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This site documents our experiences with:

Carl Johnson (respondent)
3603 Oak Bay Lane
Port Ludlow, Washington


James Doros ("attorney")
3502 North Fremont Street
Seattle, Washington

The following statement was submitted to the court in Rhonda's Domestic Violence Protection Order case against Carl Lee Johnson. The order was initially granted. When the hearing came up for the order to become permanent, Carl's attorney, James Doros, hand-scrawled a note only hours before the hearing, asking that it be continued because he had "business elsewhere". Rhonda was not able to get the case back to court again due to lack of funds. The last of Rhonda's savings was exhausted in simply getting the case dismissed without prejudice---which means it can be refiled at any time. She is re-grouping, amassing more evidence, and her case WILL be re-filed at the proper time.