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Welcome to

We are a group of concerned citizens who are tired (weary to the bone) of corruption and dishonesty.
We avoid society as much as society allows, but when confronted with skulduggery we can't avoid, we expose it.
We keep the best and brightest First Amendment attorneys on retainer. Sue us if you like; you will not prevail.
We post the shenanigans of bad human beings at the request of good human beings, and an eclectic assortment of entertainment texts.
Our exposes' and allegations are rock solid. We stand behind our material, literally, to the death.
Any pages contained within this web may contain and include our opinions.

Mirror #3

More Disgusting Lawyer Jokes

Water UFO Repots


Bad Landlords in Seattle

Disgusting, Drunken Women Judges

Happy Boating

Monkey-Brained Spammers

Chad M Cloke, Emerald City Pizza, Seattle

Rudeness is as Rudeness Does

Conceited California

The Yachtsman

Ah Kin See!

Little Nugget

Sewer Rats

Craigslist Nut-Cases

Dirty, Stinking, Thieving Banks

Membership, Schmembership. F*ck 'em, Danno

Horses Horses All Fall Down

Out-and-Out Theft


Gun Control

And all you wanted was a lousy stamp

Here a Czar, There a Czar, Everywhere a Czar Czar

Our Experiences with a lying piece of shit

Adopt a Wild Mustang?

42 Fathoms

Greedy California

eBay Scum Strikes Again

Dead Cats Everywhere

Rough Bar

eBay is SOOOO Much Fun!

eBay idiots galore

And all you wanted was to give them money!

Craigslist is SOOOO Much Fun!

Kat Overboard

Scott Metcalf, Craigslist Flagger


Christian Schools

Wall Street Schmall Street

Jailed for Voicing Opinions (Seattle)

Bad Mechanics

Financial What?

Stupidity and Greed

"Some" products will probably never, ever work

Spammers Spammers All Fall Down

eBay Strikes Again. When will we EVER Learn?

You won't even BELIEVE these people

Sick of Online Businesses yet? Of course you are

So you just wanna buy some lousy stamps. Simple, right?

Shysters and Scammers and Fools, Oh My!

Pet Owning Imbeciles

Kitten Killers

eBay's Problem Children: Why eBay Sellers are Giving Up

Bad Products, Bad Service

Worst customer in the world

Second Worst Customer in the World

Really horrifically bad customer

Birther Mystery Solved

Unbelievably bad customer

The Head-Case Files

A Gaggle of Fraudsters

Trademarks, Copyrights, Who Cares?

If they only had a brain.....

Horses that Kick

The King

Lawyer Jokes -- it's the law

Robert Monroe

Absolute Morons

Shop online? Who needs the exasperation

It could have been so simple....

Where do these people come from!?

Cyrano de Bergerac

Idiots and Fools who Cost You Money

Tied for Worst Customer in the World

Too Stupid to Even Take the Money

Here a pot-head, there a pot-head, everywhere a fucking pot-head

Love chocolatechocolate? Yeah, we used to, too


Ah, the quiet life...

Where the HELL do these people come from?!

Morons, every one

Insane World USA

Strangeness is as Strangeness Does

Stupid is as Stupid Does. Wait-- Did we already use that one?


Boat Registration Tabs; Renew Here

Tenuous Grasp

Ron's Tongue

Bad Electronics, Worse Vendors

Bad Printers

You just wanna ship a package, right?


Equine Registration Tabs

Marina Divers

Chickenshit Wanna-Be Gang-Bangers

Fathers, sons, and brothers

Rattle Snake Bonanza

Reckless Drivers

Rustler Patrol

Nigerian Scammers


Rude Canucks

Bad Cop Bad Cop, Wutcha Gonna Do?


John the Fisherman

What the Hell does "PEO" mean?

The dumbest businessman on Earth? Perhaps!

Even Mo' Corruption on a Disgustingly Petty Level

Financial Institutions -- Who Wants 'em

Junk, Junk, and Mo' Junk

Lions and Tigers and Bears (and perverts and kidnappers), Oh My!

Lions and Tigers and -- SPAMMERS! (Oh My)

Spammer Court

When "FREE" isn't even worth it

Some suppliers are a liability, not an asset

First Amendment Web Hosts

Sick and Tired of Buggy Software? Of course you are.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Dirty, nasty, clueless people

Just another ___damned gang...

Customers really do sometimes suck

Our Saviors, or Chickens of the Sea?

Absolutely Outrageous

Great Shopping Network Opportunity -- Sign Up Now!

Some customers LIE (and then get caught)

Can't we all just (snuffle sniff) GET ALONG...? (Impossible customers)

Is there any such thing as dignified living in an apartment?

Fly-by-Night Financial Institutions

Our Government Working Hard for YOU (steal someone's land the legal way)

Customers from Hell

Classified Singles Ads

Bad Attitudes

Mysore, India, what a lovely town

The Sky is Falling the Sky is Falling!

The Last of the First Amendment

The Last of the First Amendment (mirror 2)

The worst company in the world, and we really mean it

Dive diving divers

Should I switch from Cellular to Satellite Phones?

Sell yer Hoss


Into the Sunset

Is there any such thing as a competent, professional bank? NO!

Want to spend $500 on a product that doesn't work and never will?

L'il' Abner on Steroids in Dogpatch USA

Arrogant Assholes

So, you'd like your package to arrive on time, or in one piece, or at all?

Ask a Horse to Work


Billy Bob Clinton, a Party to Murder?

Hobble This

On the Hook

Jonathon Seagull

Virus Writer's Guide


Leaping Lizards

Stuck Hat