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An Editorial About Crown Hill's Dilemma

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This web page is written by an individual who frequents four of the five businesses in the Crown Hill area mentioned in this commentary; Taki's Greek Cafe, the Swedish Bakery, the BizzBuzzBox, and Pizza Hut. He does not patronize Goofy's Beer Bar (nor would we). We have allowed this page to be posted, free of charge, on this domain because we believe in the overall message--namely that the legislatures of most states, Washington being near the top of the list, are barking mad, and tend to allow, and even encourage, laws which are often, on the whole, as detrimental to the sanctity and well-being of the country and its populace as any terrorist movement in the history of America. This page does not, however, precisely reflect our opinions or policies. The accuracy of this page is the author's responsibility. This website is posted under the supervision of our First Amendment attorney. To say that we ferociously defend our right to voice our opinions, and the opinions of others, would be a colossal understatement.

This page represents, includes and contains the opinions of the author.

When a person spends a lifetime screwing-over others, it's only a matter of time before someone, somewhere, steps in front of them, stands up straight, and says, "No. More." How odd it is that so many people don't understand the inevitability of this.

The following document was supplied with no
restrictions by one of the businesses in question.