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PostNet NV187, Carson City, Nevada, Sucks, and You Can Take That to the Bank


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More Unhappy Customers (victims)
More Unhappy Customers (victims)

Oh My God -- why didn't I Google these idiots first?

Now that I see just how bad this company is (above), it ignites a fire in me. I really, really, truly don't like bad businesses. It's time this one got the attention it obviously so richly deserves. I will commit all the money I can to advertise this page.


The Philosophy and Morality of BLANK_SUCKS Websites


The First Amendment is a wonderful -- and terrifying -- thing. It terrifies the sh-t balls (cockroaches) of society (which often or usually includes politicians, bank robbers, pedophiles, scammers, house burglars, fraudsters, etc.). It's a gleaming ray of hope and logic, even deliverance, for people wronged. That's why it was the FIRST Amendment. It's that bloody important. Would I give my life to protect the First Amendment? A hundred times over, and so should you, because without it, we'd have Red China. In one SE Asian country, tampax advertisement is banned by law, because the government decreed that they were a "sexual aid". No joke. That's the darkness and insanity that enjoys free reign over a society when there is no First Amendment protection. Protect it. Fight for it. Use it.

When used with discretion and a sense of morality, it's the perfect tool to expose the shortcomings of society's chiggars, tics and lice, and hopefully to effect changes in their behavior to make the world better. I think, for instance, the public mapping of pedophile's homes is a wonderful thing.

Used maliciously, the First Amendment is a monster than can ruin lives unnecessarily and wrongly.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the law allows for extreme latitude regarding what can legally be said in a BLANK_SUCKS site.

For instance, just about any piece of private, personal, potentially embarrassing data is allowed except social security numbers. Personal addresses, phone numbers, addresses of friends, family, lovers, clandestine partners -- it's all fair game.

The sheer volume of data that's available for public dissemination is stunning. I think it's too much, too far.

It's even legal to provide private contact details of folks and invite the world at large to contact them and bash them if they so desire.

It's legal to invite the general public to stand in front of someone's place of business with sandwich boards detailing the dispute.

It's even legal to PAY PEOPLE to do it.

It's even legal to place people in front of an individual's home, exercising their (or your) First Amendment rights.

I tend to disagree with a very great deal of that kind of thing. I just won't do it, at least until such time as the skunk(s) I'm talking about abandon morality themselves. Then it's game-on.

An argument should be won on its merits -- not according to who has a bigger megaphone.

It's acceptable to scream long and loud when you've been wronged. But you should never win based only on the volume of your screaming.

Should you post a BLANK_SUCKS site at all?

If a business or government entity has truly screwed you over, it's not only your right to talk about it, it's your DUTY.

What's the most effective way of clearing out the cockroaches? Turn on the light.

If you ignore a heinous transgression, shame on you -- you are dooming your friends, family and neighbors to being victimized by the same damned crap. That is anti-social of you.

The police can't be everywhere and they can't police everything. Sometimes, pretty-often actually, transgressions don't fall under the jurisdictions of an anti-crime apparatus. In those cases it's up to individuals (you) to call out the bullshit and try to get others to see it and to work against it in whatever ways they can. Sometimes, the best you can hope for is that a customer base will abandon businesses because of their putrid behavior. Sometimes you can't put a bad politician physically in jail, but you can expose enough of their shenannigans to convince people to stop voting for them. The First Amendment allows for that. In one country in SE Asia, a non-elected Prime Minister wants to become an elected Prime Minister. The people hate him, but he knows he's the smartest person in the room and the best person for the job -- which is what every single last one of them believes. In any case, he has passed legislation declaring that, when the vote in finally held, and 90% of it goes to his opposition, he will STILL win because all POTENTIAL votes, that could have been cast by people eligable to vote but who didn't vote, will automatically go to him. Gee, I wonder who will win. That country doesn't enjoy ANY free speech protection. Perish the thought. No one is allowed to speak out publicly (or, even, really, amongst themselves in dark hallways) under guaranteed penalty of a jail term. That's how YOU will be living minus a First Amendment.

Unless you live under a rock on a mountain top, you deal with and interact with SOCIETY almost every minute of every day. You cannot possibly imagine what your life would be like if society collapsed to chaos. It would be open warfare without even the dampening influence of things like the Geneva Convention. It would be dog-eat-dog on an intensely personal level and absolutely no one would win.

That's why society must be kept running, and running as smoothly as possible. Without the structure of society, the world, what few of us were left in it, would still be living in caves. Within the structure of a fair and working society, the world can accomplish anything.

Protecting the sanity and logic, decency and honor of your society is perhaps your most noble goal. You can NOT shirk it. To refuse to protect society with everything you have, every moral means at your disposal, is like belching out a billion tons of second-hand smoke every second. The sickness is never contained; it spreads like a vapor to all societies everywhere and poisons life itself. You MUST protect logical society. You can't say no.

Yet many, or most people do say no. I see it here in SE Asia. Christianity tends to teach responsibility -- while Buddhism, at least the current day popular interpretation of it, teaches to mind your own business. So SE Asians do that -- they stick together in close-knit family units and seldom get involved in broader issues. As a result, businesses are run badly, dishonestly, poorly, unprofessionally, and so are their governments -- and when the people get screwed, they just withdraw more, choke down the loss, and remember to never deal with THAT asshole again -- which can tend to keep them from dealing with anyone and everyone, because anyone and everyone is free to be an asshole. They do little if anything to stop the offending actors. --Problem is, bad actors are the norm in business in SE Asia because of that attitude. I spend a lot of time in Cambodia -- I won't even begin to try to describe to you what "society", specifically "business" is like in Cambodia. You'd merely think I was making it up. No westerner can grasp this without spending years, even decades, immersed in that culture. It's primarily why Cambodia remains a Third, or Fourth world country. It's a shocking place to spend time. Crooks, pedophiles, thieves, scammers, however, love it. They know it's "their kind of place".

Hanoi is another rotten little pocket of reeking pus, regardless of the utter tripe Faux News tries to feed you about Vietnam. I like to tell stories so here's another one:

I was in Vietnam again only a few years ago. Walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight, near the curb of a busy avenue (search You Tube for vids of busy Hanoi streets -- I can't believe I lived in that chaos, and crossed those streets ten times per day and drove in that traffic -- this particular video doesn't even show traffic that's too bad -- this is normal. Wait until rush hour). But anyway, that's where we were walking -- going to the market or something. Suddenly, as I picked one foot up to take another step, I couldn't. I thought my shoelaces had become tangled. I went down in a crash with my upper body going off the curb and into the street, where the ancient steel-plate Soviet class city buses were barreling by, literally a foot from my scalp. I tried to kick my feet loose but something gripped them very tightly. I looked at my feet and there was a Vietnamese guy there with his arms in a bear-hug around my ankles. I thought I was being robbed. I kicked harder then, and he held tighter, but he was small and I was big and I kicked him loose and jumped to my feet and yelled WTF, and assumed a fighting stance. The guy was nonplussed and pointed at my shoes, and said in broken English, "Repair! Repair! Me fix shoes!". I looked down. My shoes were perfectly fine. I told him no! Then he began to look frantically around -- I didn't know for what. Maybe friends. Finding no support he shuffled off, cursing me profoundly in Vietnamese. I was taken aback. WTF? Seriously, WTFF? I called some friends once back home and then Googled around -- turns out it's a common occurrence in many SE Asia cities, but especially in Saigon and Hanoi, Hanoi being the worst. Often, or usually, the would-be repairman slices the sole of your shoe so that when you look down and say you don't need repairing, the person can point to your sole flopping in the wind and your stockings sticking through the hole, and show that you're clearly mistaken. This guy either hadn't been that adept, or he couldn't slice the soles because I was wearing Converse runners. I see a lot of people reporting that the offender uses some quick acting glue solvent -- he merely squirts it from a little squeeze bottle in his hand while he has you down, and within seconds the glue holding your sole has let go and, voila! Your shoes now need repair. On those filthy sidewalks and gutters, you're not going to make it a hundred meters in your stocking feet, and unless you speak Vietnamese, God help you trying to find a legitimate shoe repair shop. They know that a large percentage of suckers will go ahead and pay for the repair. I've now had this happen to me a number of times, and in no case has anyone apparently been successful at squirting glue solvent into the cracks of my shoes, and I honestly find myself wondering if that would even work. But the razor method is quite real. Now that I've been here a long time, I watch for these guys and none has succeeded in getting me down to the ground again. I can see them coming now. They are like obnoxious geese who dart out from behind a bush and bite you on the ass. They generally have a cop in on the deal, who just happens to be a few meters away, and when the victim tells the scammer to fuck off, the scammer looks around, gets the attention of the cop, who has been watching the sting unfold anyway, and he scurries right over and tells you that the repairman has already begun his repair, and if you don't pay him what he asks, you'll be taken to jail. Might as well let the repairman finish the job, too, he says, since it's your good fortune that he's already there and with the proper tools, too. If you refuse this deal, you stand an 80% chance of going to jail, where you'll pay much more than the $30US the scammer now demands. You can even be jailed (actually jailed) for insulting a Vietnamese citizen, but only if you're not Vietnamese. Ah, Communism...ain't it grand.

So that's life in a non-working society. That's the society you're CREATING when you just look the other way. Want to live in that world? Fine. Go for it. But as I said, that's your second hand smoke, because you're fertilizing and empowering the shits of the world to try their crap on any of us, and all of us. In that society, no one trusts anyone. Commerce is badly crippled because people are scared to buy, scared to order, or scared to contract for much of anything, just as I am now scared to try to enter into a contract with ANY virtual mailbox service; Lauren A. Chamberlain,, and have taught me that this industry is definately NOT to be trusted. Even buying groceries at the local store in a broken society is fraught with dangers. My girlfriend would watch every single item that went through the checker, and then we were not allowed to move away from the check-stand until every single purchase had been accounted for on the sales slip. She had grown up in a broken society. It was a tortuous ordeal every time, but it was necessary because the structure of society had been fractured in every bone. It had been fractured because the people refused to stand up straight on their own hind legs and call BULLSHIT in any meaningful, systemic way, on myriad stunts by bad actors like this.

I could tell you a million stories like this, all examples of why the proper running of society MUST be protected, come what may as a consequence to the protector. Come what may.

Society is a system. It's what we've arrived at after a few hundred thousand years as animals and cave-people, bashing each other over the heads with clubs and dinosaur bones. Today people do the bashing with guns, but it's the same damned thing, just a technological extension of "might is right". That stuff served a purpose, sort of, 20,000 years ago, if you never aspired to evolve beyond chaos. But if you believe we ought to be more than animals, then reason and logic must be injected into the societal equation, and when it's threatened or thrown out, you must do whatever you can to restore the sanity.

We've developed courts that are harnessed to the task of making society run more smoothly by means of logical, reasonable laws and fair penalties for those who ignore them. Logic and reason are the operative words, but those things are not a given.

I remember a case in Afghanistan years ago -- Two guys were accused of raping a woman. The local "judge" decreed that each should be marched over a bed of hot coals, barefoot. If the feet were burned, that meant Allah had chosen not to protect them because one or both were guilty. But if they strolled through the red-hot embers, and their feet were unscathed, then Allah had clearly chosen not to throw them under the bus and they were declared legally innocent. The girl was probably then stoned to death for lying.

What do you suppose happened? I believe they were both executed but I'm not positive.

Modern day American courts are supposed to be above that. Too often they're not.

But we still have nothing better. I think someday we will.

I didn't think much of virtual mailbox businesses when I went into this with Lauren A. Chamberlain,, and I knew they tended to scamminess. But I never even remotely dreamed they were this despicable. I've now done a good deal of research on these fly-by-nighters and I'm honestly scared to try another one. Any GOOD and RELIABLE and HONEST virtual mailbox provider out there can thank Lauren A. Chamberlain,, and, for the empty space in their pocket where my money might have been. This is not a small transgression these people have engaged in. After all, if the cook at MacDonald's steals your burger pickle, well, you'll survive. I promise. You will. --Unless you're a spoiled Hollyweird actor. But when the cook at Burger King, who is now the mail opener at or accidentally puts your life-critical piece of mail in the incorrect box (or worse, takes your replacement credit cards home and sells them to his/her doper friends, which I suspect may have happened to mine), then you can have a really, really big life problem. It can take you months and countless hours to straighten out. If it affects your credit rating, it can cost you thousands and take years to fix. If it's a lab test from a hospital, and the news is critical, you can die. That's why stupid, stupid people like Lauren A. Chamberlain cannot POSSIBLY be allowed to be in charge of things this important. That's why I think the best place for this entire fiasco to go is to the US Postal Inspector and to Congress. God knows the officially vetted people in your local Post Office screw up enough things. The imbeciles at and are (just Google it) screwing things up more by an order of magnitude.

This isn't a stolen burger pickle. This is a very, very big deal for Americans. Life-changing. Life-ending.

Try THIS on for size:


Variations on the search string will produce millions or billions more results. BILLIONS! Like Bitch with a "B".

When these kinds of things happen to you, due to the stupidity, negligence, dishonesty, laziness, skulduggery, incompetence and relative mental retardation of idiot business owners, and you do nothing, you're kicking the can down the road. You're taking the rattlesnake out from under your porch and moving it out under your car. It might bite anyone again -- even you. You're kicking it along to trip up your friends, you families, your kids, your classmates, your co-workers, you grandmothers, your doctors and nurses, you vet, your police officers, the firemen on whom you depend to save your home, the paramedics you will probably need someday when you're old and sick -- you're throwing a veritable land-mine in front of all these people and a few billion more, all because you were too damned lazy to stand up, call bullshit on a rogue business, and at least make an attempt to convince them to by God fly right. Some will actually grasp the concept, and will do better next time --Not Lauren A. Chamberlain, her cohorts, nor, nor, certainly, but "some" will get it and try to do at least a little bit better in the future. What percentage? 10%. The other 90% will, like OJ, spend the rest of their lives struggling to convince people of what an unmitigated asshole you are.

Fortunately we now have websites and email threads and PDF documents to most often drill down to TRUTH. And we have polygraphs. I love them.

When the turds of the world try to get over on you, you have very limited choices: You can sue them. I estimate that in 51% of the cases, the courts get it right. Just toss a coin. Still, when a business has acted badly enough, it's worth it to roll the dice and gamble on that 1%. Or you can appeal to government agencies, or complain to the Better Business Bureau, etc. And those are good things to do. I question, however, if they offer the most bang for your buck. The BBB has become an utterly valueless "service" for example. Pass 'em by. Flushing your complaint down the toilet will offer as much relief as most agencies these days. The business will only answer the complaint with lies and obfuscation, because they're shit-people -- which is why you had the problem in the first place, most likely, and they usually get away with it. Many are masters at confusing situations to such an extent that no one can ever straighten them out. Many are masters at obfuscation. What is obfuscation? You've been the victim of it, I promise, but you may not have been aware of the fact that it was almost certainly premeditated, scripted and practiced. Here's an example of obfuscation:

Several lifetimes ago I went to a huge electronics chain and bought a broadband router. I was sick of the unreliability of DSL and cable Internet both, and I wanted better, so I kept my DSL account and also wired in a cable connection. I needed a router that, when one connection dropped, would automatically default over to the working connection. So I chose the appropriate router and paid for it and went home and opened it up and started to install it -- but lo and behold, the device INSIDE the box wasn't the same device featured ON the box. Ah, well, scammed again. Back to the store I went.

By the time I got there I wasn't even angry. I just wanted to swap the offending item for the correct item. Easy as pie. There was a queue at the returns desk, so I waited, and when finally it was my turn I simply laid down the box and the receipt (it had been a credit card purchase), and I explained simply what the problem was, and asked if I could go back and look for the correct product. Easy as pie -- I said that already. They deal with that a thousand times a day (and sometimes, it seems as a customer, you do too).

The girl behind the counter was short, squat, red hair, bad complexion, with a nasty expression. What did I care? My piece of business to be conducted was as simple as it gets. I could be out of there in three minutes flat.

The girl looked me in the eye and said clearly and plainly, this and nothing else: "I'm sorry you're from Texas; I've never been there."


I wasn't from Texas and I had related no such thing. I was stopped in my tracks for a moment. Clearly she had misunderstood me. I spoke more clearly and said, "Uh, I'm not from Texas, sorry. I just want to swap this item. Here's the receipt."

Her reply, "No, I don't eat chocolate either."

My tiny brain sort of locked up. I had never encountered a situation like that before. WHAT WAS GOING ON?

I spoke a little more loudly and clearly then, like stupid people (me) tend to do when they're speaking English but the other person only understands Mohican. I said, "Look, I just want to swap this product. Is there a problem?"

Girl says, "I'm sorry, I haven't heard the weather forecast. Why would you ask me that?"

Now I was ticked. This was a game. But how do you play it? I stated flatly, "I want a refund. I want it now."

"I don't have any children", she hissed. Her face was meaner than ever.

We traded half a dozen more insane exchanges like that. Why? I don't know. What was I supposed to do? Leave and keep the bad product? Finally the security guard sauntered over and asked if there was a problem. I said "YES! I just want to return this!" He turned to the little witch then, and she replied sweetly, "Yes, I am working on his refund right now, but he's becoming a problem." Security guard turns expectantly to me. I say, "Go back and stand by the door." So he did, which I found quite amazing. Perhaps he knew what I was dealing with. I told the girl to call the police because I wasn't leaving. She considered me for a moment, then "got" that this was going to get ugly, and she processed my refund. A few days later I snail-mailed a written complaint to the store's manager, knowing it would do less than no good. I received no reply. About six months later the entire national chain filed for bankruptcy and ceased to exist. About six months after THAT I received a letter from Dun and Bradstreet. Dunn and Bradstreet?! Financial types know who this is. The letter stated that I had borrowed some $12,000 from the chain on the same date I had returned the router, and had never paid it back and they wanted the money. Dun and Bradstreet wanted the money? WTH? Since when is Dun and Bradstreet a collection agency? And why is Dun and Bradstreet working on behalf of a long defunct electronics retailer? I wrote back and told them to show me the loan documents, which of course didn't exist, and an electronics retailer doesn't make personal loans anyway. I never heard from them again. That's obfuscation. I have no doubt that the manager at that store's location hatched the plan for no other reason than to try to cause me grief because I had complained about his employee. Maybe he was secretly boinking her. Read the email page of this site again and Lauren A. Chamberlain's attempted obfuscation becomes crystal clear. She's just not very good at it.

So when you complain to the BBB or the attorney general or any other of a hundred other agencies, the business will come back at you with obfuscation. They know the agencies don't give a rat's ass who's right or wrong and usually haven't even read your complaint. The obfuscation won't be as blatant as that nasty, portly little red-headed viper in the electronics store, because their response will be in writing, and they can't afford to be too obvious about what they're up to in case anyone ever does read it, but make no mistake, they'll be up to artful, practiced, scripted obfuscation. They'll respond by telling the agency you are a liar, a con-artist, that you threatened them, that you stole their money or that you owe them money and you're trying to get out of paying it back, whatever. They have a million scripts. But they will provide no credible documentation of it. In this particular case, I purposely did not enter into ANY verbal exchanges with these reprehensible turkeys, Lauren A. Chamberlain,, or, because I knew what they'd do with spoken words. Every single interaction we've had is in writing, right there in black and white, on the email page for all the world to see. But they'll do their damnedest to obfuscate just the same -- they just won't be as effective at it as if there had been a spoken, non-recorded conversation between us, where they could claim I had said any manner of crazy things. Hell, even with all our interactions being in plain written print, Lauren A. Chamberlain STILL tried to say, in writing, that I had said things in emails that were never said and that emails had been sent to me which were never sent. What in God's name was she thinking? Obfuscation. That's her modus operandi and I knew it would be the moment I started having trouble with this ship of fools.

If you've read this website you know what has occurred. If you want your wife, husband, kid, minister, kindly charity worker, sad and lonely cancer patient friend, your surgeon, your elderly mother -- if you want ANY decent member of decent society to have to go through this and much worse kinds of BS in their lives, then when YOU are confronted with it, do nothing. Evil takes silence as a license.

When you do have bad things done to you by bad businesses, and there are more and more every day, then don't say a damned word about it if it has been your life's habit to roll over for this or any other obscene, lying horseshit. --Because if you have spent your life looking the other way, you deserve what you get.



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