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This site documents our experiences with:

Carl Johnson (respondent)
3603 Oak Bay Lane
Port Ludlow, Washington


James Doros ("attorney")
3502 North Fremont Street
Seattle, Washington

The following statement was submitted to the court in Rhonda's Domestic Violence Protection Order case against Carl Lee Johnson. The order was initially granted. When the hearing came up for the order to become permanent, Carl's attorney, James Doros, hand-scrawled a note only hours before the hearing, asking that it be continued because he had "business elsewhere". Rhonda was not able to get the case back to court again due to lack of funds. The last of Rhonda's savings was exhausted in simply getting the case dismissed without prejudice---which means it can be refiled at any time. She is re-grouping, amassing more evidence, and her case WILL be re-filed at the proper time.


Statement of Rhonda ------
Re: Seattle Police Case # 05-3619
(handled by SPD Detective Randy Christianson)

My name is Rhonda ---------
I am asking the court for protection from one

Carl Lee Johnson
DOB 9-20-55

Last known address:

3603 Oak Bay Rd
Port Ludlow, Washington, 98365

PO Box 152 Chimacum, Wa., 98325

The history on this case goes back 32 years, as follows:

In 1973 I was 15 years old and attending Junior High School in Aberdeen, Washington. As any average 15 year old I dated a number of boys. For a short period I dated Carl Johnson. We broke up without fanfare or trauma, and I then dated several other boys. I gave Carl no further thought whatsoever.

Some time after breaking up with Carl, and after having broken up with one or two subsequent boyfriends as well, I was leaving a local café with friends when Carl and one of his friends screeched to a stop at the curb and physically shoved me into the back seat of the vehicle. For several minutes Carl rambled on about how I shouldn’t break up with boys. His manner was bizarre, and his logic was pretty-much non-existent. I thought that if I just remained passive, he would eventually get done venting and let me out of the car, and that would be that. Instead, Carl and his friend began discussing between themselves what they were going to do to me. I realized then that this encounter was much more serious than I had realized.

The driver sped away from the curb and I could see my friends scrambling to get into a car to follow, but they were unable to keep up. These friends included “Chuck Frazier”, “Robin Valentine”, and four or five others. For some time the driver of the vehicle (“Pete”) drove while Carl continued to insult, berate and threaten me from the passenger side of the front seat. The driver said nothing, but merely put on a pair of leather gloves. This caused my fear level to skyrocket.


I tried begging them to stop and let me out. This brought no result. I tried demanding that they stop and let me out. This brought no result either except further insults and threats. After driving for some time, Carl appeared to be losing his nerve to do whatever it was he had planned, and suddenly, as we stopped for a light, he jumped out of the car. He told Pete that I now belonged to Pete, and that Pete should go ahead and take me out of town and “finish it” or “take care of it”. Carl then closed the passenger door and ran off into the night. Pete accelerated and headed out of town into a rural area south of Aberdeen.
I continued to try to reason with Pete to stop and let me out. I at first tried telling him that I would not tell the police if he just let me out, then I tried various other approaches and tacks. Throughout this Pete never once answered me or uttered a single word. His eyes were vacant when he turned around to look at me, and I began to believe that he intended to at least rape me, and probably kill me. I simply didn’t know what to do. Pete repeatedly tried to force me down onto the floor in the back seat, but I kept getting up onto the seat.

As we were heading out of town Pete asked if I knew who was in a car that seemed to be following us. I looked back and realized that it was full of my friends. They had been looking for Pete’s car and somehow they had found us and were in pursuit. You must realize that in 1973 Aberdeen was a wild, “frontier” kind of logger’s town. Very few people called the police for anything; my circle of friends was no different. Later they said that calling the police had not even occurred to them.

My friends finally were able to pull along side Pete’s vehicle and they began waving and yelling for Pete to pull over. They could see me in the back seat and it was clear to them what was happening. Pete swerved at them a couple of times, then the driver of the pursuing car pointed a gun at Pete. Pete finally pulled over. My friends swarmed the car and I was let out of the back seat. Pete was advised to go back to Tacoma (where he was reportedly from) and to not return to Aberdeen. Apparently Pete judiciously did so, as he was never, to my knowledge, spotted in Aberdeen again.

I was taken home by my friends, and we talked almost not at all about the incident ever again. My parents were alcoholics, and were of no help whatsoever.

A few months later I came face to face with Carl in Aberdeen at some “teen” hangout. He introduced me to his new girlfriend. I said nothing but walked away. He was out of my thoughts and out of my life. I couldn’t believe he’d even had the audacity to speak to me. I simply wanted to leave this obviously deranged kid and all thoughts of him behind.
I began dating someone shortly after the kidnapping and have been with that person for 32 years. I lived in Aberdeen for the next few years, got married and had a child there. My circle of friends was the same as Carl’s, though, happily, I never saw him again. I never even heard mention of him again. Carl was utterly and completely unimportant to me. He was less than nothing to me and I never thought of him again, nor had I any desire to think of him again. When I knew Carl, I considered him extraordinarily “slow”, to the point that I felt he needed psychological care.

In roughly 1995 my husband and I bought a houseboat and lived on it in a marina in Seattle. We had been there only a few weeks when my husband went out of the country for about a month on business. We did not receive mail at this marina, and I don’t recall that we had an electrical account in our name. My husband had been gone roughly a week when the marina manager hand-delivered to me a letter with a return address in the Port Ludlow area. I opened it and at first couldn’t figure out who it was from. It contained a page or two of rambling bible scriptures (mis-quoted), and it referred to me as this person’s “darling” and “sweetheart” and the writer said that he had learned I had a son (in his 20’s, then) and that he wanted my son to become HIS son. Finally the realization hit me like a ton of bricks---the letter was from Carl. I remember dropping it on the floor in shock.

I finally read the letter through but could make little sense of it. Carl ranted and raved that I had been “his” first and that he intended to somehow “reclaim” me. I was absolutely outraged---and that quickly turned to terror. This person obviously knew where I lived! And my husband was gone for three more weeks.

Across the page I wrote one or two lines, saying that I did not remember him, that I did not WANT to remember him, and that he would never, EVER contact me again. Not once. Not ever. Not for any reason whatsoever. I used the return address Carl had put on the envelope (he had even included a phone number because, amazingly, he thought I would call him up). I sent the letter back to the address (Port Ludlow area) and prayed it would be enough to keep him away from me. All the old horror of being in the backseat of that car in 1973, thinking I was probably about to be killed, came back to me, and I spent the next three weeks in a perpetual state of abject terror.

When my husband returned home we put the houseboat up for sale and moved shortly thereafter.

Shortly after we moved we were advised by friends who still lived in the marina that a male had shown up at the security gate asking for us, and when he was told we weren’t there he became argumentative and began trying to kick his way through the gate. The marina manager removed him and he apparently did not return. We were never able to ascertain if this was Carl, mostly because we had no idea what Carl looked like after 24 years. Because we couldn’t be sure it was Carl, we didn’t file a report. We can see now we should have.

Blissfully, we didn’t hear from Carl for another eight years, and we assumed he had moved on to harass and intimidate someone else. But on December 21 and/or 22nd, 2004, my restaurant began receiving calls from Carl, asking directly for my husband. He was told that my husband didn’t work at my restaurant, and at first he told the employees they were lying to him, that he KNEW my husband worked there. He was told to never call again and hung up on. A few minutes later he would call again, again demanding to speak to my husband. As before he would be told that he didn’t work there, and again he would become argumentative. Finally he seemed to “get” that my husband didn’t work with me or for me, and he changed his tune and demanded to know where my husband worked. He was told, repeatedly, that it was none of his business. The employee would advise him never to call again and hang up on him, but a few minutes later (or in some instances an hour later) Carl would call again. He stated to the employees that he had “kissed” me first and that I actually “belonged” to him, not to my husband. He would tell employees that he intended to “take care of” my husband. He demanded to know what my husband looked like, and where he could be found. He kept asking if they (the employees) thought he (Carl) could “take” my husband. He demanded to know where I had gone on my Christmas vacation, and where I lived. He didn’t merely ask these things. Each time he was told that it was none of his business, he would become not only demanding, but COMMANDING, and he would tell the employee that he had a RIGHT to this information and that the employee could never keep the information from him.
This bizarre, insane, belligerent, illegal campaign of harassment and threats continued all through the day. This proved extremely stressful for the assistant manager particularly, as she had no idea if she should expect some sort of in-person problem with this individual. We have continued since then to receive hang-up calls at the restaurant. I am attaching a four page statement from one of the employees who took Carl’s calls.

I had assumed from Carl’s reported behavior and demeanor that he was probably drunk. But I have grilled those answering his calls extensively, and they relate that he sounded absolutely stone-cold sober. Frankly, I would rather he’d been drunk. This means that whatever fantasy he has created in his mind occupies his waking, supposedly lucid thoughts. If he only acted like this when he was drunk, then I could conclude that his bizarre behavior was a transient condition. But if he’s like this when he’s sober, I believe he’s all the more dangerous. Due to my husband’s experience in narcotics enforcement he suggests that Carl’s demeanor is consistent with amphetamine or crack-cocaine use. My husband worked for the Federal Government in narcotics and “bunko”, and he has seen, and we have endured, a number of unpleasant situations in which someone was trying to get to us. But my husband says he has never heard of, never even read fictional accounts of any stalker this bizarre, or this out of touch with any semblance of reality. He views Carl as a dangerous threat, due to the length of time involved, and due to Carl’s demanding, commanding demeanor regarding our personal information.
Most disturbing of all is this:

For the first ten or fifteen years of our marriage we lived in a number of locales on the Olympic Peninsula. Specifically, those locations were: Port Townsend, Port Hadlock, Chimacum, and Port Ludlow. We lived in no other areas on the Peninsula. Amazingly, we have uncovered addresses for Carl in each of those locations, and ONLY in those locations. The odds of a coincidence are far too high. They are beyond astronomical. Carl has been stalking us, moving from town to town to town, following us every place we’ve lived over there. We’ve found an address that at one point puts him 200 yards from us. Apparently Carl has not followed us to Seattle---though now that he knows we’re here, we expect that he will.

It appears to us that we may never, ever be rid of this individual. We hold little hope that this order will stop him. Obviously he is severely mentally handicapped, and we doubt that any law or order would have any effect on him. We have always been very open people, never “hiding” or trying to keep our personal information secret. But because of this situation we are considering changing our names and moving out of state. We simply don’t know how to shake this guy. If he is after us to this degree, a full thirty two years after the fact, it demonstrates that he will never, ever stop, until he is stopped by some law or force or by incarceration or death.

We ask that the court keep our home address confidential, though we know that courts often accidentally let that info slip out. Because of that we have installed security systems around our building and we now record video 24 hours a day of all approaches. We have notified our neighbors and my business neighbors of this problem, and we’ve asked them to call 911 if they spot him in our area. Unfortunately this is difficult because we don’t even know what he looks like now.

As of the end of January we have about a thousand dollars invested in trying to locate, identify and ward off this guy, and we expect that will double in the next few weeks.
I am asking the court to do what it can to KEEP THIS INDIVIDUAL AWAY FROM ME. My husband has found traces of someone doing Internet research on us---we suspect it is Carl. Carl has also intimated that someone in the Port Ludlow area is feeding him information about us. We had hundreds of acquaintances when we lived there, some of whom we’ve maintained contact with through the present. We know that none of our friends would willingly feed information about us to someone like Carl, so they are probably doing it unknowingly. Perhaps our investigator can somehow root that out and plug the information hole.

Since Carl has maintained and built upon this insane fixation for a mind-boggling thirty two years, it’s clear to us that no amount of time will be enough to make him stop. I therefore ask that any protection order be granted for the longest possible duration. Preferably it will be made permanent.

Thank you.

Rhonda -------

Note: Detective Dave Johnson of Aberdeen PD has been briefed on this case as has the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.