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Oh My God -- why didn't I Google these idiots first?!
Now that I see just how bad this company is (above), it ignites a fire in me. I really, really, truly don't like bad businesses. It's time this one got the attention it obviously so richly deserves. I will commit all the money I can to advertise this page.


If you need a RELIABLE address service, run far and fast from

If you need an HONEST address service, run far and fast from

If you need a COMPETENT address service, run far and fast from

If you need a RESPONSIVE address service, run far and fast from

If you need a PROFESSIONAL address service, run far and fast from


PostNet International Franchise Corporation

143 Union Blvd, Ste 600
Lakewood, CO 80228

Tel: 303.771.7100
Toll Free: 800.841.7171


This page will detail my experiences with, Mailbox services,


Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner

Note: Latest developments always appear appended to the bottom of this page. Sucks


This page will detail our efforts to bring a lawsuit against and Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner. It will be at least several months to begin these proceedings as I am out of the country for some time.


The Lawsuit:

Can we really sue and Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner?

Of course we can.

Can we win?

Of course we can.

Who would we name as defendent(s)? Only of Carson City, Nevada,, or co-defendents Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner and the corporate headquarters for allowing a woman like this to be in charge of people's livelihoods and business?

How much would we sue for? Only my wages for time lost? Or punitive damages as well? If, for instance, these nitwits "lost" my replacement credit cards, and then charges showed up on them later -- that would change the case significantly. Lots of seemingly small details can change the course of this case.

We were very extensively trained on the issue of who, exactly, and why, exactly, we could toss people out of our restaurants. Restaurants, bars, etc., are abnormally prone to disturbances by bad actors. We didn't like bad actors. Operating so close to California, we were bloody-well sick and weary to the bone of bad actors. We wanted the right to kick them the hell out. Often. But we were trained to realize that we simply couldn't. Well, we "could", but if our reason for extracting them wasn't really solid and logical, they could sue us and win. Federal law goes about like this:

"So Are "Right to Refuse Service to Anyone" Signs in Restaurants Legal? Yes, however they still do not give a restaurant the power to refuse service on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin. These signs also do not preclude a court from finding other arbitrary refusals of service to be discriminatory.Jun 21, 2018."

And that's the truth.

Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner of the Carson City, Nevada, a franchise, is operating under the belief that she can simply terminate services for anyone she wishes, at any time, for any reason per her whim. She is mistaken. She is doubly mistaken when she is providing a service that the customer depends on heavily, for critical life-issues, both monetary and emotional. Instances where a business can be held liable for whimsically terminating a critical service are legion. Can a business terminate, say, your electricity simply because you have demanded they do a better job of providing it? Madness! Lauren A Chamberlain has placed herself and her business squarely into that realm. Why? Because she has no training whatsoever, and probably no common sense.

We couldn't just toss anyone we didn't like the look of from our restaurants -- that was drummed into us in intensive legal training. Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner of the Carson City franchise of can't either. But she has done so. And now her decision is actionable. She was offered numerous opportunities to avoid this. She obnoxiously refused every one of them. So be it. This is what courts are for.

Are courts the best places to resolve this kind of nonsense? No. I think professional conflict resolution specialists are far and away better options, but I suspect you'd never get Lauren A. Chamberlain into one. I honestly believe she likes this kind of conflict, because she continues to throw gasoline onto this fire, even when she is explicitly and legally told to cease and desist. She can't stop. She doesn't want to stop. She is incapable of stopping.

So how are human beings supposed to resolve conflicts? In caveman days, they bludgeoned each other over the head with stones, bones, and clubs. It wasn't a healthy mode of conflict resolution because might doesn't equal right -- might only equals might. In modern times, we see instances -- a growing number -- of fringe head-cases around the country simply walking into a business that has wronged them (usually employees being terminated), and gunning down the whole lot. It's exactly the same thing as hitting each other over the head with sticks. Courts are placed in this society in order to give folks a better option. Sometimes the courts fail. Sometimes they work. Honestly, it's almost a crap-shoot, a roll of the dice, because logic and sense often go out the window the moment you employ a judge to make a decision on your behalf, but this is the system we have in place, and until we can think up another, better system, this is the way it must be. Do the courts do more good than harm? I think they do, but it's a slim margin -- maybe 60/40 in favor of the courts. In the animal world, it's more like 1/99 in favor of fairness and decency. So are courts "good"? I won't say they're good; they're far too often BAD. But they're vastly better than the alternative (chaos) and that's guaranteed. Many of the courts, maybe most of them, are just plain nuts. I sued a guy back in the 1980's for non-payment of a charge (I raised his boat off the bottom of the sea as a commercial diver). I was asking for a particular amount. The judge very wrongly awarded me about four times that amount. His decision was completely outside the law. I can't to this day imagine where he came up with the notion that he could do this. He "liked" me; he didn't like the defendant. That's all there was to it. I refused to accept his judgement and asked only for the amount I had sued for. The judge was miffed. I suppose he felt it made him look stupid (the local newspaper picked it up and that didn't help). Well, he WAS stupid. A year or so later I had to sue another boat owner for non-payment. Same judge. This time he ruled in favor of the non-paying boat owner and said he didn't have to pay anything to me, because (as stated in the trial transcript) "This man (me) won't accept your money anyway." I appealed and won a huge judgement. Judges are often, maybe usually, just plain crazy, drunk on their own power, unable to see the forest for the trees. They often have led purely academic lives, barely getting out of the house or the university, and have little to no real world life experience. Remember, judges aren't required to make GOOD decisions; judges are only required to make DECISIONS. Try getting an idiot, drunk-driving, child-molesting, womanizing (etc.) judge off the bench. I dare you. It's virtually impossible no matter what he or she has done. Have I ever, ever had a good experience with a judge I felt was intelligent, honorable, and just? You bet. I've been in front of judges who were doing exactly as they should do, even when I was found at fault. But those folks are as rare as Blue Unicorns.

Remember that Lauren A Chamberlain, local franchise owner in Carson City, never posted such a sign as described above, refusing service to anyone at her whim. Her legal position, honestly, sucks. I've seen lemonade stands display more professionalism. I literally have and that's a fact.

I won't detail every legal strategy here, but I'll outline some of the most obvious courses of action that will be brought to court at the beginning ot the trial:

The first issue is the matter of whether or not these dimbulbs had the legal right to terminate a critical service simply because a disatisfied customer said he was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau. I touched on that above -- now let's look at it in more depth.

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Farmers Insurance & Financial Services
August 2004 – Present 14 years 7 months




UPDATE February 24, 2019:

Probably no updates for awhile as I am back to "the bush" on the border (Cambodia Laos -- pronounced Camboosha and Lao here). I hate the bush but I love the kids. I'd give my life for these kids -- but hopefully not by Cobra bite! If I had the money of Gates I'd buy every one of them a home and a University education and security teams to protect them from the animals that caused them to be orphans. But I don't have that money -- what little I have keeps getting pissed away to shysters like and and their lying, conniving minions. In any case, I'll certainly continue to evolve this website on the laptop and will upload all new additions in five to seven weeks -- or sooner if I can get a glimpse of Internet access. Do NOT be tempted to think this site is finished or has been abandon -- far from it. Based on new, putrid, dishonest, possibly purjurious (yes, yes, it's not a real word but I like it anyway) and dishonorable stunts by Lauren A. Chamberlain, I am just getting started. Repeat: I am just getting started. Would Lauren like to pour even more gasoline on this fire? Go for it. Why not cause this website to become bigger and bigger and bigger for your friends at and I'm sure they'll appreciate the trouble you continue to instigate for them. One of the items on my chore list on this recent trip back home to Thailand was to obtain a simple mailbox in the USA. I remain forever stunned that despite all the efforts you can see on the email page of this website, this easy task was not attainable, due only to the stupidity, dishonesty, laziness, unprofessionalism and incompetence of a handful of people working under the umbrella of and I suggest to both these entities that vastly better vetting is required before selling a franchise. But of course they would probably sell a franchise to OJ Simpson if he had the bucks. Bye for now folks -- I'm off to an infinitely more pleasant and logical world, at least for awhile.



Updates always appended here...


UPDATE May 23, 2019:

My efforts to bring this to Small Claims court in Carson City, Nevada, are detailed here.


UPDATE, June 9, 2019:

Given the insanity shown here, and given about a hundred other experiences like that or worse with American courts through my lifetime, I don't see any point in suing this miserable, incompetent, lying human specimen, Lauren A. Chamberlain. I don't see the point in, really, suing anyone using the American court system. It's a write off. It is truly, documentably like something run by monkeys. And it's getting worse. If I thought I could recover punitive damages I would probably wade into the reeking swamp and sue this woman, along with the two rogue outfits she's associated with, and -- all three, examples of just how bad Americans and American businesses can be. I live in a Third World country. It's not nearly as insane as the USA. I believe that my efforts can be most effective in another arena. This page will probably not be updated further -- unless these idiots want to start something new.