biden, anyone?), and do it 24/7 and right on TV, then perhaps that's the new normal even for agencies like the FTC.

Now, what happens when you bypass Paypal completely and pay straight-ahead with your VISA, Mastercard, Amex, etc.? It's far simpler and you have a vastly greater degree of control over the entire transaction.

Let's say you sign up for one month with Easynews but they charge you for a full year, and you can't even get in to use that first month. When you complain, they charge your card for two extra years and refuse to reply to your increasingly heated demands of WTF. That kind of thing is VERY common with Easynews.

What do you do then, in the case where you paid directly from a credit card?

You file a chargeback which WILL be looked at fairly and thoroughly and the right decision is almost always made.

That's gratifying as hell. Your card issuer will simply TAKE your money back out of Easynews' merchant bank account -- the account that allows Easynews to debit your card(s), and they'll do it almost instantly.

But that's only half of the gratification.

The other half is that REAL MERCHANT ACCOUNTS don't LIKE businesses who fuck with them. They really, really hate it. They don't have time for it and they won't abide the bullshit. In the first place, some merchant accounts charge the business a fee for any and all chargebacks, whether the customers wins or loses. They do this because they're sick of bad businesses and they want to recoup their expenses in having to fool with disputes. They want, ideally, NO DISPUTES EVER. To really get tough with businesses who don't even care about the fees (they used to be $35 per chargeback), the merchant banks state in the contract that any merchant account holder who exceeds X amount of chargebacks in a given time frame will LOSE THEIR ACCOUNT. Their red line might be 1, 2, or 3% of that business's total transactions. If a business makes 100 charges to various customer accounts, and 3.1 of those customers get pissed off and can't find relief through the seller, and they file a dispute, then that business will lose (sometimes instantly and without warning) their ability to charge ANYONE's credit card account.

Oh, well, the errant business can just go get another merchant account with another bank, right? No. That was kinda the case when online sales were new, say early 1990's, but merchant banks wised up and got stricter and stricter and now they're very, very tough on the Easynews's of the world. If you go to a new merchant account issuer, they'll know everything there is to know about your old merchant account issuer. Every stupid and dishonest or unprofessional stunt you pulled will be right there in their master files so they can make an educated decision as to whether or not they want to do business with you. The account that banned you can also, AT THEIR SOLE DISCRETION, make a notation in your file that says you SHALL NOT BE ELIGABLE FOR ANY NEW MERCHANT ACCOUNT. You can be Black Listed. Period!

If you've screwed up one or two merchant accounts by being a jackass business and causing too many disputes, you become the property of the "high risk" account issuers. If you, as a business, are a serial fuckup, and get dropped once or twice, you still MIGHT be able to go get approved for a high risk merchant account, which is what we suspect Easynews/Highwinds/Omicron/Stackpath is running on in 2021. Sometimes, even if you don't have a history of ANY disputes, the merchant account issuer will kick you to the curb very unceremoniously and without notice merely because they don't like your product. Ask a porn vendor or online gambling site, or even many gamer sites, how easy it is to get a real merchant account. That's another reason we think Sleazynews is probably under the grinding thumb of a high risk merchant account. Whatever the reason you got kicked to the back burner or completely down the poop chute, you're gonna pay through the ass in every single way in your shiny new high-risk merchant account, and your account is going to be scrutinized like never before, and monitored almost 24/7, and if you fuck that up too, then you're really, really out and about all you have left is accepting paper checks through the mail, or Paypal (or other scum suckers and bottom-feeders like them). If you're operating under the severe restrictions of a high risk account, you don't EVER want a SINGLE chargeback dispute to go on your record because your livelihood is already circlin' the drain and all it takes by the banks is a flick of the flush handle and you're relegated to the sewer scum like Paypal and all their fly-by-night brethren and that's NOT a place ANY credible business wants to be.

When you see a business that ONLY offers payment by Paypal or another of the fly-by-night leeches other than VISA/Mastercard, etc., it's likely they screwed the pooch too many times and might even have a lifetime ban against them. We'd LOVE to know who Easynews' merchant account issuer is because we sorely want to make them aware of this website, and we want to file a suit and subpoena those records so we can see just how despicable Easynews really is in terms of customer disputes.

We said before that there was a very curious pattern in Easynews customer support when pissed off customers come calling about fraudulent credit card charges. In some cases, Easynews is Johnny-on-the-Spot in resolving those complaints and in refunding money it took that didn't belong to it. But in many other cases, it seems Easynews just. doesn't. care. Almost like they're laughing their asses off! And the customer might go raising holy hell for even a period of YEARS, publicizing their troubles with Easynews on any forum they can find, and demanding refunds, but Easynews is nowhere to be found. Wholly and oddly missing in action. Like a ghost.

We've mused over that odd double standard. Now, maybe we have a solution. Could it be that the customers who paid straight from regular credit cards, get "real" customer service and attention from Easynews, because they really, really don't want official chargebacks to hit their actual merchant account? And could it be that those supremely angry customers whom Easynews won't even respond to, are the customers that paid through Paypal, friend and protector of all business who sign up with them?

Just asking the question.

If you, as a bad business, get banned by your merchant account issuer, then you are nearly completely "well and truly fucked". And they do this ALL THE TIME, because they are exactly as sick to fucking death of bad businesses as you and we are.

Again, Paypal truly doesn't seem to give a rat's ass how bad any business it carries. I don't even know if Paypal has any threshold for disputes AT ALL. Maybe your dispute percentage is 45% through Paypal. 65%? 85% Would they continue to (wink-wink) just keep on allowing you to collect funds from customers using their interface? We believe they would. BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE (yes, we realize, we've said that a few times now).

So the point is, forget Paypal for this reason and for a grand multitude of other reasons, and ONLY ever pay through your regular credit card. Then, when things go south, and they will, you have a GREAT DEAL more leverage over the scurrilous, unrepentant seller.

We had hoped that when we filed a successful VISA chargeback dispute for one of the fraudulent Easynews debits, we could finally learn who Easynews' merchant account holder really is, and we could then "have a fun conversation" with those folks. Unfortunately, our bank doesn't KNOW who the Easynews merchant bank is, because the facilitator was Paypal. Our transactions didn't go through a merchant account directly. Paypal knows who the Easynews merchant account issuer is, but Paypal ain't talkin'. Paypal had to pay back the money in that dispute, not the Easynews merchant bank. The Easynews merchant bank doesn't even know about any of this because Paypal ate it. We aim to enlighten the Easynews merchant account issuer, and sooner or later, WE WILL.

A bit of research fodder, below:



Winter Park, Florida



Winter Park, Florida

Chief Executive Officer

Tsm Technology Management, Inc

Winter Park, Florida


Eis Management Inc

Winter Park, Florida

Chief Executive Officer

Reliable Hosting

Winter Park, Florida

Chief Executive Officer

Tsm Technology Management, Inc.

Winter Park, Florida


Pond Long Management LLC

Winter Park, Florida


1720 Glencoe LLC

Winter Park, Florida


Omicron Business Services Inc

Winter Park, Florida



Winter Park, Florida


Rets College Online

Winter Park, Florida

Chief Executive Officer


Winter Park, Florida

Chief Executive Officer

Uns Holdings, Inc.

Winter Park, Florida


Thomas Steve Miller (brother of Gabe?) is listed here as President of Highwinds. Should we be looking more at the Millers? RYAN GABRIEL MILLER is Gabe Miller.

Ah, but Omicron is now the parent of Highwinds.

And Stackpath is the owner of Omicron -- and

Let's see how the Winter Park PD runs this to ground.

If they go to Chance Brannen, will they just get passed to ______ and then to ______ and then to ______.


Is that passing of the buck by design?


And more. (There's always more)

Reminder: We just want our fucking money back. That is NOT, we PROMISE, too Goddamned much to ask, not on this, or any other fucking planet.

Easynews is reported to be running an average of around 900,000 customers, rolling. We're "pretty sure" they can afford to refund our lousy hundred bucks. But we're "pretty sure" they have simply CHOSEN not to. So be it. The longer they refuse to refund, the longer we'll feel motivated to keep this up.

Things to ponder:

How many are being over-charged, and that news never made it onto the web?

Some "experts" estimate that only about 1 in 500 disputes of this type ever make it into the public forum.

And how many are, right now, being over-charged AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT?

And how many WILL BE over-charged this year, and next year, and in 2025?

What's the actual grand total of over-charges that Easynews has collected since about 2013 that it never paid back?

How much has Easynews collected in over-charges that it was FORCED to pay back either by Paypal complaints, credit card disputes, law enforcement action or private lawsuits, or by really nasty and relentless complainants likie us, in the realm of Chance Brannen?

How many times, historically, has Easynews committed credit card fraud?

And Riomar Capital is worth more than a glance.



In the preceding few pages (and much more to come) we've provided pathways for other researchers to learn who the people are in association with Easynews, Highwinds, Omicron, and to a limited extent, Stackpath, plus dozens and dozens of other connected and semi-connected little enterprizes whose connections, or even basic functions or products/services, are NOT clear at all.

But in reality, all "we" really need to know is:


That's really all there is to this entire case.

Maybe the idiot who initiated the post-cancellation charging also set it up to auto-renew after that first YEAR. But still, exactly, explicitly, WHO in that office clicked those keys. The Winter Park PD tells us that is their focus as well. You can't arrest a corporation, but you can arrest an individual. Did Chance Faris Brannen click those keys? Or one of his minions? Even if it was one of his employees, and that employee is long gone (or doesn't have any money), it's still the responsibility of the listed president of that corporation to make restitution. But that restitution is conspicuously missing in action.

As far as the rest of the turkeys in this hunt, we have no clue about them and we don't really need to know. They could be kitten murderers for all we care. We list their data here merely as a nod to others who are searching for resolutions from these outfits after claiming they were effed, and there are a number of them. We hope they find what they need. We keep searching because we want to see how deep and far this PATTERN of credit card shenanigans runs. So far, we don't see anything of this particular nature beyond Easynews, which is fairly famous for it. The others don't deal so much in public sales. We wonder what their reputations are in commercial sales of their services. To discover that, one must go poking in court records, but these entities change hands so incredibly quickly that that is difficult. One must really want to know -- and we don't. We only want our lunch money back from Easynews.

The fact that Easynews has a long and disgusting history of this DOES tell us one thing: The Easynews ship is skippered by Chance Brannen, and if Brannen allows that kind of rank and utter bullshit to persist for DECADES on his watch, then is he really, seriously, a good candidate to be handling the fortunes and reputations of the likes of Highwinds, Omicron, and others? If WE were running THOSE operations, and we discovered that one of our top people had long been engaged in this either directly, or in just allowing it to persist, what would we do? That jackall would be suspended within hours and out within 30 days, even if that required a court order. No company profile needs that kind of crap stuck to its signboard. It's difficult enough to make a living doing things RIGHT with GOOD PEOPLE. The slightest whiff of bowel can tank even a government.

We aren't finding anything particularly putrid about any of the parent companies of Easynews. There are the usual civil suits, subpoenas, etc., and a bit of a drug history, wasted youth, etc., in a couple of the personalities that keep cropping up, but it's really just the normal thing you see when you start looking into anyone, and none of it, so far, has any bearing on our claim of credit card fraud. Maybe we'll find new things an hour from now. Maybe we never will. But we'll keep looking until we are repaid. Easynews should have INSTANTLY refunded us, plus interest, plus restitution for our work time, way back in July of 2021 when they were asked to do so. But not a peep. That, alone, tells us a lot.

People have asked us, what would we do if someone stole $10,000 from us?

Easy. There would be no website at all.

A few more charges that Easynews might be making on your cards.

Numerous people reported they didn't know what these charges were for:




  • Misc. Debit EASYNEWS HOLDINGS 866 396 397 52CB9D INTERNET




Legitimate charges or not?


Readers might notice that we have mostly stayed away from listing complaints from Easynews customers about the QUALITY of the Easynews service itself. That's because it's mostly unrelated to our hundred bucks. The service didn't work AT ALL for us. We couldn't find a single thing we were looking for, and so we let a number of people try their luck, repeatedly. They downloaded God knows how many gigs of whatever, but not a single file could be opened, mostly because the files were corrupted, but also because every file was so riddled with nasty viruses (not the easy-to-kill kind) that it seems the viruses must have accounted for 99% of the code that was in the fucking files! There couldn't have been room for anything else! I, personally, tried to open every file that had been downloaded by a loose group of people, aged about 15 to 30. I couldn't open a single file. We tried this off and on for awhile -- I forget how long. Maybe as much as ten days. Then, it being clear we would never even get to LOOK at anything to see if it was useful, we just gave up and began arguing with Easynews over a cancellation and refund. Yes, we're in SE Asia, but, looking back, that wasn't the source of the problems. In any case, that is OUR technical experience with Easynews. We do know that a hell of a lot of people download uncounted hundreds of terabytes through Easynews from around the world. We have to ask, terabytes OF WHAT? What in the HELL are they downloading? There isn't that much porn in the entire world! If they're downloading pirated apps, their collections would have to be gigantic beyond our comprehension. Music? Videos? Those can add up. But for God's sake, how many movies can you, or do you want to, download in A YEAR? What would they DO with 329 TERABYTES of pirated software? They can't bloody install it all and use it! How can they afford the drive space to store it all? We can't imagine they could sell it because any sucker could just go download it themselves for almost free. But many are concerned with UPLOAD speeds too! Uploading what? Crap that is already in the USENET? For what purpose? In any case it doesn't matter what they're up-or-downloading, the question would be DOES THE "SERVICE" TECHNICALLY WORK? For ANYTHING? Again, it didn't for us, but it must be working for someone, unless they, too, are just downloading endless T's of corrupted files, hoping someday to accidentally get something that works. There are plenty of complaints about the technicalities of the Easynews "system" not working, and also plenty of people who are happy with it. We don't really care. We care about the schlepping of credit cards, and that's a whole different side of the business than whether their software works.

Let's just touch on the morality of some of the gunk that's available in the Newsgroups.


Who cares. Seriously, get a life.

Having said that, we're going to walk it back a bit. We've been in SE Asia a very, very long time. SE Asia is NOT Kansas. Our sensibilities have changed VASTLY here. Sadly, SE Asia is building itself on the work of prostitutes and the sex industry. Young girls are recruited and once well entrenched into a life of sex work, they can't really ever go back. Too many things get altered in their psyches. Their options die one by one. The number of lives we've personally watched get RUINED are legion. The sex industry is the sex industry is the sex industry -- it doesn't matter whether it's prostitution or porn; it's the same thing. It might be that the sex industry has a place in the world IF: The minimum age is, say, 25, so their minds will have matured enough to make a decision that is, in many ways, irrevocable if they choose poorly, and, also, they are required by law to go through a hefty bit of psychological counseling to be SURE they know what they're getting into, because somewhere around 99.9999999999%, at age 19, do NOT. Cover those bases and then, maybe, a sex industry can be legitimized to some degree. Maybe. Maybe the psychologists would say not even then. We would enjoy such a conversation.

Pirated apps? There are a few arguments that go like this:

(1) If the commercial apps WORKED, people would be more inclined to PAY for them (so, so, SO many apps do NOT do what they advertise, but just try and get a refund).

(2) If commercial apps were AFFORDABLE, people would be more inclined to pay for them. Nearly $200/yr just for Acrobat? $600 - $800 to buy it outright? Give us a break. $200/yr for endless bugs and lost documents and crashed apps (it's the "Adobe Way" now -- used Premiere lately? No, because almost no one can) and piss-poor support by non-English-speaking Millennials in Bangladesh?

-- As Cyrano de Bergerac says, No Thank you, No Thank you, and Again, No Thank you.

But if Acrobat was priced fairly, there would be no pirating because everyone would buy it? That's the discussion. Many active offices would be running $200-$600 per month, or much more, just for simple, basic apps like this, if they paid these prices. No small business could afford it. So is software piracy wrong OR NOT? Once and for all, is it WRONG, morally, OR NOT!? Yes, it's wrong, morally. If you can't AFFORD to be running the software you need to make a living, then morality has it that you SHOULD NOT MAKE A LIVING. Got it? We're glad that's clear.

We won't wade into those arguments. Those are merely the arguments.

Kiddie Porn? Look. Children are to be PROTECTED, not EXPLOITED because, guess what -- THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES. We find it hard to believe that, in this day and age, there are still people trying to find and download kiddie porn off the internet, LET ALONE CREATE IT! Seriously -- how stupid could you be. It's apparently an incurable brain disease, at least incurable by "decent" society (there IS a cure). But even if they are still doing that, we find it hard to believe that it's impossible to cull it off the servers. In any case, even though we are HUGE supporters of "free speech" (it doesn't exist in SE Asia and you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone (Janis?)), that ain't speech in any sense of the word and it isn't "creative" either. Get it gone from humanity and don't help people download it. For Christ's sake, don't help them get it.

Music? People say if music was cheaper, they wouldn't have to steal it with the assistance of SLEazynews. Well, guess what? Music IS cheaper! If you don't have a dollar, turn on your radio. Don't have a radio? Cash in your nose ring or get a job.

Movies? We watch almost no movies here. Maybe one per year. But we know people who are driven to personally collect every single movie ever produced. They don't even try to make money on them -- they give access to friends for free. Movies take HUGE amounts of space. We submit that the money they spend on hard drive space could be better spent to actually buy the few movies they actually do watch. If ALL movies are free, there won't be any movies to watch, because producing them takes money. Yeah, but they make TOO MUCH PROFIT on them? Maybe they do. But without a HUGE profit incentive, no one will go to the trouble of making movies (which often enough LOSE money) except with their fucking iPhones, and you won't want to watch THOSE, except, maybe, of your --- oh never mind.

Isn't it all illegal? Yes, of course. Torturing and offing pedophiles is illegal too, but should it be? Just askin' for a friend. Just about everything can be interpreted to be illegal. Harvard says we all commit about three Felonies per day and there's no way to stop because there are just that many unknown and unknowable laws (How many misdemeanors? Probably hundreds). We're kind sick of the Victorian Dudley Dooright anal-retentiveness of American society too (which is one reason we don't live there). But stealing from credit cards is one of those things that doesn't need to be "interpreted" to be known to be dead wrong by any society except, of course, maybe THE FRENCH (kidding, sort of, you Froggy Bastards). Morality and legality often run on separate and divergent paths -- that's because legislators are too often rock-fucking stupid and completely amoral -- they're just going through the motions to keep collecting their pay and perks for as long as they can (remember, it was largely state legislators our helicopters ferried out into the woods)(did you read from page one?). Many things like copying movies are in a bit of a gray area of legality -- but stealing money from credit cards is not. It's black and white and the anger that results when it's done, especially when it's done EVERY FUCKING MONTH FOR OVER A FUCKING YEAR is very, very visceral and real. People take THAT shit personally.

We think Chance is pretty sleazy to have crafted an entire life around all of the above, and then to have leveraged that into things a bit more respectable, but we're not going to mount a moral high-horse to any great extent. He has to live with it and so do his children, if he has any. Maybe he sleeps perfectly well.

In the end, just don't steal our money.

There's no gray area there.

It's a dirt-simple concept.

Try to grasp it.

Usually, even the French can do that.

Aside: My God, we'll be glad when Covid is contained and we can get back to REAL work..

Incidentally, several of the agencies this problem was formally reported to (see page one) have FAILED TO RESPOND! Oh My God! The Shock! This is the age of hapless, witless Snowflakes and Millennials, after all.

ICANN, GoDaddy, and a few others are, as predicted earlier, missing in action, which is par for the course. WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING.

So the plan is this:

We'll wait to see if we get either a conviction or some other meaningful action or resolution for some or several at Easynews, and then go back at ICANN and GoDaddy and others HARD with complaints of malfeasance and incompetence against those who SHOULD HAVE responded. If no criminal conviction, we'll go another route.

Snowflakes and Millenials wonder openly why "things" don't work correctly or properly anymore. This is why. Because NONE of them will DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.


Omicron's brands:

  • Easynews

  • Eweka

  • Newshosting

  • UsenetServer

  • Tweaknews

  • XLned

  • PureUsenet

  • SunnyUsenet

  • (Omicron won't acknowledge they own it)


We're beginning to glean a sense of the landscape here.

Easynews was a tiny little bug of a company that was going nowhere, but Chance, with friends and family, managed to branch and expand into other markets through Highwinds, Omicron, Stackpath, etc., and is now a "more respected" entity in those circles. Remember the old New York and Chicago mobsters? Their accountants eventually convinced that mobster-teering had no future, and to take all their ill-gotten riches and invest them legitimately. We feel that's sort of the conclusion that Easynews came to. They are making "some" efforts to jump through the hoops and limit the kiddie-porn trade and the pirated-apps trade. Not a lot. But a little. They are trying to legitimize Easynews and other satellite concerns. And they have leveraged their "presence" in the industry into better positions.

We believe Easynews and their ilk will go away -- three years? Ten years? But go away they will, and Brannen will have a short step from the deck of that sinking little Titanic, onto the more stable decks of the other businesses he has glommed onto.

And that's all just fine.

We wonder, however, if Brannen has hung onto Easynews just a little....too long. The liabilities are now gargantuan, and his enemies are coming at him and the others, from every single angle, like mosquitoes and viruses and termites -- not to say their causes aren't legitimate; some are, some aren't. But they coming at outfits like Easynews in those kinds of numbers and with those kinds of determinations. They'll get him, sooner or later. We suspect Brannen is watching the water level in his bilges very, very closely, and the pumps are running pretty steadily now, and legal costs are rising. Chance will be watching carefully, so as to know exactly the right moment to step off into one of the many lifeboats he has crafted, and let the Easynews dinghy go down.

Maybe we're completely wrong. Time will tell.

In any case, this is all just idle amusement. We're not in that industry; we don't want to be in that back-biting, hard-scrabble, bare-knuckle Goddamned fistfight every single day, overflowing with dirty little dickheads and shysters and wanna-be con-artists and egomaniacs and sharks. We WOULD never be in that industry. No amount of money is worth it. We have NO INTEREST in that industry. We only want to know what kind of skunks are schlepping peoples' credit cards in that industry.

Since we wholeheartedly believe Chance Brannen doesn't give a rat's ass about his customers and whether he, or his employees, are stealing from them, we have to wonder if the people he associates and works with, higher up in the dusty rafters of Highwinds or Omicron or Stackpath, are of the same caliber. Are they skunks or not? We're actually not yet sure!

When this case is concluded we may add a comment box so people can tell us their own experiences with ALL of these outfits. Won't that be fun? A central repository of experiences. Yes, that will be fun. Plenty of people, especially the pissed-off variety, are far better researchers than we are, with vastly more knowledge into the inner workings of this particular industry. What might they reveal?

PAY US BACK, Chance. Maybe that will deflate our rage sufficiently that we'll go pester other crooks. There's no shortage.


Unverified Research fodder:

Mr David Wilson Miller from Winter Park, FL

Address: 1726 Alabama Dr Winter Park, FL 32789-2649

Phones: (407) 622-4558 - LandLine/Services (321) 663-8872 - Wireless (972) 943-7327


Associated names: David Miller

David Wilson Miller

Mr David W Miller

David M Miller

David Rich David W miller

Previous addresses: 767 French Ave Winter Park, FL 32789-5023 (6/13/2005 - 1/31/2015)

Possible relatives:

Lisa M Miller

Amy E Miller

David D Miller

Diane L Miller

Elizabeth A Wilson

Jennifer L Miller

Jennifer L Roth

Kimberly S Esteban

Kimberly A Miller

M Miller

Marilyn D Miller

Rachel S Mcdaniel

Robert D Miller

Robyn M Raffa

Alyson L Nutter

Amy Rebecca Trout

Chance Faris Brannen

Christy Marsillett

David S Mcdaniel

David D Steward

Francis X Miller

Ignacio Jose Esteban

James S Bridges

Jason Marsillett

John Delmer Miller

John Edward Nico

Joyce A Nico

Julie A Bridges

Lynda A Miller

Marjorie Locke Bridges

Mark R Roth

Marlana R Nico

Matthew N Mcdaniel

Patrick R Wilson

Ryan S Bridges

Thomas A Miller

Thomas John Miller

William A Bridges JR

Possible businesses:



We have NOT commissioned ANY data dumps yet. Not one. But the silence from Easynews is deafening and it looks like we have no choice. Maybe the Winter Park PD will do some of the legwork for us though.

The bottom line remains the same:

Who pulled the trigger on our credit card?

Someone did it.

The Great Pumpkin didn't do it (he denies it adamantly).

Aliens didn't do it (they conduct all transactions telepathically and can't even fucking type for Christ's sake, so that defence is out, Brannen).

Who? The fucking Skinwalker shapeshifters in northeastern Utah?

And we're betting Chance Brannen can find out exactly when those charges were authorised, and who logged into the system and clicked those keys. He'll know it down to the day and the second.

We want a full name, first, last and middle, and a birthdate and a current address.

Chance Faris Brannen is the captain of that boat. He's responsible for his crew.

But we still want a name, whether it's Chance Brannen, or Mickey Mouse, or someone else.

We want a name.

Even if you're selling crack cocaine to grade-schoolers, you can't steal from the customers.


CHANCE BRANNEN is listed as owning a 2010 BMW 5 SERIES in FL in 2010

  • Address: 1203 Bryn Mawr St, Orlando, FL 32804-4907

  • VIN: WBANU5C54AC127264

  • Phone: 4074215574

CHANCE BRANNEN is listed as owning a 2011 LAND ROVER LR4 in FL in 2011

  • Address: 1203 BRYN MAWR ST, ORLANDO, FL 32804-4907

  • VIN: SALAK2D42BA547185

CHANCE BRANNEN is listed as owning a 2012 INFINITI QX56 in FL in 2012

  • Address: 1203 Bryn Mawr St, Orlando, FL 32804-4907

  • VIN: JN8AZ2NF6C9518220

  • Phone: 4074215574

CHANCE BRANNEN is listed as owning a 1990 AUDI 100 in FL in 1990

  • Address: 1564 DALE AVE, WINTER PARK, FL 32789 2726

  • VIN: WAUBC5445LN065103

Chance Faris Brannen from Winter Park, FL
  • Also known as: Charles F Brannen (we think the aka is wrong: We think Charles is the father, but unconfirmed so we'll list it all)(the father, assuming that is Charles Faris F. Brannen, appears from all angles and sources to be a completely stand-up man, and we would have been proud to have known him. The data below comes from SAMPLES of data dumps -- as usual, any public data is subject to wild, ridiculous inaccuracies and should be barely believed, if at all):

  • Address: 1564 Dale Ave,Winter Park, FL 32789

  • (863) 635-3006

  • 4841 Saxon Dr #2010, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

  • 1510 Berkshire Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

  • 1900 Jasmine Dr, Sarasota, FL 34239

  • 4567 Saint Johns Bluff Rd #HB1975, Jacksonville, FL 32224

  • 725 Arkansas St, Tallahassee, FL 32304

  • 1217 Reedy Blvd, Frostproof, FL 33843

  • 1217 Lake Reedy Blvd #A, Frostproof, FL 33843

  • 1217 Reedy Boulevard Dr, Frostproof, FL 33843

  • 4567 Saint Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

  • Possible relatives: Simone Fayree Aldrich

  • Betty Smith Brannen

  • Carter Elizabeth Brannen

  • Elizabeth K Brannen

  • Jacqueline E Brannen

  • James C Brannen

  • Donna Kay Starling

  • Amy Lynn Miller

  • Jay C Brannen

  • Other phones: (407) 647-9856

  • (941) 316-9846


Most of the above is old data and unverified. Still no formal data dumps.

We're honestly waiting to see what Winter Park PD comes up with; that will determine our next path of investigation and action. Lucky for Easynews that Covid is positively raging in the Phil, and since we're in perpetual lock-down now, we have plenty of free time to attend to this.

Maybe the Winter Park data will be all we need. But the reader can glean an insight into how difficult it can be to serve a process on someone who moves more often than a dog sniffs its ass. We're not sure we've ever seen people this active who weren't running from the law or from something. No one moves this much except Army brats.

Every corporation must by law list a "service contact", a registered individual or company presence that can and will and MUST accept legal service (subpoenas) on behalf of the corporations they can get to sign up with them, because most often, corporate officers don't want to be bothered, and also don't want to be found. Brannen hasn't gone any any particular lengths to hide, beyond just moving apparently every other weekend. In any case we've wasted money on so-called "service contacts" before. They're often just fly-by-night little shits who set up these "services" to provide corporations with a means to satisfy their state's corporation requirements, but in reality they don't really perform any service. They come into a temporary work-space type office rental once a week and check mail and messages, and if a process server happens to find them at that exact moment, then maybe, maybe they will get served on behalf of the corporation they claim to represent, but we've lost too much money on those turkeys and have found it's better to find the corporate officer(s) in question and serve them directly, ONCE. Done deal. Move onward from there. Hence, our desire to figure out where Chance Brannen sleeps, and then get him served quickly, because in a month it appears he'll be gone again. Brannen must have a yearly subscription with U-Haul Truck Rentals. We wonder if they steal from his credit cards.

Just what ARE these people up to?

We find again and again and again that this little core of people, often related, which is usually poison to any real company, spends seemingly more time completing corporation applications and documents than they do actually producing any product or service. The vast majority of things they've started seem to have failed or are failing. Most seem to be rife with customer displeasure. We can't imagine how Easynews could survive even another five years being run the way it is run today and over the last few years. It appears that when the going gets tough for these people, they just get going -- going onto yet another tiny two-man corporation that seldom seems to actually make it, yet even when that company doesn't make it, they continue renewing the corp documents year after year, as if they know something no one else does. We will probably end up doing a global search to see just how many companies TOTAL are common to about three or four of the same names. Of course that's presuming we cared, when all we really care about is our hundred bucks. Still, the curiosity is there. What, exactly, are these people up to? The seem to spend 85% of their time just spinning wheels.

One thing we're beginning to see is a growing pattern of real and profound arrogance and rudeness by Easynews support team members toward customers with glitches or billing problems (which are legion). That is usually the death knoll. It means the employees hate their customers AND hate their bosses, to be so disrespecting of their employers by treating the customers like crap, which badly affects the bottom line of the employers, which in turn badly affects the pay scale of the support team. Stupid is as stupid does. Altogether, that usually means the work environment is toxic and out of control. Well, Amurica is the Land of Opportunity alright -- the opportunity to do business badly and have it end.

One thing we are TRULY interested in, however, is this: What is the connection, if any, between USENET.NL, (and here) and any of the Chance Faris Brannen corporations? is probably the most evil "service" on planet earth. It seems that absolutely not one customer (victim) comes away from even a glancing brush with those people without getting screwed and losing money. We said it before:'s customer complaint list reads like a Demon's Resume. If outfits like Omicron,. Highwinds, Easynews, and any of about an hundred others is connected to, then we have our final overall answer as to the ultimate worth of those companys. It would be that they are virtually satanic and should be run out of Dodge forever and pushed into the sea. The world doesn't need, nor should it tolerate, nor can it bear being the perpetual victim of companies like or any other bloodsuckers like them. Get them gone. As far as we're concerned, ANYTHING with a .nl after it is nothing but a mousetrap and to be avoided at all costs. The Dutch are write-offs, almost to a man. They are a bit like .cn.

Tidbit And Mo' Tidbits

Try these search strings when researching Easynews -- data is often misplaced:




















More generic WHOIS:

WhoIs lookup results from server:

Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID: 2025556_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2015-07-24T14:43:02Z
Creation Date: 1996-10-31T05:00:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-10-30T04:00:00Z
Registrar IANA ID: 299
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8887802723
Domain Status: serverTransferProhibited
Domain Status: serverDeleteProhibited
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: serverUpdateProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Inc. Easynews Holdings
Registrant Organization: Easynews Holdings, Inc.
Registrant Street: PO Box 1286
Registrant City: Winter Park
Registrant State/Province: FL
Registrant Postal Code: 32789
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8663963974
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.6024451842
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Inc. Easynews Holdings
Admin Organization: Easynews Holdings, Inc.
Admin Street: PO Box 1286
Admin City: Winter Park
Admin State/Province: FL
Admin Postal Code: 32789
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.8663963974
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.6024451842
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Inc. Easynews Holdings
Tech Organization: Easynews Holdings, Inc.
Tech Street: PO Box 1286
Tech City: Winter Park
Tech State/Province: FL
Tech Postal Code: 32789
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.8663963974
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +1.6024451842
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
Name Server:
Name Server:
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System: 119
NS 21599
NS 21599
SOA 2559
MX 299
MX 299
TXT 299
TXT 299 69.93% 51.22% 2.9 57.99% 17.23% 1.2 11.87% 7.41% 2 11.84% 5.06% 2 10.54% 4.94% 2 6.33% 4.06% 3 7.81% 3.30% 2.

























Same companies, same names, again and again and again and again ad nauseam forever.

Almost like an optical illusion or.....a house of mirrors?

And again, we are becoming more and more acutely interested in the connection, if any, of any of these companies to That's shaping up to be a focus in the immediate future. We know they interact through various networks, but do they interact intentionally, contractually, financially or managerially? Unfortunately we still have bodies in the streets here in the Phil, and with the Delta wave, and God forbid a new Lambda wave, and a truly silly and avoidable lack of vaccines, things will be tough here for quite some time. On the one hand this Covid mess affords us extra time to research, but in other ways, it hamstrings us a little. We're constantly without water and power and many store shelves are bare. The US is mostly through this, but SE Asia is absolutely not; [August 26, 2021].

Our flavor-of-the-moment research tip? Look for any connection between the (and UseNeXT) data breach, and a company called "Momentum" (and Newzbee (newzbee[.]Org), and any of the Chance Brannen long list of enterprises, such as Omicron, Highwinds, Easynews -- well the list is too long. It'll take you more than a minute. Go ahead. We'll wait.

We came to SE Asia about a decade ago with less than no thoughts about "the Dutch". We probably assumed we'd like them just fine. Holland was among the one or two places I MUST SEE as a kid. There are quite a few Dutch people here. In a decade we've learned about "the Dutch". We've learned about the Dutch in the same way we learned about the Chinese -- personal experience at a daily dose. We know NO Dutch we would allow into our homes at this point. That's straight across the board for all of us in this group, which consists of Americans, Thais, Filipinos, a South African (not Dutch descent), and a Canadian. We've ALL learned our lessons about the Dutch. Maybe SE Asia attracts only the scum of the Netherlands but we doubt it. We've found them to be, to a man or a woman, arrogant, dishonest, scammy, rude, illogical, self-centered and treacherous. We would allow as many radical Islamics wielding machetes into our homes as we would the Dutch. Certainly there are some sterling Dutchies roaming the earth. It's just happenstance we don't know any. We mention this only as an aside and possible modifier for our EXTREME interest in If you read through the positively Satanical bullshit pulls on a daily basis, you will glean what it is, and what its people are, and in our view it will demonstrate a very accurate assessment of EVERYTHING DUTCH. We've NEVER had experiences with the Dutch better than what is portrayed in those Google search results. That's the fact. Sorry if anyone doesn't like this long-learned and long earned opinion of the Dutch. We don't care. They taught us well and truly in nearly every interaction over many, many years. But, but, didn't we have "some" positive experiences with the Dutch? No. Maybe it's the rain there -- maybe they only have toe fungus for their brains. We want to know if is connected to any of "our people" in this ongoing quest to RECOVER OUR FUCKING HUNDRED BUCKS. We do know that some of "our people" in this Easynews circle have financial and networking interests in the Netherlands. We just have a hunch about something. We believe we are seeing a somewhat similar treatment of customers by Easynews, and

A very valuable history lesson here. This is like being on LSD and just stepping off a too-fast merry-go-round, drunk, and staring into a bucket of live fucking eels. But still no real connection.


UPDATE August 27, 2021:

Remember that game your parents used to play with (on) you when you were too young to smack them with a fucking tentacle? They laughed hysterically and it caused you, well, ISSUES, like that perpetual eye twitch that no doctor could ever, ever address. It was called "warmer, colder, fuck you, you'll never find it because you're just too small and weak-minded and we are the ADULTS who RULE you." That game.

Here's a curious blurb snatched from the jaws of defeat on an obscure website. Copy-paste:

"Usenet.NL is a Usenet service provider headquartered in the Netherlands. This provider offers the Highwinds newsfeed with a 3000 day retention."


Perhaps. But there needs to be more than that.

So let's continue:

Tweaknews was bought out by Highwinds (who was bought out by, who was bought out by, who was bought out by -- ad infinitum).

Who is Tweaknews? One data source did connect Tweaknews positively with, but it didn't seem fully credible so we passed on it.

So, in the end (at least the end for now), who is Tweaknews?

Nobody. Nobody for the purposes of this particular goose hunt anyway (cold, colder, freezing).

But...tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring in.

Don't we realize that while we're down here on the floor squeaking and running in circles the really heinous shit is going on up there on the table top where we can't yet see it? Of course we know that. We're just the mice, nibbling away at the legs.

This is the kind of shit that will always eventually come your way when you steal. Additional domains for research:


Summary to date:

We believe that and all its iterations (see above), and Easynews Holdings Inc ( and all of its satellites, are both arguably the scammiest, scummiest and most unprofessional Usenet-oriented entities on the planet. They appear to use almost identical tactics to trick and ensnare people into paying various fees and subscriptions that they do not want and cannot get stopped no matter what they try or to whom they appeal nor for how long. This behavior is widespread within these two groups, persistent, pernicious and increasing over recent years. Add to this nearly no rational or helpful customer support at and drastically declining and pathetic (according to customers) customer support at Easynews, and, add a peculiar rudeness and arrogance at both entities, and it's hard not to draw the conclusion that they are somehow related like kissing cousins. It's difficult to find reliable records in the "Nederlands" (actually is registered in Germany), so this is progressing slowly. We don't LIKE shitty businesses, even when we're not the victim of them, which is why we help so many people get out from under shitty businesses, or to gain compensation from shitty businesses.

Clearly, needs to be removed from the earth. We've said this too many times but it's the very best phrase we can think of: The complaints list re reads like a fucking Demon's Resume. Do the research yourself. This outfit needs to go away. To Mars? No, to Pluto. Mars is way too close. Like a bag of viperous snakes dropped off in the forest out of misplaced compassion, they might find their ways back from only Mars.

Easynews isn't YET as bad as, possibly because Easynews, being in the US and subject to a thin-milk modicum of accountability, simply can't get away with the horrendously diabolical bullshit that, being from the Netherlands, land of absolutely anything goes, can and does, even though Easynews may want to be operating on that lower-life-form-level of junk-business. Is Easynews modeling itself after, just to see how far they can push the envelope of skulduggery and graft? It's counterintuitive to think that two similarly related businesses, pulling the same stupid scammy shit, the same stunts in the same ways with the same outcomes, aren't following the same secret playbook. That's our assessment as of today.


UPDATE August 28, 2021:

A bit of idle research this morning is showing a greater and greater pattern of abject rudeness coming from Easynews "support" team members to CUSTOMERS (you know, those "little fools" who pay the wages of the support team members -- remember those pesky minions?) who ask simple, clear, straightforward questions and get insults in return. We've seen this before; it's not a new thing in the tech world. Many, or even most, of the lower-level tech support system people learned very early in life, usually by fourth grade, that if you act out your shitty, snarky, emotionally-spawned insulting instincts in person, face to face, your face very often gets instantly rearranged. Teeth get loosened or go missing. Sometimes bones are broken. Black eyes show up for weeks as shining beacons that someone, somewhere, thought you were too much of a jackass to let off the hook one more time and they plowed you in the eye with a hard fist. The victims are usually shocked and stunned. The insulted usually get called to the office, get a "talking to", and are then sent to detention, because that is the politically correct thing to do. A principal who's been around in life (there's a shortage of those) will often give you a wink and a nod, maybe an involuntary fleeting smile, as you head off to the cafeteria for an afternoon of blissful R&R, because they already know the stupid little shit deserved it and they've been wondering why it hadn't happened sooner.

The insolent instigator never once comprehends that his insults were over the top, intolerable by any decent human, and REQUIRED decisive action. He only understands one thing and it is this: DON'T DO THIS IN PERSON.

The rude, insolent, condescending support staffer-to-be then changes their tactic and they find that life is smoother for them, at least physically, when they hide. They learn to SNIPE FROM THE SHADOWS. Then they don't lose teeth.

This strata of humans has learned that the vast majority of their victims won't go to the trouble to actually track them down, personally, and get on a plane, and go to their home, and knock on their door at dinner time, and then voice their opinions face to face while the family watches in horror. This group is comprised of Trolls. In their off-time they're out there on Farcebook typing just as fast as their sweaty little grubs can go, putting down and attacking anything and everything. Why? Because they get off on the supposed pain it causes others. Here's a great explanation.

Rude, insulting, obnoxious, purposely unhelpful help-staffers are the kids who got punched a lot in grade school in direct and instant retaliation for their outrageous face-to-face behavior, but were too stupid to figure out why that happened. So they revel in having carte blanche to keep on doing it in low-paying online support roles, where no one knows their address. For awhile.

This toxic BS can, and has, and will in the future bankrupt online vendors of services and products both. Facebook's "Community Standards Monitors" are masters of it -- world class. Here's an old saying: People will seldom remember what you did or what you said, but they'll ALWAYS remember how you made them feel. Insults go straight to the cerebral cortex, like a smell, and they stay embedded there forever, probably beyond this lifetime, always subconsciously associated with the soul or the brand that caused it.

We've seen worse behavior by support team members than what we're seeing from Easynews in 2021 ( anyone?), but Easynews support is on-track to become legendarily nasty if someone, someone (Chance Brannen, perhaps? --Nay, never!) doesn't step up to the plate and begin culling these stinky, caustic little limp-wristed shitholes poste haste. They can NOT be re-trained because the lust for petty sadism is in their blood. They must be purged. It should have been started years ago. But Easynews is what it is.


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